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15 years ago i tested positive for TB but had no symptoms or treatment. Is there another test for TB other than the skin test or chest x-ray?

2 positive TB skin tests. RN ordered a blood test & the results were negative. PCP wants chest X-ray done, but is it absolutely necessary?

2 TB skin tests. Bumps measured 15cm. RN stated I possibly have LTBI & ordered QuantiFERON Gold in-tube test. Could anything cause a false positive?

A patient @ work who i came in contacted tested +tb n now work asked for tb blood test to detect .I smoke marijuana.Will it show in tb blood test?..

Are there any dangers from repeating a potive PPD test?

Are there any dangers from repeating a PPD test for tb?

Are there good ways to get a chest X-ray for positive TB test?

Can a flu shot be given with a positive ppd test?

Can a person always test positive , if they have had TB in the past.

Can a TB skin test be positive if person had TB in the past?

Can a TB skin test be read 24 hours later?

Can all europeans test positive for tuberculosis on the TB skin test because europeans get a vaccine for it?

Can DPT booster done at the same time affect TB test so that it is interpreted as false positive? In addition, TB test site bled right after injection

Can I have a TB test with a cold?

Can PPD TB tests have thimerosal in them?

Can someone who had a positive skin test for TB , 20 years ago give blood or bone marrow? But never had tb.

Can TB be confirmed by xray?

Can they inject TB into your body for the test?

Can tuberculosis tests have thimerosal?

Can you explain if it's safe to retake a tuberculosis test after testing positive?

Can you let me know how many TB tests is considered excessive?

Can you tell me more about PPD testing for TB exposure?

Can you tell me what is atypical pneumonia and what are the requested tests?

Could a positive TB skin test mean you always have tb?

Could it be okay to retake a tuberculosis test after testing positive?

Could my tuberculosis skin test still be read?

Could there be a difference between the tdap test and the TB test?

Could you get anegative on your tuberculosis test even though you got a positive the previous time?

Could you tell me what happens if a tuberculosis test shows positive?

Could you tell me what happens if I have a positive TB test?

Did the TB test when i was small as far as i know it came back positive, i'm i at high risk if i was around someone with active tb.What should I do?

Do all people from jamaica or any small island always show a positive tuberculosis test?

Do you think I should be scared of getting a TB test?

Does a TB test hurt?

Does the TB test commonly appear positive on the first day?

Done with 9mos tb treatment. Had xray & its normal. No tb symptoms ever since. Mine is latent tb. How come tb gold test is positive? Am I still sick?

Done with 9mos tb treatment. Had xray and its normal. No tb symptoms ever since. Mine is latent tb. How come tb gold test is positive?

Dr.Martin raff´╝îwhy i can not take PPD test? Tb heal 10 yrs ago and qtf-gold positive last week

Found out TB skin test positive and stressed please help?

Help! need to know if there's any TB blood test to confirm that i don't have a TB or a TB infection?

Hi doc , i wanna ask my son is negative for tuberculin test but his x-ray is positive does he needs to undergo treatment?

How bad is TB screening prick?

How can the tuberculosis test work?

How can dr advise TB medicine..If it shows negative in every test..Sputum, broncography, cultural and even PCR too..

How can the tuberculosis test given?

How can you get cleared of TB if you were positive?

How come I have to have a tuberculosis test done for custody of children?

How common is it for someone to need a tuberculosis skin test?

How did I test positive for PPD when I had the BCG vac?

How difficult must an induration be to be considered positive TB test?

How do I get sputum out from my lungs for sputum test for afb?

How do I know a tuberculosis test is positive?

How do I know exactly what is a TB negative skin test?

How do I know if I have a positive TB test?

How does a doctor read a TB test?

How is a tuberculosis skin test done now?

How is the PPD skin test measured?

How long are TB test good for?

How long is a chest X-ray for a positive PPD good for?

How quickly will you know if you have a positive TB test?

How should erythema (redness) at the test site, of a TB test, be interpreted?

How soon can you take a TB test after being exposed to someone who has it?

How specifically do clinicians distinguish between BCG vaccination vs latenet TB when a patient presents with a positive ppd? (cxr or quantiferon?)

How to identify that my TB screening is positive?

How to know what is atypical pneumonia and what are the requested tests?

How to make sputum for sputum test?

How to take mantoux test?

How would i be able to tell if I have a positive TB test?

I am a medical assistant and had my TB test come back positive but cxr negative. Is there any follow up I should do?

I got redness like bruise after my TB skin test am i positive for tb?

I had a chest xray and a skin test done both were negative would i possible have tuberculosis?

I had bcg. What do I do in us when TB test is positive?

I had positive result with the skin test for TB, but it was negative for the X-Ray. Do I get latent TB?

I have a result in xray i had a ptb of indeterminate activity but i had a sputum negative .. Why is negative if i had ptb on xray result?

I have a student who has a serious TB. He studied almost 2 months with me. He has been ordered by the doctor to stay home. Should I have a TB test?

I have been exposed to someone with TB but do not have a positive skin test; do I still need to take medicine?

I have this cough for 10 months now, medical tests including TB test are all negative. Antibiotics didn't help either. Please what could be wrong?

I have tuberculosis. Is it normal that my doctors are asking for sputum for afb test again after 1 month?

I need a TB spot test, and I have a head-cold, will this affect the test?

I need to get a TB test soon.. Is there anything i shouldn't do?

I result TB positive chest ray nagative I'm taking doughter 5 years old she is TB positive and chest ray nagative . I'm worried about her please help . How 5 years can be positive?

I was tested positive for ppd, but had the BCG vac, how is this possible?

I'm just wondering, if you test positive for TB does that automatically mean you have it?

I'm positive in tuberculin test And scheduled next week to test my sputum and x ray. Can the disease of my stage easily spread to others. ?

If a person had BCG shot as a child, will he always test positive when skin tested for tb?

If a person has a positive PPD and reticulonodular infiltrates on their lungs, as well as a positive Cocci skin test, is it safe to say have AIDS?

If I had a positive TB skin test but a negative xray do I need medication? My doctor didn't say I did

If I have a BCG vaccine do I need xray every time I get TB test?

If I have a positive PPD but negative chest xray do I need additional blood work ?

If I have a positive PPD test but show no symptoms or anything of TB am I contagious to others? Or is only active TB disease contagious

If I have a positive TB skin test, does that mean I have tb?

If i test positive for latent TB a month before i'm suppose to go to college, can I still go?

If i tested negative from a TB test and had been around someone who tested positive am i at risk of contracting tb?

If I'm symptomatic for disseminated TB, have a positive blood test for TB, negative sputum tests, should I be tested further?

If my TB skin test ran positive but i've never had tuberculosis, does that mean I have latent tb? And do I have to take antiobiotics if I do have it?

If PCR is positve and culture negative how do we go about it in tuberculosis?

If someone has a positive PPD test and is awaiting to?Do the ?X-ray? Should they be?Be isolated?

If you do a TB Gold blood test for volunteering at school, and it's negative, when would be the next time you should do the test?

If you have a positive tuberculosis skin test does that mean latent or active tb?

If you have inactive tb, what will be the likely result of the 8 weeks sputum test?