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For the master cleanse: can you add savory herbs to the salt water flush?

Hello, I squeeze half lemon and add some water and drink it every morning 30minutes before breakfast. Is it a right way to stay healthier?

Help please! could coconut water constipate you?

Help please! is drinking plain tea just as hydrating as pure water?

Hi goodevening! For my baby's drinking water, can i use mineral water instead of distilled water? Thank you in advance and godbless.

Hi, how is the body cleanser?The lemon with mable syrup , cayan pepper, water. And the body flash( water and salt in morning befor i eat something ?

Hot water with honey and lemon is good for health??? and when its is taken morning or night???

How come glucose is soluble in water and naphthalene is not?

How do you make a salt water douche? Are these healthy to use?

How does water homeopathy work?

How healthy is coconut water?

How is water beneficial for skin?

How long do I have to boil water for it to be safe to drink?

How many calories total in my water, if I put 2 or 3 slices lemon in my water? (My tumbler contain 400 ml water) thanks, can I keep it for 8 hours?

How many heaping tablespoons of oatmeal per day can I consume? I am 16

How many teaspoons of baking soda can you eat at one time without fear of overdosing?

How much water does it take to hydrate the body?

How much water does the stomach contain?

How much water should I use to dilute acetyl l-carnitine powder?

How to differentiate salt water from fresh water pneumonitis?

How to tell if I am still getting my 8 cups of water daily if i mix it with lemon juice?

Hy , how can I improve my skin condition. I have been drinking warm water 2 cups morning and night and been eating little fruits and still have acne?

I am having difficulty in passing stool.I had a glass of lemon juice mixed in hot water.What should I do?

I drank an entire small cup of baking soda water for stomach upset. There was 1 tablespoon of BS. Did I drink too much baking soda? Is it toxic?

I drink 12 fluid ounces of pom antioxidant super tea a day. What pros and cons does this have on my body?

I drink 2 glasses of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. I'm thinking of drinking more during the day. Can I safely consume 10 lemons per day?

I drink 2 liters of water a day but w/crystal lite powder mixed I lose the benefits of drinking a lot of water since theres also chemicals in it?

I drink purified filter water so why is it giving me heartburn?

I drink sparkling mineral water with "dissolved solids" per label. What does my body do with the dissolved solids in the water?

I found ants in my water should I drink it?

I had a 25 oz green tea and 32 oz smoothie and 20 oz bottle if water all in same hour. Will i get water intoxification?

I have a 10 month old baby she's not drinking as much as i'd like if tried water juice pedilite she just won't drink it any suggestions?

I have a moderate amount of acne and I have tried everything! would drinking lemon water help?

I have difficulty in passing stool.I have already tried having a cup of warm milk and a glass of lemon juice in hot water.What should I do?

I heard lemon juice in water helps the liver. I have bottled lemon juice that contains some sodium bisulfite and sodium benzoate. Is this ok to use?

I ingested to much baking soda and water and have been sick from it all day. Is there anything i can do? 5 teaspoons of baking soda and 40 oz of water

I love water with fresh squeezed lemon. Is this very beneficial to my body?

I read that half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water will help with nausea. Is that true?

I use a powdered mix and drink only gatorade because it tastes better than water. Is this an unhealthy thing to do?

I want to slim my hips.What can I do? Can i drink a warm water

I weight less then 150pounds. Is it adivesable to have warm water with lime everyday?

I will be on a clear liquid diet next week is it ok to drink a milk shake besides water on clear liquid diet?

I'm just wondering, if you dilute it in water or just drink lemon juice does it cut down fat content in any way?

I'm taking 1 tblspn of apple cider with 1 tblspn of honey mix in a glass of warm water. is it healthy?

I'm wondering if i drink cranberry juice and a lot of water how fast would my system clean from weed?

I've read that 1tblsp honey and 1tblsp cinnamon w/cup of hot water has many health benefits. Is this true?

If i had 200% daily sodium, is it safe to drink a lot of water to balance it out?

