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"slightly immature platelets" is this something dangerous or serious? what kind of follow up does it need?

(h/o 10+ kidney stones.) severe migraines, 25+ lbs weight loss, frequent urin., trouble sleeping. Paid for labs, but don't have pcm. Labs= ^ hemo/hematocrit/mcv/mch urin: blood & crys pres. Abn occult ?

1 blood counts do the results need to be in the middle of range ex lymphocytes .9 to 3.5 or not? 2. If not how do u tell if a disease is starting

1 doc concerned w/husbands CBC 1 not, 35 black male 4 weeks post hernia surgery, very healthy.Neuts 38, lymph 47, mchc 33, plt163 all others are fine?

1 small red purpura on leg no itch. Lab = drug reaction. Doc says senile purpura. Now rust color, Same dx? Daily aspirin. Platelets MVP CBC normal.

13 year old daughter has HEAVY bleeding (bleeding through overnight pads in 2 hours). RBC 3.81, hemoglobin 11.2, hematocrit 32.5. Mild Anemia?

14500 WBC in blood p.S. There any problem?

160 days Post auto stem cell transplant for NHL double hit cell counts low hemoglobin 9.6 platelets 63 white cells 1.7. Can this resolve on its own in time? How long? Fearing MDS.

16mth old male has platelet count of 509. Are there any serious issues this could be related to? All other counts were normal except MCH was 22.4.

17 years female of stunted growth with 1ry amenorrhea & no sexuall charcter ( high ESR & microcytic anemia )?

18 yo male distance runner with WBC of 17.6h and ferritin of 177h ng/ml. Would these values in combination alarm you or point concern to any issues?

1mos post liver resection&gallbladder removal. Platelets over 48hrs 472 to 75. Wbc 13.4, anemic. What causes quick drop in platelet? Is this a concern

2011 got leukemia, now they sayin no more treatment will work for me. No clinical trials either. Only blood transfusions now, what can I do?

21 yr old female has low white blood count a couple years (or 1year&half) after appendix removal surgery. What's the connection and how to cure?

25 son holiday - egypt - persistent nose bleed. Hospital; platelets 12. Platelet transfusions. Now cortisol. Medevac back to uk to see haematologist?

29 f h/o idiopathic PEs. Trace of blood in urine past year. Chronic low WBC. US of kidney bladder fine. No anemia. LFTs good. No genetic disorder. ???

3 y.o boy. Very vital with masses of energy.. low white blood cell count for second time..? Operated at 1week for COA. Has bicuspud aortic valve..

31 year old male. Would low testosterone (6.7pg/ml) and low MPV (6.2 fl and PLT 220) be an early indication of HIV infection? Poss exp 3mos & 1wk ago

31 year-old white man with 2 years of intermittent thrombocytopenia down to 29k, with splenomegaly, looking for a diagnosis after much testing.....?

35f swollen purple feet bi lat, full blood workup normal cept high rbc,hct,hgb. no b12 or D deficiency . no circulation issue, no high bp, no diabetes

35f swollen purple feet bi lat,full blood workup normal cept high rbc,hct,hgb. no b12 or D issue no circulation issue, no high bp, or not diabetic .

3yr old h/O failure to thrive/poor growth. Ped GI found IgA 183, ESR 26, calprotectin 165, burr cells 1+. Plan is to repeat labs & if unchanged colonoscopy. food allergy??? Maybe see allergist too????

3yr old was diagnosed with mild anemia, what could cause this? Could it be leukemia?:/ very worried, she has never been a big eater (23.5pounds)

3yr olds hemoglobin level is 10.9, is this concerning? She doesnt eat well, never has, very picky. Should I be concerned about leukemia?

4 years b4 WBC count was low(2800),low platelets(88000),body bruises,often flu like symptoms,stomach pain,etc,bean type pimple...which disease..guess?

44 y/o male with MCV of 71 for 10 years with low iron even with supplements. H&h is normal (14.5). No overt GI bleed. Possible causes?

4mos post Rad/Chemo 4 HNC. RBC low at 3.84. Could I be anemic? How long does it take for RBC to normalize? dr. Doesn't seem concerned.low BP. Dizzy

4yr old daughter found to have moderte factor 7 deficeincy after per-surgical blood work and test from hemotologist! can it become servere or mild?

52 y.F.Suddlenly waked with hemorrhagic skin of large joints in tbc no thrombocytopenia , no evidence of leukaemia , hepatomegly what is diagnosis?

52yr f, suspected acute leukemia, white blood cell count 25.0, bruising, fatigue, to receive blood transfusions.How serious is this?Is this fatal in adults

6 months old had follow up CBC says high platelet count (633) we have an immediate family history of leukemia. Is this concerning or what could this mean?

65yrs old male hemoglobin 12.9 is that OK Dr no concern to worry?

