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+ gonorrhoeae DNA amplification test, but, neg. Amp RNA test(source urine). Do they have gonorrhoeae? Is one test more reliable?

18 yr old female, very low risk. Tested positive for HCV antibody, negative for quantitative RNA test 6 months ago. Further testing necessary now?

2 + elisa, 1 -western blot, 1 -ifa and -natt, 2 -oraquick hometest all 1 year after exposure. Is HIV my problem?

52 days post exposure.What test to take HIV 1 RNA PCR qualitative or quantitative. And does this test detect both HIV 1 abd 2 type?

After 4 months Cd4 is 488 and HIV Elisa,rapid,p24combo are negative and HIV RNA quantitative real time PCR is target not is 100% negetive?

After 4 months Cd4 is 488 and HIV Elisa,rapid,p24combo are negative and HIV RNA quantitative real time PCR is target not is 100% negetive?

All antibody tests negative at around the 10 week mark except for RNA PCR test which says RNA detected, below 20 copies/ml instead of undetected.

Apart from elisa, which other immunoassay(s) can be used for antigen analysis?

Apart from elisa, which other immunoassay(s) can quantitative antigen analysis use?

Are Lyme tests Elisa & western blot actually unreliable half the time like holistic/naturopath doctors or LLMD's say?

Are there subtypes of HIV 1 or 2 that cannot be detected by fda approved third generation antibody tests or the most current ie. 20 copy RNA tests?

Bloods done for HIV at GUM clinic. Would this test for antigens or antibodies or both? Tested 15 months out.

By explaining what exactly a polymerase chain reaction is or a "pcr test?

Can a quantitative HIV DNA test that looks for the virus differentiate HIV 1 from HIV 2 ?

Can CMV virus and type 2 diabetes together make the HIV western blot and PCR viral load tests false positive for hiv?

Can HIV DNA PCR detect both hiv1 and hiv2 even if it was designed to detect hiv1?

Can someone explain a PCR lab?

Can you have a HCV RNA qualitative instead of the quantitative?

Can you please tell me how HIV and hpi differ?

Can you tell me how is testing done for legionella pneumophila?

Can you tell me how precise is the rapid HIV test?

Can you tell me how the DNA test are carried out &what type of information they give?

Can you tell me why PCR and DNA sequencing provided no results for brent's pathogen.?

Can you tell me why PCR and DNA sequencing provided no results for brents pathogen.?

Could you tell me why if my HCV RNA quantitative test result is target not detected, what is the risk?

DNA, Proteins, Antibodies, and Antigens. Are these the only ways a microbiologist can detect Pathogens? I'm sure I am missing a couple other ways??

Do HIV 1 and HIV 2 DNA differ form each other?and is there seperated DNA PCR tests for each or one is enough to catch both?

Do nontreponemal syphilis testsbecome unreliable over time? Can they pick up a syphilis infection after five years? Should I trust a - result atp?

Do you think non invasive prenatal DNA test are accurate?

Does ELISA HIV test detect type o or other type of hiv?

Does HIV DNA PCR have different assays for the strains of hiv1 and hiv2?

Does hivcontain rna/dna?

Does HPV DNA is under vdrl/rpr test?

Does NAT test accurate for detecting HIV-2? is there a PCR specific for HIV2 or Hiv PCR detect both as I was told by my HP there is none specific

Does testing positive to malaria parasite means you have hiv?

Does the "t. Pallium screening cascade" only test for autoantibodies against t. Pallidum...Or does it also test for anticardiolipin autoantibodies?

Enhanced chemiluminscence assay fr HIV (-ve) result conclusive after 14 months. Earlr immuno assay (-ve) at 17 days, RNA PCR (-ve) at 33 days. Pls adv?

Explain why the accuracy of RNA transcription is not critical as the accuracy of DNA replication?

For DNA testing, what do they need to know?

Hello. I have a quest

Hiv 1/2 blood analysis: -antibodies and p24 antigen (chemiluminescence): reactive-2, 741 - IgG antibodies (enzyme immunoassay):nonreactive in this case, is HIV infection accurate?

Hiv DNA detector qualitative accuracy after one month and ten days of exposure?

How accurate are IgG and IgE testing?

How accurate is fish & PCR in diagnosing lymphoma?

How can I get an HIV RNA and naat/dna testing?

How can someone test positive for two Lyme-specific bands on western blot and NOT have been exposed to Lyme disease? What is magic about 5 bands?

How do I obtain serological confirmation of immunity?

How do you measure anti-dna antibody? Using elisa?

