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bloodwork on T3-Total& FreeT3 & TsH3rd Generation all come back normal is this all the labs need to check for thyroid problems?

"Galactorrhea" from both breasts,1 clear,1 milky, upon squeezing only. Prolactin,thyroid, blood tests all "norm".Should I get further testing?not preg

11weeks pregnant with controlled hypothyroidsm, thyroid levels are verynormal.Down syndrome scan due nextweek.Does being hypothyroid concerns downsyndrome.

15 yrs with hypothyroidism taking 200mcg test 3 days ago came back 8.0 reduce to 125mcg reason of test ER with atrial fibrillation this the reason?

1cm cancer found after total thyroidectomy last May. New PET shows no cancer BUT-TSH was .02 w/ 100mcg Levothyroxine during test. Results accurate?

2 TSH tests showed 6 (while pregnant) and 5.2(6 pg).Is that enough to diagnose hypothyroidism?Icy hands/weight gain.Transient or permanent?

21 weeks pregnant normal thyroxine and high tsh. Dr rechecked waiting on results. How concerned should I be?

21 yr old, been v sick with suspected dysautonomia since flu in feb. Endocrinologist today felt goitre and ordered tpo antibodies test. Hashimotos or other autoimmune disorder poss with normal tsh?

22 year old male with 417ng/dL free T level. Reliably tested, and repeated. Possible primary hypogonadism? Worried about physical appearance/muscle

23 weeks pregnant with anterior placenta low and may have diabetes also but not sure yet. Need to do the test and we will see but I am stressed! ?

3 thyroid nodules biggest 1.5 cm. normal thyroid bloodwork. BW shows vitamin D defiency. Any advice. Seeing endo but stressed!! ?

30yrmale.Weak,sweaty,tingling,orthoHypo every 3-4hrs.GTT,treadmill test,CT/ultrasound normal.RFT,sugar,tSH,cortisol,B12,VitD,esr normal.Whats going on?

31 male. Last two blood tests (1month & 1yr) both showed underactive thyroid doc says this wont require meds until im older. Is this correct?

4 yr girl has Thyroid gland bulky in size in sonography report, Blood test TSH:3.86,FT3:4.28,FT41.31.please advise what to do?

46 yo female.My calcium level in blood test is 10.2. Is that high? Had thyroid scan for nodules. Would that also show parathyroid if there's an issue?

48 female sweeting all the time.Had historectomy three years ago, dr can't find out why, test for cancer normal, test thyroid, normal, tested everything?

48 year female on inderal (propranolol) for skipped beats.I have all symtoms of a thyroid problem.Blood test normal dr dosent want further test what can I do?

50, f, graves disease, thyroid blood test normal. I am 5'4, 170 lbs. Being overweight does not run in fam. Please help ?

7 weeks after abortion my hCG levels are declining. Gone back 4 times to get bloodwork, the number keeps falling so why do they keep ordering bloodwork?

A few years ago I was diagnosed with hashimoto's by blood test.. 2 days ago I took another test & the nurse said my thyroid is fine. Is this possible?

Achy, fatigued, hair loss with no answers from doctor. Thyroid blood test is ok- Is lupus a possibility and what blood test to ask for?

Acth stim test for secondary adrenal insufficiency. What to expect? Feel better if positive? Feel worse if negative? And why?

Acth stim test showed baseline of 17, rising to 33 43mins later. borderline and maybe a secondary adrenal issue, or just normal? symptoms for years.

All my symptoms on here are currant throid blood test was 1.39 what could be wrong with me?

Alredy say my TSH valus. If any problem to pregnancy i heard thyroid causes to infertility?

Always normal menses but 3-6 days late for 5 mos straight. Sudden facial/neck hair & depression. No PCOS or Thyroid issues. Hormone labs fine except DHEA-S at 297 (range=33-266). Endo appt in Feb but symptoms worsening. What are odds of adrenal tumor?

Am 29 had 3 miscarriages between each one around a year no heat beat and baby stop at 6 weeks test shows subclinical hypothyrosim is this a reason?

Am i high risks for being pregnant, cause my ANA is positive nd have thyroid nodule nd thyroid hormone is 2 point below average my parotid gland en?

Am putting on weight and a blood test showed serum TSH 8.5 (fasting). Now started thyroxine 50 mcg. One cyst in left left overy. Can I get pragnant?

Another test my 5 year can be tested for be sides pitutary gland and thyroid? My 5 year old daughter has been tested for pituitary gland and thyroid. Comes back negative since the age of 3. She is now close to 90 pounds. Very active and i watch what she e

Are there any consequences of hypothyroidsm that may remain undetected by blood tests (LDL, etc) if I wish to delay starting levo as I feel ok for nw?

