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Had a 10.3 serum calc, discontinued calc supp repeat test dropped to 10.1 Endo says quit calc but I am also osteopenia, PTH 28 but worry about bones?

68 year old female with extreme fatigue. Ferritin is 16, hemoglobin is 13. Not a vegetarian. What could be cause?

B12 result in UK Although its in range, is it Low ? B12 Vitamin 155ng/L range: 130.00-800.00ng/L Serum Folate (folic acid) 12.2 ug/L 4.00-20.00ug/L Need a Supp?

I have iron deficiency anemia, got infusions, raised ferritin levels, but it recently dropped from 140 to 36 again. I eat plenty of iron, celiac neg.

I tested positive for ana centomere b antibodies by 8. And my iron is way High I don't take iron I'm so exhausted and very often get dizzy ?

My Vitamin B12 is 335 pg/mL then it says Low: <146 pg/mL I rarely eat cause I dont have a appetite and at times go up to 4 or 5 days w/o food why?

Normal Range B12 eg155 ng/L Range 130.00-800.00ng/L would be good idea to supplement with Methylcobalamin Tablets and diet to meet Mid Range level?

What are Co q10 levels ?

With a 13.2 vitamin D reading, was on 50,000 a week for 6 months then went to 23 why So low again? Immunoglobulin E was 13 should I be concerned?

You agree with my UK GP? many peoples B12 like mine are very Normal 155ng/L Range130-800ng/L but would only be considered LOW B12 result in the US

?on Vitamin D blood work. Vit D 1,25 is high at 73 (rg 18-72). Vit D,25-OH, Total is low at 26 (rg 30-100). Is there any significance to imbalance?

'serum iron level' 26umol/l. 'saturation of iron binding cap '50%. %iron saturation 52%. 'serum ferritin level' 40ng /ml. What does it all mean.?

"my vitamin d (25oh) is 8.3 what shoud I do now? By teh way. My total cholosterol is 221 ng/ml"

(28 male) hb 11.5, hct 35.9, MCH 25.3, uibc 380, serum iron 18, iron saturation 5, serum ferritin 5. Have taken oral iron drops? Any concerns?

(my question may not have been forwarded) can low vitamin B12 cause irregular heartbeat?

(Normal cbc) chronically low ferritin and iron. Could low Ferritin/iron and Hashimoto and pots symptoms be in any way linked?

1 week after B12 injection my levels have increased to 936. My folic Acid level is 3.4. Can someone tell me why this means? My GP wants to see me

1 week after having B12 injection my levels are now at 936 & my folic acid level is 3.4. I am not sexually active and not attempting to get pregnant. ?

1.If I have panic attacks should I test vit d or d3? Which one? 2.Can I have a normal calcium level and vitamin d deficiency?

10.5 calcium, pth ~18, rpt test confirmed. Have insomnia/wired & tired last 4 yrs. Forgot to add vit D3 25oh was ~20. Free tst=~350. Slp spc good 02?

120 Cardizem cd added to 600 mg of tegretol..dr. sending me for tegretol level test...can this be toxic..and what would be toxic symptoms?

154 iron 16 weeks pregnant what does that mean ?

15months old taking PB 14gr 2x/day. Its been 3 months now. No blood lab req by pedia. what possible effect if low/high dosage if not therapeutic?

16 yr old female, was anemic in may with hemo 9. Hemoglobin now 13.5 but ferritin is 8, iron serum 32, iron saturation 9. Shld we supplement iron?

18 month old had her vitamin b levels come back elevated. Is this any cause for concern? She didn't have her vitamins for 2 days before the bw

18 month old with B12 level at 1569. Went up 569 in 2 weeks. No vitamins are given. What does this mean? Her ped doesn't know.

19 moth old ferritin 7(2-291), iron 61(40-100) iron binding capcity unsat 470(110-370), total iron binding capcity 531(228-428) transferrin%sat 11(15-57?

2 DEXA scans, 2 yrs apart both tscore +3. 10.5 calcium on 3 bloodtests this year, tho varies. Pth of 25.7&31. Recent vit d of +96 brought down to 64. Parathyroid tumor?

2 periods in one month, doc said to take blood test for clotting, iron (often deficient) and vitamin d. Could these be the causes of this?

2 weeks ago had 2.4 potassium- poor diet, had i.V.- follow up metab. Panel tests ok, eating well 3 to 4, 000 mg. Daily. Will this fix it? When to retest?

2 weeks ago my blood pH level was -11 the doc tried to take arterial blood gases but couldn't. He was confused by -11 pH level. What could cause it?

21 year old male, use heavy resistance training. I have a tendency for hypertension, range from 125 sp to 145. Would creatine supplementation be a risk?

22 m.Severe vit d and B12 deficiency.A psychiatrist said I have clinical depression too and put me on escitalopram.Should i wait til vit levels rise ?

22m.Put on 5 mg escitalopram for major depressive disorder.Vit B12 deficient.Should i start medication or wait for vit levels to rise ?

23 yrs old, iron saturation 11%, ferritin 7, tibc 475 but normal hgb 13.7? Dr says im fine, but im tired, loose hair, short of breath. Is this normal?

