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dermatologist found + chromatin and anti ribosomal p, ana 320. Rheumatologist said those antibodies aren't important and so no sle. Is this correct?

Dermatomysositis.Wat are the blood tests needed,EMG results wheldl,refused tisue test,&muscle biop.wat are genetic blood tests,may explain kids sympt

DLE test CBC and Urinalysis Result good no ANA test or Biopsy.Only 2 of 11 Criteria SLE . Malaria yrs ago. Cortisone injec safe for itchy BCG area?

my dr told me my FANA/ANA serum result was 2;anything <1 was abnormal? im confused bc i have IC &rash,soresMS type symptoms,,bad flare ups like lupus

"p23 ab IgM reactive" "p41 & p39 non-reactive" do I have Lyme disease, or can something else cause this? (diagnosed w/ rheumatoid arthritis 7yrs ago.)

"spep - all levels normal but at the bottom, test says 'faint band in gamma region suspicious for monoclonal immunoglobulin'. My pcp wasn't worried, didn't want to test further. Should i be concerned?

+ ANA x 2 decreased lung gas exchange now I have to have a echocardiogram &six minute walk stress test. Ena labs normal. What is walk test for?No dx

+ana 1:320 homogenous and speckled. Alot of symptoms for lupus but dsdna came back 1 point below equivical. Can you be diagnosed with lupus? Im miserable.

+ANA protein and blood urine achy knees elbows hands now tongue blisters all lupus test neg. Family history of lupus. Could it still be lupus?

+ana speckled pattern, fibromyalgia, IBS inflamm. N hands/feet. Rhuematologist thinks it's RA instead of mctd. Is it possible with rnpab, IgG high?

+ana, postive 320 and anti ribosomal p antibodies. All other labwork is normal. Symptoms are photosenstivity, livedo reticularis, mouth sores.....?

1/2 way thru 8 mo wait for rheum appt, pos ana, ssa, rf. Dermatomyositis symptoms rash.Can barely walk. Im 40. Worsenincongested lungs. Any point e.R. Should be considered? No luck yet w/sooner appt.

12 m ago ANA+1:160 and anti dsDNA+ 13 mLH. Treated for SLE in FL. I moved to PA. New Rheum re-tested and both negative. States it was never SLE . Is this normal for SLE or something else? Confsued

15 km run in the heat i had cola coloured urine.Next urine clear bloodwork 2 weeks later showed illdefined faint band IgM k.I am 48with chronic itp?

16 female, joint pain in episodes cca every 10 days, mother had scle now not treated, my ANA 1:20 neg ( other not tested), very high IgG levels. ?

18 years old, ESR level high, think it was 18. She saidit is because im pregnant? Hm not convinced. Whats your view? Thanks

1wk post partum, in hospital with unknown intestinal infect/inflammation, extremely high liver enzymes- all unknown causes. All tests negative. Ideas?

2 cases of iritis in 4 months. 2nd flare up very mild. Ophthalmologist suggests fam doc do work up blood tests. Can pregnancy affect the bloodwork?

2 min. Upgaze test positive, pupillary function normal. Eom's normal. No diplopia. Tft's (full panel), achase ab, achr-ab, anti-musk ab, all neg.

2 years ANA positive nucleolar & atypical speckled no symptoms except possible sibo titers been 1:40 1:80 and once 1:160. How likely autoimmune issue?

23 yr old daughter has all over body pain and lab work shows rf facttir abnirmal. Possible causes?

24m muscle twitch in arm for a while. Worried could be ALS or something. Blood tests urine ANA test and so on all norm frustrated with no answers?

28f, no Myasthenia Abs except 14% AChR modulating (ref <20% loss). Is a 14% loss meaningless? All other tests neg. (Also have seronegative HT, ANA+)

29 yo. Positive c reactive protein. They've diagnosis me with ra. Can this diagnosis be wrong? I've tried the medicine, but had no response.

