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My bloods are TSH 6.130 mIU/(was 0.01) Anti-TPO 431?IU/ml Free Thyroxine at 12.4. (Was 20.9).Is thyroid a problem.Hair is also falling out?

Have essential tremor.Can having hyperthyroid levels from to much levothyroxine make hands tremble/ jittery worse? Lost Wt. from diet, Adjust meds.

i have hypothyroidism. i got symptoms such as leaky breasts, chronic fatigue, exhaustion,feeling faint. T3 (liothyronine) is 1.8 T4 is 16 TSH is 0.02 can you help??

I have ocarcinoma thyroid .undergo surgery doctor advice me to take eltroxin 175 mcg but i use 100 mcg eltroxin and 75 mcg thyronorm is any problem?

I have symptoms of hypothyroidism, tsh has been 3.92, 3.21 and 1.03 respectively .Low vitamin d, calitirol 48.6, and pth of 91.6 . What is going on?

My anti-thyroid peroxidase is really high, 1107 normal high is 40. But, my TSH Ultra-Low is .335 normal is .35-.5.5. Should med be upped or lowered?

? Thyroid. Cold sensitivity, cold toes, fingers, joint(?)aches, dry skin, brittle nails hair, sore muscles, stiff body. diangosis w/ hypothyroidism 1990 & on .125 mcg meds. Normal TSH & t4. Problems now? What

'12 dx subacute thyroiditis, with high TSH, else normal. Mid cycle spotting, pain 10days before period. Now dx ova cysts tsh12, t4 .7. Prob due tsh?

'm 5'8 and weigh 115 lbs. Does this have anything to do with my throid gland missing?

"i have my T3 (liothyronine) -4.24 t4-1.35 and TSH 0.014 please me the course of action further.. I had never gone on thyroid medication earlier. ?

"T4 Free" is 0.7 & "TSH W/REFLEX TO FT4" is 48.46.LDL cholesterol is 158. Doctor gave pills for hypothyroid & told lowering TSH will adress LDL.true?

“Hello, I just received labs results for TSH at 0.0236 LOW and TSH Rfx on abnormal to Free T4 at 1.78 HIGH should I be concerned” I am dx Hypo?

0.06 TSH level, hives,loose stools heart rate 100. What strength of eltroxin should I be on. Presently on 1.00 ?

1 weak before period breathing problem starts & after that it goes away, high pulse rate,TSH 5 low BP,mild enlarge left ovary no cyst thyroid/menopau?

1 year post Thyroidectomy...on 125 ug Levo, levels been stable. Have had sudden headaches, fatigue. Had TSH Fri, 6.8 and 9.6 within 3 hr. Pituitary?

1/24 my TSH 1.34 felt great now my TSH 2.52, T3- 2.6. Feeling jittery/ forgetful/tired.Would this cause sudden changes in way I feel?On 125mcg. Lthryx

10 days ago had right hemi thyroidectomy now TSH supressed and free T4 and T3 (liothyronine) very low should I wait for equilibrium of thyroid or take levoxthyroxin?

100 mcg Synthroid (thyroxine) for yrs.TSH went from 3.84 to 6.35 in 8 months.Doc upped to 125, after 30 days TSH doc wants to raise to 137. This Right?

110/60 BP with hypothyroidism ....Still dizzy still muscle cramping, still memory fog , vitamin d supliments with 75 mg levothyroxin. What should ido?

12.20pmol/l T4 and 1.06 miu/l tsh... Pls can you guide me what they mean? I know there are lab references but i still need help to guide me

15 weeks pregnant, I have .04 TSH levels but normal T3 (liothyronine) and t4, my ob consulted endocrinologist, he said thatis normal in pregnancy. Does that seem ok?

17 yr old son (65 kg) diagnosis graves 6/13. 10mg methimazole 3x day since july (july -oct.) now has low wbc. In mid aug. Ft4 was 1.7 (norm 1.6) overdose?

18 months after thyroidectomy , my TSH is 30. my dr just increased my Armor. My throat is really achy. Is that a symptom of high tsh?

19 year old male with hot flashes and sweats during the day. Has hashimotos but TSH and T4 normal and A1C and fasting glucose normal. Causes?

2 months of all-day light headedness, brain fogg, fatigued, CRP,Lupus,CBC,ECG, TSH, INR checked. No feeling of spinning. Could it be hypochondria?

