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Drank many beers thrue the weekend i counted i got 90hrs before my test is there anyway it showig up i drank mostly beer and a 3 shots I?

Smoked k2 for months everyday alot im 6'1 143lbs i stopped at morning been drinking cranbury juice reguarly only . have test tmrw can i passi?

10yr old son had tonsils out Tuesday today he only took a few tiny sips of water. How much fluids does he need to not become dehydrated?

18 weeks preg Went to a lounge (I didn't drink alcohol, pure water) Does the loud music affect the baby? Thanks

24 weeks pregnant. Drinking a lot of water - i've already had over 64 oz today and still thirsty. How much is too much?

3 year old son found and drank from an old water bottle. Should I be concerned? If he was going to get sick when would he show symptoms and what type?

35 male. Whenever i binge drink on weekend i always get orthosratic hypotension for a couple days afterwards. Why is that? Ty.

35 yr old male. I really only drink water(probably 1 gsllon or more a day) and lite beer (4-5 a day) no cafeene! is this little alcohol bad for health?

36 years old difficulty sawllowing. Feels like something in throat all the time. No problem eating / drinking. No noted throat cancer or pulps in family history, alcholics in family, drink on weekends every weekend light beer, not a lot. Noticed difficult

4 year old having high temp of 99 to 100 for the last 3 days. She's active and acts normal. Drinks and eats a little.Do I need to take her in anyways?

8 yr old daughter came home with diarreah, 2x in the last 2 hrs. Im giving her gatorade to drink with apples and bananna's. When to take her to a doc?

A 22 y/o woman who never used to get sick from alcohol has been throwing up from just a very little bit of alcohol recently, why could that be?

A year ago my stomach started bleeding from taking too many NSAIDS. It was cauterized and I haven't had any problems since. Would drinking wine occasionally hurt my stomach, or should I stay away from alcohol completely?

Abt. 1 hr after supper took keflex 500 mg w/ sweet tea. Burped a few mins. Later and 'smoke' came out my nose or mouth! what is this? Never smoked!

After a night of heavy drinking and smoking i spent the next day hungover, vomiting a lot. My throat has been sore for the past 2 days, should I worry?

After being a coffee drinker for twenty years, i suddenly went off it a few days ago and am craving tea. Just a bit weird or any othe possibler reason?

After drinking 1/2 bottle of scotch on Saturday night, will i have an alcohol body odor on Monday morning (especially when at the gym)???

After drinking coors light and eatting smoked pork ribs diarrhea next day how long does it last?

After spending an hour in a hot tub while drinking one beer, i got out and was so dizzy i nearly passed out. Also had diarrhea. Fine after a half hour?

Almost anytime I drink Alcohol I often vomit bile the next morning. What does this mean?

Am 5 to 6 weeks pregnant felt like drinking one redbull which I did after a long time I hope it wil not harm me or baby if u drink once after long?

Am i able to take my insilin after had to drink some real soda and i ate fruit i n the can (regular?

Am i protected from pregnancy if i vomit about 2 hours after taking yaz? I vomitted after drinking a bit too much at a party on the 12th of august. It was a small amount of throw up but i did not realize that vomitting could weaken the effectiveness of b

Anytime i drink alcohol, even just a glass of wine, i find blood in my poop the next day. Should i be concerned about this?

Around 4 days ago I have got blood in my vomit, after drinking, i smoke from past 8 years.Plz help?

At A work event I took sips of friends vodka and whiskey drinks, now I'm worried about meningitis. Is this a valid concern? Would Alcohol sanatize?

Before I knew I was pregnant, I drank alcohol occasionally. I noticed that I got drunk much quicker than normal. Is this related to my pregnancy and will it go away after birth?

Bf used to own a bar and go there every nite to drink. Now he has bad ringing in his ears. Music or booze the cause?

Big binge today, will this affect me much? What should I do?

Blood in urine after drinking heavily i ternationaly. I rarely drink beer an i drank far more than I have in years two days in a row. What to do?

Bottle of fizzy club orange with lots of sugar about half hour before i got blood test.. How would this effect it?

Can 3 cups of latte kill a unborn at 26 weeks? I didn't know not to drink coffee until now and how long do it take maybe I can go to the ER.

