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I'm worried my lymphs in the past always 1.6 now lowest ever 0.8 low ,wbc 4.9 and neutr 75% high what does all this ,cancer,infection what?

1 mo ago, 13cm spleen on CT- no symptoms still.CBC ok- Dr not concerned but I am freaking! would I have symptoms by now if something was wrong?Scared

1 y/o fever x 2days (tmax 104). CBC after abx for ear infection was completed showed slight toxic granulation. Is this a concern?

10 days after last vidaza shot got fever that fluctuates between 37 & 38.5. Had a blood transfusion & fever started fluctuating between 38 and 40. Why?

10 mo baby has white blood cell count 23, 000.No ear infection or signs infection. What are the possibilities? (he is not immunized) high fever of 104

10 month old had 2 uti's , had symptoms for #3 in less 2 months.. On meds. Culture neg, waiting to do tests could teething cause high white blood cells?

10 mosquito bites with 2 stagnant pools next door. West Nile? Had one day of nausea, chills, headache. Routine blood work 3.9 WBC and 0.16 monocytes

10 year old girl with regular fatigue and low grade fevers (99.3-100.4) blood tests norm. Except: neutrophil -60.0, lymphocytes 26.5 any ideas?

10 year old son right quadrant pain. Low grade fever, nausea. WBC normal but neutrophils 76, monocytes 8.7 and lymphocytes 12. X-ray showed stool?

10 yo dau, adopted south china, had mono jan-may 2013. Extreme fatigue, stomach pain, muscle soreness reemerged in cold temps for 4 mos. Has thalassemia minor; rbcs & hb counts wnl.Agglutinin disease?

11 year old boy, high count of monocytes (mono), abdominal pain continuous for over a week, diarrhea, and tired. What type of physician? Need help

11y son very lethargic sleeps all the time pale about 1 month doc-urine ok no strep/fever-did blood said mono/leukemia possb. But don't "think" so?

12y/o missed 32days of school this year-many illnesses, 1 was shingles a month ago. Now he's lost 9lbsin10days&malaise. CBC normal. What could it be?

13 yo son w extreme fatigue, overweight, chills, joint pain etc. Cbc showed wbc 11.8, abso neutro 7.1, abso lymph 3.6, and abso mono 0.9. Also TSH 7.250. I'm worried about leukemia. No other signs of inf at time of blood draw. Shld this b concerning?

13mnth has immunodeficiency unspecified&abnormal liver function unspecified last wk was sick w/ rhinovirus&adenovirus is now sick again w/fever&cough?

15 male. Decreased appetite, bloating, vomits, lab work show alka. Phos 152 and lymphocytes 19 all other labs w.N.L. What could it be?

15 month old always sick since birth. Hospitalized many times due to illness, pulmonologist fine, swollen tonsils, low IGA, lots of meds, what now?

16 wks pego. Had 99 fever no more fever now green poop headache cramps chills high white blood cell count red soar throat negative strep negative flu?

17 month old recovering from bad stomach virus. Blood platelets were 73 5 days ago, 83 yesterday with WBC count of 4000. Can this be related to virus?

18mth boy with persistent 38C temp, diarrhoea, low appetite for 8 days. Urine FEME, blood count, wbc diff count all normal. What could it be?

1am 27 weeks pregnant and my WBC is to0 high 18, 400 is this really bad?And i had a moderate UTI too.What should I do?

2 months after fever and weakness typhi dot test is negative while widal test is positive. oral thrush and body aches,No fever. High RBC high wbc.

2 weeks after lap chole elevation of ESR to 128 & hemoglobin(10.5)despite taking antibiotics no relief from fever, uneasyness&fatigue what does it mean?

2 year old w/ history of constant ear infections & bronchitis, 15% atypical lymphocytes on CBC w/ no illness, antibodies low- possible luekemia?

2 yo w/ watery diarrhea, cyclic vomiting 3 wks. Brother similar. Bact stool cult, O&P neg, but eos 16%, WBC 11.3. Parasites? What next dx/tx?

2 yo w/ watery, nonbloody diarrhea, cyclic vomiting for 3 wks. Bact stool cultures neg, o&p neg, eos 16% (absolute 1800). Parasites? What next dx/tx?

20 yr old male, low WBC 3.9, high monocytes 18, no flu symptoms, fatigue and night sweats, 102 fever, lost 3 pounds without diet in week

21 y.o. low WBC 3.9&high monocytes10%.Usually have higher WBC 6-9.fatigued,stomach burning,chest pain, mucus in throat,short of breath.Diagnosis?

24 mths old daughter is diagnosed with Chronic benign neutrophenia 0.4 K/Cumm. When ill her fever sudd climbs V high upto 104 F.could it be related?

25f, leukemia(aml) since 2011, can't go bk into remission, WBC is now 53.7. They started me on hdyrea, is this going to help my WBC go down?

25yr boy having fever n bodyache WBC 3.3 n platelet 102, dengue ns1 -ve, no other illness..Wat the cause of low platelets?

2weeks ago WBC 13500 with 10500 neutrop.Now WBC 7500 neutro 4650.Md said all ok.Little abd. Pain, no fever, no vomiting.Appendicitis could be ruled out?