How exactly IS Lyme diagnosed? I have been told testing is unreliable? Have only been tested for 'lyme antibody'

How good is the enhanced chemiluminscence immunoassay to detect HIV antibodies after 14 months. If the result is negative is it conclusive.?

How is the testing done for legionella pneumophila?

How many days after infection with HCV to be detected with pcr?

How many different types of HIV antibody tests are there?

How much do RNA tests cost?

How precise is the antibody test at 60 days?

How to analyze an immunoblot?

How's a poliovirus antibody level test performed?

HSV 1 positive through blood test =[LIAISON assay using chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) tech.] Index=1.47, how likely is it false positive?

I am Negative after 11 month HIV Antibodies and Proviral DNA PCR viral load is undetectable.Should i check for HIV in Sperm?Is it required to be sure?

I am tested HIV RNA quantitative real time PCR is result target not detected after 4 months and HIV cima combo test result value is 0.03 I am nagetive?

I did a DNA PCR test for HSV & i got the result: -humanes herpesvirus-dna ((typ 7, pcr) (eb) : negative limit of detection:100 copies/ml.So i'm clean?

I had HIV EIA (enzyme immunoassay) testing done and it has been non-reactive. What else could be causing the P41 Band (IgG & IgM) to be positive?

I just had polymerase chain reaction (pcr) HIV test negative at 4 weeks 6 days, almost 5 weeks?

I was tested with HBV DNA qualitative PCR 15 days after probable exposure. came not detectable < 20 IU/ml. How reliable this test is after 15 days?

I was told by lab that hiv RNA pcr test is accurate after 72 hours, was I lied to?

If RNA amplified testing for chlamydia was negative will DNA amplified testing be the same?

Infectolab vs igenex what's more accurate? For Lyme testing ?

Is a nucliec amplification HIV test (naat) accurate after 1 year of exposure? Also is a western blot or ifa?

Is chemiluminescence Immunoassay a treponemal test?

Is igenex legitimate? Testing for Lyme ?

Is Syphilis Serology (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay) accurate even if someone had been infected for say 10 years?

Is the dna, sda chlamydia test unreliable? It showed me as a negative but i cmae up positive in the rna, tma test. How come?

Is the HIV DNA PCR test accurate enough for early diagnosis?

Is there any DNA test for autism?

Is there any form of HIV testing that is somewhat accurate at 2 weeks? I know the antibody test is not. What about p24 or RNA test?

Is there kind of test exists ? Enzyme Immunoassay (rapid) ??

Is there kind of test exists ?Enzyme Immunoassay (rapid) ??

Is Western blot test capable of detecting HIV antibodies from a blood sample that was taken 2-3 days ago?

Multiplex PCR detected Dientamoeba fragilis in stool but it wasn't detected in culture, false detection or is it just difficult to detect with both?

My brother had a positive ELISA test for HIV followed by an indeterminate western blot. His viral load detected no virus. How confident should I be?

Ok the HIV RNA PCR will detect both hiv1and2 but what about HIV DNA pcr?would this detect both types even if it was designed for hiv1 only?

On my medical records, it says that a test that was taken was performed using the bd probetec chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeoae amplified DNA assays, does that indicate that it was a DNA probe test?

Please i would like to know if schistosoma ab IgG test detects every type of schistosoma ?

Please interpret- C.trachomatis RNA TMA Result: Detected. Standard range: Not detected. Test performed using the Aptima Combo2 (R) assay gen-probe(r)

Please tell me if I order hiv1 DNA PCR test would this test detect all types and starins of hiv? I'm confused.its expensive to order it for all types

Please tell me, is western blot test effective in diagnosing lyme?

Question regarding a standard RPR test does an RPR test effectively detect any strains of the herpes viruses?

Received a combination (non-specific) HSV i/ii test from labcorp with 1.0h result. Paperwork says equivocal, but doctor says positive. Accurate?

S there difference between indirect and direct Coombs test?

Should I go for antibody test after testing negative for DNA PCR for HIV1&2 after 90 days?

Should I go for chemiluminescence immunoassay test after testing negative for DNA PCR for HIV1&2 after 90 days?

So there are no tests other than ELISA and western blot that would detect HIV if a person is sure of an encounter with an hiv+ person?

Tested positive for hpv rna rather than DNA. Normal cytology. Dr. says we'll repeat in one year. Is hpv rna more serious? Ask for colposcopy?

Testing for the heterophile for what?

Western blot test ok after 35 days of exposure?

What are standard tests for cjd?

What are the differences between direct Coombs test and indirect Coombs test?

What are the differences between ELISA and immunoassay?

What are the methods for testing CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen)?

What are the odds of having a faulty HIV test? This includes antigen, PCR RNA tests, and antibody tests.