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on vagifem on:off for 2yrs. Not menopause. Vagifem for ic but concerned about long term usage. Irregular cycles lately = worried endometrial cancer?

two different cloured areolas, i'm in early 40s, i had hystarectomy, also had my overies removed. I'm not taking hrt but am taking alendrnic acid?

,ovarion or breast cancer dies not run in my family. May i safely continue hormone replacement.

(PCOS) Vaginal ultrasound. The Dr use the term STRING OF PEARLS to describe the cystic that were found on both ovaries. What will Premarin (conjugated estrogens) do to help?

0.1 mg of estrace (estradiol) vaginal 2 times a week for 30 days, is this a30 day or 90 day supply?

1st Gyn advised me to stop HRT cold turkey. 2nd opinion Gyn told me to be weaned off HRT in 2 yrs. Isn't this too long? 56 y.o. hx of fibroids/polyps.

2 fibroids(2x2, 1x1), hypothyroid(on therapy) can I eat ground flax seed? If so, how much I can take for LDL reduction, dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

30 yr old female. Secondary amenorreha, low estrogen is cause (6pg/ml). On Premarin (conjugated estrogens) .625mg, & feel horrible, dizzy. Would an estradiol therapy work?

31yo with Endometriosis. Prostap injection (chemical menopause) was heaven! But only allowed for 6mths. Can I safely have it longer?

32 f, had total hysterectomy at 29. Taking estratest (esterified estrogens and methylestosterone) 1.25/2.5 since w/ no problems. Suddenly very sore boobs, weepy, bloated. Why?

33 yr old fe. Estradiol <5, 7 months post partum. Put on estradiol 3mg. Wld bio identicals be an option?

33 yr old female, low estrogen since teens, taking estrace but wondering if bio identicals would be an option ?

48yr old last period 3 months ago.Onset hot flashes. Hormone levels in"postmenopausal range"estrogen 11.8. These mean menopause is over by post?

50-year-old menopausal woman-went on bio identical testosterone/progesterone-gained 25 lbs since Oct. dispite diet/exercise- is progesterone cause?

51 female, used estriol cream. After 1 month, my hair began falling out! i read some convert estrogens to androgens. What tests should I ask doc for?

51 yr. Old female nearing menopause with pcv. Will I have more risk of heart issues when periods stop?

52, perimenopause, using Marvelon. Gyn discovered gallbladder problem, had ultrasound. Does CBD obstruction affect digestion of meds- allegra; OC?

53 year old female who did a partial hysterectomy three years ago. Estradiol is 263and dhea is 0.70 and progesterone is 6.7. What fdoes thst mean?

53 year old female who did a partial hysterectomy three years ago. Recent blood works. Estradiol is 263 and dhea is .70 and progesterone is 6.7meaning?

56, just had hysterectomy and oorph for stage 1 uterine cancer found in d&c. Surgery pathology clean. Hot flashes are horrific. Is estrogen an option?

59 yo. Hyst. Have ovaries. FSH 128. Progesterone .16 drenching night sweats every night. Then chills . menopause? TSH 7.12 thyroidectomy

6 weeks postoperative total hysterectomy, vaginal itchy. Why? I am taking estrogen

65 yrs old women removed uterus and not having hormones tablet, pain in knee, thighes with whole body what to do.

A bcp with more estrogen helps my acne but a bcp with less estrogen worsens it. Both have the same amount of drospirenone. I have low progesterone.

A co-worker told me that she doen't produce estrogen due to a hysterectomy with 1 ovary, my bc feed off estrogen can I get a hystro 2 help me ?

After a complete hystetectomy at a fairly early age,does the lack of estrogen cause premature ageing??

After a week of 0.625mg Premarin (conjugated estrogens) and 5mg dupaston, i have irregular bleeding, strong headache,stomachache, and breast pain. Is it ok to stop taking?

Age 55-menopause @ age 44-vaginal pain (not dry, no sex)-tired-breast enlargement-galactorhea-weight gain-normal thyroid test...??????

Almost 57 y.o. Been on HRT (Estrogen patch and Provera) for 5-6 yrs. How to get off smoothly and safely? How long do I have to be on this HRT?

Am 52, IUS in for 7 yrs (3rd one), menstruatn reduced last few yrs, now not had for >1yr. Now back pain, if remove IUS perimenopause bleeding likely?

Am faced w/ choices of lupron (leuprolide) or surgery for endometriosis. Unable to tolorate hormone contraceptives and have gilberts syndrome. Which option is best?

Am i considered being in menopaue at 22.1 and can go off depo?

Am losing breast tissue after on bc pills to regulate irreg bleeding for 6 mos - went off - having hot flashes - on HRT now - FSH test says menopausal now - was peri. Is HRT good for tiss loss? Dose?

Any negative reports concerning the hormone patch called vivelle (estradiol) ?

Any side effect from estratest (esterified estrogens and methylestosterone)?

Any suggestions on which of the following are not true about estrogen?

Are bioidentical ok to tske if you have not had a histerectomia?

Are the risks of getting cancer (especially breast cancer) higher, if I am already on hormone treatment (estrogen and progestogen) at age 17?

Are there any cheaper meds that are similar to premarin (conjugated estrogens)?

Are there any circumstances that would make you recommend treatment for DCIS in a 90 y.o. woman?

