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,Can low serotonin levels cause vomiting n chronic nausea?

1st question. 4 days inpatient, abnormal leg jerk, disturbance of skin, high b/p, and low BP 89/41.relieved positional. Multiple doctors. Undiagnosed?

23y/o, no sz's since 10y/o, started again & frequent, na+ is always slightly low, co2 always low, TSH norm but low end(0.53), muscle cramps, EKG nsr w/frequent pac's, ct=sm area of infarct-unknown age/cause?

3 months ago i had a TSH range of .87 now its .32 (barely under low range) I've noticed signs of amyloidosis;i know its rare could the two be related?

3yr old high hemocrit, can it be caused by celiac? Normal is 4.2 he is 5.2. Or can dehydration cause such an increase?

41 year-old woman having lupus-like symptoms, angioedema and low complement levels.....?

45 y/o w unexplained severe anemia, high calcium, body pain, history gluten intolerance, poss diabetes. Should she test for myeloma? Other possible causes?

51 year old woman, abnornal high sex drive, inability to complete orgasm, low ptassium, frequent headaches, and now thrush. Any correlation?

53 forgetful unsteady gait and shakes . TSH levels r slightly high and all cholesterol levels r high vit B /D low, CT showed atropy white matter chg?

65 y/o female. Wbc count 16.0 &slowly increasing frm 11-16.0 over last 2 yrs. Fatigue & weight fluctuations-lymphocytes are high & increasing. Cancer?

9 year old has severe headaches daily. Neurological tests & ct normal. Blood test low sodium, low haemoglobin and high urea. Drinks plenty fluids. ?

A year ago, my iron was high for months because of thalassmia. Now my tsh, t4, 3etc. And testosterone is low. Are the 2 related? How can I fix it?

Age 27. High estrogen. SED rate of 67. Low vitamin D. Low cortisol. What else should be tested? What diagnoses should be explored? Seeing doc in a day

Anion gap keeps ⬆️ now at 21. Increased WBC and burning muscle pain. Low potassium. Family history of adrenal issues. Is Anion Gap a concern at 21?

Any correlation between cramps and hypokalemia?

Are low vitamin d levels, bone loss and breast nodules related?

Are there any conditions associated with elevated glycine and low proline? Symptoms are bloated stomach, EGID, hypotonia, normal intelligence

Are there any tests for low stomach acid/hypochloridia? Can stress cause this condition?

Are there any tests to determine high levels of Glutamate? What would the typical signs/symptoms be? Does glutamate affect the heart rate, BP?

Are there symptoms to look out for when progesterone is high?

Are these symptoms related to low potassium or is it hypokalemic periodic paralysis?

As a general rule, is 99mg of Potassium once daily enough to correct a deficiency level of 3.2? And can this level cause shortness of breath?

Baby of six month has hypoglycemia with hypocalcemia all investigation was normal what is wrong with him? Thank you

Bad dry skin constant kidney stones 80-90% calcium 20-10% uric acid chronic pain hair loss anxiety/panic attacks high cholesterol fatty liver vit d level 11 2 positive ana's headaches bad fatigue ?

Been 5 yrs of weakness, fatigue, mental fog, many medical tests. Platelets almost normal now from high. How to approach dr concern of adrenal issues?

Been fatigued lately and just received my blood results. My phosphorus is 7.4 (high) and Vit. D is low. Is this anything bad?

Blood work indicates high TST, low Cortisol, low Prolactin. What are POSSIBLE causes? Symptoms: no weight loss, excess facial hair. Specificity plz

Borderline high cholesterol Used to have high BP Slight decreased iron Had v.D extreme deficiency Now I have moderate pulm HTN,can those affect lungs?

Bp often70/95, fasting sugar 107,mild dizziness sometimes by forward bending for 3months,no vertigo,no low iron or blood count,no hypothyroidism,age59?

Bp often95/70, fasting sugar 107,mild dizziness sometimes by forward bending for 3months,no vertigo,no low iron or blood count,no hypothyroidism,age59?

Caffeine level in blood has increased. What problems i might face ? What should I do ?

Can a brain metabolism problem(low oxygen flow, cortex inhomogenities) cause low grade fever ?

Can a diabetic feel low at 130 and experience symptoms of a low?

Can a hiatle hernia cause enough low level chronic undetectable inflammation to imitate stomach cancer?

Can a low a/g ratio, 0.56, be due to constrictive pericarditis?

Can a low functioning gallbladder only cause noises, and no other symptoms?

Can a low Vit D 25-Hydroxy blood result have any effect on Depression or Bipolar symptoms that exists concurrently? My reading was at 27.9 ng/mL.

Can a low vitamin d (20) make POTS syndrome and low blood pressure, fatigue more difficult to manage?

Can a low Vitamin D level cause or contribute to lower back pain??

Can a low Vitamin D level of 20 (normal range 33-100) cause any symptoms such as depression or fatigue?

Can a low Vitamin D level of 20 (normal range 33-100) cause any symptoms such as depression or fatigue? I also have POTS syndrome.

Can a low vitamin D of 21 cause symptoms? I hear conflicting things on this. I also have controlled lupus &autonomic dysfunction. I fatigue easily.

Can a slightly low sodium level cause symptoms such as fatigue and anxiety?

Can addison disease present symptoms of hypoKpp? I have low cortisol, and bouts of low K and glucose. Weakness, numbness, fatigue, thirst, lightheaded

Can an elevated ck (700) be caused by severe, chronic, anemia (hg 4)?