Can alcohol kill sperm. I'm try to conceive i had sex with my boyfriend on my first day of ovulation but 5hrs later i drink about. 5. Oz of juice mix with alcohol the next day i feel just like i was ovulated i wipe myself and i see a small brown discharg

Can having your gallbladder out affect how you pee? Mine got taken out friday and now i notice I have to sit 10-15 minutes b4 ipee. I used to pee quickly

Can HRT and alcohol interact badly, i had 1 rum and coke (roughly 3 shots) and got really sick, i had a meal before and i feel ok this morning.

Can i drink alcohol today if I'm having a colonoscopy on the 21st of September?

Can i drink cokes and monsters the day before a sigmoidoscopy? And what exactly do they mean "light breakfast?"

Can i drink if i'm under trimebutine treatment (please don't say no, I have a kinda party next monday. :c).

Can I drink to excess on occasion on lipitor (atorvastatin)? I was planning on going to a wedding, but wanted to know if it was ok to "celebrate" the moment.

Can I drink wine to stay relaxed while IVF? Started injections 4 days ago and anxiety is super high!

Can i get fat from drinking beer today?

Can I have one/two drinks on Nucynta (tapentadol)? I read online a couple people drink VERY lightly and it's fine.

Can my husband drink 2 beers while I'm ovulating ? Since we have to do it every other day

Can soft drinks be bad when going threw.Puberty? If not, consumed greatley

Can something bad happen if you drink someone elses urine?

Can you drink on Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) 50mg in moderation? I drank and started having crying spells. But drank before on it w/no issues? Hormones possibly?

Can you explain if it's really a huge deal for me to have one mixed drink if i took metronidazole earlier today?

Can you tell me what number of days whiskey dick last for?

Can zithromax 1mg single use power packet be the cause of my white tongue? It's been a month since i drank it and 2 weeks since i noticed my tongue.

Chances of having seizures after a mild concussion?Had one 2months ago.Started drinking alcohol, not often, 4drinks a weekstill scared it might hurt me?

Colonoscopy tomorrow, have to drink 1 gal golightly today. Is it safe to mix 8oz with 8oz juice throughout whole gallon? I don't usually drink much.

Conceived on March 28th, Binge drank on weekends April 2nd, 9th and 16th. Last drink on the 17th, did not consume alcohol during the week at all, positive test on April 22nd, could I have done damage to the baby in those 3 weeks?

Conflicted on if it is okay to have a couple beers while on bactrim. Will I be okay? No hard liquor.

Could drinking alcohol on a few occasions while i was pregnant be the cause of my child having seizures? When i didn't know i was pregnant, i drank beer on a few occassions. I found out i was pregnant when i was about 7-8wks along. My daughter is now 5 1/

Could i drink beer a week after spinal surgery? Superbowl is tomorrow!

Could it make your boobs hurt if you recently stopped drinking caffeine? And u used to drink a ton of it everyday?? Cus I've taken 8 pregnancy test.

Dad has been drinking whiskey 200 ml every day for the past 20 yrs, blood work last week was perfectly fine, how is this possible?

Dear doctor, is it possible to be allallergic to beer or alcohol? I get a bad rash on my chest and stomach. I've stopped drinking and its gone.

Did a .4 of coke today wit a friend have a drug test june 27 will i pass ? And drank some beers today also ?

Do doctors approve of a juice/vegee fast for 5 days? What can I expect, i just began it today.

Do I have a drinking problem? I drink every weekend. That's friday night, saturday, and often times saturday night as well... And when i say "drink, " i mean i really lose myself... But other than that, i can honestly say i don't see alcohol all week.. A

Does having a brain bleed in the past mean I can't drink alcohol anymore?

Does vit C on its own fight off flus?I usual get sick for a week.This time drank 2L of orange juice and was 100% healthy next day.Almost 2good2 be tru

Don't usually drink coffee v early in the morn. But today after drinkin coffee at 530am. Shortly after I had irregular heartbeats ? Should I worry? Ty

Drank 2.275 litres, urinated 2.275 litres in 24hrs. Difference between them 475ml. Is this normal being sat down all day, normal temp etc. ?

Drank 8 oz glass of tart cherry juice last night. Slept well. Today very dizzy when sitting up and even trying to walk. Also have bppv. Help.

Drank about a bottle of wine a day for 1 or 2 years. A month ago, i cut back to 1-2 glasses a week- and i feel ok. Should worry of withdrawals now?

Drank extremely heavily at 5-7 weeks pregnant. Over 1.75 liters of vodka. Now 16 weeks pg. Obsessing over this. Chances i caused damage?