2 yrs ago parathyroid dumped calcium, coded, 19 gram tumor and one pt gland removed. ever since my thyroid lvls very high 50+ taking 200 mcg synthroid (thyroxine)?

2.5 months back my TSH is >150.started levothyraxine my TSH is I want to reduce my dosage to 50 to avoid it ok?

2.5 weeout thyroidectomand on 100mg of levothyroxine TSH 0.84 ft4 1.5 and T3 (liothyronine) 114. R these normal results for being on Synthroid for a week and a half?

20 years old and I have low testosterone, haven't been tested but I have all the symptoms i need help. I can't start college feeling this way. Plz help?

21 weeks pregnant., I have had low TSH but normal T3 (liothyronine) \ T4 , I have heart palpitations, the cadio. Says are benign, is it necassary to treat low TSH in pregnant

22 year old male hot flases at 9pm every night, dizziness, weight loss. Tested for Thyroid and cortisol all normal?

22 yrs old, having frequent spells of hot flashes, nausea and extreme tiredness. Not pregnant. Could it be thyroid? last thyroid test 8/14/15 was 9.01

23M hypothyroid. TSH levels down to <0.01 now. Should I stop/reduce meds (Euthyrox 50mcg)? Also, did I become hyper from hypo? Please advise.

23M, Hypothyroid. TSH now 0.005, T3 (liothyronine) 6.88 & T4 20.35. Urine Creatinine also 282. Taking Euthyrox 50mcg everyday. All reports seem normal.Please advice.

24 yo female, had TSH come back as 4.53. Was told it was normal but I've felt hypothyroidism symptoms & have been an athlete my whole life

24 yr male with 60 kg, 5.5" tall, high anti-TPO antibodies..And a slightly elevated tsh.. Normal t3and t4..Not gaining weight.. Shd i start thyroxine?

24 yr old male. TSH mildly elevated twice (5.01 most recent). If I refuse treatment now, how likely to progress? Is this common at young age?

25 mcg levothyroxine is it normal to have fatigue, dry skin, muscle aching and weakness, depression, insomnia when on this medication for hypothyroi?

25 weeks pregnant currently on armour thyroid. Tsh is 2.74; T4 is 0.8; T3 (liothyronine) is 90. Are these good numbers or will my doctor have to adjust my medication?

25 years old. Testosterone 420, TSH 4.52, Free T4 1.46, Prolactin 20.3, Cortisol 35.6, Vit D 26. Main symptoms anhedonia, fatigue, odd vision, aches.

25y/o male w/prolactinoma.Thyroid bloodwork normal.Doc says thyroid slightly swollen. Body temp 97.5 oral/feel cold a lot. How is hypothyroid diagnose?

27 year old male, no medical problems. Symptoms of night sweats and increased anxiety. Dr. tested hormones and have low T (222). Should I be worried?

27 yr old and 54 kgs tsh> 100 used eltroxin 100 mcg for 2 months and now TSH is 0.138 and T3 (liothyronine) and T4 are normal. Gynaec suggested 75 mcg is that right.

28 year old female. Can't lose weight, low body temp, thinning hair, constipation, can't sleep, dizzy, slightly low bp. Is it thyroid issues?

3 months after a total thyroidectomy and my doctors are still struggling to get my levels within range. Could this be causing my constant dizziness?

3 months ago my TSH was 9 and T3 (liothyronine) and T4 normal i started levotroxine 50 and now it's TSH is 0.04, what should I do ?

3 weeks post total thyroidectomy and metanephrine study was mildly elevated. Is this anthing to be worried about?

3 years ago had TSH of 1.31 and high cholesterol. Now TSH is 0.50 and normal cholesterol. Have daily tachycardia, forceful heartbeat dizziness, off balance, 30 lbs weight loss, memory issues, muscle twitches... what could it be?

3.4 thyroid nodule borderline pth high ca choked on a pill now have trouble swallow sometimes. i have anxiety and treated for GERD what is going on ?

3/3 hr 104-118 even when resting cause? History hyperthyroidism controlled w/left thyroidectomy no thyroid medicine hbp have right side of thyroid

30yrs 5'3" 180lbs, 1 child. Main issues, Weight/ Fatigue/ Heart Palp./LowTemp/Eyebrowloss/Cold TSH 3.59,FT4 .9, TPO 1, ANA ifa, POS 1:320titer?

