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 i had the blood tests for iron overload and my doctor says I am "fine"; do I need to worry about it now?

If some one has ACD anemia and then doesn't get enough iron can they also get IDA? What would labs look like in that case?

my iron reserves are constantly low inspite of eating well, pls can you advice how I can establish if my periods are too heavy or normal?,

14 mo had iron level of 10.6. Dr prescribed iron suppl. He gets many ear infections. Is iron suppl advisable or could it be increasing infection risk?

19yo F, 5"1 125lb. Had blood test bc dr suspected low iron.Turns out my iron levels are actually beyond high, way too high.what this mean? Treatments?

2 weeks ago I lost 3 pints of blood. My hemoglobin is now 11. When will it normalize? Shall I get another CBC before then, or avoid aerobic exercise?

29yr male.brainfog on liftin weights & trainin my leg. vit levels fine.Fe-70ug/dl.Ferritin-40ng/ml.circulation is very poor.what tests shld i undergo?

2periods/mo., diet low in iron & no supplments -still had high iron. Is iron absorbed dermally? Shower in hard water w/high fe but don't drink it.

30 y.o women with very high MPV 12,2 fl but everything else is ok in the blood. Deficiency of vitamin D was noted. How to get my MPV back to normal?

30yo, abnormal and heavy menses now mildly anemic w/iron def. ultrasound normal, CBC supports anemia, von willebrand panel normal. What tests next?

32 y.O. Female, over the last 5 yrs my platelet count have gotten low. I take iron daily but if I don't they will get low quick. What can cause this?

33 yrs old & my heart skips beats. A MRN said I have Thalassemia . I get out of breath easily. Low iron. Borderline anemic. What could that mean?

4 yo has a slightly low hgb. It is 11.2. His hct is normal. Should I be concerned there is an underlying problem other than iron deficiency?

5yo girsl iron is 164, & norm is 28-93 ug/dl according to lab.Takes no vitamins & has no iron supplemented food & very little red meat. I'm concerned!

6 months ago my blood test showed i was close to being anaemic i was then given ferrous sulfate tablets and now my RBC count is excellent. How do i maintain this through my lifestyle?

9 RBC , 39000 platlets, low WBC 6 transfusions and not raising my blood levels, my body won't make or take blood. I am afraid i won't go home, help?

A couple weeks ago my hemoglobin level was a 4.9. Is that really bad? I had to get 4 blood transfusions for it.

A person who can't take iron medication and has sickle cell what would be good for them to gain back iron in the body?

Abs retic count18500, started iron 1 month ago..what does mean?

After having your thyroid removed, can this result in low iron in the bloodstream? Or is there another cause for the low iron?

After the liquid iron therapy for my baby boy, is it gonna b back to normal ?(he has 10.6 hb level in his CBC so doctor gave me liquid iron (feroglobin medicine) 3.5 ml for 3 months) ?

Always had perfect iron levels. Started Microgestin Fe & eat lots of greens. Perfect blood tests 6 mos. ago, now all good but iron's too high. Why?

Are my heavy periods contributing to my low iron?

Are there any ways to lower hemoglobin naturally?

Are venofer and ferritin ivs the same chemically? I seem to have different results from these iron infusions, with better results from the slow drip.

At what level do people start feeling the effects of low hemoglobin? My wife is 5 months pregnant and hers is very low

Been iron deficient probably bc of Remicade (infliximab) I am on. I was wondering if avascular neurosis of hip which was just diagnosed and cause low iron levels.

Been taking iron for 2 years. Last blood test showed serum iron 41. Normal hemoglobin. 3 years post mennapause. What's going on? Dr. Not concerned

Been taking iron supplements for 5 weeks, Hb increased from 9.8 to 11.7. Blood tests came back fine except RDW(27.8)being high. Should I discontinue?

Blood work done and results are- Iron tests lower side of normal. Ferritin 17 and Iron sat was 13 with range 15-55. Any input? Doctor said fine??