Drank grape juice with iron pill..what's gonna happen?? Will I be sick? I didn't have water !!

Drank some rum mixed with fruit punch. Is that going to effect my reproductive system badly?

Drank very heavily last night (approx 11 UK units) and today I have diarrhea with a sweet smell. Could this be a sign of something serious?

Drink 15-25 units a week, went 7 days without drink and had a bit of urge to drink, ended up drinking at day 7, am I alcohol dependent?

Drink a 2 beers that were outside in a cooler. They sat out there for about a month. I threw up and had a rash on my face. Should I be worried?

Drinking Question: Vodka + Snapple = waking up at 4 am, then 2 hours of going to bathroom every 20min due to nausea. Why not normal hangover?

Every single time i drink alcohol, no matter how much or what type, i end up vomiting and, more recently, with diarrhea. ?

Everytime i drink two beers I wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat I used to drink a lot now I don't maybe three beers rarely?

Face has been turning red recently after drinking will something bad happen to me sooner or later should I stop drinking ?

Father was urinating blood today, refuses to go to doctor. Heavy alcohol user 1-6 beers a day for 15+ yrs. any correlation? What is this?

Finished fluconazole 1 wk ago. Don't drink much. Now in vegas and after eating at 11pm. Went to casino at 3am played for 7 hours and drank 8 shots. Urinated a lot and vomited later. Can my liver damage

First time yesterday with a non nicotine vape and loaded it wrong since then havent felt normal as if I have a flu, poison control said Ill be fine?

Flu relapse or alcohol w/drawl had flu 3 days ago, felt like 24 hr, good the next day. Also daily drinker, typically 1-3 per day, never much more. No drink for 3 days, feeling sick again out of blu?

For a colonscopy, i finished half the drink and haven't gone to the bathroom. What should I do? Should i finish the drink?

For as long as i can remember i've heard too much mtn dew may cause kidney cancer?

For the last couple off days ive been really thirsty. But nothing i drink is working what does this mean?

For the past month or so, my feet get swollen after drinking alcohol. It only takes 2 or 3 glasses of wine. I'm on vitamin b12. Any correlation?

For two weeks I haven't felt hunger or thirst but I drink water and eat once a day anyway. My doctor does not know what it is. I took blood test today?

Friend had 5 drinks and marijuana. Got pale, started to moan, no awareness, acted as if possessed. Two water bottles and got better. What happened?

Friend passed away. Haven't eat alot for the last 3 days and did drink quite a bit of beers. heart is skipping alot but all tests ok. Should i worry?

Full drinking of pt immediatly drunk injection for use?

Good evening. I drink the contraseptivos 3 month, and today i drank one pill and like in 50 minutes i had diarea. Should i drink another one?

Got fatty liver.know 2 drink H20, drink tons.What otha flavor liquids can I hav 2 drink, I get a craving someXs. I heard that coffee and tea is ok?

Had 7 drinks of alcohol. Last drink was Saturday at 11 pm. Previous ERCP pancreatitis. Will it come back? Worried. No pain. Just anxiety

Had a mammogram 2 days ago and now they want me to come back, didnt have one for 2 yrs, am i in trouble or did i drink too much caffeine, had some cof?

Had a panic attack yesterday morning after I drank a cup of tea, this is the second time this happen this week should I be concerned?

Had slightly elevated enzymes. Stopped drinking, they went down. My dr told me to quit drinking completely. Haven't drank in 6 months. Simple answer: is it a death sentence to have a few on my vacation?

Had wine and rum and coke friend started throwing up and got all tired and was repeating questions a lot will he be ok ?

Have I been spiked? I was at a 50th birthday saturday and was enjoying myself having a few drinks. I take alcohol usually very well, I get drunk quick but I'm usually just very bubbly and have a lot of energy. If I drink too much I feel sick so I make mys

Have unexplained peripheral neuropathy. Drank 3-4nights/wk thru college & grad school (7yrs total), with 3-5 drinks/session. Then for following 3 yrs drank 5-6 nights/wk, at 3-5 drinks/session. Stopped a yr ago. Could this have caused the neuropathy?

Haven't smoked in almost a month but before then I smoked about probably 2 gs to myself within a month. I have drank tons of water & Cj. Will I pass?

Having colonoscopy tomorrow and drank all most 1 half of the a b jug there is two but I feel lightheaded bolted going Vomit can I skip the last part?