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I recently had a Faecal Calprotectin level of around 2000. Can antibiotics affect these results?

liver function test done and levels came back 95 and 52 Not sure which was which, but the one that's to be in the range of 0-40 is95 Dangerous?

"i'm pregnant 4 weeks. Before pregnant blood test toxoplasma igg+ >2000iu/ml(reference range<1.6), IgM weakly positive>0.6. Is it safe for my baby?

10 months ago i had blood work done and was in the reference range for ly # under CBC test 1.3-2.9 . New result says high 4.2 . Is this cause?

28 weeks pregnant, did the routine blood test, large number of leukocytes 20.5 x 10\l, the references are: 3.0-8.0 x 10\l, what does this mean?

2yr old had blood work done in Dec & in Feb results are saying she had a high C3, C4 Complement & high C-Reactive protein & ES rate what's wrong?

3 yr old has ketones in urine, A1c was done results were 5.5. Blood sugars ranged from 43 to 208 in a 12 hr period. What could this mean?

33yr female.2 daughters.Then 2 miscarriages.Blood tested for IgG,Lupus &Thyroid profile,all results within normal range.Is it safe to conceive again?

35 f fertility dr tested thyroglobulin. It was 78.5, normal range 0-55. Ab normal. What could this mean?

37 yr male; Lyme dis, cp, untreated hbp (165/110); very elevated liver enzymes. Lipid panel ++.'trii 850, low t. ;tests ordered. What could cause?

61 years, hysterectomy 7months ago.Alp 137.1ui/l, lym%18.2, mxd% 10.4, rdw-sd 49.2, other results are ok.Higher alp may indicate the presence of cancer ?

9 yr male ca 2.11, k 2.9, uacr 16, ALT 25, AST 29, urinary albumin 470, creat 29.9.Lab drawn in or post ketamine /sevo ind. Thoughts on differential diagnosis ?

A lab reported my ANA test result -ve, cut off rate: 1.117, sample rate: 0.198. They used immulite 2000 rai analyzer. Is it standard, reliable report?

A lab reported my ELISA test for ANA +ve with titre 60.3 iu/ml. (ref. <20 -ve, 20-60 mod. +ve, >60 +ve). Is this the way ANA results are reported?

A psa test in sept 2012 of 4.76: a psa test on10-22-13 of 6.16: recheck scheduled for 12/2013. Considering my age of 77, is this concerning?

ACTH plasma 2.2 cortisol am .4 These are lab results can you interpret. I'm kinda freaking out. Should I be? It that bad? What's it mean? Fixable?

ACTH stim test...I've seen so many reference ranges I don't know how to interpret mine with 12.8 baseline, 20.4 @ 30 and 21.1 @ 60 minutes?

Afp blood test done at 15 weeks was 1.3 mom -- is this normal?

Afp test is 24.18 and 26.9 ng/ml for two years, vcaiga is negative, cea, tsgf, t-psa, f-psa are in the normal range. What else should I do?

After my liver function test,my results shows:total protein 84, albumin 48, globulin 36. Any problem with my health since i have higher total protein?

Age 27 . My TSH is .006, total T-3 is 221, free T-4 is 2.70 . Is there anything that could create a false positive? Like stress? Could I retest ?

Alanine transaminase levels of 48 apparently should be below 34 on liver function tests everything else looks within normal limits what does this mean?

Alt 42 h (6-29) at one lab and ALT 57 h (9-52) at a different lab a week later - does this mean it is rising? Confused because of different ranges.

Alt down from 77 to 64 after 3 weeks.Gamma GT was high at 64 but now in normal range. Should I be concerned. Doc said follow up bloods in 2 months.

Am 31 yrs, 180 lbs i had my quad screen and the results were: afp:16.6 hcg:61.06 ue3:0.61 inhibin a:533.98 are there results in the normal range ?

Ammonia level was elevated @48 (normal range 3-37) all other labs normal. Previous ultrasounds & cts were normal. Is this something to worry about?

Amylase is > 400 and lipase is 6000. All tests have been done. No pain. Have CKD 3?

Amylase serum is normal 96 (ref <101 units/l) amylase urine is 27 (ref 0 - 15 units/hr). Why would urine's elevated and not serum? I have no symptoms, mrcp, CT scan all normal.

An ultrasound confirmed the presence of 2 masses on thyroid. Levels w/in normal range. (.66 uIU/mL)so dr says not to worry. Should I request more test?

Annual Lab test shows 10.010 TSH 7/15 versus 3.44 in 1/13. Doc Rx Synthroid (thyroxine) 100 mgm / updated labs in 3 mnth. Should more be done. No relevant his?

Anti cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody value 0.58.. Sensitivity of method 68% and specificity 92% ... What does it indicate?