Bruising on thigh there after two month. Sign of healing but still discoloration. I am anemic Could this just be low iron level. Fam. history of lupus?

Can Low ferritin of 9 b diet related in a female aged 35 , vegetarian But does not have heavy bleeding . ?

Can a daily multivitamin which includes 18mg iron be harmful to a young man who was told he is "close to anemic" who also shows some anemic symptoms?

Can a person feel terrible due to low levels of iron saturation and d?

Can being on your period cause a slight decrease in hemoglobin/hematocrit results?

Can having a low iron count which wud be low iron stores cause headaches and palpitarions?

Can heavy drinking cause Anemia and lower hemogoblin levels ? Thanks

Can hypothyroidism cause heavy and extended menstrual periods and over time cause high platelet count? (450-500k) low normal iron tests.

Can i take 65 mg iron pill three times a day?... I recently lost a lot of blood and my RBC level and hgb level are very low rite now.

Can I take iron tablet even though I have cirohsis due to hepc ..blood count is low ?

Can low blood count cause light periods? I started to get lighter and lighter periods irregular, already im low on iron and now im low on folic acid

Can low ferritin cause shortness of breath, hair shedding, and fatigue? My level was 8. And my cbc showed slightly low for whatever shows iron.

Can low iron and being slightly anemic cause "whooshing" sound in ears. If so, will it go away once my iron levels are back to normal.

Can Low Iron cause irritability? A relative of mine gets low iron and has been very irritable recently.

Can low iron make you have nose bleeds?

Can low vitamin d cause symptoms? what are causes of low vit d? recently quit drinking and do not go outside much

Can Menstruation cause low blood pressure? i am feeling dizzy from third day of periods and today is 5th day, body iron store levels were good in Jan.

Can menthol cough drops lower iron and RBCs.

Can my iron levels go down during my period?

Can my low iron anemia cause my period not to come?

Can not taking care of low iron and low vitamin d be dangerous and land you in hospital

Can someone tell me how long will it take to raise my hemoglobin blood count (so as to get rid of anemia)?

Can you explain if your hemoglobin is low what cause's this and how it can be put right?

Can you get a rash from low hemoglobin?

Can you get pregnant with low iron?

Can you have symtoms of pernicious anemia with a high bB12 blood count? I do not take supplements.

Chest pain on&off. Tested for low iron. Results normal (iron 62, Ferrin 5). However low blood glucose of 56. (did not fast) Why blood glucose low?

Chest pain on&off. Tested for low iron. Results normal (iron 62, Ferrin 5). However low blood glucose of 56. (did not fast). Age 25, Why low glucose?

Chronic anemia problems since Nov 14. Had 12 transfusions so far. H&h normally at 6.2 & 28% every 2 weeks. Any ideas as to a cause? Iron levels normal

Complaining of fatigue constantly; ferritin low for past 5 years (range 6-20); recent blood test hemoglobin 134, RD 14.8, ferritin 10. Not Anemic?

Could a low iron level make a person get cold quickly?

Could aspirin decrease blood hemoglobin? What about hct or m.C.H.C?

Could tx'ing anemia halve a high B6 level? If i didn't have iron to make hg, maybe the B6 just built up until it could help with the hg? B6 134 to 60

Could you tell me what happens to the person that has low vitamin d?

Currently on iron pills to treat iron deficiency. Dizziness, sweating, and fainting on my period. Could that be low blood sugar or low blood pressure?

Dad has very low iron in blood but very high ferritin due to MDS & transfusions. He is taking exjade. Does not low iron reduce his RBC production?

Dad in law has jaundice and low hemoglobin (was a 4). got a transfusion saturday which brought the levels u?

Dear Sir, My Wife is having low bleeding from last 3 months. is there any specific reason for this, any problem from low bleeding. Her age is 24. ?

