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1 year ago i had no memory of abuse. I now have severe flashbacks, dissociation, alters, depression ptsd. Pls tell me it gets better, i've lost hope.

13 weeks pregnant with my first child and experiencing such a roller coaster of emotions. Any advice to help stabilize my moods?

1yrhemiplegic mgrns, bipolar psych event, anx nos, maj depress disorder. Still want 2 hide, mood swings, don't feel meds wrk. 600 sera/100 topa/20 cele?

A month ago i took some ritalin (methylphenidate) ever since my anxiety has gotten a lot worse almost crippling me, im always agitated and have unnatural mood swings?

A psychiatrist tells me psychosis is just around the corner for me as I am having mood swings and am emotionally unstable. What does he mean?

Abusing others in your heart, is it a sign of depression?

Adhd, anxiety disorder and mood imbalance. My psychiatrist said i was gifted although I have a relatively low IQ on test. Can you make sense of this ?

After a month on faverin, i didn't notice any benefit except for the mood (less anger), but my OCD wasn't better. Is it normal ? Should i wait ?

Almost every day i want to kill myself. Is this normal. I'm bipolar and ADHD and have sever depression. What can I do to stop thinking this way?

Am I Bi-Polar or Depressed? Or something else? Looking at the patterns of my life I think I might be Bi-Polar, but I don't know for sure.

Am i bipolar or going through something else?

Am I bipolar? Been on anti deps since 15, now 22, im about to lose my mind over these mood swings, and I don't even know who I am anymore.

Am I confused of depressed? Can't think as fast or sharply as I used to.

Am i depressed, bipolar, or pregnant? Im about 100 percent sure im not pregnate. But is there a texst my doctor can give me to see if im depressed or bipolar. My mood changes fast and normally from happy to sad and back to happy. When i get sad i think i

AM I JUST BEHAVING BADLY? Or is my Bipolar so bad that that's the reason no doctor wants to work with me. I have Bipolar 1, mostly mixed state.

Am i maybe partly bipolar? I find my mood changes so fast over things that can be so small&i go through periods of extreme depression and happiness.

Am so confused and depressed right now and i don't know what should I do with my depression and confusion?

Anxiety forgetfull can't finish things can't concentrate mood swings depression?

Any suggestions on ways to ease symptoms when you are manic and depressed at the same time?

Anyone experience a serious mood swing?

Are quick changes in mood, shifts in personality, identity confusion, and feeling distant from reality something I should be really concerned about?

Are there any conditions opposite of bipolar (where mood rarely fluctuates)? If so, what are the full set of symptoms?

Are there any natural foods/and or supplements that can help a person cope with depression and mood swings?

Are there periods where a bipolar sufferer is 'normal' ie neither depressed nor manic?

Are there psychiatric conditions associated w/ abnormally high levels of anger sadness & jealousy.feel like those destroying my life & relationships?

As a student, what must I do if a roommate with a mood disorder is suicidal?

As a symptom of Schizoaffective disorder and depression can it feel like someone is in your body?

Atypical depression doesn't seem at all to be atypical. Mood reactivity to positives and interpersonal rejection sensitivity aren't unusual, right?

Bad mood swings and bad depression after my dog passes away is that normal?

Been taking mirtazapine 15 mg for 3 weeks does this drug cause aggression and mood swings snapping at the slightest thing.

Bipolar -blunted affect- no medicine changes advised! so feeling frustrated need advice...

Bipolar disorder and my meds are making me always tired with no motivation. Can anything be done to help this?

Bipolar II is really interfering with my productivity. So please tell me, are meds really the only hope?

Bipolar student has no way of getting lamotrigine after grad. Extreme manic episodes. Need help, is there free clinics for psych health? Help please!

Brain not being active enough. Could boredom cause depression?

Can 2.5 mg of escitalopram be effective for reducing feelings of despair? Imo it does, but my psychiatrist disagrees. I feel indifferent athigherdoses

Can a depressive episode and failed psychotherapy retrigger ocd? My symptoms were controlled for years, but are back in full force after depression.

Can atenonol at low dose 37.5 cause hallucinations /suicidal thoughts?

Can being diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety mean someone is mentally ill?

Can bipolar disorder make me have increased senses? Help please?

Can buspirone be making me have high anger and irritability?

Can depersonalization disorder last a lifetime? I have very bad anxiety, Depersonalization and depression 24/7 after a bad experience with weed. HELP

Can depression cause sudden bouts of narcolepsy? Can one be depressed without even "feeling/knowing" it?

Can energy drinks calm people with add and bipolar disorder?

Can general anesthia affect a person with major depression? Make them feel more depressed.

Can hypothyroidism cause mental fogginess? I am also gettinf depressed and agitated for not sleeping.

Can keeping anger inside me cause a major depression?

Can large dermoid ovarian cyst cause mood issues? Hostility, sadness, mood swings. I'm otherwise well-medicated and seen by a psychiatrist.