23F. Fe deficiency anemia (h/h 7.2/27.7, ferritin 4ng/mL) cause currently unknown. Hematuria 3x/1 day, fine next day. Any ideas about cause?

24 yr male, healthy build, total test 294 ng/dl (250-1100) and free test 81 pg/ml (35-155). Estradiol/cortisol normal. Feeling weak. Possible therapy?

24h urine cortisol range goes from 0-193 noml/d how can it start from zero? Cause if I have low cortisol i'll be -1 nmol/d and that's impossible!

26, male, south indian.74 kgs.History of lymph TB 2 years ago.Currently diagnosed with pharyngal gonorrea.High uric acid and testosterone.Low vit d?

27 weeks pregnant, hemoglobin 11.1 g/dL and hematocrit 33%. Am I considered anemic? What can I do if I am?

27/f. B12: 116, ferritin:6, low mch, other values apparently normal. Possibilities? Not vege/vegan.

28 weeks pregnant, iron level was test and hemoglobin 9.0, taking iron tablets but still very tired, should iron be rechecked?

28 yr down syndrome wbc 2.8 diff, platlets norm vit b12= 220 vit d 9 put on vit d and b12 is this tx okay?

28 yr down syndrome female wbc 2.8 vitamin d 9 b12 208 hypothyroid under control on vitamin d and b12 rest of cbe and platlets normal ?

28yrsold.Testosterone before androge 180 after 5g. 370,free levels are in the bottom range of normal. ask my doctor for a higher dose to see if this continue to help with my mood?is 370 good for myage

3.5 yr old w/elevated B12 and neuropathy--could it be she is not absorbing the b12? If so why?

34 F. Had CBC May last year and levels normal. Iron test Nov '14 and low iron (5 or 6). Taking iron tabs. Iron deficiency normal? No fam hx cancers

34 yo fmle with sed rate of 38 and c reactive protein of 15.1...Hair loss, fatigue, breathless at times, anemia, low vit d lvls...Follow up testing?

36 weeks pregnant hb10.2,iron125,folate11.4,b12 207,hct 31.4,mcv74.6,mch24.2,mchc32.5 ,rdw anemic, cant take oral iron.please help.

36 y/o female runner c/o fatigue. Cbc, cmp, tsh, t3, (liothyronine) t4, mg, b12, folate, vit. D level 140 ng/ml. Not on supplements. Asymptomatic. How to proceed?

42/f, hist of B12 def & hypothyroidism. Have all of pernicious anemia sxs, dr says blood good, won't discuss further. 7 mos, no answers. Help?

42yo male, blood test ->higher than normal estradiol levels & GI stool test ->high beta-glucaronidase - what's this mean? Take calcium D glucarate?

43 y/o s/p hyst x 10 yrs. ovaries intact. Severe nighttime sweating. Estrogen level per lab was 904. ???

45 yrs female. Ferritin level 5 (unknown cause). 600mg ferrous sulphate day. Resting heart rate 56-59. Not athletic (though not overweight). Too low?

49 y/o male; testosterone measure 3x's, avg 174. Pituitary MRI neg. prescription of fortesta 1 pump daily. 6 hrs. After dose extremely sleepy. Dosage too low?

49 yr Male B12 Vitamin Serum result in UK 155 ng/L Range 130.00-800.00ng/L Why am i not in the middle range 330ng/L ? Just curious to this answer!

5 mos. Ago i had iron serum 56, saturation 18%, ferritin 19. Took 50mg iron per day and now i'm at 117 and 43%, but ferritin @ 22 for past 4 mos. Why?

57+ F, TSH 2.7 with Eltroxin 62.5 mcg, Hb 12 with 'Orofer XT' weekly, faces lack of energy & weight loss (69->67kg) in 2-months of summer. Why ?

5yo kid has vit d insufficiency recent PTH level was bit increased doc said it is due to low vit d, given ostocalcium syrup 5 ml x1 month will ithelp?

5yo kid, Aug 15: Folic acid >20.0 ng, vit B12 of 725.0 pg, ser ferritin 20.20 ng, PTH 70.4 pg; vit D 59.11 in 5/15; folic acid, PTH, fer r they normal?

6 w pregnant.mtfhr homozygos.dr put me on clexane 0.8 for 1 month.I am cardiac this a high dose or safe to take it?platelets 365.

71 yrs lady has pain in ankle with urine uric acid lvl 6.4,vitmn D lvl 20.7 inflmtion & uric acid med not hlpng.could pain be due to low vitmn d lvl?

75y old(single kidney+chronic kidney disease),creatinine (~250),hemoglobin (~9.5),red cell count(3.6),Iron serum(107). Shall we use Aranesp (darbepoetin alfa) injection?

A recent blood test indicated iron at 176 mcg/dl (where normal is 45-170). I am having a followup test, but I'm wondering if this level is dangerous?

A study shows abstinence spiked t levels from 370 to 530ng/dl, over 7 days. Levels returnd to normal after.Could several of these spikes stunt growth?

After 12 tests in 3 years my calcium always high 10.3. After taking k2 30 days retest calc 9.9 first time. What to do now?

