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I am here to ask you about my pcos.please tell me what should i do to end this. My facial features are getting masculine.either its buxism or pcos. ?

24 years old. Normal hormones but have irregular cycles, cystic acne over face/back, hirtuism, cysts on ovaries, insomnia, depression? Cycles 40+ days

26yr girl have ammenorrhea in gap of 3, 4 month and than normal cycle for 2, 3 month, weight is 70kg, u/s shows polycyctic overies, how to treat?

32 woman with type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOS.....all in the last 2 years. What are my chances of bigger threatening? Also lesi

32yo woman w/ elevated dhea level. Didnt like spironalactone. Am 5'2" 177 lbs. Not polycystic ovaries. Will losing lbs. Help? Any natural remedies?

A dr. Said i had polycystic ovarian syndr, but i don't have cysts, obesity or extreme body hair. Only medium acne & menstrual cramps.Is that possible?

African american, difficulty losing weight, elevated BP, thinning hair with polycystic ovarian syndrome on Metformin 1 year? What now?

Almost 25. When i was 23 for the first time in life i broke out in cystic acne over my upper back. I have pcos. My hormone panel normal. What is this?

Any insights on when do women with pcos begin to actually see pcos symptoms?

Any non-retinol based creams that might work for underarm acanthosis nigricans?(related to weight fluctuations and pcos)

Are the fertility treatment options the same for lean and overweight women with pcos?

Becouse of polycystic ovaries I have facial hair on my face if polycystic ovaries cure than the hair will dicrease r not?

Been having brown spotting for over a week. Have polycystic ovary syndrome & after losing weight, i´m becoming more regular, but what does this mean?

Besides being overweight. I have polycystic ovaries. Is it true that if i lose weight I'd be able to conceive? Even with polycystic ovaries?

Besides impeding ovulation, what other fertility issues can hypo and/or hyperthyroidism cause, if any?

Blood, hormone, metabolic panel all normal, no biochemical abnormalities. I have pcos hirsutism, hypoplastic breasts, cystic acne, irreg cycle why?

can chronic inflammation (chronic exzema and boils) cause you to ovulate late each cycle & creating pcos?i ovulate but late. no insulin/testoste slim

Can endometriosis CAUSE PCOS? Had dysmenorrhea for as long as I can remember, can't move first 3 days. Also have PCOS, can one cause the other?

Can excess antibiotics cause infertility?

Can metoclopramide cause hirsutism?And how, what happens?Can you confirm by any test? What treatment to be well again, treat hirsutism caused by med?

Can pcos be linked to mesenteric adenitis or vice versa?

Can pcos be linked to mesenteric adenoid or vice versa?

Can pcos develop when your 17 years old or earlier than that?

Can pcos or adenomyosis effect a 20 year old? What are symptoms you may have it?

Can pcos people eat chocolate every day? will pcos cause hypothyroidism?

Can PCOS stop me from having kids?

Can polycystic ovaries worsen as you get older ?

Can sah be linked to pcos?

Can simple small ovarian cysts turn into pcos in future? I heard that pcos is not totally curable. Is pco also has no cure? Thank you.

Can you explain if it's possible my hypoglycemia is caused by pcos?

Can you have children with swyers syndrome if they take proper hormones ti induce menstrutation (why or why not?)

Can you have pco but never develop pcos? in the case that it never develops, can you get rid of the polycystic in any way??

Can you have pcos without being over weight? My doctor said it sounds like i might have pcos but he counts it because of my weight and no facial hair

Can you suggest a proper diet chart for a 25yr old female suffering from polycystic bilateral ovaries.

Can you tell me how to rid of pcos symptoms?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has suffered from hirsutism?

Considering ovarian drilling for PCOS high LH:FSH ratio, irreg cycles, cystic acne, insomnia, feels miserable. Does it really DESTROY part of ovary?

Could my acne be related to ovarian cysts and excess facial hair? Last checked(about a month ago) hormones were okay . My cycles are regular 28 days.

Could you have cushing disease and pcos? I got diagnosed with pcos at 16 then i got diganoaed with tena vascular (yeast on skin) not to long after.. But is it possible i have both? Cushing and pcos? Symptom basically the same for both disease right?

Dear Doc, I ve been on Metformin for the past 1 month and my menses are yet to arrive and am being treated for PCOS, not severe, just mild ones.

Desperately want to have kids one day and i know pcos can affect fertility. Can the cysts be anything to be concerned about?

Developed panic disorder w/agoraphobia after daughter was born. Ovarian cysts were found. Doc confirmed no pcos, hormones are fine. Is it related?

Diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS. Just began metformin 500 2 times a day. Began having excessive sweating with very light activity. Normal?

Diagnosed with mild pcos no acne,slim and long but ovulatory cycles,cysts on ovaries and slightly hairy. do you think i will get worse by time? Im 22.

Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. No extra hair growth or irregular periods. Severely obese. Cysts on both ovary. No eggs. Could doc be wrong?

Do Duphaston cure or lessen polycystic ovary?

Do i get cyckes with premature ovarian failure?

Do pcos symptoms last forever?

Do people ever get rid of polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Do people with pcos have larger ovarian reserve than other people?

Do you know which type of treatment is better for pcod in women?