31 w/ hot flash, night sweats, lump in throat feeling, hair thin, joint pain, headaches, long cycle. Norm fsh/lh, 3.5 tsh. On 25 mcg lev. Other causes?

33 yr M 6'2 185 pounds. High TSH levels but normal free T4, whst exactly does this mean?

3yr ago dr said u hv a thyroid, now days heart rate fast when another dr check he said u hv only nervous system weakness not thyroid..Is it ?

4 months post total thyroidectomy gained 10lbs and have low BP and pulse. Tsh has been normal till now. It's 8.9 switching to brand name synthroid (thyroxine).?

40 yrs Hashimoto-Oct normal,this wk TSH 0.02 T4 2.6 been on tironsint 125mcg 2yrs. Gained 12lbs in 2 mons dr wants to decrease to 100mcg, will I gain?

43 yo healthy F, thyroidectomy 2012, on Synthroid (thyroxine) & Cytomel with continued hypothyroid symptoms. Would like to try Naturethroid. Will dr consider rx?

43 yo male. Testosterone is 299 on 260-1100 scale. Feel low, anxiety, sleep issues, dizzy. Dr. stopped HRT after five years. Is this all related?

43 yrPm cortisol 28, overnight Dex test cortisol 3.7 ACTH 2, CT of adrenal normal, low bp, losing weight, abdominal pain, headache, nausea/ vomitting?

43y,fib 5cm,hvy periods,hypothyroid,now perinicious aneamia,unable to tolerate thyroxine,lot of heat in body, with PA thyroxine intolerance is there?

43yr,hypothy-62.5mcg TSH-0.53,sweating,pain while swallowing, weakness,slow breathing,insomnia,swelling hand,ankles,is it possible?hyperthyroid at .53

44yo female fatigue and hair falling out. Thyroid corrected with synthroid (thyroxine). Tsh-2.63 vitd-40 lh-7.4 fsh-5.1 testosterone-15. What else could it be?

45yo; preg; due 10-16; 1 prev mscrg; MTHFR compound heterozygs; thyroid Gravesish but normal TSH/FT3/FT4. Do I need heparin? Any MTHFR ob in KC, MO?

47 yo f, throidectomy 2006 recent T4 0.9 and TSH 8.26 past 3 yrs Synthroid (thyroxine) 100, then 125, now 150 mcg. No known sxs is this 2B expected overtime?

4m pp, thyroid levels normal, thyroid enlarged, u/s today. How long until normal pp hair loss and exhaustion level out? I am bf'ing

4mos post Rad/Chemo 4HNC. TSH rising now 5.02. Loosing hair. RX Levothyroxine, 50mcg causes hair loss. Would I be better w Armour thyroid-treats T3 (liothyronine)?

4weeks ago had total thyroidectomy taking 9 calcium and 3 vit D3 aday endocrinologist says parathyroids not producing nothing. Have hashi and hypo?

4yr c/o chest pain & racing HR. Hyper, hungry, nervous, irritable & sweaty like hyperthyroid vs hypo. EKG & labs WNL, TSH 5.4. Hashitoxicosis?

5 months total thyroidectomy with normal ft4 and T3 on brand name Synthroid (thyroxine) but TSH keeps going up?Adjusted dose twice already. I've gained 20 lbs?

5 weeks pregnant my TSH is 1.72 before pregancy my TSH was 0.6 dose was 75 mcg. Now I am on same dose. Should i increase dose? If yes, how much? Please

5 wk pregnant and my TSH &free T4 is 4.71 & 1.31. I take thyronorm 25. Should not fear miscarraige due to TSH lab range for freet4 is 0.71-1.85ng/dl ?

5 wk prgnt and my TSH & T4 is 4.71 & 1.31. I take thyronorm 25.Should not fear of any miscarraige due to tsh, lab range free T4 is 0.71- 1.85 ng/dl?

5 wks preg. TSH spiked but FT4 still in range. Endo is increasing meds and monitoring closely. Could the spike mean twins? Heard some evidence of that

51 year old normally heathy male. Has free t4+57.3 pmol and TSH 0.73mu/l also has iron def enemia, please could you give your medical opinion. ?