As a doctor, would u sugest an estrogen or progesterone based bc since I am highly prone to cysts, let alone have them.?

As it gets closer to time for more HRT pellets can mood swings increase?

Aside from hrt, is there anything i can do to deal with skin changes at menopause?

At 49, I am experiencing some perimenopausal symptoms, mostly insomnia. Would bio-identical hormones be recommended for that? Are they safe?

At 68, can vaginal exams stop? Am on Vivelle (estradiol) Dot 5mg. Had a total hysterectomy in '89

At age 35... How effective is megestrol acetate in treating endometrial hyperplasia...What are problem side effects....What about ability to conceive?

At what age should you stop taking estrogen and progesterone treatments for primary amenorrhea?

At what time do I consider myself postmenopausal?

Been on estrogen patch since hysterectomy in 2001, I'm 50yrs old now, do I really need to still be on it, Is it necessary. tyvm?

Benefits of estrogen patch after 60?

Besides cancer, what can a 66yo woman with bloody nipple discharge ,monolateral and spontaneous have? She doesn't take familiarity for cancer

Best anti estrogen pills to remove gynecomastia?

Black cohosh or bio-identical estrogen/progesterone cream to help balance hormones in perimenopause?

Bleed to death. How much does a 60 day supply of norethindrone or aygestin 5mg cost?What is purpose of

Borderline simple hyperplasia without atypia.going to take progesterone pills for 6 to 9 months, and repeat d&c. Will get cancer during this period?

BRCA2+, still have breasts (non dense) and ovaries,no uterus. Can I use local estrogen for severe vaginal dryness safely?

Brown discharge after menopause, breast cancer taking aromasin (exemestane) and have lower back pain ?

Can a female who had bilateral pe's in her late20's take any type of HRT for menopause sympotms?Pes were a result of prolonged bedrest.

Can a person take Premarin (conjugated estrogens) and cytomel?

Can a pill that has more of progesterone and less of estrogen be used to treat estrogen dominant condition in a person with pcos who suffers from pms?

Can a postmenopausal women with antiphospolipid syndrome be treated with bioidentical progesterone and testosterone for symptom relief?

Can acupuncture help lower estrogen?

Can bioidentical progesterone, Biest, testosterone, Ativan, Prozac, allergy nasal sprays slow tracer from entering gallbladder during HIDA?

Can brachytherapy in the pelvic area cause menopause? I’ve heard it can and i’m having brachytherapy for bladder cancer. Will this cause menopause?

Can eating or taking anything with photoestrogen have effect on urine fibroids in uterus ?

Can estrogen replacement after hysterectomy make your breasts larger?

Can heavy periods be caused by too much estrogen? I also have fibroadnomas &have been told those are from lots of estrogen. Doesn't estrogen=cancers?

Can hormonal swings get worse as the HRT pellets dissolve?

Can hormones such as estrace (estradiol) or promethium increase appetite?

Can I have hormone replacment after brachytherapy for prostate cancer i get very tired and run down have triuble sleeping am very moody ?

Can i take cycloprogynova (estrogen hormone) with oxy elite pro?

Can I use estrace (estradiol) for atrophy if I carry the BRACA2 mutation? hysterectomy but still have ovaries and cervix.

Can mixing celexa, Premarin (conjugated estrogens) and crestor cause headaches?

Can natural progesterone cream offset the negative effects of synthetic progestin (legonorgestrel)?

Can oral contraceptives be used as HRT after surgical menopause?

Can postmenopausal estrogen deficiency make your pelvic organ prolapse look worse than it really is?

Can Premarin (conjugated estrogens) stop vaginal bleeding?

Can progesterone cream be used to treat estrogen dominance in someone with pcos instead of bcp?

Can regular nasal dryness be caused by estrogen or progesterone deficiency/decline? Thanks

Can someone please explain how estradiol is a carcinogen?

Can taking zinc for a long period of time cause prostate cancer?

Can too much estrogen cause delusions?

Can using estriol protect against future breast cancer in a peri or post menopausal woman?

Can using Premarin (conjugated estrogens) cause lung cancer?

Can using vitex for perimenopausal symptoms be the same as hrt?

Can vagifem (10mcg) raise your cancer risk if taken before menopause? Packet insert says only to be used after menopause.

Can you gain weight from low estrogen? I'm 39, w/ 2 kids. I had endometriosis in my 20's & now possible dropped uterus. Checked thyroid..

Can you recommend a replacement for estratest (esterified estrogens and methylestosterone) h.S. That does not cause weight gain?

Can you tell me about estrogen pills clears up pigmentation wtf !?

Can you tell me about estrogen pills in bangalore in need?

Can you tell me about osphena?

Can you tell me about post orchiectomy: should I take estrogen?

Can you tell me about post-menopause and estriol cream - help!?

Can you tell me any brand name for estrogen pills?

Can you tell me are progesterone and estrogen connected?

Can you tell me how hormones (estrogen) work?

Can you tell me if there are plant based estrogen? Estroven

Can zoladex (goserelin) be used in eighteen year olds with endometriosis? Is it recommended?

Cant take options. hrt. or antidepress, or any drug for PMS smptoms in post menapause what else is ther e sufffering for 13 yrs. ?

Cervical etropion 9 months postpartum. Never had it before. What are the causes and how can I treat it? Will time and stopping breastfeeding help?