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21 years old stage 4 endometriosis, on Lupron (leuprolide) depot and still have pain. Have had 2 laparoscopic surgeries. What can I do now?

3 month lupron (leuprolide) shot or nuvaring for endometriosis? I just had lap surgery for it. Will start trying to conceive in 3 months with only a 4 month window

63 yrs had prostatectomy @ 55 on lupron (leuprolide) would caverject help me?

After 6 months of having a lupron (leuprolide) injection how long for it to wear off?

After having a 3 months dose of lupron (leuprolide) injection, after how long till my menstrual cycle be back to normal?

After lupron (leuprolide) depot, I have irregular periods. Is that normal?

After taking lupron (leuprolide) depot 11.25, when should I expect to get periods?

Any unusual effects of seasonale birth control after you've had lupron (leuprolide) depot?

Are there alternative treatments for endometriosis other than the lupron (leuprolide) depot shot?

Are there symptoms associated with lupron (leuprolide) ?

Can a zoladex (goserelin) 3.6mg implant induce artificial menopause?

Can drugs in IVF make endometriosis worse? If yes, what is the solution to get pregnant and deal with endo? How can Depo-Provera lupron (leuprolide) help?

Can I get pregnant on zoladex (goserelin)?

Can i take hCG injections for weight loss while on lupron (leuprolide) for uterine fibroids?

Can i take lupron (leuprolide) and follistom at the same time everyday and can I inject them both into the same area, my abdomen? Is this the most effective way?

Can lupron (leuprolide) depot cause an increase in blood platelets?

Can lupron (leuprolide) depot cause fatigue, memory loss?

Can lupron (leuprolide) stop menstruation one month after injection?

Can Menopur injection postpone menses?

Can prolonged lupron (leuprolide)&danazol, 18 months of injections total for lupron (leuprolide) & 4 yrs of danazol, incr risk of leukemias? Weird symptoms, dr's ref'd to oncology

Can someone explain how lupron (leuprolide) depot injections can help in the treatment of premenstraul dysphoric disotder?

Can the side effects of lupron (leuprolide) be reversed?

Can you become pregnant while on the lupron (leuprolide) injection and what would the symptoms be?

Can you tell me about taking lupron (leuprolide) shot in my 30's?

Complcations with long use of lupron (leuprolide)?

Develop a fibroid while taken lupron (leuprolide) depot shots?

Do you know if there are alternative treatments for endometriosis other than the lupron (leuprolide) depot shot?

Does lupron (leuprolide) depot cause severe acne?

Does lupron (leuprolide) depot increase fertility?

Had a lupron (leuprolide) injection a month ago but not having any menopausal symptoms. Is this common?

Had laparoscopy last year followed by Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) followed by Depo-Provera lupron. Have one working ovary, some fibroids, and endometriosis. Can I get preg?

Had my 6th shot of lupron (leuprolide) and now I have vag bleeding. Is that normal?

Has anyone ever taken lupron (leuprolide) shots for adenomyosis?

Hello dr, are lupron (leuprolide) depot . Leuprolide acetate for depot suspension (3.75mg) and lucrin depot 3, 75mg.Leuproreline the same?To treat endometriosis

How does lupron (leuprolide) depot work for endometriosis?

How effective is danazol?

How healthy and effective is luprolex (lupron) for the treatment of adenomyosis?

How long do lupron (leuprolide) injections work to increase chances of getting pregnant?

How long does it take fo the effects of lupron (leuprolide) to wear off?

How long does one lupron (leuprolide) shot last?

How long should you wait after the 3 month Lupron (leuprolide) injection to try to conceive?

How much calcium should I take if i'm on lupron (leuprolide) to supress my endometriosis for a year?

How severe do the side effects of lupron (leuprolide) depot?

How to reduce hot flash side effect of lupron (leuprolide)?

I am 52, was on lupron (leuprolide) depot to shrink fibroids before sugery. Diagnosed with et. Is there a way to bring on natural menopause?

I am suffering of endometriosys for 4 Years now. I heard about the Visanne treatment. I had zoladex (goserelin) after my surgery in 2011 and it didn't work.

I get a lupron (leuprolide) depot 22.5 mg shot every 3 months. Can i take melatonin to sleep?

I had 2 lupron (leuprolide) monthly injections after laproscopy. I got my first period 21 days after the second shot. I haven't had the second period yet. ?

I had a lupron (leuprolide) shot 2 weeks ago and I am still bleeding is this normal?

I have been on the 3 month lupron (leuprolide) depot injection but still having multiple periods. Does this mean I have been ovulating through the shot?