7 petechia spread across body, no clusters. heavy period. Platelets 331. WBC 8.8. Neutrophils 78% Should I be concerned? Doctors say I am fine, scared

7 petechia spread across body, no clusters. heavy period. Platelets at 331. WBC at 8.8. Heaches. Should I be concerned? Doctors say I am fine, scared

7 year old with no prior medical issues, now headaches, petite mal, low WBC count and high monocyte, abdominal pain w/abnormalct (narrowing+thickening distal ileum)visited asia 6 mon ago. Parasite? Vi

73 yrs old. First blood test showed 41% lymphocyte count, second 37 and third 43. Pain in gums and chest. Worried about leukemia.

8 yr old boy diagnosed with fanconi anemia, at present he has regular blood tests and blood counts are slightly low, could he live a long normal life?

8 yr old with fanconi anemia, can he still go to school? Play with friends like normal? Only symptoms are slightly low blood counts, am scared for him

87 year old man no symptoms has been diagnosed with pancytopenia is it safe for him if they perform a bone marrow test considering his age ? Worried

9 year old, fanconi anemia, RE +1.75/-0.50 x 180 LE +2.25/-0.75 x 30. No obvious cause of low VA'S what could this be?Low conc unable to do fields

A 96 year old male with mgus. Needs infusion every 2 weeks. His count drops to 5. What does the future hold for him.?

A colonoscopy found tiny ulcers in small bowel and are querying crohn's. I am iron deficient and total B12 level is 202 just in normal range?

A crush injury to my foot resulted in many insufficiency fractures. All ferritin/iron stuff is very low. RBCs are large. Is bone marrow testing needed?

A full CBC shows toxic granulation, also sepsis in bowel,yet subsequent bloods no toxic granulation,is that cos of bloods maybe not being full CBC ?

A&e consultant told me my white cell count is only 3.3 and needs keeping an eye on - what causes this please? I've got a severe chest infection.

Achy/weak at times, platelets dip low at times (96k at lowest). Spleen ok, all other blood work ok. Does early cancer or leukemia present like this?

Ad the symptoms for over 5 years, my fathers say its serious, hypermobile joints,GP says anxiety, but all FBC, LFT U/E are poor. Low platelets an RBC?

Additional info on my previous question: my hgb has dropped in the last few months from 11.9 to 10.2, i just did not have enough room to put that in my initial question. This is non fe-def anemia.

Advice please? My mom is coughing constantly her ESR count is 100 but all other parameters are normal what's the problem?

After 1st 3 days chemo, platelet and TLC level goes to 12000 and 200 respectively and it takes more than 21 days to recover. Does 2nd chemo advisable?

After 6 cycles of r-chop for dlbcl stage 1 grade 3a, WBC is at 4700 cumm. Is this level ok or indicative of some issue?

After being hospitalized7/1/13 for neutropenia and lg. Spleen my labs normalized, 2 wks. Ago i had 10 things abnormal again what's going on?

After IV iron tx for IDA, what retic count would reassure that the tx is working?

AfterTherapy for anemia Ferrous S 3xa day 1mth as CBC Iron was only in range.Stopped iron CBC now inrange mouth ulcers hair loss swollen gland in neck

Age 62, Recently admitted to hospital due to rapidly decreasing platelet count (126 - 96 within 8 hrs). Referred to do AFP test. (result = 225.33 ng/ml). Is this Hepatitis OR Liver Cancer ?

Am 54 and have cll. When first diagnosed wbc's 14. Few months later 23. Will i see a big rise each time?Fish showed 13q which doc sed good sign.

An 8-year-old male hemophiliac is admitted with acute blood-loss anemia due to uncontrolled bleeding, what do you recommend?

An elderly relative in hospital had a result of "Vacuolated Neutrophils +". I understand that this can be an early sign of sepsis. He's only had this test once but 6 days later he doesn't seem to be any worse. He hasn't been on Abx. I'm at a loss..

ANA 320. On plaquneil, which works .Maybe SLE. WBC slightly low <3.4 also neutrophils. All else normal. Grandpa has leukemia (type unknown). worry ?

Anemic due to hemorrhage at birth 5 months ago. Don't take vitamins or iron. Occasional bleeding gums, petichae, and some dime size bruises on legs. Clear CBC five months ago. Worried about leukemia?

Anion gap is 2 in a seven year old boy. His IGG was 107. He was diagnosed with ulcertive colitis several years ago. Should I be concerned?

Appendiceal carcinoma 2010, new blood work came back wht blood cell - 4.1 and abs. lymphocyte count 791, does this require an appt?

Are all three ph, pac02, and hc03 checked in abg in a trauma situation?

Are elevated basophils in the presence of b12 anemia and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) use anything to be concerned with?

Are lymphocytes increase and neutrophils decrease initially when a HIV person is recently developing an antibodies ? Or lmpho decreases instead ?

