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Is ICTERIC 1+ blood sample indicative of health problem? Normal hemolysis and lipemia. Normal tot. bilirubin (.7 mg/dl). Normal CBC, liver profile.

Does doxycycline cause jaundice? I dont take it now but my eyes are a bit yellow with indirect billirubin a bit elevated should I avoid this

I'm diabetic, labs are Albumin 4.7,Bili total 1.0, bili direct 0.8,ALT 115,AST 85, Protein 8.4,WBC 11.3, RBC 4.65, I'm uncomfortable Dr.says I'm fine?

0.45direct billirubin(norm is upto 0.25)&1.44total(normal 0.3-1).Rest of liver functions,CBC&AFP all normal.21yrs.Overweight. no Dr asked just checkup?

19 years of age and had 2 blood tests alp level was 149. bilrubin, total was 3.1 and bilrubin, direct was .5 what does this mean?

2 month old high bilirubin direct and is newly vomiting! 3.5 total and 1.2 direct. Ultra sound was normal! could they be related?Any ideas?

4 months- Mild elevation in Direct Bili (0.4-0.7) All other tests normal. Ultrasound Normal. Total Bili also High (1.8-2.4). Mostly indirect=Gilberts?

5 years ago, had indirect bilirubin of 1.4, direct 0.3. When I wasn't fasting it was normal. Abdominal ultrasound normal. All other enzymes normal. Also had normal rbc, hemoglobin, ldh and haptoglobin. Gilbert's?

A 15 year old boy's total bilirubin is 0.8 and direct bilirubin 0.4. The total bilirubin is in range but direct bilirubin is slightly out of our lab range [0-0.3]. What might be the possible causes?

Albumin 3.9, ALP 38, ALT 26, AST 52, Bilirubin total 0.4 & direct <0.1. My endocrinologist & Internist disagree on meaning. Just curious what you see.

Albumin is at 5.3 g/dl and biliribuin at 2.8 mg/dl. 39 year old male/1. Overall, feeling ok. Should i be concerned about gall bladder or liver issues?

Alk is 72 AST 52 billirubin is 2.3 is this okay?

Alk. Phos- 85, alt-35, ast- 25, bilirubin (total)- 3.0. Is this ok? Why would my bilirubin be so high.

Alkaline Phosp 165; Bilirubin 0.4;AST 19; ALT 22; GGT 31; Total Protein 7.1; Albumin 4.4; Globulin 2.7 and other results are normal. High ALP serious.

Alkaline phosphatase is 148u|l... Is it dangerous level... How to lower?

ALT 43, BUN 20 (7-18), TOTAL PROTEIN 8.3 (6.4-8.2), TOTAL BILI .9, BILI DIRECT .18, BILI INDIRECT .72. NORMAL?

ALT 57 U/L; AST 32 U/L; S. Bilirubin (total) 0.60 mg/dl; S. Alkaline Phosphate 55 U/L; HBs Ag: Negative > do these labs indicate liver inflammation?

Alt is 67 and AST is 30, direct bilirubin is .2, alp is 157 but im 18. Total cholesterol is 213 LDL is 137 will this cause problems during gb surgery?

Alt/sgpt is 54 u/l. Is it in critical level..?

Ammonia 41 umol/l Amylase 60 u/l Lipase 209 u/l ALT 81 AST 40 Albumin 4.2 gm/dl BUN 13 mg/dl Bilirubin 0.5 mg/dl i have hep c is this bad dr said no?

Are high total bilirubin levels and acid reflux related?

AST (SGOT) is 2494 U/L (normal range is <50); ALT(SGPT) is 2363 U/L (normal range is <50) and Bilirubin total is 4.51 mg/dl. How serious is he?

Ast 32 ALT 42 alp 64 total bili 0.95 direct 0.22... I have fatty liver and gallbladder removed 9/11 is direct elevated if so wonder why/?

Ast. Level was 38 and ALT 35. Does that indicate liver enzyme function as normal? Following up on question about bilirubin at level of 1.4. Thanks

Aug-bilirubin total is 4.5mg/dl, sept it is 3.5, sept again it is 4.5mg/ yellowness of eyes. please advice?

Bilirubin (direct and total) were elevated 2 mo. ago, now normal. can there be any cause for both to be elevated aside from cirrhosis/end stage?

Bilirubin 0.3, Alt 54 and globalism 2.8 has does all this together mean?

Bilirubin 1.30 value on teenager?

