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,-2010- foley for surg prep for tibia&sh-caused renal failure &UTIsurg0 now-hemogl.bld work norm BP190/120 -90/39 nt. Sw. Nodule (hernia th-abd-3pain?

12 days ago, removing tail of pancreas&spleen,today she has fever,twice,39 grade C temp.Why?may change medicines?She take kreon,nipogalin 500mg,eselan

14.5 years teenage girl whose menstruation began 8months ago, diagnosed (c type lumbar scoliosis 22dgr)your opinion on nightime providance bracing?

14mo boy: flu-like vomiting for 48 hrs. Then proceeds to projctl vomit 1-3x/day for 11 days. No other symptoms. Ped shrugs it off. Get second opinion?

16 mo old boy just dx'd w/ asthma. Hesvery short @ 26.5". Just began meds-could his previously undx'd asthma (not meds!) have caused stunted growth?

16yo male healthy male with c/o inattention and anger issues, labs-ammonia 94(nlup to 32) alkphos185(33-136)other labs all nml- ?Workup and rx

2`12 w/dr, winged dad off anti-dep. He got so alert. 9`12 @dr.App.Took off dementia med, he started both meds w/in months of cancer surgery&chemo6 yrs ago. How do we know if he had/has dementia?Now90 yrs

20yrold.havin serious life prob & usualy fal victim to depresion & i've esential high b.p pulse's high & abnormal when stressed.antidepresants or not?

22yo/ female/ history of syncope, tachycardia, nausea/ recent catecholamine plasma levels- supine nor.=582, epi.=36, dop.=37; standing nor=1167, epi=153, dop=44 what type of specialist should I look for?

22yrs male rbs 6.0, s.Creatinine1.9but20 days ago it was3.0, doctor said early nephropathy.Now suffering from tooth abscess given clinda300bd, is it ok?

23years old, how to cure total aperis. of esophagus? Nobody knows(ipp,procinetic,korticoid,imuran) didnt help me and have GERD but not autoimunite thx

27wk premature did not have rds when born, shall use curosurf (poractant alfa)? Diagnose bpd after 60 days w/o using it under invasive ventilat, is it a misdiagnosis?

3 years after my papıllary cancer treatment wıth total tıroıdektomı wıth 125 mcg ıodıne, stıll 480 antı tg even no resıdu on body scan. What to do?

30w3d us gave bpd 74mm, hc 289mm, AC 272mm, fl 57.5mm efw 1647g. Normal at this gestation? Hc & AC measur almost a week ahead. Dates wrong? Problem?

32 y/o M w/ anti-phospholipid Sx w/ normal SPEP & B2-microglobulin, & w/ LLE DVT >6 mo ago not resolved, on ASA, is Xarelto ok over warfarin for prev?

34 yo wf, no chronic health conditions. Had GI virus x 48 hrs, now w/midsternal CP, almost colicky?

39y, m, needing an internist/pcp in birmingham/hoover, al. I'm a complex pt. history of 5 l4/s1surgeries, ddd, mctd, arf, hpb, nafls, a1ad, cps. Not avg young man. B, ham internist, can you help me plz? Ty

42 diagnosis her2 triple pos nod neg. neg vas, . T-- 2, 5cm , gr3, stage 2B . Bi lat mass & ooph. Tx chemo & herc. completed 6 AI 's. . Should I do 5 more yrs?

48 y.o. f. Last few weeks, i come indoors from the freezing cold & I'm BROILING. Euthyroid w/multinodule goiter. Related? Haven't sono'd in 2 yrs. TY

48 yr f compln of genrelzd body pain had taken vit d and ca.Any sugestions?

4yr w/ staph/salmonella osteomylitis tx: 2wk IV ab & 4wk oral amox- postlab work- mpv 8.1, eoso .43 2mth p pinprick petechiae on hands ++uri's- worry?

5 mo. Ago had l rad nephrectomy for rcc stage3, shock, multiple transfusions, 4 days later had splenectomy. Los 14 days- d/c w/hgb 8.3. Now hgb12-hct40-serum iron23-, vit d low.Leg pain, what's up?

