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03/04/2015 my liver panel was AST 74 , ALT 79 on 03/09/2015 liver panel is AST 111, ALT 116, I am on ISONIAZID SINCE JAN 28/ 2015,is going up??

giant liver hemagioma liver panel test okay except GGT went up from 68 to 88 in 1year does it mean mass is growing or could it be new med clonzepam?

i am suffering from hepatomegaly my liver size was 13.98 CM in feb 14 and i have done my test lft &lipid profile which was normal liver size 13.18 cm?

my sgot level is 64 and sgpt level is 84.i hv taken painkillers as had a minor accident and a typhoid the high levels is due to this.

“i am suffering from jaundice, now recovering. now my SGPT level is 400 and total S. bilirubin is 6.50. can i take combiflam tablet for pain killers a?

+ Antimitochondrial M2 antibodies w/ 4previous elevated ALP's. Most recent ALP normal. Still suggestive for PBC?

1/30 had blood wrk and my AST was 35 and ALT was 38, prescribed phentermine (weight loss clinic) more blood same lab 2/10 and now AST 40 and ALT 60.

12 weeks pregnant and my ALT 221 and AST is 123 help?

13 m/o daughter unwell 10 weeks repeat infections. LDH 460, ALT 60, AST 88. RSV and adenovirus confirmed. CXR/AXR neg. Concerned with LDH and LFT?

15 year old. Hx of constipation & hypothyroidism. Recurrent fatigue and belly pain. Bili 1.4 and AST 43 (0-40). AST/ALT ratio 1.7. Any thoughts?

15 yr son's : B12 -1522, folate32, alkaline phosphatase168, A/G Ratio1.8, SGPT(ALT)15. Memory loss, fatigue, EXTREME feet pain, sickly. What is it?

17yr old son with BP 130-104's/80-90's. Ft3 slightly elevated. Alt 89. Could it be hyperthyroidism?

19 yr mal3. My ALT is raised around 99 since 4 months. Ast is 35, I have no symptoms. 2 years back i had jaundice. Bmi is nirmal but I have tummy?

2 alp tests one month apart at 150. All other liver tests normal. 5 months postpartum with preeclampsia and ibs. Could this be from strenuous exercise

2 weeks ago AST (18)/ALT (49) normal. After surgery taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) (4 grams/day for pain. Levels now elevated AST (50) /ALT (163). Tylenol (acetaminophen) cause?

2 y/o boy w/ fluctuating ast/alt is now normal (~40). Normal bili until now (1.8 total). Negative for all viral heps. What liver disease could it be?

2/21 AST was 41, ALT 92, on 3/11 my AST is 35, ALT 67, my liver is 10cm enlarged. Tests show neg for hep a, b, c. But I have ascetis. What could it be?

2day hve done lft, my AST is 50 ALT 60 GGT 130 bilirubin 1.40 ag ratio 2.2. I take 180ml vodka daily, sugest some medicine n diet chart. Plz help

3 1/2 year old child has sgpt level 294 and lever ultra sound normal. What should be done further to diagnose the disease?

3 mo. ago fibroscan was 5.3 kpa last weeks was 4.9 kpa ok to rule out cirrhosis??

3 yr son hepatitis a positive 5weeks ago all lft's elevated repeat after 1 month all normal except sgot 50.7u/l what to do?

32yofem. Alkalinephosphatase 160; GGT 21, albumin/bilirubin/ast/alt within normal range. 6mos ago all normal, mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD 5mos ago. Wait&check again in 3mos or go to gastro specialist now?

34 weeks pregnant.Elevated liver enzymes,AST-33, ALT-52; HepB and Hep C negative. Any concern? Will my baby be fine?

34 wk pregnant.Hep A positive,elevated AST (33) & ALT (52) levels.Amniotic fluid index=26.4.Is it safe to take tdap vaccination with these conditions?