29/male/white healthy. Had inner ear issue so Dr ran ANA and ESR. ESR normal and ANA 1:160 homogeneous. Is this very high? He's not concerned but I have to wait month to see rheumatologist. Scared!!

2nd TSH of 2.45 after initial result of 3.96 21 days ago. Tested at different time of day.T3 free at 2.7 and T4 free 1.17. Antibodies test is negative.Severe hypo symptoms are present. Should I be concerned? Ar

3 year old on 35,000 vitd weekly. Told leg pain is normal. Reading her papers it says history and labs consistent with rickets. Dr said all is normal?

31yrold.Severe dry eyes.Sjogren blood test(ANA,RA,SSA,SSB) came -ve.Mouth little sticky.Is there any other test to be done?Really scared about Sjogern

35yo m HIV neg. Cd3, cd4, cd8 mildly depressed, cd19 mildly elevated.Fatigue large complaint. Possible causes of immune dysfunction listed?

3rd MC in a row. All tests normal Karyotype, autoimmune, antiphosopolipid etc. What can be the cause. Way forward. Pls don't say ask ur doc ?

45 yr old female w/Positive ANA w/ nucleolar pattern; IGG & complement diff.; diag. 1997 w/ Fibromyalgia; recently diag. W/Osteopenia in both hips; ?

5 year old, no history asthma or allergy, no parasites. Eosinophils in June were 2.26. Test done two weeks ago were 1.35. Reactive nodes in abdomen, same as in July. Repeat bloods in 4 weeks. Ideas? Thanks

59 woman found to have a cardiac CRP greater than 25.0. Test repeated, came back same. Normal lipids, on crestor (rosuvastatin) 40. No rheumatologic signs/sx. Help?

A ct scan diagnosed me with reactive airway disease and interstitial lung disease. A got a stachybotrys panel IGA came back high levels. Not sure wha ?

A friend recently recovered from infections. But a Dr thought there was a 2nd infection when the inflammatory markers went up again, although the WBC was no worse. Presumably, the Dr was referring to the CRP. Are there any other inflammatory markers?

Acth do these results indicate addisons disease? Very distressed when test done.. 8am 430nmo/l 30 min 598nmo/l - 60 min 711nmo/ l

After being diagnosed with avn, which is caused due to hip dislocation, blood tests shows CRP value 0.94, rf is negative, ANA not done. Is it normal ?

All ENA results are 0.2. No clinic symptoms.What does usually happen with patients who have raised rnp (my is 1.6) in a period of 10 years?

All organs tested negative, no cancer serum albumin good. Still have pitting Edema, had it for 3yrs now. Not normal swelling, worse. Ideas plz, HELP?

All tests show no ra, lupus, lyme, etc... Mri showed less than 4 foci in white matter. Dr said i don't have MS but what else could it be?

Always had high ana. Went to new md, tested ANA neg. Md discounted sx. 1 month later, saw new md, did ANA & ANA was 1:640. Now treated. Different lab?

Am I a person with diffuse scleroderma if positive ANA 1:40 and 1:160 1 1/2 years ago but negative subtests and no symptoms except episcleritis once?

Ana + 1:160 speckled anti native dsdna + 25.70iu/ml symptoms: hair thinning - do I have sle? Is hair thinning reversible w/ sle? Help very distressed

ANA 1:40,homogenous. Dr. considered this a pos ANA result based on presented symptoms. Thyroid mildly elevated at 3.66. Possible conditions?

ANA 1:640 centromere pattern centromere b antibody >8 with GERD and minor toe numbness in cold Rheum left before any fol. up/diagnosis. Try new doc?

ANA 1:640 nucleolar (lab range 1:160 borderline, 1:320 positive). No symptoms, all tests ok (capillaroscopy, blood, chest x-ray, abdominal & lymph node ultrasound) Family history (Mother MCTD, her cousin SLE). Drs say my ANA's familial. I fear cancer?

Ana 1:80 homogenous, 25yrs old. Rheumatologist ruled out diseases. My ob recommended I have kids soon b/c it could complicate my preg. How so?