Doctor said i've pcos and my ovary is not getting rupture after 2cm of growth. Will that be a true?

Does getting a full hysterectomy do away with PCOS symptoms? Ei, hirsutism..

Does hairiness caused by polycystic ovary syndrome usually go after taking hormone pills? (or some certain drugs for treatment this syndrome?)

Does homeopathy have effective treatment. For pcos. Already had weight loss+ metformin+ other allopathy as per infertility specialist.

Does hypothyroidism contribute to polycystic ovarian syndrome at all? I have both. Also I have hair around my areola on my breast. Is this normal?

Does metformin cure secondary dysmenorrhea?

Does pcos put u at risk for hypothyroidism?

Enlarged clitoris in pcos. What is the best way to treat this?

Exzema since birth&history of boils. Can polycystic ovarian cysts have developed bcoz of inflmation within body?Hormones ok. slim no acne no insulin

Fertility, weight & hair problems? Could it be pcos

For pcos is it good to use ginette 35 or registrone 5 tabs? is pcos a dangerous disease? i am 28f still unmarried. i have hypothyrodism.

Hello doc, My wife's gynae has just told her that she is havong PCOS syndrome. .her ovary is enlarged.. Pls guide is there a treatment for this? Thanx

Hello I have polycystic ovary syndrome and my doctor recommend me to start on diane 35 pills, i really want a natural treatment, i heard of inositol?

Hello, I have a couple of PCOS related questions: would you recommend consumption of spearmint tea to reduce testosterone levels, and should ovarian cysts be examined regularly?

Hello, I want to know what is the principal cause of ovarian cysts and how can I treat it without administrating any kind of hormones Thanks. ?

Hi I am 25 yrs old. My periods only last for 2 days and I think I might have PCOS (my cousin has pcos) as I am putting on weight and no matter what I ?

Hi I am a triathlete and was dignosed w/pcos. How would i know if my ameno is caused by pcos or being highly physically active?

Hi I have pcos n i did the laparoscopy before 6 months after that also my eggs will not growth can yu please tel what is the natural remedy for egg growth?

Hi I want to know difference between cyst and pcos is it possible that a person can have cyst and pcos also?

Hi I was diagnosed with pcos but I don't really have the symptoms am I considered infertile?

Hi i'm looking for natural ways to help with pcos. I'm a slim pco sufferer with sent periods and wonder if metformin could help?

Hi I've had a singular salpingo-opherectomy then ended up with pcos, is there a link between the two or is it just a coincidence??

Ho do you know if you suffer with pcos?

How can I find out if I have pcos? I have regular periods but have other symptoms like adult acne, excess hair growth, & weight gain.

How can I make my pituatry gland work well? Will it help regulate my periods and getting rid of pcos...

How can you get rid of polycystic ovarian disease so you can have a baby?

How do health professionals test women to see polycystic ovary syndrome?

How do I treat polycystic ovarian syndrome besides taking medication? Is it possible to get rid of it by losing a good amount of weight?

How do u judge the severity of pcos? How severe is my pcos my afc is 20-22 irregular periods do get acne every year n also have chin hirsuitism?

How is it possible having polycystic cysts,yet normal blood work including testost, shbg etc, no acne, slim, ...long but still ovulatory reg.cycles?

How is menopause diagnosis in a woman who is on birth control for the tx of endometriosis?

How likely is it to develop lactic acidosis while on diaphormin for pcos?

How much does low progesterone contribute to water retention in polycystic ovary syndrome?

How to become pregnant naturally with pcos, and very seldom menstruations? Normal weight, but hirutism&acne. Will it still help to eat lowcarb?

How to handle PCOS?

How to overcome my polytheistic ovary problems ?

How would I go about getting a genetic test for polycystic kidney disease before ttc?

Hyperhidrosis, irregular cycles, poor healing wounds, stretch marks since childhood now faded, irreg cycles, cystic acne, hirsutism, is it cushings?

I 'd irregular cycle & 'd gained weight I have cysts on both ovaries i'd cystic acne which was treated with sotret i'm on glyciphage 850 & having acne?

I always thought I have pcos bcoz of excessive hair however I am very thin and I do not have acne. Could it just be hormonal imbalance estrogen-prog?

I am 21 y/o and have an on and off hormonal therapy for pcos. But my recent utz shows that the polyps muliplied and affects both side of my ovary.

I am 22 years old and have ovarian polycystic desease.I have been treating for nearly 4 years took diane-35.But there was relapses.What can I do?

I am 29 year old. I am suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. I start my treatment in kolkata. Now i want to conceive. So my doctor give me ovofa?

I am a 26-year-old female with PCOS and amenorrhea. Is a 15 mm endometrial thickening normal for my age and my conditions? Thank you!

I am a 44yr women & have been diagnosed with a under active thyroid. What is the best diet treatment ?

I am diabetic and have pcos. Anything i can do to lighten those areas up?

I am hving few small cystic in ovaries I am taking chromotheraphy & gynedol srphy, and water treatment, trying to reduce weight, is it ok will it cure?

I am normal weight pcos patient. Will my hormones never be normal as any other girl?

I am not at all overweight &have been diagnosed with pcos. I follow a relatively healthy low GI diet. Is pcos always related to insulin abnormalities?