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10 month old sticking her tongue out, not drinking her milk, weezy when crawling. - help?

16 y/o. I have a mild breathing tic so when I eat I feel like I am aspirating some but I don't cough. Am I aspirating or just paranoid + pneuomia risk?

2 months with reflux drools a lot is that from the heart burn of just part of being a baby ?

3 large tori in toof of mouth sometimes cause choking on food, difficulty swallowing or breathing, or trap food. What specialists remove tori? Risks?

3 yr old fussy eater small build always struggled with lumpy foods constipation throat clearing snoring could he have allergies or what else can be?

37w preg. Every few minutes get throat pressure/ tightness. What could it be? OBYGN thinks it is a food pipe spasm. Could it be heart instead?

47y/o, quitting smoking by tapering down. L side by tongue close 2 tonsil, feels like stuck food. 0 swelling,0 visual abnormality,0 fever. on/off.

8 mnth old keeps choking & gasping for air when stomach contents goes up his throat. He looks terrified! Could become life threatening ? What to do???

A downs syndrome adult has difficulty swallowing with pain/eats only tomato soup for the last few years, what to do?

A rapid spit test found pepsin in my saliva (35ng/ml). This is meant to be low, but should I be worried? Is some extraesophageal reflux normal?

About a child swallowing a balloon; what happens to it?

Advil got stuck in my throat for 30 mins and burned quite badly- was in the car so didn't have water. Could this one time have caused permanent damage? I do notice some difficult swallowing but I thought they was reflux related, which I also have.

After an oesophagectomy can swallowing liquid stop the healing?

After gastric sleeve surgery my uvula is elongated, irritated, and causes me to gag. How do i make it go back to normal?

After people have surgery for esophageal cancer, do they eventually regain the ability to eat and swallow?

After pneumovax I have had raw throat right side, decreased vocal cord sensation, hoarse, and stomach/heart issues. Could it be vagal nerve damage?

After surgery for head and neck cancer, how long before you could eat solid food again?

Are the trachea and the diaghragm the same thing?

Are there any side effects if a child swallows a thin piece of automatic pencil lead?

As a male, Is there any hope that removing my large tonsils from restricting my airflow, that my high voice will sound a little lower?

At breakfast when opened mouth widely giant 'tak' sound in ear, when chewing after crunchy noise, which caused pain. Can this be caused by e tube dys?

Been eating hair snc 14 yrs n got no issues with digestion. I chew hair t small pieces b4 swallowing it, would this still lead to trichobezoar?

Best techniques for countering swallowing aversions?

Best way to prevent/remove food sticking in back of throat post tonscillectomy? Happens even with applesauce. H2o or gum not much help.

Bitter feeling when I swallow, meals doesn't affect. Could it be something serious? Male 20.

C4-7 discectomy&fusion inaug. 2012. Still extreme pain. Also choking and feel something stuck in throat. Please, what will stop this?!?

Can a modified barium swallow test detect even the slightest bit of muscle weakness of the throat?

Can acid reflux affect breathing? Someday's I have to really focus on taking large breaths of air which normally i don't have to think about this.

Can chiari make you have chocking spasms?

Can choking on sun flower seed shells cause scaring in the trachea or any area of the windpipe?

Can conditions like sinus trouble, excess mucus from bronchiectasis effect GI track, ? [if excess mucus is swallowed due difficulty spitting it out]

Can drinking straight apple cider vinegar cause trauma to the esophagus? Been having trouble swallowing since i thought it would help my reflux!

Can dysphagia get bad enough that I might need a feeding tube?

Can food intolerances make it difficult to swallow and cause build up of mucus in throat? Also can this cause anxiety?

Can homeopathy help an elderly with dementia and on peg tube, to clear secretions and with gag reflux? Please, thanks!

Can hyperthyroidism cause vocal cord issues? Like they dry out or need breaks while talking and issues swallowing? Is this caused by enlarged thyroid?