I have endometriosis. I already had a laparoscopy done and i been on lupron (leuprolide). My pains are now reaccuring. Do I have a lap done again or back on lupron (leuprolide)?

I have recurrent hemorrhagic cysts and bcps are no help. Doc thinks need to try lupron (leuprolide) injections. Im 40. Needing opinions please?

I was on lupron (leuprolide) depot shots for 6 months--when should I expect a period to return?

I was on lupron (leuprolide) dupo for about nine months took a shot every month and still haven't had a period a year later is that okay ?

I was suppose to do 6 months of lupron (leuprolide) shots but I ended up doing 2. When going off Lupron (leuprolide) will I ovulate first before I have my period?

I'm 49 years old and i've been diagnosed with endometriosis i was put on a regimen of 3.75 lupron (leuprolide) injectable for 6 months i didn't have a period for 3?

I'm in my 6th month of taking Lupron (leuprolide) Depot. I had eggwhite discharge for several days and my nipples are very sore. Could it be from the lupron (leuprolide)?

I've had no period for a year thanks to lupron (leuprolide) injections i had administered for 6 months last year. Can i get pregnant currently?

I've had two monthly doses of the Lupron (leuprolide) injection. My last dose was January 6. I have recently been on antibiotics for 10 day could I be pregnant?

Im taking lupron (leuprolide) and started night sweats ...What can I do to help with that?

Is heavy vaginal bleeding normal if I am on lupron (leuprolide)?

Is it common to develop ovarian cysts after a lupron (leuprolide) injection? Just had sn us w/ a 1.5cm cyst on r ovary, lupron (leuprolide) injection was on 10/30.

Is it easier to get a UTI well on lupron (leuprolide)?

Is it okay to try lupron (leuprolide) depot shot can we try for having kids?

Is it safe to be receiving lupron (leuprolide) depot shots for 11 years?

Is it true that gnrh agonists are good treatments for endometriosis?

Is it wise to be on lupron (leuprolide) for 6 months my endometriosis and infertility?

Is lupron (leuprolide) an effective treatment for endometriosis?

Is lupron (leuprolide) the last resort for prostate cancer?

Is there an all nattural treatment for endometriosis. Do not want surgery or lupron (leuprolide) and can't take oral contraceptives.?

Lupron (leuprolide) depot not helping. What are some alternatives?

Lupron (leuprolide) injection on 10/30. My pelvic pain has worsened, have a new ovarian cyst, & now my hair is falling out. Is hair loss w/ lupron (leuprolide) normal?

Lupron (leuprolide) shot and side effects?

Lupron (leuprolide) withdrawal symptoms for male?

My doc wants me to take zoladex (goserelin) for my endemetriosis is it a good idea to do this treatment?

My husband has been on lupron (leuprolide) x 3 years how long can he take this drug?

Need doctor's help! will nustrate injection cause appendicitis?

Pain from having hormone injections(gnrh agonist)?

Should i get back on the pill after a 6-month treatment with lupron (leuprolide) depot?

Should I have vaginal bleeding during the lupron (leuprolide) depot?

Should lupron (leuprolide) be taken at any certain point during a woman's cycle for endometriosis and fibroids?

Taking tamoxifen and zoladex (goserelin). No period for 4 years had 3 polyps removed 6 weeks ago still bleeding?

Told devolped a fibroid while taken lupron (leuprolide) for 3 months. Could this be something else, since lupron (leuprolide) shirnks fibroids and not lets them grow?

Was on lupron (leuprolide) for 10 months for endo. It's 9 months later and no period, and have hot flashes still. My doc says can take up to a year, is that true?

What % of men get diabetes on hormone therapy lupron (leuprolide)?

What problems are there switching from degarelix to eligard (leuprolide)?

What are lupron (leuprolide) side effects with existing conditions?

What are side affects of lupron (leuprolide)?

What are the effects of depot lupron (leuprolide)?

What are the medical uses of lupron (leuprolide) depot injections?

What are the side effects of lupron (leuprolide) depot ?

What are the side effects of lupron (leuprolide) depot 11.25 mg?

What are the side effects of lupron (leuprolide)?

What are your experiences with prescribing depot lupron (leuprolide)?

What are your thoughts on Lupron (leuprolide) treatment for endometriosis pain?

What can be used instead of lupron (leuprolide)? Bleeding again. 49. Fibroids. Hgb 7.5. Doc wants to do transfusion. I don't want lupron (leuprolide). Would progesterone work?

What does eligard (leuprolide) refer to?

What does lupron (leuprolide) do?

What is pergolide for?

What is the cost of injection of leuprolide acetate?