Can listening to delta waves at night, or any brainwaves help with anxiety and depression?

Can loratadine cause children to have violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts?

Can major depression, dysthymia, double depression cause a bloated stomach?

Can my seizures an depression cause a diaper fetish?

Can ptsd, or OCD cause mania at night not .Hyper but fidgety , exstreme insomnia feeling the need to figure things out, write list, clean organize?

Can pure OCD cause a lot of mood changes?

Can racing thoughts of severe ocd often be mistaken for bipolar?

Can risperdal cause serious boredom?

Can something retrigger bipolar depression. Before my baby i was fine and now she 9 months and i'm so angry with everything. Suicidal thoughts are bac?

Can taking 25-50mgs of seraquel daily change your normal personality? To where you don't even have a sense of humor?

Can the mirena (levonorgestrel) cause depression? Im always sad ever since I had my baby [2 now] just depressed all the time.

Can you cry when your hypomanic? My psych was calling me bipolar and hypomanic. But i left her room crying which i think that indicates im not.

Can you please define mood swings? I get so mad and so sad really quick.

Can you please discuss depression and behaviors of people who have it?

Can you please recommend some effective movies about teen depression and cutting?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you don't have sad. I am also not sure if I have pdd, can you have both?

Concentration just degraded over time as my depression became more intense. Does depression cause this?

Concern about a friend: how common is in women to having manic episodes in self medication with zoloft (sertraline)? She's very impulsive and aggressive lately.

Considering i never experienced mania/hypom. And that my hypersexual waves come independently of my mood (and are very frequent) can I still have bd?

Could 1 missed dose of manic depression/bipolar medication cause uncontrolled anger and suicidal thoughts?

Could anxiety and depression lower a person's grades?

Could bipolar people become violent when manic/angry?

Could depression brings to collapse?

Could I have schizophrenia if I am sometimes energized and happy and other times sloooow and blue?

Could it be right that you have to experience having a 'high' before becoming bipolar?

Could people with major depression, or who have nervous breakdowns end up in a asylum?

Could seroquel (quetiapine) cause bipolar disorder in previously healthy patients? I feel very strange on it. One minute im happy the other, miserable.:-(

Could you potentially have periods of happiness during depression?

Could you tell me what would you do, girlfriend hears voices, bulimia, depression?

Depressed but not sure if Prozac making worse. Emotional numbness lack of motivation anhedonia negative thoughts. Wellbutrin caused insomnia, extreme dry mouth, fits of rage. When Prozac was doubled, felt high, agitated. Tired of med merry go round.

Depression accompanied by fits of rage?

Depression meds work alittle but i'm still angry. Its really bad when i'm not on depression meds. I feel i might have bpd or bipolar.

Depression, anxiety, wild mood swings, brain zaps, epilepsy, Raynaud's syndrome, gastrointestinal distress, positive ANA test. Any one cause?

Depression, lost focus, agitation, anxiety, personality disorder are problems I battle each day. Any help?

Depression..Regular mood swings&.I feel low most of the time, i feel lonely even if I am in a group of thousands&=..Bad headache.

Diagnosed GAD/ADHD/OCD years ago. Suicidal/homicidal ideation/daily mood swings since beginning new BC pill. Hyper aware of environment, no hallucinations. I don't think I want to hurt anyone, but often question/obsess over it. SCARED of schizo...?

Difference between having a bad temper and being bipolar?

Digonosed with Bipolar disorder, don't feel depressed just very on edge, easily frustrated and angery any advice on medicine control anger outburst ?

Do all Bipolars feel they are on a daily emotional rollercoaster or is that rapid cycling?

Do bipolars have a hard time striking a balance between optimism and pessimism?

Do I have a hormonal imbalance? I feel significantly more depressed before my period, start to have suicidal thoughts & relapse on self-harming.

Do I have bipolar disoder? Mostly I am glum but sometimes I get in a good mood.

Do I have bipolar ii? Was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome at age 13, now being told i absolutely don't have it. What's up? Can't concentrate, forgetful, overwhelmed easily, scattered, rage, panic attacks, flashbacks, mania, love/hate relationships, c

Do I have depression? Because i easily get sad, and im ussually antisocial

Do oral contraception causes depression or emotional instability?

Do people ever get put in a mental institution for bipolar/depression?

Do people see doctors for depersonalization and depression?

Do people with bipolar disorder feel normal moods as well?

Do people with bipolar disorder know when they are about to go into a depressed state of mind?

Do u think Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) can help some people with mental/mood disorder? My friend has mental conditions and the only thing that i she has tried a lot of meds for mental/mood and it makes her worst

Does a brain abcess cause mood swings like cryinf and angry?

Does anxiety or depression run in family genes. Never been depressed but have some anxiety just at work from time to time mainly when overloaded ?