Bilirubin 1.6, (id 1.3, d .25) other lft normal, reticulyte normal, , ultrasound normal . Bilirubin fluctuates, do I need to keep testing bili?

Bilirubin 1.6, all other lft normal, normal reticulyte . I have retested 5x over 9 months . All lft normal , bilirubin has fluctuated?

Bilirubin 1.6, all other lft normal, normal reticulyte . My dr said gilbert's. . Do you agree?

Bilirubin 1.6, other lft normal, reticulyte, ultrasound . I have retested 5x over 9 months . Bilirubin fluctuates, do I need to keep testing bili?

Bilirubin 1.7 ALT 114 AST 54 alp 108. I am on pravastatin could this cause this? Could it indicate liver cancer

Bilirubin 1.8, abdomen ultrasound normal. Why my bilirubin is 1.8?

Bilirubin 1+ .... What does this mean...Plz hlp?

Bilirubin direct and indirect fluctuate (indirect 1.2, direct 0.1, total 1.3...Another test: indirect 0.43, direct 0.54, total 0.97), lfts normal.

Bilirubin has been high on and off for 2 years last time checked total was 1.4 direct was .20. Is direct ok. Other times direct has been .22 and .24 ?

Bilirubin level has reached 27.... How serious is this?

Bilirubin level of 80 to 110 due to gilbert syndrome is dangerous or otherwise. Thanks ?

Bilirubin levels are total 2.0 total 1.76 and direct 0.27... Have fatty liver bad gallbladder? Protein 8.4

Bilirubin levels very high. Direct bilirubin at9.8 and total bilirubin at 10 mg/dl. Assuming a gallbladder obstruction, an ERCP found no stones.

Bilirubin total 1.1, sgot166, sgpt 96, albumin 2.52, alkaline phosp132, globulin 5.35, a/g ratio 0.47, total protein 7.87, what does mean and wt to do?

Bilirubin total high 3.5, normal liver function test, negative Gilbert's syndrome, bili direct normal 0.2, normal cbc, what could cause mild bili?

Bilirubin total1.8 higher than range1.2. hdl-chole 36 (>46) abnormal. Prolactin 31.7 higher than 30. Something wrong with my liver?

Bilirubin was high on last exam - 70% indirect, 30% direct. Does ratio sound like anything?

Bilirubine direct 0.3 mg/dl ; bilirubine indirect 0.8 mg/dl ;total bilirubine 1.1 mg/dl. Is it ok ? Are these normal results ?

Billirubin high in a male 50 years old?

Billirubin level a week ago 1.2 now it's 1.5 is this normal? If not what could it be?

Bilrubin total 2.6- conjugated 1.1 and un-conjugated 1.5......Only yellow eyes but no other issues. Same report of liver since most of years.What to d?

Blood work done 5 years ago, my reticulyte count was at 0.6 on a scale of 0.5-1.5. Everything else was normal including LDH, rbc, hemoglobin and haptoglobin. I have been told i have gilberts bc my indirect bilirubin is elevated when fasting. Normal?

Bloodwork last week showed bilirubin at 13 umol is this bad?

Can a high total bilirubin level of 3.0 kill you?

Can A infection of bowel cause bilirubin to rise ?

Can a total bilirubin level of 4.5 make someone have a change in mental status even with normal liver functioning?

Can bilirubin be high if I have an ulcer?

Can bilirubin levels tell if you have typhoid?

Can direct bilirubine increase in gilbert's syndrome?

Can gilbert's also present with mildly elevated direct bilirubin (0.4-0.7)..with elevated total (1.4-2.2) Mostly indirect still some direct elevation?

Can Gilberts cause elevated bilirubin every time blood work is taken mostly on a monthly basis? It has been elevated mainly for about 14 mths

Can gilberts syndrome elevate your ammonia levels my level was 72 normal is 11-32?

Can hyperbilirubininemia (total bilirubin 76 umol/L) be treated if (1) the cause is unknown and (2) if the cause is known. If there is any treatment then what is it?

Can poor periphery circulation and capillary refill cause elevated bilirubin and liver enzyme levels?

Can porphyria cause high bilirubin?

Can your bilirubin be high if you have an ulcer?

Chronic Elevated Total bilirubin (2.5) direct bilirubin (0.5) and indirect bilirubin (2.0). All other liver enzymes are normal. What causes this??

Cmp completely normal but total bilirubin 4.0 and direct bili- 0.9. It's always high and seems to be creeping up. Is this ok? I have no gall stones.