5/2012 3TIA/shock 68/45/mottling/flushing/tinn/MCA 4/2013 Daily HypCrisis HR 48-147 PP 18-22 CerebAneurysm Tbthk sput visible blaschko acrocyanosis +ppl lips/tong Orthypnea Afib Glob Hypoxic injury?

50yo wm. No pmh. Punctate bloody, nonpurulent calf rash x2mo worse w/ steroids. Https://dl.Dropboxusercontent.Com/u/71940412/20130507_110714.Jpg?

51 yom w/ hx of latent tb, and 2 yr hx chronic non-bloody, productive cough. neg cryptococcus, coccidioidies. no response to 3 wk LABA. what to do?

6 years old boy with higd (175) hdea-sulfat.App with ped.Endocrin. After 3 months. Is that too long to wait? What can it be?Also bon age shows 9 y.O

6-12 epidural inj/yr fr 4-5 yrs. 2010 steroid symptoms began, per endodr stopd inj. Acthstim tst ok. 2012 symptoms wrse, lowacth&cortsol. Delayd resp 2stim tst. Now symptoms worse. Thyroid ok. Devlpng adrenl insuff?

6yo f with oligosaccharidosis result (genome not back). Could temperature variance over half hour of 5 degrees (103.9 to 99) be autonomic? Or what?

7 yrs. Post tx bro w/ ptld b cell cd 20. Ritux w/ poor result, 4 rchop infusions produced clean scan, bad effects. How many more needed?

85y chemo patient r-chop for dlbcl started 2.5 weeks ago, recently experiencing fluctuating BP b/w 170/60 and 90/50. Do we need to page oncologist?

88 yo female s/p colectomy for stg 3 ca- post op fistula . 4 mos since diag now very conf and forgotten how to walk. ? mets to brain possible

91 yo w/ systolic hf stage c (nyha class ii-iii) increasingly fatigued, dizzy and confused over last 5 days (bp, hr wnl). No f/u recommended from pcp visit 4 days ago. Hmo plan. When is ED trip needed?

A 4.1 c ab aeortic aneurism grew to 4.8 c in less than a year 71 yr old male. Is surgery recommended? To wait until 5c seems dangerous

A relative f mine hs been diagnosd wd a clot in his brain aftr experiencng a fall thru a CT Scan. He hsdiabetes, kidney issues & blood pressure.

Acai pronounced ah sah ee are helful if you have a hyperthyroidism?

According to wonder cancer stat (cdc) less than 16 Caucasian females aged 20-24 have been diagnosis w colon cancer in 13yrs in sc. Why so few if CC is so big?

Activated parsioal thromboplastin time of 1 day old female is 107second is it normal .the neoborn has coffee grond vomit.

After being on hc of 20-30mg for 7 yrs for partial ai, and acth remains in normal range on hc (not suppres'd) and is > 65 after 1 day off hc, can mayo determine if partial ai is primary or secondary?

After my coronary bye pass surgery , I have e d. I am 57 . Is it because of stating drug ., i.E 10 mg ? Pl suggest remedy. Thank you

Age 17, diagnosed with asd, 1.5cm what r the precautions to b taken fr a month till surgery is conducted.It being delayed cause of my exams. Plz help.

Always type6 (bristol) done in one go. But last 2weeks been having type4. Same diet, exercise etc. Had blood once last wk after poo. What'd be cause?

Am 90kgs and I want to reduce to 80kgs in three months. Am 33 years and am an office woman. What should I do? Thanks for the help. vastinah

Am esld, hepc-too adv. To treat, 5 band varices, w/ meds, still mild to mod. Diff.Enceph., occas.Bl. Stools, loss bal.& r.Grip strength.Very sick & scared. Childc, meld19. No trans. Recom. What now?

Any tx.For adult pertussis in 3+ mo. Stage, and are they contagious? Pt. Took z-pac 2mos. Ago. Dx. Based on equivocal serology+ clinical signs. Thx.

Ao cusp is 1.9cm, and my ao root is 2.3cm. Are these normal?5'3", 125 lbs.I read cusp sep should be 70% of ao root? Mine is more?

Ast34 ALT53 bloated eating. H Cholesterol, H bs, A1c 6.2 Binged newyears. 750ml whsky/day for 4 days.10year drinker. Confusion, numb, tinitus, rash?

