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40 yr old female. Change in body odor. Ammonia smell when working out and after I've slept. Not overweight. Drink good amount of water. Please help?

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Girlfriend has a distinct vagina body odor that i did not, and stillchange in order to better match her body odor, what to do?

Hi i am a female. I have body odor that is always present no matter what i do. Help even clinical strength deoderant dont help.

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I have a bad body odor how do I help this?

I have a problem of body odor, not only my body the class i was living is occupied by bad odor, i wash my body daily, so what shall i do?

I have a unpleasant body odor from last 5 years in which my body smell very bad. I am suggested to take detox and probotics tablets. will it help me?I

I have bad body odor, which won't go away. Is there anything that will help me?

I have bad body odor. I think it's because of masturbation. Please is there any cure?

I have been having night sweats that have a certain odor, why?

I have body odor after showering?

I have body odor and my clothes stink. How can I treat this problem?

I was recently told tha a new partner can change my body odor. What causes that? Just bacteria?

I was recently told tha a new partner can change my body odor. What causes that? Just bacteria?

I wash daily and still have a bad body odor please i need help this is really ruining my life

I've never had body odor, until recently. What could have caused this?

If you use a certain perfume for long periods of times, is it possible for your body to gain this as its natural body odor/scent?

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My 1 year old has body odor under her arms. She has a bath every day, sometimes two (she's a messy one). What could this be caused by?

My body odor changed-- ideas why?

My body odor persists and i don't know what else to do! what can I do!?

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Need doctor's help! will kidney disease cause a body odor?

Need help on body odor due to undigested food what can I do for this to get rid of odor ?

So I've been having this really BAD body odor that is constant i bath twice a day and still stink,what can be wrong with me?

Want to know what is the real cause of my body odor and what can I do to stop it was told that digestive enzymes after meal would help with the odor.

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What diseases (aside from tmau) can cause you to have a body odor?

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