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43 years old with hypothyroidism. My FSH was normal. I am having hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, irregular periods and mood swing? What?

Had a hysterectomy over 25 years ago and continue to have major hot flashes. I'm not in good health and didn't know if it could be a sign of a mediD?

1 1/2 months after unilateral saplingo oophorectomy, cystectomy and appendectomy and still no period! I get hot flashes and night sweats.

10 days ago, i started taking phyto soya pills, twice a day, 17.5 mg each, for menopause mainly hot flashes. I noticed a weight gain, is it to blame?

10 weeks post hysterectomy. Kept ovaries, but having hot flashes, weight gain and headaches. Is this normal for recovery?

13 year old daughter had a hot flash for about 5mins. No other complaints. No period yet. Seeing dr. Soon. Any ideas? Could it be hormonal?

26 weeks pregnant. On progesterone for cervix which is stable. I get hot flushes and its autumn where i live. Is this normal? Hot and cold spells?

27 y/o athletic male, often switching from having hot flashes to point of sweating & cold extremities. Increased in past 3 years. Daily occurrence.

30yr old female on birth control&buspirone w/anxiety. I get hot when I do anything. My face feels very hot&i sweat. Could this b hotflash&what totake?

34 had hyesterectmy in 2010. I have mood swings, hot flashes, low sex drive, and can't lose weight. What should I do?

35 weeks pregnant and overwhelmed with major sweats and hot flashes. Now i'm dealing with lose bowels. Is this a sign labor is approaching?

35yo, tubal ligation 3 years ago. 1 year w/palpitations,itching warming sensations, foggy brain, dry eyes.Taking black kohosh.85% better!Menopause?

38yr MALE, having hot flashes every 1-2hrs past 2wks. Skin very hot & pouring sweat. No changes in rx, diet, etc. Explain?

4 the past 2 wks I've had hot flashes every 1 - 2hrs. My entire body becomes very hot & I begin pouring w/sweat. No changes in meds, diet, etc. Why?

44 years, having irregular periods and hot flashes and trembling a bit when sleep. My doctor put me on levothyroxine but now I have insomnia. ?

46 female I break out sweats for no reason I do have hot flashes but this is/feels different. What sure I do?

50/f having some hot flashes for about 6 months. Now the are more frequent and intense along with dizziness and nausea. Is this common for menopause?

51 yrs. Since 2 weeks dizziness when i get up/look up, have night sweats & hot & cold during the day. On hypertension meds 4 yrs, menstruation normal?

55 years old/with hypo thryoid, have hot flases sweats/night and during the day/at any time please help/is this menopause?

58 yrs. Old. After 8 yrs on HRT no longer taking. Having hot flashes, urine leakage, vaginal dryness and insomnia. Should i go back on hrt?

59 yo. Hyst. Have ovaries. Nightly sweats and chills x 3 weeks. No temp. Menopause or something else? Seems to happen same time each night. Insomnia.

6 weeks postpartum having hot flashes, is this because i had my tubes tied when i had my C-section or is it just hormonal and heat?

63 year old post menopausal has started having night sweats. What is wrong?

63 year old post menopausal has started having night sweats. What is wrong? All blood work normal.

63 yr. Old woman with severe hot flashes...Not at night..Only during day when I start to get hot. Should I go to gynecologist or endocrinologist?

About 2 years ago i had done endometrial ablation and since i had it done i've feeling constantly weird i've been going thru hot flashes mood swings.

Accidentally quadruple my estradiol for 2 weeks after 2 weeks of going back to my normal dose having severe hot flashes and severe nausea?

After surgical menopause how long will the severe hot flashes last? Also down below has all shrivelled & even my clitoris has almost disappeared. Will this get better?

Aged 50, treated for graves' disease since august 13. No menstration since january 13. Still getting hot flushes, is this graves or menopause?

Amoxicillin causing hormone imbalances hot flashes etc due to peri/menopause, how to stop and prevent this when taking antibiotics. ?

Anti depressants healthy to take for hot flashes and night sweats? Is it harmful to someone who isn't depressed?

Any new treatment (without side effects) for symptoms of menopause mainly hot flashes and vaginal dryness?

Are hot flashes and late period mean I am starting to go through menopause?

Are OTC hormonal creams safe? I am 49 at present. Over the past 2 years my periods have been on and off. I may have normal periods for 6 months then have 2-3 without. When my periods stop I have hot flashes some sweating not terrible. They were waking

Are quinine tablets good for treating menopause hot sweats?

Are there any natural treatments for hot flashes? Are there any herbal supplements or dietary changes i cam make to help with hot flashes? .

As well as having 40 to 45 day menstrual cycles, I also have hot flushes and sweating at 30 days, poor sleep, forgetful, vaginal dryness why?

At night while sleeping my body temp changes i become very hot like having hot flashes. The air is always in the 60's. Could this be Depo-Provera side effects?

Before I got my fibroids I wanted to see was I going through pre-menopause because I was having hot flashes and I haven't had periods but I wasn't going through pre menopause then after finding that out I got my fibroids removed I thought that would help

Besides my gynecologist, is there another type of doctor that I should see to reconfirm menopause. I just turned 40 & my blood work showed elevated FSH & have been experiencing hot flashes, very light or skipped periods, anxiety, trouble falling & staying

Ca125 high had ovarian cysts now hot sweats extreme fatigue what's the next step?

Can a concussion cause hot flashes? Messed up cycles?

Can certain medications cause hot flashes? I am not anywhere close to menopause. Could any medications be responsible for my recent hot flashes? .

Can going off estrogen cause palpitations?

Can going off seroquel (quetiapine) cause flushes and sweats? I have had my hormones checked and it isn't menopause.