Apparently ibd can cause malnutrion and, over the years, a very low bmi. But my blood tests are always within limits? Confused? 6'2'' 120 lbs

Are 4 rbcs/hpf in urine considered normal? According to my lab, it is in "normal range".online some sources like a.d.a.m. say 4 is normal Is it norml?

Are Lipoprotein Particle Size and Lipoprotein Electrophoresis test the same? I asked my Dr for Lipo Particle Size and Lp(a) but got Electrophor result

At 5 weeks 3 days the hCG test is 23741, after 48 hours, second result is 36000. Is this a good result?

Before i conceived, my folic acid lab result number was 23.4 ng/ml (expected range = >5.0). What is an optimum number now that i'm pregnant? Thanks.

Blood draw immediately after a flu vaccine (intramuscular) - can this elevate the creatine kinase result? (lab value of 700+)

Blood pressure reading of 120/50 is this normal also thyroid blood results TSH 0.21 and Free T4 is 19.3.. are these now within 'normal' range ?

Blood results came back with a 4.27 (h). Tsh, reflex to free T4 tsh, highly sensitive. Leukocyte esterase - moderate hemoglobin - trace / WBC 6 (h)?

Blood test came back out of range-Glucose Random 4.4 Creatinine 56 Estimated GFR 103 Gamma GT <10 ALT 18 AST 15 I am 42 smoker dizzy tired what's wrong?

Blood test for thyroid>high enzyme count in liver>scheduled ultrasound >CT Scan needed now but haven't gone yet due to insurance prob>been 2 mo.> Bad?

Blood test IgG 12.63 reference range 0-20. What does it mean?

Blood test result (Coagulation) was 0.9, the reference range is <1.5 Is my result normal?

Blood test result on infections:cmv IgG result: 2.9 grey zone: (0.85-1.05eu).Chl.Trachomatis IgG result: 0.9 grey zone: (0.85-1.1eu).Please interpret?

Blood test results for (creatine kinase) ck : 351 and ck - mb : 102. Can you explain?

Blood test results MCV 96.5fl, B12 258 and Lymphocyte count 1.34 10*9/L could this be causing my migraines? What do these results mean?

Blood test results showing high creatine 1.28 and low egfr 55. Glucose is normal but 99. All were normal 6mo ago.No diabetes. Hypothyroid&Hashmotos.

Blood test results. Lym% 44 gran% 48.4 what does this mean? 25year old female

Blood test reveals a CEA level of 7.6ug/l. Never had cancer that i know of. I am a smoker 50yrs of age, female?

Blood test shows sodium 139, potassium 3.3 L, and chloride 109 H. What does this mean and should I be concerned? WBC/RBC is normal. Anion gap 5.0

Blood test shows TSH w/ reflex to FT4 is 13.62 (high) & Free T4 is 1.1 (normal). How would you describe what these results mean?

Blood test. Nothing unusual except magnesium. 1.01 mmol/l (lab range: .7-1.0). Any need for follow-up?

Blood tests. Urea 7.5 cr-s: 74 chol: 4.95 tg:0.34 urea/crea ratio : 101 what does these results mean please. Thanks alot?

Blood vol. Test. Are these numbers good?Tbv deviation -21.3, rcv devistiona -22.9, pv deviation -20.4. Thanks for the education.

Blood work shows anemia and alkaline phosphate of 126 the normal level is 110 it was 123 three months ago should I be worried?

Bmp: k: 1.9; c02: 34, all else normal. My dr never contacted me about these results; the lab just emailed me a copy. Should i follow up?

C-reactive protein and C3 lab tests--what are they for?

C3C,C4C,normal on blood test but CH50 was the high end of 6.0. I'm assuming this is good news? They were testing for Andgeioadema since my sis has it

Ca 15-3 level 33, 3 u/ml (reference value 25) for a patient that had masectomy a year ago and the CT 6 months ago showed no problems. Should we worry?

Ca level of 11.0 but I had a glass of milk before the test. subsequent Ca in the lo-mid 10 with albumin in hi 4 to 5.0. should I toss this result?

Ca125 result is 20 which is within normal range >35. What is the perfect range. Is a result of 20 indicative of endometriosis at all?

Calcitriol: 89.5 pg/mL; Vit. D: 23.3 ng/mL; Ca: 10.3; PTH, 18, pg/mL. All others (CBC, Chem 20, Thyroid) normal. What could these lab results mean?

Calcium level and PTH has been up and down since July.saw an endocrinologist, latest tests are cal 10.4, 5.7, PTH 27,alb 4.7,phos 2.7, meaning?

Can any doc tell me what's meant by kcl lab grade ?

Can GGT results be as high as 383? (i thought the range was 1 50ish u/l) what does this mean?

