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Platelet count of 414. mild abdominal pain. But ultrasound shows normal except for slightly fatty liver. Normal? Low vit d. Uterine fibroids.

? Lymphoma. Night sweats weight loss lower back pain for over a year. Mri negative in low back. Wat tests next? Biopsy?

1 year ago radio kemio &histercect. She has abdominal burns in center at night pain in the left side ALT 12 ASt 18, ESR 84,wbc in urin 30 Is cancer?

10 yr.old (girl) w/continous lower stomach pain for almost 5 days. 6 months ago Dr (GERD). Today blood work low Neutrophil, high Lympoc.Issue?

13year old son has had severe recurrent abdominal pain for over a year. Cant find cause. Only clue in blood work is alkaline phosphatase. 514?

17 yr old daughter down to dangerous 72 lbs.All labs, xray normal so far.Very low blood pressures 80/42.Cold and fatigue.Pale.Having endo consult.Ideas?

19 f, fibroid issue, low hormones, cortisol 120, no periods for 6 months but bleeding sometimes slightly overweight but can't exercise pain in abdomen?

2 y/o intermit, leg pain day/night, stomach pain, barely eats, pale skin. Alt, alp and alk high 2x 11 days apart, normal now, ldh 398, no diagnosis. Why?

22 year old female c reactive protein is 19.2, sedimentation rate is 65. Been having bad lower back/kidney pain. Could something be wrong?

24hr urine creatinine 300 over max range, muscle pain, fatigue, & more, fibromyalgia dx, african-american. No diabetes. High ck other possibilities?

24weeks pregnant waking with swollen dominant hand.Painted 2 days ago mild pain in joints.Urine samp norm,liver CBC other bloodwork norm.Why swelling?

26 male. Prostatitis symptms for years. 5 diff uros, all checks "normal". Low/good PSA test. Ultrasnd "prost looks relatively small", but recent pain in lower left back when bending certain ways for 2 wks now and symps. seem worse. Chance of cancer?

28f good bmi.Chronic severe kidney pain since sep12.History kidney infec.Wee=blood protein white cells.Blood=fine except low vitd.Ct scan clear.Help?

28f:sep12 kidney infec-chronic pain since-sides back groin hips-aching&spasms severe stabbing.Urine-blood/protein/whitecells.Ctscan ok&blood low vitd.

28yo Headache, nausea, sudden severe leg bone pain, dizzy, back pain #4days. Tests = 8RBC urine(hazy), 98platelets, 3.1WBC, 0.8ANC, 3.3potsm. Means?

3 year old with mild bowing tibias and pain. Vitamin d level of 4. Ped reports history and labs consistent with Rickets. What do I do from here?

3.16 WBC count. Back pain, fatigue. Normal ct, labs ( blood work) came back great for a woman my age. So why is my WBC low? Is this a low-normal?.

30 yr old Female w/ Fatigue, pelvic pressure, low back pain, irregular periods, nausea for 2 months, no UTI WBC 12.7 RDW 16.4 Platelet 480 Abso Neutrophil 9550 Total T4 13.4 Primary isn't sure what's going on and is ref. to gynecologist. Thoughts?

31 yr/ male. Acute high creatinine, anemia, muscle pain. What cd be the cause? After so many tests doctors still confused ?

32 year old with lifelong HCV + a year of bone pain/discomfort (ribs, upper back, hips). Cbc normal, low ferritin/iron. Should i screen for myeloma?

36 yrs, female. 24/7 dull pain, left side of head. Migraine 5/wk. Dizzy. Normal mri/cat. Normal thyroid. Crp 5.6. Low cholestrol. How to lower crp?

4 mo. Pain on palpitation in llq near hip bone, kub series neg. Off&on trace blood&protein in urinetest.Low back pain 39, m CT appt. Cancer?

4 weeks had severe abdo cramps, nausea and fatigue. Both types of liver enzymes are mildly elevated but are going down since last test what do I have?

45,robotic hyster, no injury from surg,no blood since surg, jan 22. now blood in urine, no pain, CT and blood normal. 6mm & 2mm kid stones, why blood?

5 weeks after osteochondroma removed from knee, swelling, heat and slight pain at wound, bloods show elevated CRP levels, what could this mean?

50+ days ago went to ER w/ kidney stone. CBC showed elevated WBC. ER & PCP doctor were not concerned. Is this normal? Makes me nervous about cancer.

6wks postpartum. Past 4days my hands have been swollen. My arms and feet ache. Recent bloodwork showed good liver and kidneys. Causes? Tests to do?

6yrold complains of joint/leg/stomach pain infrequently.Hes otherwise healthy.Could a full blood test rule out leukemia?do growing pains last month's?

9 month old baby constantly presses on her belly. ~2 month duration. Has mildly elevated liver enzymes. Seems slightly fatigued. Mono?

