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.5ml Ovidrel Wed 8/19/15 and yesterday 8/25/15 I had a beta hcg. The Dr's office just called & told me that I'm pregnant. Could it be false positive?

I did IVF 18 days ago with 3 embryos,today my beta test was below 0.1 is it reliable? I am using celexan 40mg & progestrone 50mg injecting each day

My lmp was on february 18. On tuesday march 31 i had blood drawn and my hcg levels were 5731 5 weeks but us on04/03 says im 4 weeks 4 day did it end?

(first panel) 4 weeks pregnant HCG is 634 and progesterone is 24.8, is this ok?

+hCG @10-11days post ovulation. What's the likelihood/risk of chemical pregnancy?

10/29 I got + HPT. My HCG was 8 and my prog was 1.9. I had bleeding but on 11/2 HCG was 32 & prog was 5.9. Bleeding was not miscarriage?

12/24/12 hCG 2500, 12/26/12 hCG 3100, 12/27/12 tv u/s 6wks 1d fetal pole hr 96, 01/02/13 hCG 4500. Nonviable pregnancy? Congenital abnormalities? 41yo

12/24/12 hCG 2500, 12/26/12 hCG 3100, 12/27/12 tv u/s fetal hr 96, 01/02/13 hCG 4500. Nonviable pregnancy? Or fetal abnormalities? I'm 41yo

13 days post 3 day FET with a beta of 124.5. My previous pregnancy that ended in MC first beta was 159. Should I be discouraged? Next beta 4 days away

14 days ago transferred 2 embryos and first beta is 34. What does this mean? Thank you

14 days past IUI 239 beta and 16 days past iui. Do my betas suggest twins? Ultrasound not until 06/19

1st beta 9dp5dt was 16. 2nd beta 24 11dp5dt. We retest monday. Hpt line hasn't darkened. We were told early blast transferred maybe by 6 hours. ?

1st hcg ~14 dpo (15 days after +opk), 37. ~16 dpo, 58. ~18 dpo, 76. The #s are rising but not doubling in 72 hrs. Doubling every 92. Viable pregnancy?

1st preg, 31yo, slow rising hcg hcg 7/12/13 85; hCG 7/17/13 235;hcg 7/19/13 ;312; us 8/5/13 sac w fl; hCG 8/7/13 6758; hCG 8/9/13 6944 - bo or ep?

1st shot of MTX levels went from 2000 to 13000. 2nd shot levels 9000 & in 3 days levels were 1100 is this normal drop for an ectopic preg?

2 prev. Miscarriages. Now 5+4 weeks. Hcg @ 4 +4=86. 5 days later=404. Any dr's seen healthy pregnancies with these low #'s?

277 hCG on 11/04 and numbers doubled on 11/06. Pcos and blighted ovum on 08/16. Don't know my progesterone level. Due to conditions and loss, should i?

277 miu/ml hCG on 11/4. Don't know how many weeks I am b/c pcos. On 11/6 it doubled. I think i was around 4w3d then. Is this normal or are these low?

29 y/o first IVF embryo transfer two days ago. My estrogen today was 2290 and progesterone was greater than 40.. . What does this mean?

3 1/2 weeks pregnanct hCG levels were 445 on mon and wed they were only 450, could this still result in a healthy pregnancy?

3 miscarriages. 1st & 3rd at 17 wks. 2nd at 7 wks. Karyotype, bacteria, tsh, anti ena, sperm analysis tests normal. Vitamin d 47 nmol/l. Please help. ?

3 weeks bleeding with miscarriage. Hcg rising 478, 1300, 1597. Not molar. What else could it be? Should i be concerned?

3/10 4weeks 4days hCG level was 5373 should I be concerned? My last period was february 7, 2014..

3/10 first hCG 5373, 2nd hCG 12000 and 3/17 26491and i wil be six week's tomorrow. Could this be a molor pregnancy? Thank you

32yo G2P0010, +UPT at home, +GS/YS,no FH. HCG and prog 12K and 31 respectively. Repeat 2 days 16K and 21. First ab was T16. Not reassured, thoughts?

34 days since lmp.Progesterone is 13.8 and hCG 1800.Is the level normal?Whts the normal range?

4/28/2016 - HCG levels 50,722 5/2/2016 HCG Levels 90,335. Am I miscarrying? Should I be prepared for bad news? HCG not really doubling? I'm scared.

4w1d. First beta hCG =51. 2nd 48 hours later=60. Doubling time 204 hours. Is this definitely a cp/ectopic are there any other explanations/outcomes?

5 1/2 weeks pregnant and hCG @ 5+1 5047, 5+3 8301 doubling every 67.2 hrs is this normal?

5 day blastocyst fresh embryo transfer and estrogen is elevated around 3000 and progesterone around 240 with no supplementation. What are it effects?

5 weeks pregn.Hcg only 434 but been doubling every 2 days. Progesterone 17.1. Concerned? Lab repeat and us tomorrow but dr not optimistic. Concur? Hope?

