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I started sweating profusely with little excursion. What could cause that?

I'm 16 years old boy.I'm suffering from excessive sweating in my hands,feet and armpit since my childhood in every season.

18months had 3x Pneumonia history . Excessive sweating while asleep.We put prickly heat powder sweating stop but his back cold to touch any side effect?

2 year old son sweats on his head easily a lot and skin is clammy but is healthy otherwise. What can cause this?

24yo f find myself sweating on face andupper body feeling so hot while doing simple tasks lasts for few hours .

26/f always hot! my mom & sister sweat a lot too, but it seems like others are cold, i'm sweating?We are italian, &i know other italians that sweat alot2

3 year old son with clammy/sweaty knees... Is this an unusual area to sweat? What might be causing this..?

35 year old male have watery anal leackage or maybe its sweat but its the first thing that starts to sweat and shows through pants?

38 yo fe gast bypass 2.5yrs ago. Putting weight back on rapidly not overeating. Always hot. Sweating hot. House thermostat 62. Jeans and sweat shirt.

38 yr female. Dm1, sarcoidosis (remission), excessive sweating (upper body is worst). Soak thru a shirt 5 minutes after shower. Very frustrating. Suggs?

61 years has the half body sweating,the left side, cold sweat,often duringthe night but sometimes during the day.after sweating feels sluggish,What is?

7 yr old son sweats when he sleeps and has done this since infancy (mostly his head)also overheats and sweats easily with activity and warm weather.?

8 year old sweats excessively. During sleep, hair is saturated & beads of sweat on face. During play, his face drips with sweat. Friends not sweating.?

After i eat my lower eyelids sweat? What is causing that?

After septic shock 3 years ago I have suffered from extreme night sweats with the most sour disgusting sweat imaginable.

After sweating profusely from exercising, I release I have liverspots or light coloured blouches all over my skin. What is that?

Although my temp rarely indicates a fever, I often feel very warm and sweat excessively on a daily basis, even during non-strenuous tasks. Why?

Another question. Why do I overheat when eating anything? Accompanied by mod sweating. Everyday for several months now.

Any drug that would stop sweating? Ihave very severe sweat (dripping from armpits and hands)tried botox and antiperspirants. Also at night. No thyroid

Are there any solutions to over active sweat glands in the face?

Are there vitimins, or remedies for extreme night sweats?

Are yellow marks on the pillow from sweat? I don't feel like I'm sweating. Maybe because the weight of my head sinks in the oil or sweat from scalp?

As i've gotten older i've started to sweat heavily under my arms. Not an odor just sweat. What can I do to stop it becoming very embarrassing?

At 38 is it normal to go 60 days without a period, then about seven days before I get one, I sweat loads, get a hot face, and insomnia.?

Baby sweats profusely in the heat at certain times of the day, is that ok?

Basically, my armpits are always like waterfalls. I sweat so much. It's winter here and i'm sweating like a shower. Why is this?

Can a lumbar sympathetic block cause a person's feet to sweat excessively?

Can an environmental allergy explain why I become weak, dizzy, and sweat profusely when entering buildings?

Can anyone tell me what can I do to keep from sweating under breasts?

Can athletes overcome a small problem like excessive sweating?

Can kidney disease or low cortisol levels cause excessive sweating of the face & scalp/head? It happens even in cold weather. Any ideas? Thanks

Can putting daily baby powder under your arms reduce your sweating?

Can taking triple strength fish oil cause night sweats? The sweating only occurs on the neck and chest.

Can you get miliara rubra with very few rash? and how quick is the onset? history: lift weights 6x week, profuse sweat, overdresser. reasonable cause?

Can you sweat normally with miliara rubra? Or are the sweat droplets absent on surface of skin even if you exercise?

Can your sweat make you itchy?

Can't Zoloft (sertraline) make u sweat very badly even at night and resemble lymphoma sweats?

Cold sweats, back and neck pain for last five days. for no reason i just start sweatin profusely. enough to soak my shirt?

Cold sweats, sweat running down my side during the day. No excessive activity; just sitting in class.

Cold sweats? But no fever.... Is it just an over perspiration problem? I use a men's deodorant, and that still doesn't help sometimes....

Constant sweating from armpits, it tends to be worse when in public.

Constantly sweating in my arm pits only even when cold and not doing anything. Why? And how can I make it stop?

Could i get some advice my husband overheats and sweats excessively?

Could i get some advice my husband overheats very easily and sweats excessively?

Could it be an underlying medical issue if your whole face becomes really itchy when you sweat and it's hot even if you constantly wash your face ?

Could opiates make you sweat a lot?

Could UCTD with elements of lupus and sjogrens cause sporadic sweating resulting in hair plastered to my head (not hot flashes)?

Could you have cold sweats after having snyope experiences with injuries? And could any type cancer cause these?

Dear dr, I have an over sweat activity that sometimes i change my tshirt 2 to 3 times a day for a walk. I know it's a good thing but embarrassing too?

Do hydrocephalus produce like sweaty hair and sweating everywhere?

Do I have hypothyroidism? I have chronic constipation, tiredness, dry skin, my hands and feet are constantly cold, but no weight gain!

Do narcotics make you sweat?

Doctors can you tell me why do I heavily sweat around my neck and face?