Can hot flashes be a symptom of pregnancy like while sleeping ?

Can i be in menopause and still get my period? I have a lot of the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, and breast soreness, but i still get my period. Could i be going through early menopause? I am 44 years old. .

Can i get "hot flash" type feelings after having a nuclear stress test?

Can I take black cohosh if I am having hot flushes? How much?

Can mental health drugs give you hot flashes and night sweats?

Can neck surgury cause a female to have hot flashes every 10 min? My wife had neck surgury about a year ago on a disk.She started having hot flashes soon after.Can something that the doctor did cause her to have the hot flashes?

Can seizures be brought on in peri menapause?

Can someone tell me how long will i continue to have hot flashes?

Can tibolone 1.25 dose a day alleviate severe hot flashes caused by perimenopause? If yes, when does it start to be effective?

Can you suggest any natural supplements for hot flashes? What are your thoughts on black cohosh or  progesterone or estrogen creams?

Can Zoloft (sertraline) make u sweat and start dripping with sweat and have hot flashes which in return make u cold? Temp. Norm97.5.

Chalky taste onset jan'13. Hot sweats(postmenopausal)sweats xtreme...Onset july'13. No help yet from dentist, ent, gyn, cardio, or psych. Advice?

Could "cold flashes" instead of hot flashes be a sign of approaching menopause? I'm 46 and never skipped my period since I was 13.

Could adult males(ages 40+) experience "hot flashes"?

Could i be menopausal. i sweat very bad for the last 2 week of my cycle and have severe pms. my mum went through it at 46?

Could i be starting menopause. I get hot flashes, dizziness and rapid heart rate.

Dear, What would your advice be, to manage hot flashes, menopause already going on for 6 years, in individual working on night (and day) shifts. Thank?

Dizziness,hot flashes. Feel like I'm about to pass out. Could it be from my birth control? I'm 15 days into my first time on this specific kind.

Do girls get hot flashes when they're turned on or horny?

Do hot flashes mean i'm starting menopause? I've started having hot flashes occasionally--does this mean i'm starting menopause? .

Do women have hot dreams at night?

Do you get hot flashes before u start ur period?

Do you get hot flashes when you are pregnant? And want are othe things i can have involving hot flashes my age is 16 please let me know thanks

Do you think medicinal marajuina would help relieve my naseua and menopause symtoms?

Does Cymbalta (duloxetine) help with hot flashes or does it cause them? I'm seeing mixed reviews. I have severe hot flashes now. I don't want them to get worse!

Does pre menopause cause body aches?

Downregulating with buserelin for ivf, what can help with the hot flushes and headaches?

Early pregnant vomiting at night and hot flashes why?

Estradio level serum is 50.79 what does it mean I'm 30 years of age I had a partial hysterectomy 4 months ago been having hot and cold sweats?

Ever since i had a hysterectomy, i get a lot of chills& hot flashes & can't sleep. I'm getting to the point i'm so exhausted. Please help?

Every time it's time for my monthly menses I feel very hot and clammy. is it because I just had a baby?

Experiencing v hot flushes without sweating. 10-12 days flipping between boiling hot & freezing cold in minutes. I'm 52. Menopause? What can I do?

Extreme anxiety & heart paps profuse sweat b/c hot flashes from menopause like shots of hot acid ruining life, lost job need affordable option to stop?

Extreme hot flashes at 39 weeks pregnant? I've had hot flashes throughout my pregnancy but it has gotten really bad this past two weeks.

Feel hot all the time. Using estrogen. Related?

Feeling hot then cold then hot again. I've been having mood swings. spotting 2 days after period what could this be?

For men, are hot flashes that last 3 to 5 minutes then subside, 2 or 3 times a day, the same as a fever? Can it indicate infection?

Going through early menopause, scary the the hot flashes personality changes and increased depression is this normal and what can I do to help myself. ?

Going through menopause can not sleep and have over active bladder.

Going through menopause i cannot sleep also have over active bladder.

Going thru menopause & have Crohn's disease. Been having episodes of hot flash symptoms & start throwing up the hotter I get. What could be causing it?

Got hysterectomy in June 2013 as part of cancer treatment. When will menopausal symptoms like hot flashes go away?

Had complete hysterectomy 1998. Still having hot flashes and nite sweats. Very dry. Painful sex. Itchy. Not on hrt. What will help me. Always hot.

Have any of you tried black cohosh for menopause?

Have been off zoladex (goserelin) for 8 mths, after having it for 2 yrs.Got my periods back, but still get hot flushes.Am suffering from anxiety.Is it withdrawal?

Have had hot flashes since my mid 20's. Face/ears flushed. Have been taking birth control (zovia 1/35e). Why hot flashes so young?

Haven't had a period for 18 months and plenty og hot flashes and then yesterday my period starts what does this mean? 53 years old

Hi I am 7 months post hysterectomy i start to have hot flashes and I am very nervous all the time I am taking estroven daily ?

Hi I am on my period I'm not pregnant. I started feeling very hot but no fever. Can you have hot flashes on your period.? I'm just curious

Hi, I'm 20 years old and started getting hot flashes, fatigue, migraines, spotting and cramps. Could my ovaries be failing?

Hi, I'm 35 an I've been having hot flashes for about a month in on top of that my period has not came in bout a month. Please tell me what could be.

Hot all the time. not hot flashes. like this for years. thyroid tested was negative. almost sweating while others comfortable. is there a pill to take?

Hot all the time. not hot flashes. like this for years. thyroid tested. almost sweating while others comfortable. is there a pill to help with this?

Hot and cold flashes all the time. No fever. This isn't normal for me, what could this be brought on by? No birth control, not pregnant. Frustrated!

Hot flashes at 38 weeks pregnant? What is going on?