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Here they soak caco3 in water to get limewater then they soak pumpkin in limewater for 24 hours for preparing jam with it Is that dangerous to eat?

1yr Old boy doesnt like to drink water,but if i give him 4oz water w 1/2scoop of glucose powder (brand glucolin) he will drink all.Is it ok use daily?

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Are there any benefits in drinkig water that has been boiled in Copper can? Is it healthy or dangerous? Thanks.

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Are there known chemical effects for mixing tap water and hot water? I like to drink warm water so I do this instead of letting hot water cool off.

Are there ways to make sure i'm drinking safe water without wasting any money?

Are you more likely to drown in salt water or fresh water?

Aside from fruit and water, is there any over-the-counter stool softener that does not contain sodium?

Buying water that says steam distilled w/added flouride to make my 23 day old formula. Just wondering if its safe for him to drink?

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Can I mix Gavilyte-C with spring water? It is before a colonoscopy.

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Can I use 1 spoon of rice vinegar (ingredients: water, ethanol, rice)/day in my diet when I am on accutane?

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Can you mention water / food examples of electrolytes please? I know coconut water is one of them

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Chloral hydrate uses?

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Does really ginger smaller the fat nose? if it does how much (cup or what) should I use and dried or fresh?

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Drinking boiled water of cinnamon and honey every day morning and evening burns belly fat? Is this true?

Drinking Lemon infused water. Daily in office, I put one slice of Lemon in my water bottle and drink whole day. Is there any side effects of this?

Fiji natural artesian water...Good or bad?