Can ANS dysfunction cause elevated urine epinephrine levels? Can ANS dysfunction also cause tachycardia multiple times a night? Sorry about all the questions. :)

Can caffeine cause fatigue and low libido. Bloods are fine, I am on thyroxine but levels are normal, could there be another reason?

Can caffiene cause fatigue and low libido. Bloods are fine, I am on throxine but levels are normal, could there be another reason?

Can chronic diarrhea and reduced eating due to nausea for several months cause low c3c?

Can chronic diarrhea from IBS cause low phosphate levels?

Can chronic low sodium cause neuro symptoms in 69 year old woman when it falls to 124?

Can dehydration or virus cause bsl to be out of whack eg constantly high requiring more than normal insulin to bring it down?

Can extreme anxiety cause glucose numbers to slighly rise?

Can gallbladder problems cause low c3c?

Can have hyperthymestic syndrome in a low state and controlable?

Can hemolytic anemia cause low blood vol. Thereby causing autonomic dysfunction? Does body see hemolysis as trauma thereby triggering stress hormones?

Can high anion gap be thyroid related? Also having weight gain, depression, fatigue, low grade fever & joint pain. Anion gap 20. Friend thinks thyroid?

Can high free T4 level cause lightheadedness?

Can high levels of Arabinose in your blood cause muscle pain and other symptoms ? Been to see a nutritionist for these results.

Can high levels of stress cause speech difficulties?

Can high prolac cause general body weakness and fatigue?

Can high sodium intake/levels in body cause bloating feeling & headache?

Can hyperthyroidism be completely ruled out with a htsh level of 0.63, w/in normal range, even w/ similar symptoms?

Can increased insulin caused by overtraining syndrome cause you to have periodic episodes of hypokalemia and parlaysis?

Can it be that a high consumption of protein lead to joint pain?

Can lack of exercise and high blood pressure produce symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder?

Can low dopamine levels cause cardiac dysfunction? Thanks. I have read that low dopamine levels are related to parkinsons--one of the symptoms being autonomic dysfunction. Could this include cardiac problems--racing, pounding, palpitations?

Can low electrolytes lead to troponin levels to elevate and cause chest pains?

Can low fetritin cause parasthesias?

Can low hormones in females cause tachycardia and weakness in legs?

Can low oxygen level cause joint pain?

Can low potassium be misdiagnosed as diabetes? I have a family history of extreme low potassium. I went 1 day w/o insulin; blood glucose fine for 1day

Can low potassium levels cause skin rashes on face?

Can low progesterone cause insomnia or low back pain?

Can low progesterone levels cause visual disturbances -lines and spots in vision and also hypoglycemia ?

Can low thyroid+adrenal fatigue be treated in parallel?How much time(avg) needed to recover from mild adrenal fatigue?Suggest some helpful exercise.

Can low vit d cause mild breathing weakness along with my body weakness and fatigue. Dr prescribed pills for severely low vit d?

Can low vitamin d levels plus significant bone loss be related to breast nodules?

Can lymphocytes count be lowered by severe lack of sleep and stress? Twenty years ago, the percent was at 28%. Now, it is 18%.

Can magnesium deficiency cause low energy, mood swings? Insulin resis..metformin 1000mg.

Can poor diet cause low potassium? Er visit for acute nausea other night. Cbc showed slight elv WBC and low potassium. Doc said no worry?

Can predinose help w/dizziness r/t autonomic def? I drink fluids, salt doesn't help low bp. 10 mg predni helps m. I also have connect tisss disease.

Can severe anxiety cause your sugar level by a few points?

Can severe iron deficiency (very low ferritin) with only moderately low hemoglobin cause symptoms? Racing heart, sob, anxiety, dizzy, hair loss?

Can severe vomiting make your glucose level high ? Child's level was 135 after having severe vomiting. Is this high?

Can sleep apnea over time cause my symptoms of low t level low sperm count , hyperhydrosis, sleepiness, constipation, anxiety, depression.?

Can someone wth a low thyroid have problem wth there pituitary gland and can it be deadly and cause extreme thirst low output and seizures answr asap?

Can tapeworm infestation give you a diary intolerance, celiac (maybe), chronic gastritis, high TSH (thyroid fine), low iron?

Can UTI lead to severe hypernatremia with sodium level going as low as 109 in blood?

Can very low muscle mass in elderly female cause low gfr?

Can very low potassium cause anger or other mood problems?

Can vitamin d deficiency cause fatigue or depression/anxiety? I am especially concerned with the fatigue. My blood level was a 10.

Can Wilson's disease cause low T3, (liothyronine) hypoglycemia & occasional hypokalemia?

Can you please describe the effects on the body and the symptoms of high cholesterol?

Causes of low iron?Recently dr.S found iron27 & low bp.But been with malaise, fatigue, viruses & frustration over a yr.Ideas on how all this connected?

CBC showed potassium level is "dangerously low" secreted through urine? Lump (r) side neck, tender NOT THYROID. Swallowing food is difficult & sore.

Ceruloplasmin is .14 and urinary copper is high. patient is experiencing tremors, brain fog, hyperglycemia, neuropathy, would could be ?

Chiari, fibro, etc, high potassium, platelets 509. Acth 3 range7-63.3endo concerned TSH 3.8.What does all this mean?&horrible pain all over.How sick am i

Chronic fatigue and BP is 107 over 55... is this considered low? I'm a 27 year old female.

Chronic flulike symptoms, cognitive changes and recurrent panic-like episodes. Calcium low, PRL high, cortisol went from 18 to 850! ESR low. eGFR low?