52 years male, diabetic and hypertensive having sudden weight loss, trembles, sweating, tachycardia,(T3 (liothyronine) & T4 raised TSH dec) what is Diag & treatment?

55yo been on 75mcg Synthroid (thyroxine) but TSH has gone from 2.6 to 4.6 over the last year. the RN inc'd dosage to 88 mcg, is that enough? Feel better <3.0 tsh

6 months post total thyroidectomy. My TSH keeps rising desire Synthroid (thyroxine) increase. My ft4 and T3 ate normal. What now? Soooo exhausted

60 year old man with surgical hypothyroidism. Symptomatically hypothyroid. Tsh <.02 T4 and ft4 high end of normal. What to do? Is it hypothalamus?

60y.o. TSH=6.8, endo put me on 25mcgThyroxine but another advised me to get a FT3 test first. Can I go for FT3 test at 4-5pm? P.S. TSH was done in AM

61 yr. Female with TSH 12.23 (12 hr. Fast). I supplement a few drops of atomized iodine transdermal. Mom/sister have thyroid issues - take synthroid (thyroxine).

61yo/fem diagnosed hypothyroid, only symptoms falling hair, bloatg and slightly high ldl cholestrol, is it okay if i never start levo? i feel alright

6th day of therapy(levothiroxine 25mg, liothyronine 2drops) cause my thyroid is lazy.I feel sick, palpitation, weakness, dispnea.Is it due to therapy?

70 yrs male, 4mths wth htd, tsh30.0, T4 0.08. Treatment neomercazole now T4 14.0 & tshstill 0.08, no change.What can I do?Was taking amiodaronen not now

70yo active male, nl thyroid levels on thyroxin. Over past yr had weight gain, depression and fatigue. Related to that or aging?

77 year old female with underactive thyroid and atrial fibrilation TSH 0.65 free T4 19 tired, lethargic feel like dying?

77 year old mother is on thyroxine and her TSH is 0.65 and free T4 is 19 she feels tired lethatgic worn out and says she feels like she is dying ?

8/11/14: TSH 0.608 8/20/14: TSH 0.502 Normal: 0.7-5.7 T3 & T4 normal Tachycardia, tremors, dizzy, now swollen glands in neck I believ. Thyroid issue?

A 4.60 TSH result can indicate hypotiroid? The interval of the lab is 0.3-4.2. I have anxiety, troth in the lamp, tired, memory problems, constipation

A diabetic and hypertensive women is on 100mcg thyroxine whose t-4 is normal but TSH is abnormal.What is the reason behind this ?

A month ago TSH levels were at 15. 1/6/15 I recheck my TSH. Past few days I've been extremely tired and sleepy. I'm on 175 med could my levels be up?

Acth=8 cortisol= 9 at 3 month pregnant. Postapartum tsh= .8 free t4= .8 as well. Hypo symptoms. What does this mean?

Add.Symptoms-basal temp 96.9, exc. Hairloss/breakage, cold intol., low energy, weight gain, brain fog, dry skin, brittle nails, headaches, irrit.Bowel, moody.?

Adrenal issues? Had neck steroid inj & felt like old self. Short lived. Went Hyper to Hypothyroid, sweating, nervous, no energy, nausea, stool dia&con

Adrenal stim test. Baseline cortisol at 0930 is 17.3, at 1000 is 18.9, at 1030 is 20. Ref range is 3.7-19.4. What causes wnl baseline/min elevation?

After 1mo of taking methimazole, my ft4 37.7 became 12.3 & TSH 0.008 to 0.005. Is it normal that my TSH would drop?

After 9 months from initial diagnose ( thyroiditis subacute) my lab results are following: TSH 7.29 mu/l and ft4 19.24 pmol/l. Am i getting better?

After getting a TSH level elevated(11.7), should the next step be free t3/t4 or total hormones?

After many steps still drowsiness, fatigue, depression, tsh=0.4 uiu/ml, t4=7.2.T3=1.2 eliisa, please help, best regards?

After many steps still drowsiness, fatigue, depression, tsh=0.4 uiu/ml, t4=7.2.T3=1.2 eliisa, please help, best regards.

After swimming or riding bike, i start sweating fast with headache and nausea. I have hypothyroidism and have taken thyroid (50 mcg) for 5 months?