Are there any kind of thyroid disorders that can cause muscl pain and stiffness? What would be the best test to request for thyroid function?

At the age of 13, my TSH level was approx 12.But recently my test results showed TSH 6.442uiu/ml.Doc say should stop medicines permanently.Pls advice?

B12 is getting checked with gp , would thet3 and T4 affect TSH result or is that a separate test that can show up a alternative answer?

Been experiencing hair loss. Blood work on my thyroid comes back fine except vitamin d deficient.T4-1.20, tsh-1.19, tsi-51%, tpo-7, t3-3.0.These norm?

Been on thyroid meds for 2 yrs recently got lab results with greater than 1000 antibodies, what could be wrong?

Been tested for low thyroid for 2 years my TSH level is fine but T4 is low doctors have now sent bloods to edinburgh to get tested what could be wrong?

Being diagnosed with hypokPP but now just got low cortisol reading of 4.2, did Cort stim test today no results yet. Could this be secondary problem?

Besides TSH w/reflex...what tests are recommended to be done...I was diagnosed w/Hashimoto's over 25 years ago but dr has unspecified on lab slip ?

Biopsy on bleeding-ulcer showed problem w/parathyroid gland. Dr said that i need to go for further testing&that my wife should to. Why her too?

Blood glucose and all test for hypoglycemia and diabetes neg testosterone and thyroid checked neg my b-12 was really low shots help still tired 24/7?

Blood test back for thyroid came back at .14. I understand that is to high. I am taking a .175mg of levothyroxine every day. Cut in half?

Bloodwork shows low TSH last 2 times, other thyroid tests r fine. Increased HR & BP and now my thyroid gland in neck is hard & swollen.Thyroid issue?

Can a 20-yr girl get thyroid if she is pregnant? Means is there any relation between thyroid and pregnancy?

Can a Thyroid ultrasound miss cancer? I had one that was normal a week ago but pcp says one side is enlarged. Abnormal TSH normal free t3t4 confused?

Can being post concussion effect HCG levels if pituitary gland slowed down after injury from a year ago. I feel 100% pregnant with negative test.

Can hashimoto's go into remission? According to my doctor, he says my last 3 blood results showed normal TSH levels & he may take me off levothyroxine if this continues. Could the hashimoto's return later or is there a chance it could be gone completely

Can having a goiter and thyroid nodules make you feel unwell. .im so exhausted, my blood tests are not showing I have an under or over active thyroid?

Can HRT affect a TSH blood test? If so how long should I stop it before test?

Can hypothyroidism (hashimoto's) be caused by stress? When i relaxed, my hypo became normal (5 consecutive tests). Doc says maybe. See endo doctor?

Can normal TSH (tested)but still be iodine deficient?canit be the reason y i have cysts on ovaries&no other sigs of pcos? Have symptoms of iodine def.

Can someone tell me exactly wht the thyroid does and how it works and wht the symptoms 2 it being very low are including seizures drinking lot of h2o?

Can the thyroid feel tender / sensitive for any less serious reason ? (I got it checked out by blood Levels & sonography without any abnormal signs)

Can u develop hypothyroid during pregnancy with previous normal thyroid function and does it return normal after pregnancy on its own?

Could a blood test reading of 4.55uIu/ml on my TSH thyroid studies be related to my often moderate to very uncomfortable anxiety attacks?

Could you tell me what are signs that your thyroid is messed up?

Dear Dr, recently I visited an endocrinologist for PCOS and he confirmed that I have a mild case of it via an ultrasound test and hormonal tests that showed slightly elevated DHEAS levels. My periods are regular. The main problem I have with the PCO?

Diagnosed 8 years ago with underactive thyroid recently had blood test take 100mcg. But always feel unwell and tired hair falling out why?

Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Blood work perfect ultrasound showed slightly enlarged thyroid. Having horrible tremors? Hyperthyroid or anxiety?

Did ultrasound that says I have pcos but my doctor says that it's not true. Is it possible for a hospital to diagnose me wrong? Proges 0.5 & test31.

Do seizures show up on test if do to low thyroid please answer asap?

Do you need to fast before getting a thyroid n cvc test?

Doc says eye might be bulging 1mm. Had thyroid tested, results were fine. I'm scared it's a tumor now. I'm only 19. What could it be?

Doctor ran blood work to check for thyroid problems. The first test she ran she said was a screening test. The report calls it " i've had a high pulse and feeling really cold all the time, which is why i believe the doctor wanted to check thyroid levels.