B/f cancer dx, i had sudden LDL drop(235 to <160) w/o med. W/ 1mo 10mg/d lipitor, (atorvastatin) LDL drops from 177 to 50. Am i hyper-responding w/cancer recur risk?

Bad Gif,de Diff of,dengue soda Defiant fold ?

Based on NBS, my son has a g6pd def, I give him s26, is it safe for him? He is 2 1/2 months and he is okay, he is now almost 6kg, I think he is okay

Basilar migr. I pass out frm them. Am now using low pressure hyperbaric chamber. Keeps the vle ones under co ntro. Anyore research on this?

Bbvcbvvbbghbvgvvbbbhgfg Chaff Hughbhh Hugh Hdhrbfbfbdhdjdbdbbdjdbd Gingrich Inc vying did C.f. Hghhgggggg Hhhhgggg Hgff?

Bff, hre from al.Been on suxone for 4 mths. Down to 1/2 tab. Dr, hre wnts 2000k before he wil renew rx. I am in need, who can help hme now? $ is tight.

Breast cancer 2 yrs ago. Surgery n radiotherapy, opted no meds. A wk ago, GGT 58, sgot 45. Ultrasound cleared, hepatitis a, b, c neg. What should I do?

Bronchiectasis pt. admitted thrice, was ok, now fever 100F, satO2 drops to 72, ABGs-acute metabolic alkalosis with normal pCO2, satO2 65. ?

Call fleming syndrome dx'd. 2 yrs after subarachnoid hemorrhage miss-dx'd 2·trauma.+family hx, +mnthly migraines w/same pain. Risks?.

Can a male with muscular dystrophy who weighs 150 is 6' that failed a breathalyzer be partially due to his md and not be drunk? (4 drinks in 6 hrs)

Can a patient w/ pit tumor and possible partial primary ai taking 20-30mg of hc w/ acth of 65 and cortisol of 10 if hc held for 1 day, be accurately evaluated by mayo w/o tapering hc for weeks b/f appt?

Can i try plantation unsulf,Blackstrap mollases organic for hvy periods,intramural fibroid 5cm. synthyroid(62.5),Lysteda(5 yr).Any sideeffects for BSM?

Can post strep agn that resolves 1wk after tx cause focal segmental glomerulosclerosis?Im sorry for asking again.

Can post strep agn that resolves 1wk after tx cause focal segmental glomerulosclerosis?Im sorry for asking again. Please help.

Can u please tell me foods that are easy 2 dig Hav slow dig system,poss partial blockage doto severe endo,mult surg,hyst,+2laporotomys n yr,adhess,mas?

Can you tell me in genomics, what do im, pm, um, and em mean?

Canker sores 1994 dr. Ef wright dentist has written in gen.Dent. Of lysine 500 mg. Maint. And 1000mg. Acute condition. Why nobody else is advising?

Cd15 scan shows ruptured follicle of 20mm, n free fluid in pod.8mm e thickness..Is that good? Which days shud i cover to GT pregnant, what r my chances?

Cefalea, nauseas, problemas visión. ¿Qué me pasa?

Chrnic pancreatitis EUS showed signs/unknown y nodrinkr/nodrugs - GB gone2001&in hosp5dayswith CP-still be y? I am lessor known gene hemochromotosis

Chronic anemia(low EPO output)13yrs.treated w/iv iron&procrit. Also hepc 3urz. Last 8 mo IGM427. Can this be othr than hepc? no fibrosis yet, concernd

Chronic hb e antigen +, korean born patient-should i expect to transition to immune clearance phase since i turned 30?

Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis w/nodule for the past 2yrs. The episodes are more frequent and my b/p is ↑despite meds. Can removal fix this?

CKD stage 4, been seeing Neph every 3 mos for 3 yrs, now its every 6 mos. Why would dr have me wait this length of time? I am now on insulin.

Consider medical ID jewel. How to abbreviate Anaphylactic shock/allergy to tranexamic acid (transamin) & Vit K in 20 chracter? What is most important?

Could this be smallcell lung cancer-Fatigue,muscle&weightloss,no libido,low semen vol,brainfog,wake early am.Testostrone in rnge 295ng/l.CT scan clear?

Currently 22 weeks pregnant, MRI showed mild-moderate ventriculomegaly (14mm on both sides). What are the chances of this increasing? Decreasing?