9 year old female low abd pain, occas. cola color urine x 8 months, US showed inc echogenic renal pyramids, INR is increased. What could cause this?

9 year old, elevated mpv, folate (folic acid) and monocytes with weakness, nausea, headaches, bone pain, haematuria, gastroparesis, reflux. Further bloods needed?

9yrs old with severe back pain. Ruled out scoliosis. Low RBC and high rdw. No injury we know off. What could cause it and how to help her?

A friend has a below-normal red blood cell count and shortness of breath. Upper and lower endoscopies showed nothing. Lesions in lower intestines.

A lot of lower back pain ultrasound showed free fluid and enlarge kidney blood tests were normal I'm always exhausted does this explain the tiredness ?

Ab/joint/muscle pain, twitches, dizzy, swelling, pee smell sweet, rectal blood. Phases of lymph pain w/low fever. ~1mo. Ago blood prot 5.8/tcl 121/abs lymphs 4.4. Cscope polyp, egd gastritis. Related?

Acase of neutrophilia pnls count 39000, low lymphocytic count, mild mesenteric and iliac lymphadenopathy by u/s.Symptoms included abdominal pain and vom?

Acute contusion to calf two weeks ago. The us 48 hours ago ruled out dvt, but got blood back and WBC is 26.3 with MCV @ 100. Expected or concerning?

Alkaline phosphatase is 199do you think it could be paget's if you touch my ribs very painful?

All tests(vit,cbc,Na/K,thy,sugar,crt,urine) pain no fever.But severe fatigue n weakness n lightheaded.Doc has no clue.sometimes low acid?

Along w headache, severe chest pain, 200/100 do these values make this Hypertension Emergency? UA-Albumin +2, Occult blood +1, UA-RBC 5-10? Isnt it?

Alt in 40s,Tremors, bad fatigue, itching, upper right quadrant tender pain, had nearly every blood test but wilsons had 2 ultrasounds, liver ALT 56 now, none of them know what's going on, shouldi worry?

Am 31 week pregnant.Have pain under my right rib.My BP was normal.No albumin in urine.But increase in WBC is this is preeclampsia?

Ammonia was over 150 @ lab l, test @ lab k is normal and dr dismissed it. Again lab l is 152. Have rt side flank pain & severe daytime drowsy-related?

Amylase and lipase both slightly elevated. Left shift seen on cbc. (h neut. L. Lymp) eating =adrenaline surges, dizzy, elev. Hr, hypogly symp cause?

Ana+ spec 1:640 elevated sed. Cbc ok. Metabolic ok. Urine ok. Up back pain and rt flank burning/pain present one year. Throastic MRI ok. Lupus neg.

Appendectomy March 2014. Still have RLQ pain and low grade fever. Imaging and blood work show normal. Pain when pressure applied and daily activities.

Asked a few days ago about unexplained bruising, bleeding guns and hip pain. Got bloodwork back. Most was normal but I thought platelets was more of a low normal at 159. But monocytes were 10%, a little high. I' m getting stressed because I am very tire

Back pain upper abdomen pain after eating feel bloated full pressure gnawing pain. blood work done all tests nrml liver,pancreas,wbc,cbc,lypase?

Been having stomach pain for 6 days now, doc ordered, CBC W-PLT AUTO,AUTO W-SCOPE,URINE PREG TEST QI,CMP,Lipase. (US GALLBLADDER. All good. Still pain?

Been on Victoza (liraglutide). Having constipation, abdominal pain etc... Lipase, ATL and Amylase, WBC are high. MCHC/MCG are low. Is it pancreatitis?

Best pain reliever if high ALT number?

Bile peritonitis 6mo ago, now having intermittent RUQ pain and r shoulder pain not Could it be related? LFT CBC TSH - WNL Vit D 20.6 - 11/8/15

Bloodwork showed low potassium. I guess that's what is causing my chest pains maybe?

Body pain & at times middle upper belly pain for months Dr. thinks gallbladder. Sono & HIDA neg. ALB 3.14 AST 58 ESR 44 CPK 356 Platelets 430 CRP 15. ?

Borderline anemia (3.7) w/ high MCV (103) high mch, -40lbs weight loss/fatique/pain/prssr under left ribs, random node swellng. Worry or no?

Bun, bun/crea high & abnormal crystals.Six months ago same thing.Severe lower back pain. Any relation and can these results be normal for some?

C- reactive protein 14.7 and white count high. abdominal pain, xray showed shadows and gas. what could be?

Calcium 10.6, then 10.2 ( 1 wk apart), vitamin D 15, PTH 67, rt upper abd pain, rt flank pain, fatigue, primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism?

Calcium level 10.6, rt upper abd pain, right flank pain, high BP, fatigue, is the calcium anything to worry about? vit D level not back yet

Can abdom. Pain, enlarged spleen, low WBC and platelets and swelling near the spine be early symptoms of cancer or some prob. Of the pancreas?