5 weeks pregnant. On 6/16 my hCG was 2428. And on 6/20 my hCG was 7042 does this seem like a normal pregnancy?

5 weeks since lmp, light bleeding x 2 weeks, serial hCG 121, 127, 159, 186. Passed a few clots at hCG 127. Why is hCG still rising?

5 wks pregnant and hcg levels are great. progesterone was 19.2 four days ago and is now 19.7. Dr suggested progesterone supplement. Do I need to?

5-6 weeks pregnant, 04/15/14 hCG level 97 now hCG 04/21/14 is 1, 697 is that normal? Or higher hcg?

5. week pregnancy. HCG level went from 986 to 756 in 48 hours, no bleeding, no other symptoms of misscarriage. embryo has no heartbeat. what to expect?

5. week pregnancy. HCG level went from 986 to 756 in 48 hours, no bleeding, no other symptoms of misscarriage. embryo not visible yet. what to expect?

5.4 weeks pregnant. Hcg is 9,000. Progesterone is 12.2. Progesterone too low?

5.6 weeks saw HB @85bmp, hCG @7555. 2 days ltr, hCG @8200. Is this an impending miscarriage? Dr. said lvls don't dbl after 1,500... help!

5w 4d pregnant. Progesterone dropped 18 to 12.6 w/ 200 mg vg supplements. Why would it drop? HCG is 5665 doubling 33 hrs Does this mean miscarriage?

5w4d pregnant Hcg at 14031 (up from 5859 in 48h). Are these normal values or is there risk for Down syndrome?

5wks pregnant serum progesterone 4/7 was 395; today it was 72. Beta hCG 4/7 was 1, 913 today it was 22, 321 what does lower progesterone mean?

6 week progesterone was 26.1 then at 7 it dropped to 22.5 what does that mean with such a big drop? My hCG got a lot higher 502/6684.

6-10-14 beta hCG was 226.0 retested 6-12-14 now ita 492 is this good? I was told its good when your beta hCG doubles every 48-72 hours

6-12-14 beta hCG was 492. Retested on 6-16-14 results were 2428 is the good for a healthg pregnancy?

6w 4d pregnant. Is 80,304 IU/L a good number for Choriogonadotropin Intact + Beta Subunit?

6w1d my hCG tested at 17500. 6w3d it was 23500. Midwife says not viable. 7 hrs later hCG 27800 at er. Tv ultasound... Sac only. Should i give up?

7 1/2 weeks pregnant-on progesterone (100 mg, 1 per day) level was 11 at 6 wks. Fetal heartbeat was 154 2 dys ago. Should i be taking a higher dose?

7 days post blastocyte transfer and my beta hCG is 34, is this normal ?

7 wks ago IVF/ET. 2 embryos. Betas 164, 112 127 then 99. 5 wks post-ET betas 479, today 753. Ultrasound 4.5mm IU sac. Ectopic? Incomplete miscarriage?

7wks5days preg. My hCG on 1/10 was 8226 and now on 1/16 it was 16818. There not doubling. Heard baby hb on 1/14. Should i be concerned?

9 Weeks pregnant 6/20/14 hCG was 7042.0 7/18/14 hCG is 57981.0 is this a good increase? Im worried.

9 weeks pregnant 6/20/14 progesterone level 58.87 reteseted 7/18/14 progesterone 59.25, should i be worried? Im freaking out.

9dpt5dt my hcg was 126 (confirmed ). 11dpt5dt my hcg was 252. Then 17dpt5dt my hcg was 983. I am so worried! Please help.

After embryo transfer, I had a hCG level of 5.1, today it was 15.6. is this too low?

After Hcg = 0 after a D&C, is there a chance of any other complications that should be checked for (just to be safe) or Is HCG = 0 is an all clear ?

Approx. 4 weeks 3 days pregnant. Hcg 48 hrs ago was 60 today 189. The #'s more than doubled but are they still too low for a viable pregnancy?

Are high beta levels bad? I had my hCG tested 13dp3dt fet. Hcg was 1389. I had it rechecked 2 days later it was 5339. U/s showed 1 sac. My p4 was 17.4

Are you HCG levels normal or could it possibly be multiples? At 8dpo =13, 10dpo =57, 16dpo =1195 & 18dpo=2628. Numbers are high and doubling fast.

At 14dp3dt my hCG was 149. It was 236 at 16dp3dt (after 48 hrs) and today's hCG level was 523 (18dp3dt). Are these numbers low? I am 39

At 4 weeks 4 days my hCG was 3, 900. 40 hours later it was 7, 261. My ultrasound isn't until tomorrow, i'll be 5w4d. Is that high & could it be twins?

At 4 weeks 6 days my hCG has come at 1515 and progestrone at 14.3 - is there anything to worry about?

At 4w1d my hcg was 4w4d it was 148....:is this low? I don't want to worry myself, but I'm scared of having another miscarriage

At 4w4d pregnant I got some bleeding and my beta HCG was 85, at 4w6d I got 208 HCG and smaller spots of blood. Do you think there is something bad ?

