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After 50 mg prednisone for 5 days ESR ( 25) CRP ( 3.5) Are both slightly elevated? Ps. (ANA) has been positive for years

+ANA protein urine achy elbows knee foot ankle all lupus test neg ANA titre 1:320 AST&ALT high glucose high PTT LA 42 no diabetes. Help?

24 year old female no medical problems have had drenching night sweats 6 months elevated ESR and eosinophils most lab work normal. Joints pop a lot?

27 y/o female. Recent bloodwork showed SED rate of 70, estrogen level of 250 on day 14 of my cycle. I know SED is general but what are possible dx?

29/Male-feel fine. Had hearing loss so had ANA and ESR. ESR ok ANA 1:160. Was on augment for 14 days prior on predinsone for 7 days. Would this affect results?

3 yr old. Very poor growth. Calprotectin 165, ESR 30, burr cells 1+. Very high IGA. Could this be normal or is something definitely wrong? GI related?

3 yr w h/o poor growth, ^ calprotectin & sed rate. Biopsy show inactive chronic inflamm in the stomach & acute patchy cryptitis in colon (L >R). Dx???

30 yr old suspect of lupus, how having a CRP 6.0 mg/l affects me ?

34 yr old female..Healthy weight...Recent echo showed ejection fraction of 50 percent...Recent blood work cardio CRP 9.8, sed rate 38, CRP 15.1, next?

35 year-old woman with fatigue, elevated ESR, elevated CRP, and a persistent leukocytosis in the 20k range for 3 years still without a diagnosis.....?

38yo.Dm1, sarcoid(remission).Fatigue/malaise x several years. diangosis not found. Wbc low normal, absolute lymphocyte low(0.9). Could this be related?

3yr old, poor growth, elev sed rate, IgA, calprotectin. Biopsy -chronic stomach inflammation & cryptitis. Infection has been ruled out. Wht could it b?

3yr old. Calprotectin 165. ESR Sed rate 26, Immunoglobulin A 183. Burr cells 1+. Poor weight gain. Could this be normal? GI related?

40yr old Fem Sed Rate Rising (Cont 2) History: Pos ANA, FM, Lupus Anticoagulant, Hypothyroidism, LE Edema. What does all this mean?

55 year old lady has pain in both legs for 30 years.crp,esr,ra-,tsh,hba1c,albumin,uric acid normal.colour doppler and eco required or it is idiopathic?

56 year old (arthritis, lichen sclerosis, yeast) normal blood work except sed rate (42) and alk phos (121) vitamin d 23.9. What are the implications?

60 yo cau f diagnosis oa, ana-nr, rf-nr, elev esrs x1 yr, crp, 0.5mg/dl (11-2103), 0.3 (4-2014), ch50 >60, C5 22.0 (elev), C4 28 wnl, ccp (igg) neg concerns?

72mg/l urine protein is this normal?(not a 24hr sample) IgM 133u/ml IgA 4.86g/l CRP 12.86, mchc 310g/l ESR 23 chest pain + recurrent uti's &fatigue

9 yr old son w recurrent pericarditis+effusion & chronic erythema nodosum, ruled out common diseases. Meaning of CH50 High, CD19 High & CD 16/56 High?

A positive ANA test, vitamin d deficient, anemia, body aches, and high sed rate. Could all of these symptoms be caused from celiac?

Acute Diverticulitis and Chronic Prostatitis can these Things raise Crp levels?

Acute heart failure/myopathy from an autoimmune disease or virus/bacteria... Wouldn't this cause an abnormal CBC, C-RP & ESR??

Ana 1:640 homo/speckled. Negative rf. Normal ESR and cbc. Taking between 1200 and 2000 mg nsaid daily for joint pain. Can this affect esr?

ANA came +ve once & then -ve in other labs. Doc wasn't sure it's SLE, ALT was 55 (BMI 25). NOW after 1 yr, joint pain is less ALT is 75 (BMI 28). SLE?

Ana direct positive, sed rate 32, bun 4, creat 0.030, tsh 0.350, etc. I don't think this is just fibro. Also keep having protein in urine.

Ana pos, rf pos, platelets consistently 450-500 many years, creatinine & glom rate high end norm, joints sore, nausea, but no inflam, norm CRP = 0.1?

Ana speckled 1280 ddsna negative sed 39 TSH in range vit d low mpv low prior tpo 90 fatigue cold & ache in feet legs fingers lupus or thyroid?

Ana+ spec pattern 1:640 . Rheum drs dismissed it. Elevated sed. Could it be cancer?

Ana+w/speck pat. 1:640. Sed rate elevated CRP ok. Cbc and metabolic and urine ok. Up back pain. Fatigue. Right flank pain. Lupus panel negatiive. ?

Ana320 homogeneous, sed rate 5, CRP 5, skin rash from sun, hx. 1996 of ana80, CMV igg58, EBV igg>90, liver and kidney cysts, mild splenomegaly?