Can I mix pantoprazole 40g with applause with crushing it.I been taking 2x a day with antibiotics. It seems like it not going all the way down. I can taste and feel it afterwards. I have a problem swallowing solids 4 weeks. Upper ED, barium te normal?

Can not chewing well & swallowing food tear esophagus? Chest hurt when swallowing cookie. Afterwards no symptoms, but can it be torn asymptomatically?

Can post nasal drainage make it difficult to swallow solid foods?

Can secondary drowning occur from accidentally swallowing pool water? No exertion, Minor headache for about an hour but sofar no other problems

Can sucking helium from balloons cause any health problems?

Can the disease cipd make you have trouble eating like choking easy coughing a lot not having a good appetite?

Can too much barium intake for example 6 -32oz barium smoothies and two 8oz of the thick barium cause throat pain & swelling, nausea, weakness?

Can you damage hyoid bone trying to bring up phlegm?

Can you die from belching ? Yes, if u burp continuously for one minute , there is a 95% probability bronchi become inflamed , causing bleeding...di

Can you tell me how can meconium aspiration syndrome affect food allergies?

Can't eat due to gagging, . What can be the solution? Before food is swallowed I have had 2 throat scopes, seen my dentist, my shrink, had a cookie test and seen a speech therapist as well as my regular doctor. Please help me eat again. I feel like i am

Chews tobacco since more than 12 years, intake is less now When intake was more, he had little difficulty in opening mouth wide n eating spicy Cancer?

Chicken bone stuck in throat. no airway obstruction but there was pain. bread pushed it down, 2 slices. can it cause internal problems?

Clicking when swallowing and hyoid bone is very loose. After bad cough. Very discomfort. ENT said to take ibuprofen. Is there any exercises I can do?

Common cold. Burning sensation in roof of mouth and esophagus as food is traveling down. Occurred after exercise. no problems eating before exercise.

Consumed cough drop during exercise.postexercise swallowing food burns roof of mouth and esophagus as food travels through the areas. what is this?

Could a dog hair lodged in my trachea cause coughing spasms?

Could a swollowed coin poison your system & block your bowels, i swollowed some a year ago when drunk.Now I have gurgling bowels & pain in my joints ?

Could depression kill an elderly woman (85 years)not talking&walking& difficulty in swallowing&having pain sometimes her stomach or head or her back.

Could I have a thyroid issue if I sometimes can't swallow my food and have to rub it down?

Could removing the entire uvula as part of snooring surgery cause increased choaking when eating ?

Dementia had aspiration, must have water to be thickened for him to drink. Reasons? What is happening to the esophagus, trachea, etc for this need?

Dementia pt aspirated. If he drinks water he chokes. Why is this happening? Is the choking related to the dementia or a physical organ problem?

Difficulty swallowing, weight loss, history of chronic bronchitis, loss of appitite, feeling of cotton wool stuck on side of throat Scared it's cancer?

Difficulty swallowing? Should I take tiny bites of food with lots of water?

Do I have a throat clearing problem or am I just not swallowing my mucus? Do most people consciously or unconsciously swallow their mucus?

Do respiratory therapists stick tubes down people's throats?

Does a completely normal barium swallow rule out any muscle weakness in throat i thought i had?

Does a completely normal modified barium swallow with speech therapist present rule out throat muscle weakness. They said no follow up necessary.

Does coughing constantly cause any problems in teeth or with swallowing process?

Does eating beef jerky every day lead to throat or esophageal cancer?

Does Gaviscon Advance have any anti-inflammatory properties? It somehow relieved me of my dysphagia (top of throat) in just 2 minutes!

Does my friends mom have a disease? She has trouble swallowing and swallows in between words. She has to push her tongue to the edge of her mouth.

Does swallowing excessive amounts of air because of anxiety put you at risk for diverticulitis?

Dry throat, clicking noise, worsens at night on lying down.Ultrasound neck thyroid, diabetes all -ve.Taking azos, pantodac(but in vain).Barrium swallow?