37 yr old male lab results AST 57, ALT 85, vit. d 19.7, triglycerides 200, total chol 195, HDL 66. Liver ultrasound ordered. What might diagnosis be?

38 year old female fatigued, bloating, gas.Hx of fluctuating liver enzymes for almost 3 years. Gallbladder removed 1.5 years ago. ALT 61, Alkaline Phosphatase 154, globulin 3.9.Hep, ANA, lupus, rheumatoid all negative.Please help.Other suggestions?

41 year old female and I have low ALT and AST levels. And recent ultrasound shows spots on my liver. What does this mean?

52F myasthenia gravis hashimotos thyroiditis.. sgpt 323 sgot 523 alp 330 hbsag -ve totl blirubn 2.6 direct bilirubin 1.2 creatinine 1.2?

5yr old has elevated LFTs her GGT was 107, LD was 528, AST 643, ALT 644 . The day before these bloods were done her sugar level was 13? What is wrong

6 year old. Not sick. Elevated ALT. Was 27, now 37. Other labs normal. Dr says wait to recheck. im petrified. Liver cancer? Causes? Please help.

74yr old , heart ejection fraction 40%. Hep c n liver cirohsis. Enzyme level high! sgot is 169 n sgpt is 96. Albumin is 2.52. Pl advice?

74yr old patient . Mvr done 2006, ejection fraction 40%. Diagnosed with hep c and liver cirohsis, genotype 1, sgot 169 , sgpt 97. What i best treatment?

7m baby with blood in stools. Path says LFT high (AST, ALT, Trig). Low Urea. What could it be? Thnx

7yr old female. Co2 17.5 albumin 4.7 alkaline phoshatase 303 triglycerides 149 HDL 26 insulin 27 A1c 5.2. What do these mean for her she is so sick?

8days boy sever birth bilirubin 58mg Diret bili 20mg .lncreased liver enzymes low haemoglobin.normal abdomenal ultrasound.what diagnosi?

A blood donor suspected case of hep c got 2 anti HCV test done 1. Value 0.06(cut off 1.00) 2. Value 0.869(cut off 0.361) sgot 33 sgpt 35.Advice?

A month ago my dr. Told me an antibiotic irritated my liver. Alk phos 227, ALT 114, AST 96. Today I have ruq pain and clay colored stool. Do i call dr?

A recent liver function test puts SGPT/ALT at 33, Alkaline Phosphate at 142, Albumin at 3.1. Are they indication of any problem?

About 4 months ago had some fevers which brought ALT up to 76 when tested. Test repeated 3-4 months later and still mildly elevated. Why? Don't drink

After a fully negative workup incldg ultrsound liver, i stopped eating from outside and my ALT dropped from 271 to 70 now is level ok? Ast 39

After discontinuation of tetracycline since 4 months ago my eyes are still yellow total bili 2.3 Mg/dl, ALK PHP 168IU/L Should I visit a doctor?

After ERCP my pancreatities and mileage increases very sugest me?

After jaundice I was having liv-apt for 2 month but sgpt not reducing any more. It is around 60. Should I be worried. Doc say its OK. Second opinion?

After taking saaz 500 (salfasalazine) for a month test report shows alt(sgpt ) is 188 iu/l and ast(sgot) is 90 iu/l. How to normalize the levels?

Afternoon fever, increased ast&alt , crp.Post hysterectomy.

Age 48 Y, no drinking history. Taking no medication. Gamma GT levels 48 U/L. SGPT and ALT within normal range. Please explain if GGT is normal or not?

Age m 31 bp140/90 under medic amlodopine 5mg and telmasrine 20mg. Have hbsag+ ve non reactive. How save my liver. 2 year before liver funct test ok?

Albumin is 4.0, globulin is 3.7, sgpt is 56, sgot is 36 and gamma gt is 52. Should i be worried about the health of my liver. I drink almost daily.

Alk phos level around 249 on mar 4, now 2, 125 on mar 28, is it normal to have increase that fast?