Anti phospholipid IgG was mildly elevated and eSR was 71. Lupus anticoagulant was negative. cRp was high normal. Had bad sinus infections.worry?

Anti ro ssa was low but present. anti TG antiTpo antibodies elevated but ana w/ panel was (-) euthyroid.has s/s responds to plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) Differential Dx?

Any significance to reducing gluten to help control lupus?

Are fevers common in pots? Been getting almost daily low fevers of 99.5-100.5 for 6 weeks. Wbc, ANA and inflammatory markers normal. Doc has no idea if normal for pots.

Arthritis, lupus ruled out.Joint pain, migraines, kidney stones, recent sinus & Eustachian tube problems, + ANA, elevated CRP & ALP, ALT, AST. Ideas?

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia with hgb 8.0/esr 80/hs-crp 8, crp 0.4. Normal ldh, reticulocytes. Treatment options for flares? On procrit (epoetin alfa) but not steroid

Autoimmune pancreatitis how dx? random lipase spikes & do not drink/do drugs. positive ANA - igG1 is low -facial bx chronic swelling -vit d defcnt

B12 elevated now, do I have liekemia?

Been to rheumatologist for recurring iritis and had: chest x-ray, esr, crp, ace, ck, vit d, calcium and mri.All fine.Anything else I should be tested for?

Blood test results =ldh is high 619, CPK ok, anf +iv, RA factor n CRP -iv, anticcp ok, WBC 4.7, i've muscle n joint pain and fatigue, suggestions plz?

Blood work results: "elevated rheumatoid factor & ccp c/w ra; elevated jo 1 (34h) & anti histone (1.2h) antibodies, mng" what should this mean to me?

Bloodwork shows high aso titre 520, crp 11 and esr 27, with plantar fasciitis and body pains. Is there any serious indication?

C-reactive protein 8.2 normal under 5. could external ear infection/swelling otitis externa cause this? sed. rate, ANA, RF, anti ccp all normal.

CA-19-9, hs, CRP, ESR and CEA levels. Are these typically elevated in pancreatic or gastric cancer??

Can a diagnosis of lupus SLE be given if all blood tests (CRP, rheumatoid factor and full blood count) are within normal ranges?

Can an active EBV infection cause CRP levels to elevate? BW shows CRP level at 13.0

Can an erythrocyte sedimentation rate blood test detect peyronies inflammation or its severity? What can a normal outcome rule out in the body?

Can anemia (hgb 8 for 65 yo f) cause sed rate of 80? Is hs-crp 8.5 and crp 0.4 consistent for the same person? Should be on steroid to bring it down?

Can anyone tell me about carotidynia as a subset of vasculitis/arteritis in relation to ctd? Evidenced by high crp/enlargement of carotid bulb/pain

Can CH50 & C1 Esterase Inhibitor be WNL with decreased C3/C4 levels? I've been diagnosed with Anemia, Gatroparesis, SLE & MCTD to date

Can inflammation from a severe lupus flare cause an elevated d dimer of 1600? Crp over 200. Esr 50.

Can Lyme disease cause an elevated CA125 reading?

Can lymes disease cause low testostrone?

Can metobolic disease cause fasciculations. have high CPK 744 high adolese and low t. Rheumatologist thinks metobolic. Clean emg/ns. Worried als. 36?

Can mono raise sed rate? Taking predezone 8 mg but rate went from 33 to 41. I have polymyalgic rheumatica

Can one have seronegative polymyalgia rheumatica + giant cell arteritis? Alll the typical symptoms but blood tests were normal yet on 5mg pred by then

Can parvovirus b19 cause abnormal blood tests (anti dsdna ~30, low c3, low platelets) for 12 months after virus? Rheum says not sle since no phys symp

Can severe anxiety elevated my WBC to 10.9 ?

Can someone explain 2 me how i can feel terrible with lupus even when my inflammatory markers & other labs (other than high ana) are currenlty normal ?

Can you please list the common causes of high ESR for a patient of known diabetes and anemic with hb 12.8?

Can you tell me which autoimmune disease my labs point to? High sed rate (29) ANA positive with ssa ro very high >8.0

Causes of elevated crp? Ct & other labs normal. Esr had been elevated, but down to 11, CRP is 8.2 lower abd pn, but has gotten better. Lavh/bso in '13

Causes of significantly elevated myoglobin but normal troponin and normal ck.This was during a severe sle flare. Can just lupus cause high myoglobin?

Chronic joint pain swelling. Ra factor 11.9, sed rate 7, ANA positive and high 1:160, ccp antibodies high 250, CRP 0.4, any ideas drs? Thanks.

Chronic minor petechiae only symptom. CBC, INR/PT, comp. metabolic,d-dimer,CRP &SED rate normal. aPTT elevated 2 seconds. Doc thinks ok. 2nd opinion?

Confused: rheum did bloodwork no signs of inflammation. Orthopedic says osteoarthritis in knees;hemat shows lymphocytes low. Not autoimmune?

