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'm just genuinely curious, but when people have parts of their body (tumors, cysts, legs, kidneys etc.) removed where do they go?

'where is the trigger point under a person''s armpit?'

"why bruises form on our body when damaged? Plz explain me with 5 ans." i am very annoying of this question :( .Plz help.

After a mini stroke can pain be redirected to a different part of your body?

All of the body parts(legs,arms...) of my 18 weeks fetus measures 18 weeks but his head measures 19 weeks and 3 it a problem?

Apart from hair color, foods they eat, are all the functioning of organs inside the human body, the type of diseases the very same in any part of world?

Are chromosomal abnormalities only confined to certain parts of your body?

Are chromosomal abnormalities such as extra ones confined only to certain parts of the body?

Are tenosynovitis and synovits the same thing only in different areas of the body

Are the eyes the only part of the body that never grow ?

Are the ovaries and appendix in the same part of the body?

Are there any good ways to prevent eczema from spreading from one part of my body to another?

Are there certain parts of the body where you should not attempt wart removal by freezing?

Are there different parts of the breast?

Are there multiple types of female bodies?

Are there symptoms of oral cancer that show up on other areas of your body?

Are we meant to have flat stomachs? because all the diagrams of the human body show a very lean figure with the internal organs inside of? thin=ideal?

Are you born with t.B. Bacteria in your body? Just wondering.

At what age is normal for gray hair to appear on chest and other parts of the body?

Bones roughness infects which part of the body or is it all parts?

Burning pain on the head in other body parts with numbness on different part of body?

Can a bone cyst spread to other parts of the body?

Can a defibrillator be removed from inside the body?

Can a dislocated elbow affect your entire body?

Can a malignant tumor do serious damage to the body if it is sitting in your body for a couple of months before removal?

Can a person get a tumor anywhere in his body? Is there any body part that has no known cancer?

Can a person have multiple benign tumors or cysts in different part of the body all at the time?

Can a tooth infection affect any part of your body like heart or brain?

Can abscesses on different parts of the body be related?

Can an abscess be on another body part aside from the skin?

Can any part of the body get cancer?

Can anyone tell me what causes rash on the breast and all parts of the body?

Can athletes foot spread to other parts of your body?

Can cancerous tumors form in all places in the body?

Can folliculitis spread elsewhere inside the body and become serious enough to be a threat to your life?

Can gangrene strike anywhere on the body?

Can gum stick to anywhere inside your body besides the stomach, like an organ in the body?

Can having two tumors on different parts of my body mean I have cancer?

Can herpes be anywhere on the body?

Can herpes cause problems on other parts of the body?

Can HPV spread to other places on my body if I have it around my anus ?

Can impetigo spread to other parts of the body?

Can lung cancer still spread to other parts of the body during treatment?

Can lymphedema spread from my arms to other parts of my body?

Can only one chest xray damage some cells in d body.? M 20 year old female.

Can ovary transplanted back into the body?

Can pheochromocytoma cause brain lesions if left untreated or unseen? Also which body parts can they be found in? Just adrenal glands or other organs?

Can rosacea spread to other parts of my body?

Can scarred muscle tissue heal abnormally and affect other parts of my body?

Can squeezing an area of the body for too long cause tissue damage?

Can stem cells be used to create fibrous tissue over part of skin of the thigh to create mesh from patients own body for hernia repair?

Can syphilis occur on other parts of body like the lips?

Can this cyst curable day by day it getting increase in different parts of the body. ?

Can u have painless muscle twitching throughout the body with brain cancer?

Can vitamin d already present inside our body?

Can warts spread from one part of the body to another?

Can you get herpes in different areas of your body?

Can you get raynaud's in larger body parts?

Can you have cancer in your hole body?

Can you let me know how many times do you think a person has cancer and the body fixes itself?

Can you spread herpes from one part of your own body to another?

Can you tell me exactly where are immune definciency disorders located in the body?

Can you tell me how a healthy body prevent fungi infections from moving to internal tissues?

Can you tell me if they want to check if cancer has spread to some other part of the body then what kind of scan would they do?

Can you tell me which is the name of that disease where you lose a big part of your intestine?

Connection between body type and heart size?

Could a person have an aneurism in there stomach, or lower body region, and could it be misdiagnosed, as something else. ?

Could an MRI be used anywhere on the body?

Could cancer go anywhere in the body?

Could heart flutter be caused by scratching certain parts of the body?

Could you lose function to certain parts of the body if nerves around a internal or external carotid artery were cut?

Could you please describe how the body handles an infection?

Cysts that grow in different areas of your body. Is there a genetic disease that would cause this?

Describe the path blood travels through your body?

Do hernias usually develop on both sides of the body?

Do impacts on the body that cause bruises cause cancer?

Do malignant neoplasms put out chemicals that do strange things to your body?

Do people with vaginal foreign body have a lot of pain?

Does a dermotologist attends ganital parts of the body?

Does a knot on your body have to mean cancer?

Does cancer generally spread from original tumors to other parts of the body, or does it just start in other part?

Does eczema spread from one part of the body to another?

Does HPV affect every cell on ur whole entire body ?, or just your reproductive track?

Does leukemia petechias can be any where on your body or just certain place of your body?

Does neuroblastoma metastasize to other parts of the body?

Does rhinovirus attack any specific part of the body?

Does shingles spread to different parts of your body?

Does the hand heal faster than other parts of the body?

Does the upper part of the body like spinal cord grow after 18? My ciliac crest hasn't fused yet.

Does Tropical Fantasy hurt any organs in your body?

Dr. Bennett; What type of malignancy did you have in mind, that causes (different than before) body odor under one armpit, please?

During many intensive cancer surgeries, can cancer likely travel through veins and/arteries to different parts of the body?

Facial blisters but not on any other part of the body?

For the past year, i keep having boils. Sometimes 3 at the same time at different parts of my body. Is this a symptom of a disease?

Generally how long would a man live from liver disease once his body fills with fluid in feet, legs, stomach & chest?

Good day ... what do i do cure the liver spots on my body?

Hi would like to no. What is a ultrasound of the retroperitoneum?What parts of the body is seen? Thanks :)

How can I prevent boils from reoccuring again and again because it always reoccur in different parts of my body?

How can skin cancer affect the whole body?

How can the pain of fibro originate?Does it start from a certain point and then widespread.?What are the body parts that are affected most?Help me