Dad has MDS and on vidaza for since 4 months. Before treatment he needed 3 RBC units every 3 wks. Now 2 units in 5 wks. Is this partial response?

Dad: stge4 chf, enlrgd lvr, bloatd belly&ft, abnrml kdny fnctn.73 y/o w/bi-vntricr pcmkr.He wn't let me tlk w/dr. How much time I do I hve lft w/him?

Dear sir/madam, please find the attachment file for my father lunge problem ,He has RA,hypothyroidism,antral gastriti?

Diag - cor pulmonale. Pitted edema for @ 4 yrs and an fev 56%. 460lbs 6'1" 49 yrs old. 5 yr exp after diag? How close to the end? 1.5 of 6mwt / 150yds

Diag. W low vit.D - 10.5. Nurse gave me 50000 twice week. Had kidneystones, and hep a years ago. Is this safe, or should do smaller doses spread out?

Diagnose 2 yrs ago w/ vulvar lichen sclerosis n 2008. Haven't bin ck'd since. Clitoris disapprng. Is this serious?

Diagnosed with ptb what is the correct dosage of Myrin p forte ? My weight is 82 kls?

Do anemia ( been bleeding constantly 4 3wks) have anything 2 do w/hypoglycemia, just diag with @ hospital?

Do i hv gout? Vry fit 5'8"140lb w hi mtblism/aptite divrs hlthy diet oca jnt pain. Alwy sam loc in l hnd rng fgr 3rd metacrpl jnt sweling lst 2-3 day

Does a 40 y/o asymptomatic pt with antiphospholipid sd with h/o 3 first trimester miscarriages need to start any kind of chronic anticoagulation?

Does osteopathic manipulation improve chronic back pain? This says yes: http://annfammed.Org/content/11/2/122.Full (7 rx/15 wks, rr ci 1.1-1.7)

Does ovi f tablet result in any abnormality in child?

Does the med N acetylcysteine lower cretanine.Friend got angio done as undergoing stem cell treatment & with this med from 1.4 came to 1.1 & after 1.0?

Dr Hoepfner, I was diagnosed with an enlarged spleen at 13.4 cm is that something to be alarmed about? I am a Factor V Leiden def. patient who takes

Dr elden rand, just to confirm it is completely normal if the ivs is .1 CM actually thicker than the pw?

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Dx w/Chronic Lyme, Bart, Babesia. Had CD57 rerun & fell from 29 to 11 despite year of Tx. Physical & Psych Sx bad too. Causes? Should I be concerned?

Endocarditis 1st time in jan of12 @nd stroke frommmrsa endcarditis in marchof2012 no infection incultures headaches started in juy of2012?

Experienced cis (mild). Only diagnostic was onigoclonal bands in csf. Can vit d3, B12 & 6 and diet & exercise prevent relapse?

Family tour in Thailand in 1st week of Aug. any suggested doctors for my 2.5 Y aged daughter in Thailand? She is affected by beta thal intermedia.

Fatigue studies (CFS?): Merit of mitochondrial tests e.g. ATP-ATP, ANT/AAC, Mg-ATP, mito. O2 util., Zn/Cu-SOD, Mn-SOD, GSHPx? Any viable treatments?

Fbrds r( 3×1.8×2.3)(3.4×2.6×2.6)(3.1×2.7×1.5)intrml. Others 0.8cm to 2.9cm .Ovulating.Not concvg.Pain n hvy bleeding.Shld go for operation?

Fentanyl .5mg/ 10ml. x 10ml. x 5 units, can you please help interperet this?

First pregnancy was complicated with pe at 33 weeks, again 4wk after c/s what is your advised on a second pregnancy diagnosis prot s deficiency, on wafarin ?

Fluorouracil, also called 5-fu for vaginal treatment. I was diag w/highrisk hpv, cin1 and was told to use 1app full 1x a wk what are the side effects?

Fluox, viagra (sildenafil) and vertigo. Any link? 40mg fluox for c4 wks, 20mg for c3 wks prior - no vert. occasional viag throughout - no vert. Now vert.

For Neurologist with sizeable Tecfidera MS pt load...Acute eosinophilia 1.4/12% 3wks on Tecfidera w/o new Sxs. What "transient increase"s have u seen?