Can acute appendicitis last for a week? Abdominal CT normal but still worried. No blood was checked. No appetite. Low fever. Other causes?

Can anemia (hgb-60) from self harm cause sharp radiatin lower back pain (spasm?) From bone marrow producing rbc? only had simlar pain after iron infus

Can cdiff lower your platets and hemoglobans?

Can chickenpox cause back pain and increased sgpt?

Can chronic back pain cause high lymphocyte?

Can gb pain cause isolated elevated diastolic bp? My baseline is 120/83 but suddenly it jumped to 120/95. I have gs and mild but persistent ruq pain

Can high lymphocytes cause pain in legs?

Can high potassium cause chest pain?

Can ovarian cysts cause persistent upper back ache and bone weakness / discomfort? I also have high ESR and very low ferritin, all other blood normal.

Can pain raise your wbc?

Can very low B-12 level cause severe chest pain?

Can very low ferritin alone cause bone pain?

Causes for low l back pain, not being able to empty bowels, hi ast, wbc, neuts, low lymph and monocytes, kidney function. Abdominal pain?

CBCs past 3 yrs show steady increase of iron, serum. Now outside normal range. Abdominal discomfort left side under bottom ribs. Hemochromatosis? Or?

Checked bloodsugar said high keytons having chest pain?

Chest pain. Dull but painful. 23 year old female. High triglycerides. 303 last check up. Could that be causing it?

Chronic back pain, IBS-C, abd. pain, GERD, fatigue, palpitations, headache, costochondritis, low vit. D, K lvl. 3.2, imaging neg. Is it fibromyalgia?

Chronic fatigue, basophils 4%, hematocrit at 48% on blood test done in May. Just went to dr with fatigue, lower back pain, left abdomen pain, sweats, ?

Chronic gastritis migrains high blood pression cough variant asma ovarian cyst minimal back arthritis now I have been criying for 2weeks do I depresed?

Chronic low back pain with norma leg raise test what it could be pleas help!!

Chronic severe pain confirmed kidney related. High wbc, protein & blood in wee. Bloods ok except vit d defic. Ct clear. Urologist puzzled. Any ideas?

Ckd stage 3 taking NSAIDs lately (1 week)due to arthritis, urine getting dark and having low back pain, concerns?

Clean labs (liver, panc and Crp) 1 month ago, now constant up left burning pain. Could levels change within a month? Should I have them retested?

Collar bone pain, swelling. X-ray, CT scan nl. Labs for sed rate, cpk, creatinine kinase, CBC all nl. Pcp, pain dr stumped. Any ideas or suggestions?

Could an elevated granulocyte count indicate anything pertaining to my abdominal pain and nausea RUQ and LUQ?possible to have pancreatitis w/o fever?

Could chest pressure and pounding hb be related to chronic left kidney pain? Trace protien in urine elevated creatine levels, low bp.

Could i get help with abdominal pain and low WBC count?

Creatinine 1.2, anemia, flank pain 2weeks post-pylo, elevated crp, c.t no stones, edema feet & hands, painful lymph. Waiting on urology. Worried. Er?

Creatinine bump to 1.8 in 60 y/o man with history of cad, hep c, normal bp, mild ruq dull pain. Normal cbc, chemistries. What is best initial evaluation?

Day after i workout, I have this pain in my lower abdomen. Hard to pee. Check for ua and its normal. Cbc high WBC mainly lymphocyte. Whats dx?

Diagnosed with gastritis yesterday Had labs drawn 4/21 & 4/29 my bilirubin went from 0.5 to 2.0 BUN went from 8 to 5 lot of stomach pain & chest pain

Did ESR test and it was very very high from the normal level...A test was done because of my constant severe pain in both legs...What does it mean?

Dizzy, weak, nausea, anemic, asthma, lower back pain, pcp said hgb=7 went up to 10. Rbc=3.7, iron=19. Shtness of breath. Fam his of cancer endom, brst?

Do CRP and WBC levels infer anything about RA? Both are normal in my case but still have pain in legs and left side of chest.

Doc ordered hsCRP for my chronic ankle and back pain. it came 5.57 (architect; range 0-5) What does this mean? Am I in risk of Heart problems?

Docter today am going to clinc just blood tast my age 30 (ast 54 u/l ALT 74) what the problam this liver disses some left side plase some pain

Doctors don't know what's wrong . Pain in abdomen and lower back. Foamy urine , positive ana, normal creatnine and protein levels. Getting sick easy.

Does lisinopril cause low lumbar back pain i'm on my 4th day 10mg for hbp.

Does pneumonia lower your hemoglobin?

Does the HS high protein CRP test give reliable information concerning inflammation in the upper chest (heart) area?