Ana 1:80 speckled, RA 12,70 ui/ml, C-reactive protein, VDRL negative.White blood cels 4.000. Feeling tired, lost bit of weight. Could be lupus?

Ana 1:80 speckled, RF 12,70 u/ml, CRP 2 ml, VHS went from 50 to 10mm in 1week.WBC 4.000. Mild anemina. Feeling tired, lost bit of weight. Could be RA?

Ana 1:80 speckled, RF12,70 u/ml (normal < 14) VHS went from 50 to 10mm in 1week.WBC 4.000. Mild amnenia. Tired, lost bit of weight. Could be Lupus?

ANA 250 -Indirect Immunofluoresence Assay with both speckled pattern, elevated ESR, rash with lesions on chest, neck,ears,face - LUPUS ?

Ana and two comp metabolic blood tests say im fine but have had a multitude of symptoms for almost a year now along with a rash appearing suddenly?

Ana marker of 1.32 what does it mean, I have had it checked twice over the past 3 months and it has stayed the same. No symptoms excepts crampy hands?

Ana nucleolar no symptoms c3c came back low and so did phosphate rheumatologist was doing this as yearly since I tested ANA pos low c3c and phosphate now make diagnosis?

Ana saying "speckeled" pattern- what's the most common autoimmune we see with that? , mine is 1:80. Can that show up with alkalizing spondolitis?

ANA test result is 1: 2560. GP advised to wait 2 months before having ENA and ESR to see if sx go away. Is 2560 seen in people without immune disease?

Ana tested positive. Ra tested 32. "blimp" on liver, vit d very low. Whats up with +ana and blimp on liver?

ANA+ test, speckled, 1:80 with a neg SSA/ SSB (<.20). ENT ran test b/c 80mg Prilosec didn't cure LPR. Lipid, metabolic comp, and CBC all normal. I had an ovarian cyst, caused major anxiety, which I think caused LPR. Autoimmune disease likely?

Ana+, speckeled, 1:320. Hashimotos with thyroidectomy. Raynauds, peripheral neurooathy, dry eyes, schirmer test 5. Specific test sjorgens (-). Best gy?

Answers on my fatigue of 10 years. I dream, psg, endo, blood, gi, rhem were all ok. Light sensitive too and bell p before. Could it be ms?

Anti gad 65 is >1:2400 and says positive. In footnotes, it mentions paraneoplastic disorder. What are best next steps?

Anti nuclear antibody test came back high for antinuclear ab what does that mean doctor saussure i don't have lipid but need to see a remoitologist?/?

Antistreptolysin o ab of 1266.7 what is causing this? Uric acid elevated at 7.2, c-reactive aprotein, quant is 12.3. & i feel awful.

Any tests that can be done to diagnose lupus when skin rash not active? ANA historically negative. Had biopsy sugg. of early conn. tissue disease.

Are blood test needed every three months for plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) ? Thanks !

Aso 730, ESR 47, CRP 26, rheumatoid factor neg, aana neg. No fever no infection. Is this somethng dangerous I should worry from or it is treatable.

At 41 I have minor joint pain, fatigue and ai family history. My rheum has only begun with my diagnosis. I had mono at 19. Could EBV affect antibody testing results or even replicate an ai disorder?

Autoimmune disease often appear after pregnancy. No ilness now. All my ena's = 0.2, but my rnp 1.6. How to be sure to give birth or adopt? I'm afraid!

Autoimmune disease often appears after pregnancy. No clinic sympt. For now. My ena's 0.2, but my rnp 1.6. Can labor provoke growth of rnp or illness?

Autoimmune disease often appears after pregnancy. No clinic sympt. Now. My ena's 0.2, but my rnp 1.6. Can pregnancy provoke growth of rnp or illnness?

Autonomic neuropathy 2 years.Antibody and recent pet/ct negative.Could this be paraneoplastic, what test could I look at next to get diagnosis, thanks?

