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A homeless man touched my hand when I gave him money. His hands were very filthy. Can I get HIV or hep c from him touching me?

Accidental exposure to pus from swollen wound of person of unknown HIV status on hand with mild cut on it. Can it spread the infection.please suggest?

Accidental needle stick HIV pep (post-exposure prophylaxis)?

accidentally got poked by HIV infected needle while testing a patient.....what are the chances of getting an infection???

After a casual contact with a hep b patient who had a sore On his mouth I am worried he touched before shaking hands do i need immunoglobulin shot

After researching, I found out who made the rumor that HIV can't go through skin. He's not a doctor. How good is the skin when protecting from HIV?

Am I at risk of hiv or hepatitis from a lancet prick from an 85 year old virgin who never shared needles? She had 20 colonoscopies though. Thanks!

Are there any legal ramifications for being infected by someone with hiv?

As far as hep c and HIV are concerned what is an open wound?

Bit my lip, broken skin & trace bleeding. Risk of blood-borne disease (HIV, hep, etc.) transmission to/from partner in deep kissing?

Can you get hiv from sharing razors?

Can a person with HIV get butt injections?

Can a virgin who does not do drugs or share any needles have hiv?

Can common soap and water kill HIV virus and other stds?

Can fingering yourself lead to HIV? I forgot to wash my hands before I did so. I hadn't been in contact with a HIV+ person.

Can Hepatitis be transmitted through barber shop tool even if no cut in the skin?

Can hepatitis c be transmitted by sharing tweezers e.g at a beauty salon? I dont recall if the lady sanitized tweezers and I bled. Anxious plz help!

Can HIV be transmitted through contacting with sperm? What is the &?If I have a small fresh cut and made contact with fresh sperm?

Can HIV be transmitted through razor blade?

Can HIV be transmitted through wearing an underwear of an infected person ? It was clean though.

Can HIV on food be contracted if gums are bleeding?

Can HIV or aids be transmitted by shedding skin flakes from a person's psoriasis?

Can HIV penetrate the skin? Where and when was this conclusion made?

Can HIV spread through the air or water?

Can HIV survive on earrings after 3 days? Can alcohol wipe kill HIV if there were HIV on the earrings?

Can HIV transmit from open cut (1 days old shave cut) on lips to fork or piece of food (both of them shared by one chew only) and infect somebody?

Can HIV travel from salive through an open cut?

Can HIV virus be transmitted if a person touches a vinyl chair that had blood on it that that was not cleaned properly?

Can i be sure a thailand sak yaht tatoo doesn't pierce the skin deep enough for the spread of hiv?

Can i get aids from sharing a same cigarette or straw or cup with an infected person?

Can i get any type of hepatitis by getting a pedicure if i have a cut on my foot? Not sure if the utensils were clean

Can i get HIV by shaking hands with a HIV positive person? I have a 2mm cut on my hand.

Can I get HIV by sharing a soda with an infected friend?

Can i get HIV by sharing a straw?

Can i get hiv by sharing e ciggarete?

Can I get HIV from a doorknob?

Can I get Hiv from a Hiv positive person under treatment with great theeth who performed me an oral ? I did not have any cuts on my pennis .

Can i get HIV from a manicure?

Can i get HIV if my water base lube was contaminated with HIV+ fluid. ?

Can i get HIV if my water base lube was contaminated with HIV+ fluid. ?

Can i get HIV or HCV from dirty insulin needles?

Can I get HIV or hep if someone in contact with infected blood scratched me. Can nail harbour the virus?

Can i spread HCV or any other disease by sharing a nasal spray?

Can I still catch HIV or hep if I picked the twisiers up with food serving gloves on am I ok or is their something to worry about?

Can lab technician infect anyone with HIV during blood drawing procedure by using infected needle?

Can leeches carry hiv?

Can money give you a disease even if you dont wash your hands after touching it like hiv or hepc ?

Can money give you a disease like hiv or hepc if you dont wash yoir hands after touching it?

Can MRSA be transmitted via a doctor performing a procedure in which he cut on me without wearing any gloves and i got MRSA within 10 days .?

Can my fresh new tattoo spread diseases on bedsheets or towels?

Can nipple biting be a source of HIV transmission?

Can physical barriers stop the transmission of the yersinia?

Can shared paraffin baths carry a risk of infection?

Can sharing hair comb/brush spread hepatitis c?

Can someone get HIV from chewing on dirty shoelace?

Can someone tell me what the chances are of being infected with aids/hiv while spending time in prison?

Can syphilis spread by sharing cricket abdomen guard?

Can toilet water transfer hiv, hepatitis c, or any other stds?

Can toxoplasmosis be contracted at a barber shop?

Can two clean people get HIV or anything if they are both clean?

Can u get STD HIV or cold from chewing on dirty shoelace.

Can using sharing a lighter to light cigarrets spread HCV or any other disease?

Can we get HIV though lancets If lancet reused after 2-3 days ?

Can you be infected with HIV having a manicure with a non sterilized equipment like cuticle scissors, do you necessary need to bleed to get infected.?

Can you catch a disease such as hepatitis from a shared razor with a NEW blade inserted?

Can you catch chlamydia from using someone's toothbrush?

Can you catch HIV or any infection with gloves on? Or after removing gloves? ?

Can you catch HIV from an HIV positive teething baby who sucks and chews on your finger?

Can you catch HIV from stepping on a needle?

Can you catch HIV of surfaces? if you sat somewhere naked and some1 before you with HIV sat there naked too & left fluids can you get hiv this way?

Can you catch HIV or aids by sharing earrings ?

Can you catch HIV or any stdo by digging in the trash no open cuts or sores?

Can you contract HIV from being stuck by a ball point pen?

Can you contract HIV or hepatitis during the cleaning of medical instruments?

Can you get any diseases such as hiv or hepc from touching shoes or shoestrings?

Can you get HCV from reusing your own needles, even if you never used anyone elses? Or can you only get it from another infected person?

Can you get hep c or hiv/ aids from touching dry blood and then rubbing your eyes?

Can you get hepatitis from a razor of your roommates by mistake?

Can you get hepatitis from even touching other people or sharing a cigarette?

Can you get hepatitis or HIV from dirty utensils during a pedicure?

Can you get hepatitis or HIV from unwashed utensils at a nail salon? Especially if there is a papercut on finger?

Can you get hepetitis or HIV from body waxing?

Can you get HIV from a contact sport?

Can you get HIV from a dog anus?

Can you get HIV from a recieving a blow job?

Can you get HIV from a strip club (dancers dancing on me) I was fully clothed and they were too.? Any HIV risks ?

Can you get HIV from drinking out of the same cup as someone that has HIV?

Can you get hiv from having a cut during pedicure ?

Can you get HIV from sharing a smoke or drink?

Can you get hiv from uncleaned dermatoscope on open wound ?

Can you get HIV if someone scratches you? I'm worry because a guy fought me and I got scratch. Can I get HIV by that?

Can you get HIV or aids ? from drinking after the same straw of the person who has it ? or sniffing the straw ?

Can you get hiv or hcv from nail filing ?

Can you get HIV through sharing utensils or scraping yourself with something sharp that somebody with HIV has come in contact with?

Can you get hivfrom sharing a drink?

Can you get HPV from a contaminated surgical instrument?

Can you get HSV 1 transfer from improperly sterilised dentists tools?

Can you get htlv from sharing a tooth brush?

Can you tell if it is really that easy to contract hiv?

Can you tell me about HIV transmission!! blade is new but razor(holder) iswith towel and I got a tinni cut on my throat. may I get HIV in this way?