3 y/o boy, non stop cough, 2nd week, of cold, blood tests: WBC 12.9, GRAN 10.5, LYM 2.0, is it bacterial?

3 y/o with month long cough, mucus build up and fever ranging from 106 to 101. The fever comes and goes periodically. Low energy, appetite, urine output. Was diagnosed with sinus and ear infection. 39.6 thousand white blood cell count. Blood culture done,

3 yrs ago I was treated bcuz my doctor thought I had rocky mountain spotted fever..Now my liver is enlarged and enzymes normal could this be caused f?

31/F..high WBC, with high neutrophils and decrrased lymphs. Symptoms of sinus infection and possible strep throat. Temp of 95.5?

32 years with chronic throat infections since baby (once a month); blood results: WBC 3.14 (Ne:2.22, Ly:0.81, Mo:0.09), RBC 4.98. Full STD check: OK.

36 yr old male sed rate 7 feel terrible no doctor, what can this be.. I'm scared CBC also had slightly elevated wbc, mono, lymph, rbc, could be AIDS?

38yo white male just had a physical. All blood work ok except WBC was 4.5. My lab says 4.8-10.8 is normal. Concerned?

3cbc's w/ diff in past year. WBC regularly 14-14.2, neutrophil [email protected] 10.29, mono absolute 0.85-1.2. No sign infection, but extreme fatigue. Help?

3yr old large egg size hard swelling in neck in good enough form very tired and sometimes a slight temp, blood test hb 9.8 wcc 12.9 ESR 93 CRP 94 ?

3yrs ago son went to er for belly pain his wbc was 30,000 and it says wbc morphology abnormal his neutrophils were high also. Should I still worry?

4 year old has had persistant diarrhoea but now constipated for past week. Cough, sore thigh, blood test shows low iron and mild eosinophilia. Causes?

4 year old son blood testdue to chronic bosebleed ptt level came back 38, at that time he was having viral infection with fever. Another blood test?

4 yr old daughter w low grade fever for 2 weeks. Bloodwork showed elevated white cells. No one seems overly worried but me. Should i be?

4 yrs ago I had really bad fever, bronchitis, sinus infection and my ESR was 110. 4 weeks later, i felt much better & retested it was slightly elevated 2 points but almost normal. retest? i feel fine

5 day fever >103.5 f, sore throat and painful dry cough. Platelets 166k/mm, high neutrophils, low lymphocytes. Ibuprofen + azithromycin 500mg/day x 3?

5 weeks post-op appendectomy. Still nauseated, headachy, fever 101.0+. My surgeon says its unrelated. Wbc:12.5, granulyocyte %:90, absolute:11.3. Help?

5 y/o with 7 day fever low grade 100.2 to 101.8 comes & goes. Happy, eating, playful. Now says she has leg pain. I asked for CBC today. Leukemia?

5 yr girl, ige1874(rhinitis), WBC 20, 000+ for 1-2 months(eosinophils-08), not controlling with antibiotics- r they related?Which medicines wud help?

50% necrosis of spleen not on bc for 3 yrs dr's not worried about fever or blood work. I am still concerned. Remove spleen? Feedback about fever/blood

56 years old woman, stomach virus went to ER did blood work all normal except my alk.Pho is 161 i was taking ibuprofen should I worry?

6 months w/pm temps 99.5-100 more often than not. Normal <98. Gi bleeds, diarr, new constip, ab pain. Many tests. Some high wbcs w/atyp lymphocytes, few other odd labs, mostly normal. Really just ibs?

6 mos old with three day fever of 104, WBC 24000, all else normal. Urinalysis normal but dr still thinks its kidney infection. Possible? If not, what?

6 weeks after my last sexual partner, HIV test neg. I keep getting a low grade temp and loss of appetite. What could I have, normal cbc?

6 year old son episodes of vomiting, stomach pain, and elevated WBC count. Hospitalized 6 times in 4 years, GERD since birth, what could be wrong?

7 mo old throws up everything eaten/drinks, with thick white foam, low grd fever. Pneumonia ruled out. Has a cold with rsv. What else to check for?

7 month old baby had high fever/wbc. diagnosed with UTI from ecoli.A few days after treatment,some of his fingers started peeling a bit. Cause?

7 yr old child with cough and high grade fever. Took co amoxiclav for 10 days . Esr 37, tlc 8800, cxr normal. Cough not settling. Temp of 99f?

7yr old had WBC of 30k 2 yrs ago with diarrhea for 4 days should I still worry that he might have leukemia? Cause was never found, WBC was back down

99.2 a 99.3 fever 3 days - ear temp, irritable, blood & urine normal (no elevated WBC), severe stomach pain resolved with probiotic. What's wrong with me??

a fever 4 days had bloodwork 4 days after the fever broke. Pain in his knees pale and lacey pattern on skin. Labs ESR 85, CRP elevate, platlets578k??

