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Are all ID's,Toxins,Pathogens in the brain tissue or lung tissue detectable through blood work if smoked or inhaled via nose and/or mouth?

Are inactive infectious diseases or toxins detectable 5, 10, 20 years later if treated or untreated?Whats recorded or left behind in dna/blood/or other

Are leydig cells more resistant to infection then rest? Had infection testicle atrophied. Read online leydig cell can resist chemo so y not infection

Are stem cells used to take care of diseases and injuries?

Are there any problems with zinc collecting in the body over time?

Are there diseases that cause blood brain barrier to break down?

At what point does radiation harm human blood cells. During initial contact, middle, or long after..?

Before strep throat reaches level of rheumatic fever, do a small number of antibodies already start to attach to body tissues?

Body raises temperature to kill viruses or bacterias. By reducung fever, do we slow down the elimination process or what? Will appreciate opinion.

Can a Autoimmune disease not necessarily produce Antibodies but certain cells or blood cells do the damage instead making it harder to diagnose ?

Can antibiotics alters your gene structure in your body, for example ciprofloacing?

Can any autoimmune disorder caused by recent HIV infection stops body's ability to produce HIV antibodies within 3 to 6 months or more?

Can blood testing tell what type of foreign bodies/organisms/pathogenes attacking my body... And now my children?

Can bone marrow disease produce only minimal effects on the body?

Can cancer or any other form of cancer causes electric like shocks in your body?

Can cold I jury really kill organ tissue? tell me more.

Can crystal meth cause a parasite infection throughout your body?

Can EBV cause a devastating immune response in which it attacks the nerve cells and peripheral nerves causing an all or none situation ?

Can endocytosis of a virus into a nerve ending cause pain? I'm not talking about inflammation caused by the virus, but just the act of endocytosis.

Can intestinal bacteria influence the brain? What are your expert opinions?

Can ldh be high (650 normal 90-180)due to inflammation and a wound with pus?

Can m.R.I. Or n.M.R. Scan detect all prevailing infections in the human body ?

Can meningits be in the body for years, like tissu and bone.Can a paraneoplasitc panel help with piking up immune prob like mercury from vaccine toxins

Can mold cause inclusion body myositsis?

Can multiple foods intolerance developed within months in a teen girl with celiac be a sign of mast cell activation disorder?

Can myelin injection treat MS, since the immune system is attacking myelin sheeth adding myelin in blood will keep WBC away from the nerves ,right?

Can testosterone do the generation of new muscle CELLS like the MECHANO GRWOTH FACTOR or not?

Can there be any connection between your blood type and immunity towards cancer?

Can we clone a human being just by presence of his /her hair? Just curious nothing serious

Can you develop peritonitis through mold or mildew entering the body through the penis/urethra?

Can you explain the cell signaling pathway involved in cystic fibrosis, what goes wrong, and the right way for it to work?

Can you tell me how abnormal cell division take place because of alzheimer's disease?

Can you tell me how are tapeworms related to the cells in your body?

Can you tell me how secondary active transport work?

Can you tell me if an adult has a fever that is 104 and will not come down, will brain cells be damaged?

Can you tell me if throughout the local inflammatory response, a lack of mast cells would result in?

Can you tell me in which organ or tissue and which cellular components does urea cycle occur?

Can you tell me the process of blood clothing in mammals?

Can you tell me what can the immune system produce that attaches itself to a pathogen and marks the pathogen for death?

Can your body still fight off any illness it can come across, with an autoimmune disease?

Can your tonsils 'poison your body' or effect other organs if you have chronic tonsilitis?

Carry the lupus gene, and have major infections or trauma 2 the body can that start lupus in motion?

Cmv and virus hello there I have a doubt relative to cytomegalovirus, why does it attack especifically your retina and also why do viruses remain in our blood even after affecting a specific organ for example hepatitis C which affects the liver still rem

Could a bacteria infecting a pilonidal sinus cause low platelets by a mechanism such as molecular mimicry (causing auto-immune response)?

Could all Toxins be detect by DNA sequencing? Toxins from infectious matter and Toxins from stuff like non-infectious matter? Quantitative not needed

Could any expert explain the cell signaling pathway involved in cystic fibrosis, what goes wrong, and the right way for it to work? Thanks!

Could genitalia's mucous membrane and/or body skin constitute a port of entry for mycobacterium leprae during an erotic massage?

Could patologists see parasites inside the body of man after death? From where these parasites comming on?Is it because of decaying of organs?

Could the immune system attack nerve cells and kill the nerves throughout the body? Is this rare? Whats this diagnosed as.

Could using aldara, (imiquimod) or other immune response modifiers cause/contribute to choroid plexus cyst development in the already developed brain?