Alk phos undetecable, AST and ALT are ~1.5x uln. Sister has celiac - i've never been tested. Is low alk phos seen in celiac?

Alkaline phosphatase is marked as low at 35 iu/l. All else normal. Alt 17 and AST 19. Bilirubin 0.4 safe to take tylenol (acetaminophen)? Does low alp = liver damage?

Alkaline phosphatase: 130 alt: 58 ast: 41 otherwise healthy woman with no symptoms - cause for big concern?

ALP 134 increased from 131 in 3 days. GGT 60 increased from 59 in 3 days but ALT reduced from 68 to 45. Better or getting worse?

ALP 215, ALT 66, Hep B & C negative? Doc says u r alright. My reports are attached in profile.please help me. wt to do?m 28 male.not satisfied by doc

Alp 463 and ALT 106. Normal ultra sound and all other liver levels are normal. My son is 2.5 months old! wht could this be?

ALT 65 U/L, AST 38 U/L, Bilirubin 0.5 mg/dl, ALP 214 U/L, BSR101 mg/dl, TSH 1.49, T4 4.28 ug/dL, Anti HCV , Negative, Hep Bs Antigen Negative?

ALT ^ 120- is fish oil associated with elevated transaminases? Also taking mirtazapine which I've stopped as I recall this being linked. Retest when ?

Alt @6 week intervals 61, 111, 75, 81.U/s clear, no hep, nil alcohol or paracetamol for 5 months now, some ruq pain & nausea, what's the nxt step? Mri?

Alt 120 / AST 54, i will be getting further test but what can I do in the mean time to lower it? I don't drink or smoke.

Alt 188 AST _85 ccould changing to a diff statin cause this elevation? No history of alcohol or smoking 50 yo female..Cbc workup all normal

Alt 188 AST 88 50 year old non smoker occasional drinker levels hv always been normal..On statins for few years and other teests normal (cbc)? Pls adv

Alt 304 AST 142 alp 238. No hep a, b, c or abnormal things in liver, but taking pre-workouts, bcaa and protein supplements for 5 years. What's wrong?

Alt 34, ast32 alk phos 150, trying to figure out what's wrong with me, any ideas? liver size 18.2

ALT 37, Bilirubin 7umol, ALP 135. Urine yellowish. Heart burn, gas, bad breath, Age 29, male. Doc says i am fine and changed my diet.Is that OK?

ALT 57 for 2 yr. Other LFT normal. BMI 28, no fatty liver, ANA & HbsAg -ve. No meds. F/H DM & Psoriasis. Dark faeces, joint pain. What's causing this?

ALT 57 for 2 yrs. AST 33, Gamma GT 47, Bilirubin 0.5. Anti HCV & HbsAg negative, no fatty liver. I have Ps Arthritis. Why ALT is elevated for 2 yrs?

ALT 61. AST and rest of LFT's normal. Is this concerning? Taking Lipitor, (atorvastatin) possible cause? PCP not concerned. Should he be? Should be?

ALT 65, AST 38, Bilirubin 0.5, ALP 214, TSH 1.49, T4 4.28, Anti HCV , Negative, Hep Bs Antigen Negative? I remained on Iberet Folic + vitamins earlier

ALT 66, ALP 214, Bilirubin .5, AST 38. Hep B, C negative. Gastroenterologist says no need of lab & adv me Domperidone & Esomperazole for heartburn etc?

Alt 68 on physical, all other labs good liver panel good non drinker, on BP meds, lost 7 lbs ALT know 61. Does this still warrant a ultrasound?

ALT 70, ALP 215 other LFT normal. Hep B, C negative. Gastroenterologist says i m OK no need more lab n avoid fried food. I never took alcohol. Male 29

Alt 76 and AST 54. Are these numbers something to be concerned with?

