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2 year old son haven't been eating was drinking fluids until he vomited now complaining of mouth pain and also feel like he's getting a temperature?

22 female had stomach pain for months.Hot flashes, Sweats, barley can use washroom if do small amount, feel like puking when using washroom.Ideas?

3 yr old has been constipated for 24hrs and complains tummy hurts. Been giving juice water fruit applesauce and warm bath...he won't try to go bc hurt?

5days now am having pain in my throat whenever i try to swallow it hurts so much I use blackpepper and its not working can you please help me (tancle)?

6days since tonsillectomy and i just tried to lightly gargle with plain water and it burned, what could this be? Should i be worried?

A drink of water gives me unbearable heartburn. Baking soda is my only relief. I don't have insurance but I have to know if this is serious send is there something I can do to make it better. Also I have a lot of difficulty swallowing. Sometimes with

After eating air pop popcorn, i get sick. I get an upset stomach. It gets very painful. It didn't use to be this way. Could i now be allergic?

After eating/drinking i will start retching for about a min. Why is this? Nothing hurts. It's been happening over a year now. Sweet is the worse.

After I drink a bit of bourbon the night before, the next morning my eyes are so sore. Why is that?

After mastectomy why do I feel cold when i drink?

After moving to another country seems like I have a cold every day, running nose all day and if i drink water somehow it becomes worse.What can it be?

Alcohol makes my stomach warm and fuzzy. Why is that. Also it does not hurt at all.

Also after drinking does be sore to touch stomach not everytime but at times seems to flair up????

Any idea how to relieve this choking dry throat anxiety? Water doesn't help maybe something juicce tea, pop i haven't ate all day my throat muscle hurt.

Are hot chips bad for you when pregnant?

Area of two teeth hurts when I drink cold/slightly cold liquids. Chewing doesn't hurt, pain comes slowly, continues if liquid is present. What is it?

Asking for my friend. Grn fluid in a kidney bag that smells bad constantly peeing stomach hurts hot/cold flashes insurance was dropped?

At night time i keep getting this feeling like something is stuck in my throat. I've tried gargling salt water, drinking water, and nothing. Any ideas?

At the past 3 weeks I am having a dried mouth escorted by a slight headache ..I am 27 years old, no constant medicine consuming.I drink water?

Ate spicy food 6d ago.Since, tongue hurts.Burns a lot.I c small bubbles from middle to end.It swells at times so can't speak properly.Cant eat/drink?

Baby won't drink eat or sleep due to sore throat and awful cold what can we give her to make her drink atleast??

Back throat suddenly really dry and hurts a little when salivates? (not on medication, and drink enough liquid)

Bad burning in the throat and chest when walking. If i stop walking for a few minutes and take a sip of water it gos away. ?

Burn throat from an e-cig how do I keep it from not burning going on a week now? Thanks

Burned back of throat with only a few sips of gas station hot chocolate they were pretty big gulps because I had not had hot chocolate for about 2 mo.

Burned my esophagus all the way down on hot microwave mashed potatoes. I noticed it's hurting again after 1week. Mild pain. Should i be seen by doc?

Burning in chest after eating or drinking. Not daily. Happens suddenly with no warning. Sipping on water helps a little.?

Burning sensation in throat after eating or drinking something hot or cold. It's been going in for 3 days now.

Burnt my hand on a cup of chicken broth. Hurts very bad. When to go to ER?

Can drinking lost of water, herbal drinks and honey help my left tonsil if it has a bit of white patches and a little sore?

Can i drink coke a week after i got my tongue piercing , it doesn't hurt anymore , it feels normal?

Can you be allergic to alcohol? When i drink my chest feels super heavy and it hurts- what could this mean?

Can you explain why after we drink cold water, we can feel sudden pain on our head?

Can you get sick from opening a unplugged freezer that had extreme rotten meat in it ?

Can't eat/drink anything w/o burping. Feel like air sits in throat/abs.Cold liquids cause quicker ab pain and burping. No meds, diet work. Muscle prb?

Continuous sneezing for 5 min in morning and i also feel tingling in throat, need ample water when eating hot and spicy( since 2 years).Pls suggest.

Could a hot water bottle make period pain worse?

Could drinking pop fill inn yer hunger?

Could hot coffee be making my prostate hurt?

Could I be allergic to milk. Ibe always been scared to drink milk because gives me the worst.Stomach pain I love ice cream and it about kills me with pain when I eat it, my nose gets runny and I sneeze but the worst is my stomach pain?

Could salt water from ocean or even the beach irritate throat? Only hurts on right side of throat.

Couple of years Of extreme tiredness esp after eating, blocked earS I don't smoke or drink much but wen I do have a drink I get back pain.Memory bad 2?

Dear sir I am 32 years old I have problem in mu teeth like cavities and pyria i cannot eat drink hot cool sweet because the pain please told me some me?

Do I have water brash? Feel like drink all stuck below ribs an water flowing into throat..

Doc why its hard for me to swallow?last time i drink water after i eat the water goes back to my nose and mouth and i cant breath..

Does eating and drinking cold stuff actually help ward off heat exhaustion, or it merely feels better?

Drank coke last night and yogurt, now having hard cough whch scratch out dense mucus, swelled throat and muscle pain and foot r burning but no fever.

Drinking fizzy juice and alcohol is leaving me with a burning sensation in throat and feeling sick?

Drinks cold drink and stomach hurts a lot. Small growth in kidneys, taking antibiotics. Is the cold water and bad stomachache related? Cause for worry

Durling the nights this week i been getting a sore throut and coughing and drinking water but it didn't help. and thanks for helping me?

Even if i drink water, my lips feel dry. It's been like this for years. How do I remedy this?