After iron supplement course iron is 48 MCV is 75 .4 and pcv is 33.7 and hemoglobin is 420... Y?

After iron supplement course my child's iton level raised for 20.9 to 48 , MCV is 75.4 , pcv/hct is 33.7 and platelets are 420 ... ?

After my bloods results my doctor has put me on folic acid pills...Why? Im already on thiamine and vit b strong.

After phlebotomies for hereditary hemochromatosis ferritin is 3, sat is 14%, but iron 40 - is this id anemia?

After tapering off iron my levels dropped to 49. Saturation 17% TIBC 293. Ferritin 49 (sick with virus at time of draw). RBC 4.09. HGB 12.9. HCT 39.7.

After typhoid i was feeling week so doctor did blood test & found that I have deficiency of vitamin B12 & vitamin d i want to know good meal fr that?

Albumin/creatnine ratio has been increasing. My endo doesn't want to treat due to lisinopril allergy. 45.6 june 2011, 55 nov 2013, 75 feb 2014. Advice?

Almost done with oxygen therapy after pneumonia.Levels with no ox ther/ from 94-98. How can I tell if im getting too much and could it b dangerous?

Alt (sgpt) 39, iron serum 160, vit D 22.1 - all other levels normal. I'm 49 year old female. What r some possible concerns with my levels?

Always tired so I had blood tests done and they said my iron and thyroid levels are on the lower side but not deficient. Should I be taking supplement?

Ammonia 88, Thiamin, Whole Blood 66, Vit B6 4, Copper 1.57,Alpha-Tocopherol 19, Copper Conc 8, U Copper 6. Is this something I should be concern about?

Ana test results a equivocal tietre:80 speckled, high iron and iron saturation, thyroidperoxades 600 but normal tsh, T4 and t3 (liothyronine)? Any ideas I am at a loss

Anemia found on labs. Iron serum: 21 Iron Saturation: 4, Ferritin: 3. Very heavy periods, and hadn't been taking iron. Blood transfusion needed?

Anemia of unknown origin, Hemoglobin as low as 6.0. Negative endoscopy, negative colonoscopy, negative occult fecal blood. Low iron: 17 Ferritin 980?

Anemia:rbc-3.7, hct-35.4, fer-50, iron-54, tibc 268, iron sat 20%, PLT 222, retic .6%, potas 5.2, B12 1500, folate (folic acid) 24.8. College athlete weight gain, fatig?

Anemia? iron deficiency, blood loss or chronic illness? WBC 10.9, RBC 3.73, Hemo 117, Iron 10, TIBC 53, Ferritin 49, iron sat 0.19, urine protein 0.15

Anemia. Am i anaemic? Blood results were hb 137g/l, rcc 4.4x10^12 /l, iron 6 umol/l, t. Sat. 11%. I am male 24 years old, white, 70kg, 5ft10inches

Anemic. 300mg ferrous gluconate a day not helping after 10 months. 80-300 normal ferritin lvl - mine was 45. can i increase iron supplement dose?

Anemic. More blood work ordered. B12 266. Folate (folic acid) 10.6. Ferritin <8. Iron 47. Iron binding capacity 490. Iron Sat 10%. Will I undergo more tests?

Any significance to a folate (folic acid) level > 24 ng and vit B12 = 343 pg/ml for someone always tired? (fyi vit d = 38 ng and ferritin = 39 mcg)

Apparently, i had blood work done and I have low vitamin d. What do I do now?

Are artichokes good for you if you have haemochromotosis?

Are changes in Hb (10.6 -> 11.1), RBC (3.6 -> 3.75), Pt (1.2-1.5 L) enough improvement of taking 'Orofer XT' once daily for 2 wks & 'Ecod Plus' 3 wks?

Are Iron injections working faster than Iron tabs in replenishing the ferritin level and the general level of iron in the body?

Are my test results in range? Vitamin B-12 558 FOLATE,SERUM 17.8

Are there any vitamins that can be taken to keep testosterone levels up during the day? Test showed I was low in afternoon but normal in the morning.

As a vegetarian, what blood tests should I have done to make sure that I am getting all of the nutrients that my body needs?

As i got answer about nutritional deficiency my vit d and b12 are normal what more test do i need for bone musclepain and fatigue tsh also normal?

As of 4/30 ferritin is 6.1ng took ferrous sulfate 310mg 3x day re took lab test as of 5/13 ferritin is 18ng is the rate of increase really slow?

Assuming an ideal diet, how might vitamin & mineral deficiencies occur? What reliable lab tests exist? Any link to weakness, malaise, tiredness, etc.?

Ast level 86 alt level 33 . is this normal??? Im 39 yrs old. Recently started a new diet three weeks ago. Taking vitamins

At 2 instances btwn 3 days gap, blood protein level is high (9.2) and iron (55). It was 8.7 and 43 respectively some 2 weeks ago. What should I do?

At my dr appointment i had low ferritin but all other blood counts were normal, dr suggested an iron supplement. When should I have levels retested?

At what point should IV vitamin K be administered if a pt has a high INR eg at 1.5, 2.1 or 2.2 does it depend on other pathology results platelet count is presently normal but was recently very low?