Conjugated bilirubin is 0.50 mg/dl, and total bilirubin 0.78 mg/dl, is there any chance of obstructive jaundice? Is this normal?

Could you tell me what is the treatment for jaundice if my mothers total bilirubin count is 6.5 mg/dl?

Creatinine 3.0 what does it mean?

Crp1.01mg/l, serum bilirubin direct .42,bilirubin total .83,pcv/haematocrit 39.7,eosinophils 7,cortisol 8.87ug/ it a problem?

Direct bilirubin .2, ALT 69, alkaline phosphatase 156, total chol. 213. Sludge on us hida scan 40% still have pain on right side only 18. Bad?

Direct bilirubin 4 out of (0-3.4) is this normal?

Direct bilirubin is 1 and indirect is 1. what does it mean?

Direct bilirubin level high - is that from my gall bladder?

Direct billirubin of 0.49 , indirect level of 1.82. Normal CBC, other liver tests, and Ultrasound for liver. Is this indicative of gilberts syndrome?

Do I have Gilberts Syndrome? Fasting blood work. T_Bili 1.5, D_Bili 0.2, AlkPhos 44, AST 24, ALT 20, Alb 4.4, T_protein 6.6. Lab uses T_Bili < 1.2.

Doctor found elevated bilirubin 32.0 in blood, diagnosed gilberts syndrome without further investigating isn't it true that elevated bilirubin can he?

Doctor my dad is having jaundice bilirubin level 18mg and stone in pancreas.when the bilirubin level will be reduced? Is that curable??

Doctor, am 22 years old, male. Total serum bilirubin 2.8 in my blood.But my body colour is not yellow. Pls help me what should I do? How to control?

Does Billirubin total of 3.2 and billirubin direct of 0.5 indicate a livr problem? if so what kind of disorder?

Does bulimia lower serum bilirubin?

Does SAM-E lower bilrubin? Is it useful for Gilberts syndrome?

Does this combination indicate anything significant: Low Total & Direct Bilirubin combined with High AST?

Elevated albumin 4.5 and bilirubin total 2.3, direct 0.6?

Elevated ALT levels and alkaline phosphatase direct bilirubin is .2 not very old only 18 gained about 30 pounds in 3 months what do these test mean?

Elevated alt, 51 normal 6-29. Normal other blood results. Ast 24 biliruben 1.1 alkaline phosphate 58. What could cause this?

Elevated bilirubin levels and gallstones, should I be concerned?

Elevated hemoglobin 18.3, elevated hematocrit 54.8, elevated bilirubin 1.9. Abdominal pain Adult age 43. Why?

Explanations for elevated bilirubin ? (indirect high, direct normal)...also normal hemoglobin, low platelets, other liver function tests normal

Fasting bilirubin 1.5, rest of lipid panel normal. Do I have Gilbert's ?

Fasting blood work. Total Bilirubin 1.5, Direct Bili 0.2, Alk Phos 44, AST 24, ALT 20, Albumin 4.4, Tot protein 6.6. Is high total Bili concerning?

For two years indirect bilirubin has ranged from (.9-1.7) direct from (.1-.4). Dr said gilbert's. Normal liver enzymes and u/s. Gilbert's?

Had .5mgdl direct bilirubin.1.2 total. High end of normal ALT and AST everything else liver low or normal. What could this mean? Thanks :)

Had a blood work done 3 months ago which showed a total bilirubin of 2.1 and direct bilirubin 0.1. All other liver enzymes were normal .

Had blood test, total bilirubin was 42 umol, direct was 12 umol, after period of sickness. Went down to 5 umol week later. doc said gilberts. correct?

Had lft by office in august last year with bilirubin 1.55,direct 0.48,indirect 1.07. repeated the test yesterday. bilirubin normal, sgpt 51, ggt 60.

Healthy F 35, 128lbs. Drink wine. Bilirubin 1.5, AST 14, ALT 10, Alkaline Phos 43, Glucose 94, Cholesterol 193, LDL 115. Why is my Bilirubin elevated?

Healthy young man. Total bilirubin :23 umol/l (< 21umol/l); slightly high. Liver enzymes, fbc, renal, lipid etc are normal. Had 2 similar results. Why?

Hello doc, my SGPT and SGOT levels are 51.7 n 42.4 respectively. however my bilirubin (direct, indirect n total) are within the given levels.

Hello sir my husbands bilirubin levels total bilirubin is 1.4mg/dl direct 0.4mg/dl indirect 1.0mg/dl...please tell me about his health condition.