Are there any treatments for hemophilia factor 8 or anything I should worry about ? Nose bleeds a lot, hematuria in urine every, hypothyroid on meds

Are there IV drugs for ovarian cancer patients with low WBC count and severe diarrhea? (oral fluids/food not allowed)

At the age of 14 months Hb-f value of a child is 3.20 is it normal or abnormal? If it is minor will it remain minor for the whole life or it may rise?

At the age of 63 I am could't increase the hemoglobin level. Is it sign of blood cancer?

Bilubrin increasing day by day and now become total 41. How serious is this?

Blood analyses results:no iron reserves, low b12, sarcoidosis analyse up to 180. Could this justify skin itching w/ no rash, mostly in evening and nigh?

Blood platelet count of 60 while sick overseas 3 mo. Ago. No health insurance and i feel normal now. Should it still be a concern to get rechecked?

Blood platelets increased last 3 yrs, 432.00 10 to 489.00 10. Primary Dr waiting 8 wks to decide whether to send me to Hematologist. Should I wait?

Blood test showed high white blood cells (12.7), Neutrophils at 11.4 (89%). Severe, chronic hip/joint paint, vision/hearing loss, tachycardia, help??

Bloods--haemoglobin-12.8;platelets-482*, haematocrit-.374, tsh-6.97*, free t4-13.2; nervous platelets is rising-428 in dec as is tsh. Dr says nothing to worry about but nervous/tired-gyno us okay.

Bloodwork indicates a mean platelet count of 6.8 (should be 7.4-11). Should i be concerned? Take a lot of goody powder. Could that cause?

Bloodwork was within normal except platelet count of 411(range 150-400) my PCP appointment is in a month but so afraid of heart/stroke I read on line?

Bruising, petechiae, aplastic anemia was diagnosed with aplastic anemia sept 12, 2012my platelets are up to 66, 000, but today I am seeing petechiae ?

C-Reactive Protein is high at 8.4 mg/L (range 0.0 - 4.9). Does this require follow-up or is it not high enough to warrant concern? No infections.

Can 5th disease cause anemia in a 3yr old? has the rash now and 2weeks ago she had her 3yr checkup and bloodwork said she has anemia, is it from 5th?

Can 5ths disease cause anemia in toddlers? She has 5th rash and bloodwork from 3yr check up 2wks ago says she has mild anemia, it it caused by 5th

Can a full blood count or low testosterone indicate or detect the severity of peyronie's disease or tissue scarring?

Can a low iron saturation be a cause of fatigue in someone with healthy red blood cell counts and related statistics? I have had some disputes between my endocrinologist and other physicians on this matter. Perhaps I need a hematologist to confirm.

Can certain medications or bruises create your d dimer to be elevated? Mine was 278 mg/nl. Chest/lung ct, echo, cbc, and platelets were normal.

Can chiro. Adjustments and therapies do any harm prior to diagnosis of low red, white blood cells, platelets, and neutrophils w/ptechiae & bruising?

Can complete blood count results change over a few months ago? Still having exteme fatigue. Please ignore profile alcoholic hepatitis that's husband.

Can daily use of Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment decrease WBCs? I've seen many drs for low WBCs and they can't figure it out. Could this be it?

Can endometrosis (severe stage) cause a slight increase in WBC and platletes.

Can flu cause a false high platelet count? I have ITP, last CBC shows 118 for platelets, even thought i'm bleeding from everywhere. Probably < 15 ATM.

Can having anaemia affect your eye sight, my full blood count results were 8.1?

Can high hb values indicate a problem? My foster daughter had 14.7 at 18 months and 14.1 at 2 yrs. She is african american. Prenatal exposures.

Can long intake of glutathione IV affect cbc? Can it cause blood cancer or leukemia ?

Can methotrexate causes macrocytosis if so is this concerning?

Can platelet count of 482 be caused by "bad" sinus infection (found on brain mri) and seasonal hayfever? Haem-.374, rcc-4.39, hameoglobin-12.5, mcv-85, mch-29.2, (iron-12, ferritin-30, %sat-17.7 in dec)

Can somebody tell me how can elevated RBC count be associated with impaired pulmonary gas exchange?

Can wbc count in chronic leukemia spontaneously return to normal range. I was at 18, now 9. W/out treatment? Possible?

Can you get bleeding with essential thrombocytosis? What are the other symptoms?

Can you have mds for 5 years -hb start going down in 2009 without noting. I am still feeling fine. Just hemoglobin of 10 and RBC of 2.8. Age 70.

Can you live with mds for 20 yrs? Got it in 2009. Hb going down reaching 10 now. Normal life. Only RBC low, others normal. No med. Yet. Am 71 yrs

Can you tell me anything about Hema Chrometosis. Thank You!