Doctor says I have enlarged thyroid.Blood work came out normal..waiting on u/s results.What are the green areas in thyroid u/s?

Doctor says wait 6 months to determine if I am low thyroid. Why is this?

Doctor why do i have brain fog but all blood results are fine including thyroid? i forget what i have to say and i get embarresed

Doctor, I have had fatigue and lack of libido. I also lift weights a lot and see no results. Here is a hormone panel i had done. What do you see?

Does anti TPO always remain constant ? When can it change drastically? 2 labs showed different results within 2 weeks so trying to assess tht

Does change in TSH indicate cancer may have returned?

Does it allways mean that high prolactin=40ng/ml and tsh=5.04yu/ml cause infetility?

Does it matter what time of the day you have you THS blood taken. Does your thyroid fluctuate during the day and if so what times? Why is this?

Dr days she suspects i had a thyroid storm in response to virus. Took blood, sent home told to keep taking my armour thyroid. Can these resolve themselves? I trust her, i just thought ts was er.

Dr. Referring me to an endo. because my TPO antibody test came back 26 rather than <21 is this indicating something? Have thyroid symptoms too.

Dr.i m taking medicine for elevated TSH from 10 days,also i had oesterdiol for 5 days for pcos,,nowmy cycle came after 15 days..what may be reason?

Dr.I shwd my thyroid results to gynclgst but she said its nt so high t4-6.30 is imp to have checkup?

Dx w/ hypothyroid & on synthroid. Just got tpo test done and came back normal (no antibodies). What could be cause of my hypo then if not autoimmune?

Elevated FSH(over 60)& experiencing menopausal symptoms. Just turned 40, no children. What specialists/tests to confirm menopause besides gyno?

Endocrinologist ordered all blood and urine testing for osteoporosis and all normal! Cant seem to find a reason for a T-score of -6! Only 28 plz help!

Everything has been normal and I have no symptoms. Are there other reasons for lipase elevation?

Facial/chest hair, rapid weight gain.Tested for PCOS(neg) Thyroid test -low norm. What else could it be? Any tests I can ask for?Hairloss starting now

Fast heart pulse days after miscarriage, thyroid problem? Or just normal? I had a lot of blood tests, do doctors have to specifically look for thyroid

Fast needed prior to TSH test?

Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, swollen glands, bloated abdomen and legs, positive ANA test, negative lupus test, normal thyroid test...Help?!?

Fatigued all the time - had CBC, thyroid checked, hormones checked, different blood tests, EVERYTHING clear- testosterone is a little low. Help?

Feel constant flu symptoms. Had normal spinal tap, normal blood panels, vit b, vit d, thyroid, and hormones. What doctor to see next to check further?

Feeling hot, have random panic attacks. Had several tests done including thyroid function test, all came back negative. Mum & aunt have hypothyroidism?

Few monthes ago i sufred from hair loss i was under stress i did the hormonal test the prolactin was eleveted about twice normal awhy it is elevated?

First blood result hyperthyroid, second time better but not perfect. Ultrasound was clear not enlarged, no nodule. What could cause this fluctuation?

First IVF cycle in June. Pre-tests revealed high prolactin, normal TSH (2.1). Symptoms: thinning hair, sore tendons, dry skin, thyroid disease in family. Suggest thyroid tests before starting IVF?

Folicle stimulating hormone bloodwork came back low 0.7 what could this mean? I'm 31 female no hot slashes or other symptoms.Regular period.

For years I have had secondary addison's(i never took steroids b4 to my diagnosis) recently my labs showed high acth&cortisol. How is that possable

From my annual blood workup, TSH came back at 7.0. Tested again two weeks later, it was 0.96. Is this a normal change?

Getting a full check up on 2/22/16 going fasting want to know if I'm not sick of anything else besides hypothyroid psoriatic arthritis blood work?done

Got my thyroid results back TSH 1.440ui/ml is that good??

Had 2 blood tests 1.Said i had slight hyperthyroidism, 2. Said i was normal. Have a couple of symptoms of hyperthyroid, should I worry? Thanks

Had a blood test resulting in low iron could that be the reason I have had globus hystericus symptoms, since taking supplements the symptoms gone?

Had a bout with hyperthyroidism with multi nodules (2 goiters.) I got my blood work back to normal using natural iodine. However, the two endos. I saw disagree on whether they are toxic or not. Is there a test for that?

Had and still have hypothyrioditisum for the past 3yrs. Out of that only 1 normal lab. Is there something else that needs to be done? Either high/low

Had full thyroid panel, thyroid producing adequate amounts of everything but have excessive antibodies present. I believe 531. Can this cause high hr?