Continuous temp 99 since three months,ESR 77,CBC(MPV 11.9),CRP 14.6mg/L, ANA, RA,ANF,HBs Ag,Anti HCV,City scan of abdominal region,ALP,all are normal?

Continuous temperature 99 max 100 timings evening or night ESR is 77, CBC (MPV is 11.9), CRP IS 14.6mg/L, ANA,RA,ANF,HBs Ag,Anti HCV,ALP test normal?

Could a connective tissue diseases cause a low pt. 9.9 in a lab where 10.3 is the low range. And what is the significance of this.

Could cancer be suspect even with normal CBC and metabolic and uriine? Sed rate slightly elevated ANA + w/ spec pattern 1:640.

Could low titer ANA go neg.due to slight anemia had 4 ANA + no higher than 1:160 ENA - now ANA - never symptoms of disease so no autoimmune disease?

Crp .1 mg/l. Ra/anti-dsdna antibs/ana all negative. Why might hematology report indicate "suggested reactive or inflammatory process"? Also noted subset of reactive lymphocytes, occasionally atypical.

CRP (non-hs kind) was 6.5mg/L. Sed rate 7. Last test 3 months ago CRP was 0.3 mg/L. Rise alarming? Same lab, range 0-10 mg/L. Headache and petechiae.

Crp & ASO titre r positive. Rheumatoid factor 2.3. Esr 91 after 1 hr. Conjugated bilirubin 0.31 & uncon. 0.28. A/G ratio 1.357. Pls suggest?

Crp 0.4 but hs-crp showing 8.5 in the same week. Any explanation? Can spondylitis or lupus cause monoclonal light chain in urine lambda type? K/l 1.5

Crp 2.73, ESR 22, ANA + speckled 1:40, complement ch50 is >60. 15 years of fatigue/malaise, headaches, ibs, aches and pains. Any correlation?

Crp and rhematoid arthritis-- what is the cignificance of elevated CRP in a patient with ra?

Crp and sedimentation rate are both independant indicators of inflammation, do we know to what problems continuous and elevated sr(2xmax) only lead ?

Crp is 0.6, RA factor is <10, uric acid is 6.1 and hb is 10.4. Can the above mension things can be reason for joint pain?

Crp is 1.0 but sed rate is 80 with hgb 10 with ana positive (undiagnosed AID) should prednisone 20 be tapered off,crp lowers on statin only? Thanks

Crp level 32 for the last 4 years too, esr at 40-50. Doctor not concerned as it's stable. I am 155kg could it be weight or a hidden cancer?

Crp of 18 bad?

CRP value raised after vaccination is it normal?

Crp was high now normal. Sed rate at 30 suppose to b under 20. Ana + w/spec pattern. Mid bk pain since may. Cbc and metabolic and urine good. Thy ok.?

Crp-hs cardiac 8, Sed rate esr 88 neutrophils 10.7, homocysteine19, rf<10. Chf developed recently, Fever at night, fatigue, breathing issues. Can this be lupus or rheumatoid heart issue? do i need additional tests to determine inflammation of heart?

Crp, esr, ldh, CBC & cmp, chest x ray... All normal. Can i still have lymphoma?

Crp/sed rate norm 1 wk prior to out pt proced. Crp esc to 300 with hi d dimer. Admitted . diangosis multi org serositis/poss clot. history sle. Exp pot clot dx?

Dad's ESR is 39 , c reactive protein and rheumatoid factor negative what could be the causes ?

Developed anca positive vasculitis with antihistone ab 1.4 and ESR 80. Can Losartan inhibit angiogenesis and make vasculitis or inflammation worse?

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have CRP always 20-22 and ESR 52. Is is related to fibromylagia? Cbc always normal . Should is start worrying

Diff capsular enhancement w focal cap retraction w heterog atten of hepatic parenchyma. Normal liver bx. Crp 257 sed rate 50.Dx serositis. Sle inflam?

Do know your crp! if persistently elevated, it is an indicator of joint damage and potential ashd. Please explain what does that mean ?

Docs overlooking lymphoma? Months w/ab pain, rectal blood (cscope ok), lymph pain, non-healing acne, episodic fuo. Neg mono test. Latest labs = high ldh, high lipase, low globulin, pos for atyp wbcs

Does a high CRP (quant) - mine was 9.8 - warrant further investigation? No symptoms. CBC and CMP looked fine, nothing out of range. Last year CRP = 8

Does a high sed rate and low RBC indicate cancer? I do have positive ana/speckled 1;640. Upper back pain for one year. Mri ok

Does a higher ANA titre (1:2560) make it more likely to be cancer than an autoimmune disease?

Does Advil (ibuprofen) affect CRP and ESR levels?

Does any doctor here know what pamidronate does for rsd/crps?

Does any one know what a huge drop in globulin means and what could cause ankylosing sponditilits?

Does CRP rise with tuberculosis infection?