Ever since i started drinking fish oil i feel like i'm sweating a lot is that normal?

Every morning when i try to eat breakfast, i get this horrible pressure in the roof of my mouth, been proceeding for about 3 months now.Help it hurts!

Everything I eat or drink I feel it in my chest when swallowing. It also causes my stomach to burn. What cold this be?

Everytime go swimming get a salty taste in the back of my mouth?

Everytime i consue olive oil (two tablespoons) i get headaches and a sore throat in 10 mins?

Everytime I drink a can of cold coke my throat jerks feels like a hiccup but it isn't. What could cause this?

Everytime I drink over my limit, I would puke by forcing myself (stick finger in throat). Good R bad to force myself? Does it clear 100% of alcohol?

Everytime I drink water it gives me bad heart what's causing this?

Everytime i eat my chest burns or drink. Most f the time it burns all the time. Can this be due to my heart? been like this for a few weeks

Everytime i swallow I've been feeling something in my throat .I've been drinking a lot of soft drinks . Could this be the cause ?How can I make it stop

Everytime i take a shower, i feel like I am going to pass out if the water is a little more than warm. Always have to turn it to cold. Any suggestion?

Feeling bad headaches minor urine a lot way to much to me dihdrated a lot drink tons of water all day night loss of appetite feel like my face is real hot a lot sometimes feel okay just out of blue feel bad

Feeling bad headaches minor urine a lot way to much to me dihdrated a lot drink tons of water all day night loss of appetite feel like my face is real hot a lot sometimes feel okay just out of blue feel bad

Feels like pressure in my head with a little dizziness. Puked last night. Been drinking ginger ale today. Would ibuprofen help any?

Felt like I was going to throw up, opened my mouth and salty clear liquid came pouring. I have unknow issue not allowing eat drink w/of throwing it up?

Foot feels sore and tight when pressure is put on it? Worse day after eating salty snax

For 1-2 days after I drink heavily my skin hurts to the touch, feels bruised. It only happens when I drink and it's happened several times.

For what reason does my throat and chest hurt when i drink soda?

Friday i had a high temperature and headache and now it hurts when i swallow or drink tea?

Got a toothache used hot water bottle and now my thoart is really painful is it possible I've got internal burns? Thoart didn't hurt before the bottle

Got gel cap "stuck" in throat. Feels like it will not go down. It has been 15 hours. Anything i can do? Tried water, warm tea, bread, crackers & aloe vera juice

Got to have ultra sound on stomach area Do I need to drink heaps of water before hand & am I allowed to eat before?

Had icecream&hot chocolate. I couldn't feel the drink being hot after the ice. So I just drank it.Now I have blisters in my throat and it hurts. help!

Had surgery few weeks ago and woke up after with teeth pain all over I drink cold water or eat something sugary. Tried sensodine but no luck. Cause?

Have been having numbness in bottom lip fir a few days. I really feel eat after i drink or eat. What is the cause? I have mo cold sores.

Have had really sore throat for a few days. Made worse by drinking citrus drinks or hard pointy foods. Yesterday looked at it and had what Looked like?

Have had the feeling for a couple months that something is caught in my throat no matter what I eat or drink. No pain. I'm 24. Nonsmoker. Cause?

Having burning feeling in chest and can't keep down food and water for three days. Thoughts?

Heavy pain behind right eye whenever i eat/drink chilld products like icecream,coke etc?

Hello for te last couple of days when I bend my eyes and head hurts. Drinking more water, figured i'm dehydrated but I still have the pain.

Hello i don't, drink alcohol that much but when I do I get a feel of being tried and my chest hurt and it get worst when i walk.

Hello my friend drank hot soup and her throat and chest burn(mostly her chest). What should we do?

Hello, I am feeling a waxy taste in my mouth that i can not get rid of no matter how much water i drink. What can i do to get rid of this feeling?

Hello! I have a warm feeling through my throat and chest after I ate a cherry. I think I have a slight allergy to pitted fruit, but this is new.

Help me plz.. no dr understand it till now.. my problem is that whenever I drinke water or tea etc, i feel like it is going to my left breast side..:(?

Hey doc. I eat green hot pepper every day but when i finish i feel me self uncomfortable and when im in bathroom my anus irritats me what do I do?

Hey, my tongue is now green/yellow, markedly so. I have severe problems swallowing food and drinking fluid, it hurts. My throat is extremely moist.

Hey.. I wanted to know is it urgent for me to see a Dr. Basically I have a cold and everytime i drink fluids i start to cough instantly?

Hi docs, would really hot water hurt my erections in anyway?

Hi doctor told me that liquorice joice doesnt agree with me because i vomit and feel sick even from a single drop but why ?

Hi doctors, My throat hurt a little bad in the morning do I need to stay off drinking cool stuff or hot stuff?

Hi I get pain on the left side of my chest when i drink cold drinks also i felt it when i ate cold yoghurt?

Hi I have a ulcer on my tonsil and it hurts a lot when I eat drink take deep breathes in it hurts should I get it checked ?

Hi I was wondering I have got a ulcer under my tongue and when I eat or something water squirts out of it should I be worried?

Hi I've had a bad stomach all day and now its feeling warm inside I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to soothe this?

Hi my 2 year old lips are starting to go pale from inside to out she is fine in her self and is eating and drinking what could it be?

Hi okay I have this thing between my ribs on the inside of my body an its like vibrating up an down what is it I have tryed drinking a soda an eating an pooping

Hi over the past few days I've consumed multiple 44 oz cups of water because of a sore tooth. Now I feel queasy and my head hurts. Should I be worried?

Hi there, for the past day or two i cannot seem to drink enough water, and my tongue will even hurt. It's happened before, could it be hormonal?