ALT 80 AST 390 my ALT AST remain elevated since 2 years HBsAG n HCV Negative. What it may be?Docs say I am alright.

ALT blood test result is 81, the AST 39. I'm not a drinker, but am 50 pounds overweight with most of it in the belly. Is NAFLD probably the reason?

Alt down 64 from 77. GGT was high but now normal. Ultrasound shows a little fat on liver. Doc said repeat bloods in 2 months. Should I be worried?

Alt gpt increase from hepatitis possible after 2 days from exposure event ?

Alt high 60, AST high 45 on methotrexate 25mg, arava (leflunomide) 20mg, enbrel weekly. Should i be concerned? Never had pblm.

Alt is 188 is that a mild or dangerous elevation?Ast is 88 50 yo female on statins could this be cause? All other bloodwork was normal limits

Alt liver test of 68 on a physical exam. Feel great, non drinker, on BP medication and glucosamine. No other symptoms and conditions. Slightly overwe?

ALT test downed 74 to 53 U/L in 4 months, I cut back alcohol + lost weight. My ANA screen, actin, and ceruloplasmin all normal. Hepatitis possible?

ALT values over last 4 months in order: 74, 64, 75. No alcohol or medication. Nighttime fevers when first elevated. Should I see a specialist?

Alt was 89 and ast 39. 6 months later alt was 65 and ast 42. Is this a concern? Also haptoglobim went from 33 to <10. Didnt change drink or eat habit

Alt went down to 65 from 89. Ast was up to 42 from 39. Is this cause for concern?

Alt,ast,bilburin,proteins,all in the normal range except for GGT went up from 55 to 88 in one year don't drink is this normal or is something happenin?

Am 19 with idiopathic pancreatitis my sgot sgpt were normal 1month ago and now are 140 and 66 Dr.debosish bose sir hope for u r advice bilirubin 1.5

Any diet chart to reduce alkaline phosphate , sgpt and sgot. I have gastric problem also?

Any suggestions on which tablets I have to eat to reduce my sgpt (alt) which is 93?

Are liver enzym rdngs (ALT 99 U/L lab nrml 10-50 and AST 89 U/L lab nrml10-50) alarming in a liver cancer patient? Last results were 62 & 57 respctvly

Are these blood test results definately hep c? Ggt 383 ALT 67 - AST 47?

As you suggested surgery please tell me complications as sgot sgpt both are above 250, rest secretion are normal in LFT, ?

Ast 13,Alt 8, glu 97, platlet 236, itch all over. cirrhosis? 33 and in good shape. 8 yrs ago drank 2-4 wine daily And took tylenol (acetaminophen) pm to sleep for 1yr

AST 136, ALT 229, and prolactin 23.5 (slowly increasing last test was 2 months ago at 23). What could be wrong with me?

Ast 184 ALT 82 what does that mean?

AST 40 scale 0 to 41; ALT 47 scale 0 to 45; other results normal. No OTC pills no alcohol. Concerning? Mild exercise the night before. Reasons?

AST 41 ALT 28 GGT 16 bilirubin .8 did moderate-vigorous exercise several times week before test. Should I push for ultrasound given AST/ALT?

AST 41 ALT 28 GGT 16 bilirubin 8 did moderate-vigorous exercise several times week before test. Should I push for ultrasound?

Ast 50 ALT 110 have been fluctuating have a fatty liver was on statins took me off enzymes went to normal now high again. Was on cefdinir 300mg why?

AST 51 ALT 35. Others normal. AST goes back and forth from normal to 50. Ex drinker sober 9 yrs. US normal 3 yrs ago. Overweight. Worried. Cirrhosis?

Ast 63 alt 96 alkaline photsphatase 139 mitochondrial antibodies 1:640 (a) sonogram all normal, do I have pbc?

Ast 81 ALT 40, ratio x2. Drinker ab pain, high bp, pale stool, 2009 results were normal. New tests in 2 months, doc said stop drinking. Help please?