Autonomic neuropathy sympts for 21mths.Anti hu tested neg. Could this be a paraneoplastic neurological syndrome?My GP says don't worry PNS rare. Ideas

Been ill ever since double root canal surgery developing lupus-like symptoms but saw rheum & bloodwork all completely normal+tests neg. Toxicity?

Been sick 1yr. diangosis 1wk ago with Lyme. Neuro and joint symptoms. Pos ANA, low WBC, high liver enzymes. How long should I expect treatment to be? Thanks.

Before being pregnant ESR was 63 at 5 weeks ESR was 77 could this complicate pregnancy? No symptoms of illness all other bloods normal please help

Biopsy of facial rash showed seborrheic dermatitis despite lupus symptoms with all neg blood work. is biopsy accurate? stain test wasn't used

Blood shows reactive to IgM 23. Cdc guidelines suggests i need another band. Online reading says this alone means I have lymes . Do i?

Blood test came back as follows: Anti-Double Stand DNA-14 IU/mL, (CH50 )-63 U/mL. Rheumatologist says it is not Lupus, should I get a second opinion?

Blood test shows I have a tiny IgM kappa monoclonal protein migrating in beta-2, i found ulcer on left breast this am, is this related?

Blood work done and my AnA was high at 1.320 could I have lupus I have no symptoms except for one I'm so scared as I know it a serious disease help?

Bloodwork in oct. Showed elevated platelets (458). In nov., an MRI indicated that i had a 9mm herniated disc at l4/l5. Could the two be related?

Broken capillaries in group on 1 cheek for 2-3yrs, now on other cheek. Ana 1:80, rnp 1.6 other results neg. Are broken capillaries a symp of lupus?

BT. lrg lymphocytes with reduced nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio prominent nucleoli n forming clumps on film. A pbfc test advised. what could this be?

C Reactive protein 11.5, highest on lab scale 4.9. Best opt. to rid inflam. from multiple areas, needs to cross blood/brain barrier too?

C3 was 136 and my C4 was 36.9. My doc suspects lupus or sarcoidosis. Do these results sway towards either?

Can + ANA of 1:1280 speckled be solely the reslt of hving hashimotos? Or depnding on other symptms, is it likely to be from anther autoimmune disease?

Can a person have gluten ataxia with a negative IgA antibody and a negative villa biopsy? No sign of cerebellum damage but has cervical vertigo?

Can a person have Lupus if their ANA comes back negative? Could a diagnosis be made despite that?

Can a person still have Lyme disease with only p18 bands and p41 bands?

Can a sacroiliac injection trigger an outbreak with hsv2/ causing a igg blood test to show 9.4?

Can ANA be killed/reversed/cured? I am a vegetarian...Should i start eating meat? As my ANA was positive 1:80 homogeneous n 1:160 centromere pattern

Can blood test be false negative for Lyme disease? Bulls eye bite on 8/16/13 but symptoms much worse since anesthesia from g.B. Removal on 10/11/13

Can blood test be false negative for Lyme disease?Had bulls eye bite around 8/16/13 but symptoms much worse after surgery (had anesthesia) on 10/11/3

Can I appear for ssb interview if I have ibs?

Can i ask immunology doc to test me for lyme? I have pots - and my symptoms match up- i know its a shot in the dark but i need answers. I live in ohio

Can I request immunology labs (t-cell count, IgA/G/M) if I suspect weak immune system due to frequent infections? My PCP dismissed them as unjustified

Can lupus cause malabsorption when not treated? I jut got a message from my doc saying "strongly specific to lupus" could this be the answer to it all the p.O.T.S and weight loss/malabsorption

Can methylphenidate causehigh lvls catecholamines fractionated blod test?+mking result undifferentiat so hyperadrnrgcpots cannot be diagnosis b/c of med use?

Can one have spondilytis without HLA-B27? Have been tested neg. Rheumy thinks it is anyway. Women45, healthy/active. No inflam on blood test yet edema

Can pericarditis w/ pericardial effusion w/ 1/40 positive speckle ANA ,low c3 diagnosis lupus? My doctor said I have lupus. Should I get 2nd opinion?