Do i need iron supplements if I have a blood ferritin level of 11.2? My regular iron levels are within range, but I'm often dizzy and sleepy.

Doctor, The haemogoblin level for my 9,5months old baby is 11. Is this number satisfying or is he anemic ? His doctor advise an iron drops of 0,6ml daily. Do you think that it's necessary ?

Does craving salt mean iron defency?

Does giving blood make you anemic?

Does having low iron affect running performance and hw?

Does iron overload cause permanent damage to the testicles? I have alpha thalessmic trait and sometime iron gets too high.

Does low iron mean constipation?

Does sleeping and taking a bath late at night contribute to low hemoglobin or anemia?

Dr said iron level is 30 it's good,she said "your blood test look good" is 30 not low? Is there another number they measure? Feeling so tired lately

Dr said my blood count is low. 106. I asked is it due to iron. He didn't know. He said sometimes periods, but mine are not heavy. Ovarian cyst only . ?

Elevated ferritin levels, but i'm chronically anemic-missed 6 venofer injections, what are possible causes? Is lupus possibility?

Every time my son donates blood they tell him his iron is too high . This time it was 51. My uncle has hemochromatosis , should I be concerned .

Ferritin 7, Hgb 11.7. OB said anemia increases risk of m/c. Shall I postpone planned FET in August? Cannot take iron due to GI prob. What can I do?

Ferritin been low (<5) for years. In last 12 months, hb has dropped to 79g/L. How low does it need to go before I should worry about heart failure?

Ferritin level going up but red blood count& hemoglobin going lower, why?

Ferritin low 15 instead of normal 30. He is not anemic we were told by hematologist. What could cause this? Meds? Colon remov/resect diverticulitis?

Ferritine too high but iron and transferrine saturation normal doctor suggest healthy diet without red meat etc and skip vitamin pil with iron?

Ferrous Sulphate200mg 3xa day 1mth.CBC Iron was only just in range. Stopped iron CBC in range have had mouth ulcers hair loss swollen glands any ideas

Fingers+toes almost always cold. But last blood test i had my iron levels were slightly high. What else could be the cause of my cold fingers+toes?

For seven weeksprickly feeling all over all blood test ok liver iron blood count what could it be on gabapentin?

For years ive been iron deficient but had normal to high RBC. How is this possible? Potential Cause? Unexplained and untreated due to normal/high RBC.

Good day. I am a 35 year old lady. I donate blood every 2nd month. This month however my HB was 9.1. Should I go see a dr or just drink iron supplemen?

Got checked for anemia. Hemoglobin 19.5 . Gp said that's good.. Is this level normal? Too low or too high?

Had an fbc last week and my iron came back at 6.2. It's not normally low and haven't changed my diet recently. The doc said i need supplements. Should i be worried? Haemoglobin 12.8.

Had baby 17 days ago. Had curettage due to bleeding. No blood transfusion. Breastfeeding now. What should the normal iron level be?

Haemoglobin level of 16.8 in a female, what problems could it cause, what could be the reason ? Not dehydrated.

Hat can cause a lock of iron in a man without any bleeding found. ?

Have had iron infusion due to ida and possible crohn's. Not anaemic now however CBC results show haemoglobin decreased from 13.6 to 13 in 7 days?

Hb is 10. Im 6.5 months pregnant. Hw much Hb is considered anaemic during pregnancy?

HB level dropped from 8 to 6.5 despite intravenous iron infusion. 27 week in pregnancy. Vomiting again like it used to be in ist trim. WORRIED ABT HB?

Hb was 4 in may12 now 7.5.Wbc111000.Tibc460.Serum folate (folic acid) >40.Problem- pain in legs and breating problem.Have any risk of blood cancer.What's your sug?

HCV SVR for 6 months -still Low HBG,HCT,PLT,Vit.D-high iron for several months- occas. lite headed,tired,tingly-what should I be asking Hema Dr&PCP?