Due to some structure issues with my larynx, I have a very hard time getting intubated even with a scope. Is a med alert bracelet recommended?

Due to what doctors say was a stroke my soft palate fall I have no gag reflex no feeling down my throat can not get air in or out my nose my voice ?

During most meals, I find I cannot swallow and end up choking. What is causing this? Even drinks I have problems with

Dysphagia Patient, how do I get dried mucus off of uvula?

Esophageal manometry showed muscles weak, hardly pushing food. Also chronic throat clearing & constipation. Could this be a vagus nerve problem?

Esophagus test came back normal and no narrowing. But I had a little acid and bacteria. The Doctor gave antibiotics with panzaprozale to take 2x a day. I haven't been able to eat solid food for about a month. Swallowing problem happens in chest?

Esophegus sharp and uncomfortable when swallowing food . Throat is dry and nose is dry with dried blood, i quit smoking 52 days ago, could this be it?

Experiencing trapped wind and feelings that food is lodged in my throat and chest area after eating albeit no reflux experienced.

Feeling a little sick. Increased saliva production, swallowing excessively making it hard to sleep, burping more. Swallowing leading to nausea.

Feeling of mucous/saliva buildup in throat/mouth after eating certain foods. Recent examples: fruit juice, pepsi, star bursts. Need to clear throat.

Feeling of phlem stuck in throat for 3 months since car accident. Clear CT scan, no pain or difficulty swallowing or weight loss, what could it be?

Food, not sticking but felt that it is moving slowly down,could it be esophageal cancer?(18 male)No risk factors.

For a week my soft palate and uvula has been hanging low. It's very annoying because it inhibits my swallowing and breathing. How to cure this?

For a week now, after I eat its hard to breath which creates a cough that is so violent I throw up, no specific time of day or food either.

Frequent vomiting, small things trigger it: brushing teeth, coughing, etc. May have a long uvula. Is there anything else he can do to stop it?

Friend can not swallow my friend had radiation and chemo in thorax area a few years ago.Plus some surgery in that area as a result has had the swallow test two times and failed in that food enters the lungs so then back to the old stomach food feeding t

Gagging fits often. Thought, anxiety? Have dry cough. Choke on small amounts of H20/saliva. Sometimes vomit in mouth. Acid in throat in AM sometimes.

Gas is gurgling up my throat despite a restricted diet/lifestyle. Makes my throat dry/sometimes sore. Is this normal sometimes?

GERD? I have no heartburn I've been burping more than usual Excessive saliva I hate constantly swallowing saliva it is driving me crazy!

Good day , I have two small goitres only when I swallow it shows could that contriblute to my dizziness.and sometime eye pain.

Grandma has severe dementia and dysphagia. Eats with a peg tube. She is always in bed. She cannot clear her own secretions. Any suggestions please.

Grandma has ALS.her tongue is swollen these days and due to problem of swallowing she can't eat. how can we feed her?are there a ways to help swallow?

Gurgling in throat be only symptoms object stuck in throat of 2 yo? He eat/drink ok.Cough in a.M. X 2 wk. Sis thought he choking 3/31. No distress except hands on throat. Dr sug x-ray. Think it's extreme.

Had manometry-les doesn't relax.Endoscope-sphincter action visually absent.What does this mean? Regurgatation, trouble swallowing, feel lump tthroat.

Had undiluted Apple cider vinegar shots for reflux. Now dysphagia is occurring days after & rough patch feeling on hard palate and throat. Connected?

Have trouble swallowing. Have to gag food back up & try to re swallow. Happens numerous times a day. One side thyroid thicker. Neck pain sometimes. ?

Have you ever encountered a patient that when swallowing food, causes pain in the roof of their mouth? And would eosinophilic esophigitis be why?

Having EGD done soon for swallowing issues. Also feel like breathing is affected, take asthma meds. Worried last few days, am I dying? Vocal cord dys?

Hello i was just wondering how to free an air bubble in my throat? Its making it difficult to sleep