Could you tell me what is the function of hyaline cartilage rings in the walls of certain structures of the respiratory tract?

Do cancer cells ever die off by themselves within the body without any intervention or do they ALWAYS multiply like everyone says they do?

Do people really still have parts of a nictitating membrane?

Do you know are the types of dioxins present in auto exhaust the type that bioaccumulate in the body for decades?

Doctors told my girl friend that her body can't produce enough bone marrow, what can she do? Is it serious?Which foods are useful for this condition?

Does viral meningitis cause the pain receptors in the human body to weaken?

Does 2 upper GI series xrays taken 10 days apart kill the developing cells or any other cells?

Does bacteria infection cause damage to body tissues by also competing with body tissues for resources and nutrients?

Does bronchoconstriction help protect the body from infection?

Does langerhands cell of the lungs have any effect on body temp.

Does Parkinson's result in a breakdown of the body being able to cure itself?

Does peripheral edema cause structural damage to the tissue that is swollen? Does increased interstitial fluid break cellular junctions?

Does semen have health benefits if swallowed i was wondering if semen has health benefits like extra protein, good for skin, helps generate any type of virus fighting cells or anything like that.

Does the composition of blood change as it passes through different parts of the body (e.g. the intestines and the lungs)?

Dr. Says I have a foreign body under my conjunctiva. Could it be anything else that can cause similar symptoms?

During exercise, body will produce free radical:reactive oxygen species? How to combat this?

Ebv after original infection resides in hepatocytes and b cells. Is it possible that also keep hidding in the CNS similar to hsv1?

Explain all the (best) (different) ways Toxins can be found? I am speaking of Toxins released from an Infectious Disease aspect?

From where hepatitis created first time and what is the source?

Grwth hormone generates growth of new cells and tissue (fact), even brain tissue. So, can long term use also help redvlop a 1sided atrophied testicle?

Gun powder injected during raid.lead was 192.Kidney function deteriorated,urine stored and caused septicemia.hs myocardial ischemia.plz save him.

Has a neuro ever come upon when the immune response is so aggressive and severe that a patient actually felt their own body being attacked ?

Has neuro ever come across EBV caused immune attack that killed all peripheral nerves not gbs something a lot more aggressive targeting nerve cells?

Has neuro ever come across when certain cells after an infection has aggressively attacked the whole perephiral nervous system and killed the nerves?

Have you first hand ever seen organ tissue death so bad it caused the organs too fail if so what caused it and was this common?

Hi im working on a way to cure huntington's disease and i need a little help i dont know the best way to kill the extra protein in the body ?

Histology info. On the bubonic plague. What types of tissues are effected by the disease process. How does their structure change? How samples taken.

How advanced are "stem cells" with regards to male reproductive organs' tissue regeneration.. Mainly for treating trauma of delicate tissues. Curious!

How are dead sperm in the testes being "recycled" exactly by the body? I think I have dead sperm due to i think was 2x exposed to xray on 3/13 & 4/25.

How are sperm inside the testes being absorbed or recycled exactly by the body?I think I have dead sperm due to i think was 2x exposed to lung xray.

How can polio cause respiratory problems at the cellular level?

How can I completely stop the sudden reduction of platelet cells in human body?

How can I create breakdown for yourself?

How can I have very strong bones and body, to be very immune to any type of disease and also to external damages (e.g. falling down, ...)?

How can I help prevent the cells in my body from dying prematurely?

How can I phagocytes get from capillaries to bacteria in the lungs?

How can I remove damaged and dead sin cells off my body?

How can polio cause respiratory problems at the cellular level?

How can single walled carbon nanotubes effectively shuttle drugs molecules attached to it into cells? What happens after they enter?

How can the human body prevent blood clotting in the normal vascular system?

How can viruses be used to target and treat cancer if they only bind to very specific receptors in the body?

How could inflammation be a part of host defense and also be a characteristic of disease?

How do fungi spores relate to tissue damage?

How do hormones travel through the body? Do they enter the blood stream via capillary, travel through the lymphatic system, etc.?

How do I know that e.Histolatyca reached the bloodstream or the liver? How long does it take for it to travel from the large intestine to other organs

How do infections cross the blood-brain barrier?

How do tiny cells come together to make big, complicated organs?

How does a bone fracture affect the body's homeostasis? How do I relate this to mineral storage and blood cell formation/ Is there any good articles o

How does oxygen presence (low concentration or high con.) affect the life span of the salmonella bacterium once it has already invaded the cell?

How does the antimalarial chloroquine work? Does it passively diffuse into red blood cells to thwart the malaria parasite or does it enter the red blood cells by an active transport process?