Does amitriptyline make you hot? Or just sweaty? On 10mg for a month and i've noticed i'm hotter then usual and sweating from armpits, no where else. Thyroid normal, no fevers.

Does caffeine make one sweat more? Or does it increase the amount of sweat in any way? Thank you.

Does neuropathy make u sweat cause i've been sweating a lot and they r doing an MRI of my back can that be the cause?

Does neuropathy make you sweat a lot?

Does sweat affect facial scabs fell 2 months ago. So i workout and sweat a lot and my scabs get super red during/after running and exercising.?

During an easy workout, I became very ill, with muffled hearing, confusion, limpness of body, hot sweats, numbness and unresponsive. On 2 occasions ?

Eventhough its not hot in here i suffer from tropical acne. Why? Can exercise and sweat cause tropical acne? Its so embarrassing i can't go scool.

Evertime that i work up a sweat, my face burns and breaks out really bad from the sweat. Can i be allergic to my own sweat or retaining to much salt?

Everything works according to normal from my mouth to my anus except there is anus sweat excessive in this hot wheater and the anus sweat is different?

Excessive sweat all over? not as if I have hyperhidrosis to the point where it soaks my clothes it leaves little trace marks. What could be the cause?

Excessive sweating during workout with chills...? I'm fit 125lbs. What could cause this should I worry?

Excessive sweating in anus, started about two months ago. Always have diarrhea. Sweat while sitting and working. Sometimes with an odor. ?

Excessive sweating in armpits is it caused by vyvyanse i take 40mg during the weekdays?

Excessive sweating just on my forehead. What can I do about it? Witch hazel not working for me. Anything else I can try?

Excessive sweating of the face and head. I have underactive thyroid and kidney disease. What could cause this sweating only on my face and head?

Excessive sweating when in stores after walking a long way. What does this mean?

Extreme body odour.Even after shower, used lots of products, nothing works.Bathing several time/day.Also excessive sweating even when not moving?

EXTREMLY COLD FEET 10 years(urinate a lot, dripping from nose,..) cracking in joints, EXSESIVE sweating under arms(no sweating if im drunk). Help! ?

EXTREMLY COLD FEET for 10 years(urinate a lot, dripping from nose,..) cracking in joints, EXSESIVE sweating under arms(no sweating if im drunk).Help! ?

Feet sweat, stink, body stinks. Salt makes worse. Can't see doctor, need relief. Limited on anything I eat, and tired of stinking, please help. ?

For some months now I have become quite intolerant to heat and sweat excessively when I flush. I have long gone through menopause. Help?

Freezing hands/feet, chills, sweating, but no fever. Having frequent bowel movements(6 so far) happens once a month, at least. What is causing this??

From aunt's body , specially from face always sweats is emits even in a comfotable weather without work and also rash.What's primary method to prevent?

Girl.6.Obese,always hungry,sweats profusely,body odor,chronic cough,very active but doesn't lose weight. Dark circles under eyes.Sleep problems.Ideas?

Have been sweating excessively from my buttcheeks to my thigh. Can't sit long and causes emotions and mental stress.

Hi at night my head sweat a lot what could be a problem ?

Hi doctors i am suffering from excessive sweat all over the body and it is increasing year by year...please help there any treatment.

Hi I actually am wondering a 23 year old mom of 2 boys, I always run really hot like sweat all the time why?

Hi just wondering if excessive sweating could be maybe pcos thanks and acne I have had for 4 years ?

Hi there, just a quick question. As soon as I wake up my body overheats and I break into a sweat, i usually lie there for 10min until it subsides. ?

Hi, I am from Bangalore, India. I have Hyperhidrsis, where i sweat a lot in FACE, hand, armpit, neck, back, any advice to stop sweating on my forehead?

Hi! i'm going on a holiday next week to a very hot country and humid too that means i will sweat a lot. I need advices how to prevent spot breakouts?

His eyes tear throughout the day & sweat forms on his forehead, usually when he is eating. The weather isn't hot. His breath is acid smelling.

How can I avoid exessive facial sweating? I am 18. Underweight and i sweat on my face not only when the temprature gets higher but also when I am nervous. I heard that surgery is one method to avoid that but since i don't have access to that I am looking

How can I prevent sweating too much during summer?It happens even after bath and i sweat too much in my armpits, on chest and my back!

How can I slow down the sweeting I do ? I sweet so much i can't keep my hair dry in the summer.

How can I stop excess sweating of body in summer season?

How can I try help stop my sweating as it's getting unbearable at the moment? I was diagnosed with Addison's 4 months ago and I'm sweating buckets!

How come I am constantly sweating even when I don't do physical activity?

How could i make my hands not sweat atleast for a whole day?

How do I cope with focal hydrosis? My groins and other parts neer anus is sweating so much that i creates a foul odor. Even im at air conditioned

How do I prevent blisters all over my butt/legs when I work out and sweat heavily 5-6 hrs a day? (I am a rower)

How do I stop excessive sweating? Im not overweight but i sweat a lot. Underarms, hands, chest, face, back and other areas even my head. Help

How do you stop sweat glands from getting clogged?

How to control sweat under arms ?!

How to deal with night sweats on antibiotics?

How to prevent cold sweats when working out?