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Can anybody tell me where can I get andractim cream(dihydrotestosterone?

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Can i start clomid (clomiphene) 25mg while im using axiron 60mg for tow weeks then i stop axiron to not let dawn my t, i been using axiron 25 days

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Glasterone tablets dhea is what for?

Hi . I am a 27 year old male who is currently undergoing trt androgel for hypogonadism. where to apply for least e2 conversion. ?

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How do I use androderm (testosterone). Can it get wet?

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How does TestoRush RX work?

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I have this (doctor's male testosterone natural booster gel) does would work on me? Or can you tell a name of a good testosterone gel please?

I use androderm (testosterone) and work 6pm to 5am, what time should I apply the patch?

If androxal get approval can working by switching from androgel to androxal. ?

If my testosterone was at 400 before i started axiron testostetone..If i stop will my levels be the same as before i started?

If the doctor prescribe Testosterone Propionate for TRT shouldn't he check your testosterone levels to know if the dosage is too much or not?

Im using Androgel since 5 years for low T and my psa is hi if doc stop me androgel haw can I have sex?

Irritated skin from 50mg androderm (testosterone) patches?

Is fortesta the testosterone creme over the counter? Any answer appreciated.

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My doctor asked me to choose which testosterone treatment i wish to try. He suggested androgel, axiron and fortesta. Help!

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On trt. Recently doc switched me from straight testosterone to testosterone compounded with armidex. Thoughts on this?

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What are side effects of axiron testosterone?

What are the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy gels? Like axiron, androgel or fortesta?

What do men prefer, androderm (testosterone) vs testoderm?

What do you prefer, androderm (testosterone) or testoderm?

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What is testosterone enanthate?

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What number of mg of androderm testosterone make one cc?

What the defrenc btween my own testosterone and testosterone replacement by androgel and why treatment of low t are lots of riski'm not my own t?

What the defrenc btween my own testosterone and testosterone replacement like androgel and is the same risk i can have frome my own testosterone?

When do you notice effect of androderm (testosterone) patch?

When do you see effects of androderm (testosterone) patch?

When would I notice effects of androderm (testosterone) patch?

Where i can find testosterone booster patches?

Which is better androderm (testosterone) or testoderm?

Which is better androgel or androderm (testosterone)?

Which is better? Androderm (testosterone) or testoderm?

Which is better/absorbs better: androderm or androgel or testosterone injection?

Which is more effective? Testosterone injection or androgel?

Which is most affordable: androgel, axiron, fortesta, or testim?

Which one has more observation between androgel and axiron?

Which one produces less DHT and hairloss, androgel or testosterone shots? Im on androgel and started to notice hair loss

Which superior between axiron and androgel?

Which superior of testosterone replacement and safer i, njection or androgel?

Which testoserone product is more effective androgel or androderm (testosterone)?

Why doctor gave some times clomid (clomiphene) with androgel what it can help and can work the Testicles Wille using androgel?

Why doctors don't prescribe estradot patches for males?

Why would the doctor order a testosterone blood test if he prescribed you Testosterone Propionate for testosterone replacement therapy ?

Witch more safe for low testosterone at man 49 years old androgel or clomid (clomiphene) ?

Would a doctor prescribe me testosterone if i asked?