If I have plastic dental retainers can I drink water with sugar-free mio added in it while wearing them? Or only plain water?

If I have well water on my property, how do you know it is ok to drink after an earthquake?

If I have well water on my property, how do you know it is still ok to drink if it hasn't rained for so long?

If i only drink bottled water, should I take a fluoride supplement too?

If i put 2 or 3 slices lemon into my water..How long i can keep it in the water?Can i keep the slice lemon into my water till tomorrow? Thanks

If i put food coloring in the hairspray will it still float on the water and not mix with the water?

If I put sugar free water flavoring in water will it still hydrate the same way as straight water.

If I switch from coffee, tea and pop to sugar free diluted juice which has plenty of water in will it help clear clogged pores on face?

If we drink honey with warm water does the warm water kill all the nutrients in the honey or it is best to drink it with cold water?

If we drink honey with warm water will we have lose motion?

If you put cheese in a boiled hot water for a while,will it be less fat?

In my refrigerator I have ice tea made from powder mix and water and also there is a jar of plain water. Does it matter which I drink every day?

In the am I have Metamucil, glass of water, a tea, and then eventually a carnation good-start drink. Is that too much liquid in the am for kidneys ?

Is warm lemon water good for your skin?

Is 1/4 lemon mix with water good for body ?

Is a cleansing for 3 days, every month, good or bad? A cleanse being no food but a drink consisting of epsom salts, grapefruit juice and olive oil.

Is adding essential oils to drinking water safe?

Is adding pH to your water good for you?

Is ampalaya leaves good for everyday drinking water?

Is clear splash sparkling water a good substitute for regular water? Is anything?

Is coconut water a natural laxative?

Is constipation a life hazardous ? i use lactofibre powder in warm water every day. is it good?

Is diet just water slim the face? like 5 days just drinking water + jogging 30 min ?

Is diluting drug test with warm water okay?

Is drinking flavored waters such as propel fitness water a good substitute for regular water?

Is drinking warm lemon water daily a good detoxing method? What are some other natural ways to detox internally?

Is fresh juice water straight out of a coconut a laxative?

Is fresh lemon water good to drink every day? Is there a limit of how much lemon juice a person can have in a day? How does it effect the body?

Is it a good idea to be drinking coconut water to help eczema?

Is it actually better to drink purified water?

Is it better for our digestion to soak oats in water prior to cooking them?

Is it better to give my newborn sugar water or regular water?

Is it good for you to drink coconut water after drinking alternative medicines?

Is it good to drink reverse osmosis water even though they do not contain any nutrients ?

Is it healthy to drink the remaining water after boiling/steaming vegetables?

Is it healthy to regularly drink a glass of water with teaspoon of baking soda added, for the alkalizing effect?

Is it more healthy to drink filtered water rather than nature spring water with minerals?

Is it normal for your skin to be warm if you have no water intake?

Is it ok on enamel to drink hot water with lemon?

Is it ok to douche with just lemon juice water and soap?

Is it ok to drink mineral water your whole life we live in egy and water is not clean so we drink the water in bottles(mineral water)is it safe?

Is it ok to mix oj w/carbonized water for my toddler? Trying not to give her coke. Is this a good alternative?

Is it ok to put fresh pure cranberry juice and lime juice in my water? Is it safe in water or can it still destroy my teeth ?

Is it ok to use honey instead of sugar in my hot drinks?

Is it okay that my baby is drinking a mineral water instead of distilled water? She's turning 3 years old this coming August. Thanks!

Is it okay to drink around 500 ml water along with food..or does it interfere with the digestion process. When is the best time to drink water.?

Is it okay to drink lemon water with salt in case of acid reflux?

Is it okay to drink water at home I use a lot of ice. any ideas?

Is it possible for acidic food to retain its nutrition if mixed with alkaline water?

Is it safe for someone with aquagenic urticaria still drink water?

Is it safe to drink coconut soda such as coco rico?

Is it safe to drink cold water/minerals at 38weeks?

Is it safe to drink hot water with lemon & honey thought the day during pregnancy?