At 4w5d is a beta hcg of 18000 normal.

At 5 weeks and 2 days Hcg was 4000, 42 hours later Hcg was 6500. Is this a normal rate of increase?

At 5w4d pregnant my hCG level was 8, 250. At 7w3d pregnant my hCG level was 36, 350. Saw heartbeat 7w3d at 158. Concern: levels rising quick enough?

At 6w4d pregnant my hCG was 29,164. At 7w1d it had risen to 33,434. Is this enough of a rise in 4 days or does this raise concern?

At 8 weeks by hCG level was 110000 then at 9 weeks it was only 130000. Is it normal for it to plateau at this point? It has been doubling nicely up until this week. I have my first scan on wednesday

Beta hCG reported > 7000, but lab said was an error. Final report > 1.3. Could it be hook effect?

Beta hcg result <.100 means pregnant or not?

Beta HCG today 189.20 iu/l. Can u tell me what my ideal hcg amount should be in 4 days time from now?

Beta hCG was 470.5 on 7th Oct. HCG 5000 injection on 8th Oct to prevent miscarraige. Beta HCG on 12th Oct was 2693. Is this from shot or pregnancy?

Beta hcg-eclia for my wife's (age-31) test is 9240 miu/ml after 5 weeks 3 days. Is right to predict multiple pregnancy?

Beta levels after IVF. 14dpo - 67 then 16dpo 107 then 18dpo 192. The 18dpo number seems low and the doubling times slow - what is the viability?

Beta numbers started good but not doubling. 247 14dpo, 418 17dpo, 597 20dpo. Any chance for viable pregnancy?

Beta of 95 then 3 days later 915. Is this rise normal. I had 2 blasts transferred on day 5. ?

Beta quantitative <1.0 5 or 6 DPO why was it too soon to have done?

By my lpm i'm 5w 3d and my hCG levels are 920. But i had a u/s done and they were not able to find anything. No gestational sac or anything. Normal?

Can hCG drop to less than 1.0, 2-3 days after med abortion of a 1- 2 week pregnancy?

Can these hCG levels result in a normal pregnancy? 820-1279. 64% increase with 59 hours between the 2?

Clearblueeasy hCG levels for the conception indicator tests:1-2 weeks = 25miu to 200miu 2-3 weeks = 201miu to 2000miu 3+ weeks = >2000miu. Accuracy?

Clearblueeasy levels for the conception indicator tests:1-2 weeks = 25miu to 200miu 2-3 weeks = 201miu to 2000miu 3+ weeks = >2000miu. Accuracy?

Concerned about lab results LMP was on 01/19/2017. 02/20/2017 HCG level was 118 and today on 02/22/2017 HCG level is 256, Progestrone is 11.9

Could high levels of hCG point to down syndrome? Mine were around 245, 000 at 9.2 weeks. Have had ultrasound and only one baby.

Could I have implanted at 11-12 dpo?

Could the hCG drops work only want answers from ppl who actually used it?

Day 3 embryo transplantation was done on 27/04/2013.Spotted bleeding on 6/05/2013. Hcg levels tested on 7/05/2013 is 2.8 .Have i failed my IVF cycle.

Dear dr 7 days post one blastocyst transfer latest lab: e2:490, p4:29.4, beta hCG : 0.76 is there any hope for positive pregnancy?

Dear drs, i had FET on 5/12, was given im gestone and hCG 4 times b4 18/12(which is my test day) qualitative blood test is faint + & bhcg > 67.1ml?

Did a 4 day FET with 2 embryos. Hcg 13 days after transfer was 1389 e2 - 2302 progesterone-17.4. I've been on endomentrin since before fet. Too low?

Did hCG test 5w0d res. We're 1595. Did retest 5w3d and #s were 4512 is that ok for this far long in pregnancy?

Did my 1st beta hCG 186 31/10 then my second 6/11 now at 3895 . What does this big increase mean ?

Do doctors have positive reviews for hCG drops and injections?

Do I have a chance of having a healthy pregnancy at being 4weeks after froz. Embryo transfer level 4-21 being hCG level only 365 tranfer was on 4-8-14?

Does a HCG Pregnancy test level of <1.2 ng/ml mean someone is pregnant?What is the equivalent level of <1.2 ng/ml to MIU/mL?Is <1.2 ng/ml equal to1.2?

Does having my hCG level tested in different two laps affects the outcome ? As it came out that my hCG triples every 48 hours

Dpo/hcg levels: 14=233; 15=389; 16=683; 19=2821; 21=4643; 22=6533; 24=9596 (86 hrs doub. Time). Can high early hCG = earlier decline in doubling time?

Dr beshay, i askd bout a 67ml positive bhcg test afta a booster shot of hcg? It was a 2500ml shot on 15/12/12 while the test was 18/12/12 . Pls advise

Dr if my b hcg in increasing in 36 hours does it means I'm having molar pregnancy? Im 5 weeks 2 days and result is 3222. Seems normal but 36 hours!!