A friend of mine is hiv+ went to the doctor and was told his immune count was around 30. Is this the same as the CD4 count? He hasn't started any treatment

A toddler with a little elevated gra% means? Do we need to take antibiotic

Abdominal pain, fever, raised wbc. On cipro (ciprofloxacin) but symptoms persist. Chf and inflammatory markers with esr sed rate 88 and myoglobin in urine. Can it be rheumatic fever, untreated strep?

After 30d spine TB treatment,stil slightly feverish in the evening.CRP went down from 8 to 4,ESR stil at 105.less tired than this really tb?

After continued sore throat my dr says a recurrence of mono, but WBC is 4.35 (neu 24 lym 51, mono 21). Is this reasonable? Doesn't mono increase wbc?

After healing from virus ESR blood test is high ( 80 while it should max be 12) Is that due to virus?

After treatment of chlamydia, can WBC count (blood)be checked as an alternate way, because after treatment WBC goes normal and we can said we are cured?

ALT of 128 today. Rest of bloods and LFT normal, with the exception of vitamin D at 25. Had a cold virus in the last week. Could that be the cause??

An elderly man had pneumonia & was on ABs with signs of improvement warranting cessation of ABs. Could a lingering infection exist without an acute decline in his condition over the next week? WBC same CRP rising again. Xrays unclear-pleural effusion

Any relation w idiopathic leukopenia & idio. pancreatitis? 28f w/IP, CBC dropping 7wks. Now WBC 2.9 ANC 0.7 ALC 0.9. Bruises tired nausea aches fluish

Are the wbc's often elevated in a child who is crying violently during the blood draw? white blood count 18.4 (h) I need to take antibiotic to lower it or what can help ..thank u?

Been sick for 2 months, was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumoniae. Chest pain Constant. Is this normal? White blood cells high after 5 day azithromyci

Began tired about 4 weeks ago, a few days later, diarrhea, no appetite and some nausea. Blood showed ALT and AST moderately high. Lymphocyte 835 ?

Black mucus for 4 days with coughing with low grade fever, now mucus is clear. CBC results normal,ESR 23 (0-15) & monocytes 11.4 (2-10). Reason?

Blood protein low 5.8; lymphs high 47% rel/3.8 abs. Fasting glucose 95; non is only 77. Past high liver #s now normal. Rbc ok, stools neg for infect. Eating plenty. Persistent bloody stool. Causes?

Blood work for heavy metals-lymes-anemia. All neg. I'm anemic but WBC oversized very low rbc.Have sym-fatigue, nit sweats, headache, cont.Cold sym., ?

Blood work indicated virus, but Dr presc. Doxy "bcause it's different from other abs, and might help". How so? low wbc and some inflammation.

By late morning afternoon my temp is around 99.5 or less. I am ana+ 1:640 elev sed. Cbc ok. By evening/sleep temp is norm. Could cancer cause this?

Came into the hospital and had a WBC of 12.1. They put me on antibiotics, now it's down to 6. Would it be dropping if the infection wasn't going away?

Can a cold virus lower your WBC and neutriphil count? I am in chemo, finished first cycle adf my neuts are 1.2 but I have had a cold for a week.

Can a flu shot lower WBCs? Had a CBC 2 days after flu shot. WBCs came back lower than normal (mine are already low).

Can a high fibrinogen count (800) be a sign of sarcoidosis taking into account that ACE is negative?been feverish for 6months now...

Can a high WBC in urine but clean culture still be an infection? There was an unexplained fever >100 at same time with body aches.

Can bacterial sinus /throat infection, not yet treated, cause elevated CEA? Labcorp high norm = 3.9. My usual 2.7 - 3.1. Reading was 4.4 that day.

Can bronchitis, sinus infection & fever cause ESR to go up? Mines was 110, now I feel 100% (4 weeks later) it's back to normal. Tested ANA, SPEP & other test all Normal. Btw this was 4 years ago.

Can bronchitis, sinus infection and fever cause ESR to go up? Mines was 110, now I feel 100% (4 weeks later) it's back to normal. They since tested me for ANA, SPEP and other countless test. Normal.

Can high serum Ige value can cause throat infection and bleeding from mouth. I have been suffering from past 8 months. Whom should i Consult.advice??

Can i have an infection ( WBC count was 19 while normal is 5 - 10) if i had no fever at all, only shivering at night and nausea?

Can I have endometitis without a elevated WBC? Temp 99-100cold sweats clammy generally don't feel well. Sever low abd Px to vag delivered vag 4wks ago

Can I have urine test for checking WBC if I'm also having a flu? Will flu affect the result of WBC?

Can IgE level be a bit elevated while throat sore or any other minor infection?

Can lymphoma cause instead of reocurent fevers cause extremely low temps. Like 95.0?

Can my constant flu symptoms-body aches and fatigue- for past 5 mos. mean cancer? Had many negative blood tests, only shows occasional low platelets.

Can teething of a 21mos tot can elevate his WBC in 19. 7? what are the possible cause?

Can you get a low blood platelet count if you are sick from just a cold or stomach virus?

Can you have an elevated wbc without having a fever? If yes, is that bad?

Cbc showed slightly elevated liver count. I had been taking tylenol (acetaminophen) cold meds for a couple days prior to test. Could that be the cause?