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6 year old grandson has Alpha-1-Antitrypsin. His phenotype is MZ. His serum level is 96 mg. Will he need treatment if his level drops below 90 mg?

seen earlier for chronic pancreatitis flare. Lipase level normal dr refused admit. Told him pancreas is burned out levels no longer rise. Stillinpain?

"Low levels of pvcs have shown no increased risk of heart damage or dysfunction in otherwise healthy hearts." My question: what defines "low levels?

100 mg it's good to treat t 10.30 Higher Than Normal result ?

14mnth old son w/ high IgE levels but skin prick tsting only noted moderate allergy 2 peanuts which he has never been exposed 2. Why r his levels high?

2010 reading for IgG level of 6 (normal 8-15 g/l). Prednisolone has reduce levels further now. Was original reading low or not significant please?

29y/o Male with psoriasis. in the past 6 years, always had high Uric Acid level in blood tests : 8.6 to 8.8 mg/dl. how do i find the reason and cure ?

3 y/o gained 30 + pounds in 6 months. Buffalo hump, huge midesection. Full face. Labs high cortisol positive ana high cpk. Elevated liver enzymes ?

33 y/o F. Homocysteine 11.45 Heterozygous MTHFR c677t. Is my homocysteine too high? Noticing different lab's values vary greatly, and are conflicting

35 male, igf-1 levels were 118 ng/ml was told this is low for my age. Should i be concerned?

4 year old girl with streptococcus pneumonia with septic shock. What is the survival chance ? Blood transfusions , glucose levels high 300s, low potas

50 yr female. Test shows testosterone 4x the upper limit and progesterone 3x the upper limit. Recurrent high liver enzymes. What can cause this?

53 y/o white historically low PSA in the past 0.1 to 0.3. Last PSA 1/2014 was 0.2. Does historically low PSA lower future cancer risk. I take Lipitor (atorvastatin) ?

55 yo wm with an isolated low dhea. All other hormone levels are wnl. No symptoms. Lipid profile is excellent on crestor (rosuvastatin). Do i need to treat low dhea?

65 year old male, serum CPK is above 5000u/l. How to safe the blood from CPK ? Any recommended drug for lower the CPK the patient also have a stroke

A 50 year old female's carotid ultrasound reported mild plaque. Her cholesterol etc. are good. Previously, she had high homocysteine level. Is any treatment needed at this time?

A blood test tells me my cholesterol level. Any similar thing to know how strong my immune system is, approximately speaking?

A patient 21-hydroxylase deficiency displays virilization and a high lab value of 17-oh-progesterone, what does that mean?

A patient with a parathormone (PTH) level of 6pg/mL. What oberservations should a nurse relate to this result when looking at electrocardiogram?

According to atp-iii guidelines hdl-c >59 mg/dl is considered a negative risk factor for chd. What does this mean?

Ace.What causes low ACE levels, I am alcohol intolerant and always have been, had some high gamma gts and monocytosis bloods i found dating back 4 years?

Acetaminophen is 20-50% plasma protein bound & the absorption process occurs by passive transport. What does that mean to the average A. frequent user?

After ruling out all the etiologies of elevated lfts with prior normal baseline and zero risk factors 24 asymptomatic m, what will a liver biopsy add?

Age 21, IQ level below 70, in medical test result is iq level 67% and mild mental retardation. please suggest the further treatment for increase IQ LA?

Ald asd level are 3x higher than normal level.I don't drink at all or eat high protein.Is there any way to lower them?

Alpha-1 is MZ 107.9mg/dl(20.7uM) Mildly Deficient , should begin infusion or not? It is once a week /lifetime

Are elevated B12 and folate (folic acid) levels a problem? My most recent blood work showed these both to be high...Any danger?

Are glucosamine blood levels associated with joint health?

Are intermediate FeNO levels an accurate indicator of asthma in the absence of clinical signs?

Are longterm elevated stress levels linked to cancer?

Are low set ears hereditary?

Are pro-BNP levels in healthy people higher than BNP levels? I've read they are typically very close unless there's a problem. My BNP 12, proBNP 67.

Are Raynaud's and hemoglobin levels related?

Are testosterone levels highest between 8am-10am , or are they highest relative to when an individual wakes up ? Wake up at 10 they should be highest?

Are there any like between pseudotumor cerebri and increased globulin levels?

Are there different levels of phimosis?

Are you more likely to get some kind of lung cancer if you have extremely low levels of IgG subclass 3?

At what level can a low crit be life threatening? I know there are other factors but i'm curious about crit. How much pints can you lose before death?

At what level triple marker is considered dangerous?

At which temperature (bodily and external) the MTHFR enzyme, a result of heterozygous C677T mutation, becomes thermolabile, i.e.inactive? Thank you.

Athlete. Professor in college said that having blood regularly drawn can increase body's basal EPO over time, is this true?

Athletic dialysis friend, great heart receives insufficient EPO thnx to standard regimen. Almost comatose when hemo levels go low, what can he do?

Before age 30 I never had scabies. I've now had them 3 times in the last 8 years. Is that abnormally high? Am I more predisposed to them now?

Blood platetes at 84k is harmful?

Blood test while I was treating cellulitis of my foot, CRP-LIA 12(reference value 6). Is it too high? All other factors are normal.