Can I be diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome only based on my blood bilirubin levels although my 1& 2 UGT1A1 gene analysis came normal (no mutations)?

Can PG I and PG I/PG II ratio serve as a reliable serum marker for monitoring progression or regression of atrophic gastritis/IM without need for EGD?

Can you have a normal ch50 (total complement) blood test result, but still have low C3 and/or C4 levels?...Or would low C3 or C4 show up on ch50 test?

Can you please explain the following Time Performed Sed Rate Levels and what they could possibly mean? 08/07/14-2201, 07/15/14-1544, 06/12/14-0806

Cd3 t cell count is 823. Lab range states 958-2388. Is this considered too low out of the range? Test done due to rule out immune issues

Ck is 29. Ckmb is 0.7. Ckmb% is 2.4. H. Troponin is 0.00. What does all of this mean and why is the % high?

CK level 360 is this usual for BFS condition? Had it retested 2 weeks later and down to 111

Ck-mb elevated 18; ck normal 144, trop t negative. Diagnosis?

CMP & CBC are normal except Globulin is 4.2 & Total Protein is 8.4? I am freaking out w/ Dr. Google. 33 years old.....myeloma?

Complement C3 & C4 tests done 3 times. C3 normal but twice C4 was borderline normal or borderline low, 3rd time it was well within range. deficiency?

Confused.only labs were done. No bone scan,yet my hematologi st/oncologist says I have low risk mgus.will repeat labs .how can mm be r/o now?

Constipation for 7 days. Lab test shows elevated ALT 75 U/L, a year ago it was 55U/L. Tightness in upper abdomen. any test or suggestions?

Cortisol 24 hour urine test, my results were 13.0 ug/tv. What is the normal range?

Cortisol test done 1mg suppression over night. it said normal range should be 6.2 to 19.4 my result was 1.0 ug/ dl said abnormal what does that mean ?

Cortisol total serum bl 4.1, 30 min after injection 19.8. Before pituitary surgery they were 9.2 bl, 32 a/i. Dr says new results are norm, are they?

Could a persistently elevated ddimer(flux between 9 and 13, norm< 0.5) and a carotid/ocular bruit, be related? (Hematology has been stumped.

D dimer result 78 cut off 250 is this good ?

Dear all, labresults after chest pain: troponin negative, ck total153 with cutoff 190, ckmb 23 cutoff 25.Doctors say all ok.Was ckmb not too high?Txs

DHEA S blood test was 156. Is this a normal/average test result for 42 yr. old female otherwise healthy?

Diagnosed w/MGUS 11 yrs ago. Annual bloodwork shows AbProtein band 1 @ 1.1, Gamma 1.7 (same as last year).. ALT/SGPT at 9. Currently have no insurance?

Diagnosis of my blood shows 187.50 miu/ml insulin (pp). Any explanation?

Did a cortisol AM test because of years of weakness&tiredness.What do my results mean? Normal range 101.2 - 535.7. Out of range - 562.3.

Different blood testing done to determine the cause of a 12.8 hgb. All them good except b-12 = 1025 pg/ml and mma=0.15 what does this means?

Direct Bili (0.4-0.7) for months. Total also High (1.8-2.4). since mostly indirect=Gilbert's? All other tests normal. Ultrasound Normal. No symptoms.

Doctor requested a blood test what do these mean.. Fbc , lft , rpg glucose (random) , tfgps (bm==), ue thyroid (not on T4 urea/electrolites ..Help.

Does 10 in a range 15-70 aldosterone 24h urine result means anything?

Does a low result for HNK1 CD8-CD57+ Lymphs (15/uL, ref 60-360) indicate that further investigation or treatment is required?

Does ELISA test for ANA titre result come out in iu/ml? what's the reference value in iu/ml? Why some results show a ratio like 1:40? any difference?

Done an sgpt test and it says on the result that mine is 66 (ref: 9.00-52 u/l(h). Do i need to worry? I am drinking ptu (propylthiouracil) for my thyroidism continuously

Done test of HSV 1and 2 IgM result says 0.50<0.90 and done HSV 1and 2 by IgG result say 22.30 <0.90 what does it mean ?

Dr ordered baseline ua with reflex, what does this mean?

Dr said lab results are normal. RBC 5.24 is higher than range &urinalysis showed CaOx 1 + and clarity: sl cloudy higher than range. What does it mean?

Dr.Tony my whole spirometry was 83% of predic.Value is this COPD ?

Dx with lupus. New dr looking for dermatomyositis. Urine test results protein 12.1, creatine .32 pro/ cret, ratio.38. Normal? Doesn't have a reference

Echo is normal but shows Stage1 DiastolicDysfunction. 2nd cardio says no DD. Which is accurate? E:A ratio 1.0, DT 197msec, E-wave 0.76 A-wave 0.74 37y