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How likely is an 80 year old to have hiv?

4 months after potential HIV infection. I had an abscess in my vaginal area. Can this be HIV related. Wasn't a sexual exposure.

After someone is exposed to HIV, assuming it will establish an infection, can they immediately spread to someone else or are they not infectious yet?

Are cysts an early sign of HIV or a kind of std?

Are exfoliative cheilitis and dry skin, indicates dendritic cell death on people with HIV infection? Are the two of those were HIV symptoms?

Are mucoceles a sign of HIV infection. I did an oraquick HIV test about 5 months after incidident but keep getting these fluid filled bumps in mouth.

Are the aids infection and HIV infection different?

Are there any relations between eosinophilia and hiv?

By what means the HIV virus come to be?

Can a HIV rash appear without fever or the other HIV symptoms? Thank you

Can allergies cause lymph nodes to wax and wane? Chronic over 8 yrs. Tested neg for HIV, HERPES, cancers.

Can an HIV rash appear four days after possible exposure?

Can candida be a symptom of hiv?

Can doctors tell me what does the HIV virus do over a course of a period of time?

Can HIV be cured because i think so because i found out that hepatitis b which is a viral STD can be cured which HIV is also viral . ?

Can HIV be treated, if so how? Can any docs explain?

Can HIV cause costochondritis?

Can HIV infection cause petechiae after 5 months exposure ?

Can HIV infection occur from splash exposure of conjunctiva with HIV infected blood?

Can hypothyroidism be a cause of HIV infection?

Can i possibly have HIV still, how can I know?

Can itchy hives be a symptom of hiv or std/sti?

Can oral punch biopsy diagnose HIV virus?

Can saliva transmit hiv? Is cold and fever symptoms of hiv?

Can sneezing a lot be caused by any std or hiv?

Can someone describe the viral structure of HIV and hpv?

Can the virus be transmitted with hiv-related antibodies to the other HIV negative person?

Can trichomonas turn into HIV and/or Aids if left untreated?

Can you advise for HIV structure please?

Can you get OHL and thrush at the same time? I have the symptoms, does that mean I have HIV? I'm scared!

Can you give HIV or STD by kissing your girlfriend if your infected. If infected is sinus infection related to STD or hiv? Or what STD would it be?

Can you tell me about HIV or syphilis or any other infection disease can cause pain in testis?

Can you tell me is HIV sign can shown in 1 week or 1 month?

Could I be HIV infected and have no symptoms at all?

Could you just have malaise only and have acute hiv?

Do bleeding gums in the morning a sign of HIV infection i have risk from Two monts and ten days?

Do people with HIV has lots of discharge?

Do those who have shingles always have to have cancer or hiv?

Does bleeding gums while kissing be an exposure to hiv?

Does having chlamidia mean you have hiv?

Does having hairy leukoplakia means you have hiv?

Does herpes an initial symptoms of HIV infection?

Does leukoplakia always means hiv?

Does penis fungal infection could lead to HIV OR AIDS PLS?

Does pep delay the acute HIV infection? Please, need some answers?

Does pityriasis lichenoides chronica mean you have hiv, herpes or any other std?

Does symptoms of hairy leukoplakia show up in just about 4 days of being infected with hiv?

Having thrush without being diabetic means you have hiv?

Hi 1-Can someone have Sexually transmitted diseases except HIV for 6 years not noticing any symptoms ? 2- what about the types of hepatitis

Hi doc.i have contact with prustitute,after 8 years,no syntoms of hiv for me,help us?

Hi Does hiv rashes appears after 5 months and they appear frequently or they appear one after one i am talking after 5 months of hiv doubts?

Hi, I had a shingles outbreak 5 days after a potential HIV exposure. Should I be worried?

How "true" is my blood work for STI panel and HIV 6.5 weeks after encounter? Worried about HIV. Had symptoms at 8 weeks.

How can a 17 yr old male tell if his chronic swelling lymph modes through out neck is aids or hiv? Sexually inactive.

How can HIV be transmitted to white people?

How is HIV treated?

How is HIV transmitted through bleeding gums?

How likely is it that I have hiv?

How soon does a person develop cancer after confirmed HTLV 1 infection ?

How to know if I have primary HIV infection?

How to know if your HIV is coming out of the asymptomatic stage?

How to know when do the symptoms of hiv/aids infection show up shortly after you have been infected?

How to tell if I have persistent headaches EBV or HIV or syphilis?

How would I be at risk for HIV infection?

I am worried about possible HIV infection?

I have a yeast infection does that mean I have hiv? The body

I have HSV 1&2 . And now viral pharyngitis. Does that mean im diagnosed with HIV ?

I have HSV 1&2, was diagnosed for ghonorrhea but cured, now have viral phayrngitis, does that means I have hiv?

I have peritonsillar abscess. Could this be any indication of HIV or herpes?

I have what appears to be hairy leukoplakia, but tested negative for hiv. What are other possibilities?

I want to know about swallowing own cum. Please confirm me if there are any risks involved in it. I have no infection at all STI, HIV nothing...

I wanted to know when you are infected with hiv, where does the rash commonly show?

I was diagnosed with vegetative dystonia And i have sexual risk And all HIV test after 3 months is negative Can this be related with HIV infection?

I was tested at six months for hiv and it was negative. I've noticed white on gums, could this be hairy leukoplackia and I actually have hiv?

I was told at the hospital that I have a viral infection , and that it's a virus. Does it mean it's same as HIV??

I was wondering is eosinophilia pre-stage of HIV infection?

I'm concerned about HIV infection..?

I've had about four unirary track infection should I be worried it could be HIV?

If HIV caused someones oral thrush, how soon of an infection of HIV would cause it? 1 year? 2 year?

If i had an HIV rash would I have antibodies?

If I have a rash and scared from HIV should I have another symptoms with the rash or it can be just rash if you have HIV after 4 month i had sex?

If I have hairy leukoplakia does that mean I have hiv?

If left untreated can chlamydia turn into HIV or aids?

If someone who is HIV positive performs oral sex on you (rimming) and has no clear signs of gum disease or bleeding, can you catch HIV?

Im having generalized lymphadenopathy, w/o fever. Nodes are under a cm, and painful. tested hiv negative out to 6 months. Leukemia lymphoma? Hiv?

Is 100.5 fever a sign of hiv ?

Is a swelling in the genital area a sign of HIV infection?

Is bacterial vaganasis a sign of being exposed to hiv?

Is cytomegalovirus always connected to hiv? Please advise!

Is eosinophilia pre-stage of HIV infection? Please advise!

Is folliculitis an early sign of acute HIV infection ?If so, please please show me a picutre. I have many rash and folliculitis .

Is getting chancroid a sign of HIV infection?

Is it possible to get hepatitis or HIV or any similar viral disease through saliva?

Is it possible to have no fever once you are infected by HIV for 3 mos or more exposure to the virus.?

Is lymphoma an std?

Is oral hairy leukoplakia death sign of hiv? I'm scared and want to know if there is any possibility to have OHL without hiv

Is petechia a sign of hiv?

Is shingles a sign of HIV or cancer?

Is the HIV rash obvious?

Is there any other sexual infectious diseases that cause death other than hiv?