C reactive protein really high 61.7mg/l. normal range should be >.05. what is this caused from. also high ddimer. im so scared.

Can a high gamma-glutamyl transferase be reversed?

Can a high lactate level cause any sort of pain? Is a lactate level of 4.1 of any particular concern?

Can a high TSH that is not monitored and controlled stimulate latent cancer to grow?

Can a lysine deficiency be connected to abnormally high sex drive in direct/indirect way?

Can a patients 02sat be in the high 90's while the patients abg shows a po2 in the 50's ? And what could cause this?

Can a pet scan cause an increase in creatinine levels?

Can an allergic skin reactions cause psa levels to rise?

Can any urologist order a fish analysis to detect low level mosaicism klinefelter's?

Can anyone give me any information about what IgG levels measure please?

Can baclofen 10mg x 3x a day cause a high reading of liver emzymes? I have been on these for 9 days. Just found out my levels are high . Please help!

Can bacteria, inflammation and fungal infection be the cause of slightly increased FSH level ? I've recently pprom and can my FSH be really increased?

Can blood transfusion can reduce risk of high bilirubin in adults (female metastatic breastcancer patient)?

Can celiac disease cause elevated WBC levels (above 20, 000) and fever ? Is a person wid high IgE level is more prone to celiac as well?

Can d-dimer elevated 2x uln be only due to low positive rheumatoid factor of 13 ng (vs lab normal range >11) or failed attempts of intravenous cannula placement used for sample ? I am 50, with cfs.

Can extremely high levels of stress cause thrush in adults?

Can GI issues cause hypokalemia and false positive Chromogranin and vasoactive intestinal peptides ? One high reading one regular reading for both.

Can having hep c cause the level of alcohol in your urine to be higher than normal?

Can high bilirubin and low B12 somehow be linked?

Can high bilirubin levels cause lack of understanding or confusion?

Can high gad-65 autoantibodies cause glutamate metabolism disorder (gmd)? What tests confirm gmd? My plasma ammonia is normal & anti-gad ab's high

Can high levels of ca 19-9 in the blood be caused by something other than cancer?

Can i tell me if my normal prothrombin level is 2-3, what happens when it is 11 or higher?

Can IGF-1 be as effective as rhIGF-1 for height increase in children? And how is IGF-1 lr3 different from the two above?

Can immunodeficiency of IgG subclass 1 and 4 cause pcos and by proxy underdevelopment of the breasts/high waist to hip ratio?

Can inherited genes determine blood pressure levels by 50-80%?

Can pregnancy or having a cold/flu elevate your liver enzyme levels? Alt level is 54. Is this considered high?

Can salmonella poisoning cause an elevation in troponin levels?

Can shingles and infection affect blood tests such as B12 and ferritin ie can it raise levels?

Can smoking marijuana affect a persons IgG level? And how does weight affect IgG levels?

Can stress and/or dehydration cause elevated total blood protein? total blood protein was 8.3 (normal range 6.3 - 8.2)

Can taking bovine colostrum increase plasma immunoglobulin levels, thereby masking an underlying immunoglobulin deficiency by altering blood tests?

Can the sodium level in an elderly person's blood rise 10 points in just 72 hours on its own?

Can there be a link between high levels of anti-nuclear antibodies and high chemical sensitivity?

Can untreated high blood sugar level be the cause of scars or broken skin on male genitals?

Can you explain the physiological basis of elevated serum lactate and lactate dehydrogenase during or post myocardial infarction?

Can you lower LVEDP? Mine was 21- is that cosidered high?

Can you please discuss the concentration range of glucose in healthy people?

Can you tell me about endocrine organ playing a role in stabilizing blood calcium levels?

Can you tell me about pku and the deffrent levels?

Can you tell me how lead poisoning affect erythrocytes at a cellular level?

Can you tell me if mobilization of triglyceride in the blood requires a carrier?

Cancer was detected after I had a TT My Thyoglobulin levels had been non detectable They are now at 0.5. Could that mean cancer is returning? Thx

Clinically Hypokpp diagnosed. Does glucose shift K in a healthy person? Could K shift glucose and leave you with high insulin before body can respond?

Confused by research. Should patients with rosacea aim for a lower 25-hydroxy Vit D level? My level is now healthy. Will this exacerbate rosacea?

Could an early infection of HIV virus cause cholesterol count to become high or elevated lipid studies?

Could having excess amniotic fluid at 33-35 weeks cause pre- term labour? (levels were 22cm and considered "normal, but at higher range").

Could high mercury levels cause histamine and sulfur intolerance?

Could my egfr go from 76 all last year to 128 last test. Can this increase? Can creatinine decrease from disease process. Albu also slowly down to 3.8

CRP levels high cholesterol high echo was normal. Do these results mean I have CAD? Especially the CRP levels? It runs in family my mom died of it.

D-dimer level .76 High. INR test 1.1 High. Total Protein 8.6 HIGH. Diffuse fatty infiltration liver. What could this mean?

Dear Sir during my annual medical check up it is found my SGPT level is 175 please let me know is it dangerous?

Decrease in total psa level is seen 24 to 48 hours after ejaculation?

Decreased sodium level - indication of stroke?

Diabetic patient does need HB level preoperatively ? And cardiopulmonary disease does need preoperative HB level ! Which one has priority for HB test