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In my lyme disease panel the Elisa was positive, the western blot was negative. My doctor said Elisa false positives are common. Is this true and why?

2 blood tests done for hla b27: one was pos. And one was neg. (pcr). What is the difference of tests & what would trigger a positive with first test?

3 hep c antibody screen tests done. First low positive, 2nd two neg. thoughts? Could the two negatives be false negatives?

3 low titers of positive ANA 2 were 1:80 and 1 :160 all enas negative now ANA negative does that lean more toward false positive?

After testing I have ANA positive and rnp positive (1.4). What could this mean? ?

Ana 4 months ago was positive 1:320 test repeated 3 times afterwards in 3 months with ANA negative at 1:160 .All don in same lab what does that mean?

Ana choice test positive, very concerned/confused. Advice?

Ana positive result (1:1280) in blood tests. All other blood tests normal. What could that mean?

Ana screen, ifa positive a (negative) means?

Anachoice r screen positive. What does this mean?

ANTI CCP test positive. Is it only in RA ? What other conditions can manifest this antibodies to be positive ?

Antinuclear antibodies strongly positive what does this mean?

Are there false positive rnp results?

At mayo clinic i tested positive for anti dsdna. Latest test says negative (l) dsdna. If positive are you always positive?

Blood tests negative for celiac, hla gene positive, biopsy positive. Could there be another cause for mucosal flattening?

Both ANA and ENA came back negative. What does this mean?

Can 10 days of augmentin/amoxocillin cause a false positive ANA test?

Can a positive ANA mean cancer in the blood?

Can ANA test be false negative for lupus?

Can ANA test show if you have mono?

Can blood work result in a false positive result for lupus anticoagulant factor?

Can cervical cancer show in a positive ANA test?

Can EBV or mono cause a positive HIV text or false/positive reading?

Can having graves' disease or hashimotos cause false positive HIV test?

Can having mono give a syphillis RPR test a false positive?

Can I have celiac if the blood and gene tests were positive, but biopsy was negative?

Can low IgA cause false negative ana?

Can pravastatin cause a positive ANA test?

Can syphilis cause a positive ANA test?

Can there be false positive rnp antibody tests even with a high titre of an ana?

Can you explain what a positive test for lupus anticoagulant means?

Can you have a false positive biopsy result for crohns?

Can you have a false positive TB gold blood test?

Can you have a positive anti-DNA result with a negative IgG result?

Can you have Lyme disease and still have a negative test result on the western blot test?

Can you tell me if you have a positive mono test, can you be misdiagnosed?

Can you tell me what does it mean if you're some type of antibody positive?

Cardiolipin test IgM elevated what does it mean?

Confused ANA negitive, ENA test result positive (rnp) what does this mean, my rhuemy hasnt been in touch so assume ok?Test saying indicates mctd?

Could a positive ANA automatically mean one would need to be on steriods?

Could my false positve test of syphills be linked to lupus?

Does a false positive ELISA HIV test mean someone has a autoimmune disease or does it mean it could be anything and the person never finds out why.

Does a Positive ANA Antibodies, IFA test mean I could have an STD? What STDs are Positive ANA test? Is an ANA Antibody test a standard test for STDs?

Does a positive ANA of 1;640 spec pattern suggest cancer if all other test are negative?

Does HIV seronegative turn to negative?

Does it mean i can be positive for hiv?

Does minocycline cause a false positive on the ANA test?

Does tetanus toxid produce positive antibodies on ANA test?

Does the blood test for RA have false negatives?

False positive ELISA HIV test after 2 years expsure. Autoimmune disease? Will i ever know why? Does this mean something's wrong?

False positive for Lupus, now positive for HCV, waiting on blood test to confirm. Could HCV cause a false + for lupus?

False positive hep c antibody tests? I have had 2 positive tests 1.04, 1.15 and one negative test. Also 2 negative PCR tests, 18 wks after needle stic

Few cases of iritis. Had blood tests for hlab27. One was positive, one was negative. Neg test was by pcr. Is it safe to say that I do not have hlab27?

Few cases of iritis. Had hla-b27 blood test done. One was positive, one was negative (by pcr). Since PCR is most sensitive, does this mean i'm clear?

Had lab test done. Sm/rnp antibody 2.5 pos. What does this mean?

Have blood tested reactive to T. cruzi antibodies overall I tested negative to it. What could have caused a false positive to the antibodies?

Hello. I have a positive double stranded DNA test result (anti-dna (ds) ab qn of 29 with positive being above 9. Ana is negative, what can this mean?

Hepb surface antigen positive, confirmatory test negative, antibody and core negative, should I worry?

Hi my hsbag positive, confirmatory test negative for hep b, also antibody and anticore negative.I did blood test 2 times, same results.Dr said its weird.

Hi! If I'm positive for hsv1 5> and hsv2 1.58> herpeselec then not positive for inhibition elisa! I'm positive or negative?

Hiv cause positive ana?

Hiv test results that say "react positive", what does that mean?

How accurate is a skin biopsy for lupus? Can you have a false/ positive test result?

How can you have a negative IgM test for M. Pneumoniae, but have a positive PCR test for M. Pneumoniae? I don't get it..??

How common is ab negative?

How could syphilis test be negative and anticardiolipin autoantibody be positive? Do some syphilis tests only look for antibodies to t. Pallidum?

How do ab negative and ab positive blood group differ?

How will a positive parvo test look?

I got a positive lupus antibody test in june and was told I would need lifelong warfarin. Is this accurate?

I got a very faint positive this means my result is positive???

I had a antibody nuclear titer test and the results are 1:320 what're does this mean? I also had a antibody nuclear interpet which tested positive

I had a negative ANA test but positive double stranded DNA test do I have lupus?

I had a positive ANA test and positive smith antibodies. Will they find ra?

I had once positive ANA and asma test result, after one month i repeated the tests at the same lab and it gave negativ in both , what shd I do now ?

I had some blood work done and came back with positive Ana . Does that mean I have lupus?

I have 10 out of 12 symptoms of lupus but a negative ana. Can my ANA be negative one time and positive another?

I have a positive ANA and a positive anti SSA Ro >8.. I have been tested 3 times with the same results is there a possibility it's a false positive after 3 positives?

I have a positive ana. What does that mean?

I have antibodies that produce positive ANA screening and false positive syphilis screening. What does that mean?

I have had a false positve syphills test since the age of 18 could i possibly have lupus?

I have negative test results on rheumatoid arthritis but i did a biopsy and its positif is that conclusive?Or it could be a false negative?

I have ns1 negative, IgG positive ans IgM positive, is it confirms dangue, sir?

I have tested positive for ana and my rnp is 14.1 what does that mean?

I have weak positive ANA result and high ESR , But the RA test is negative. so, what does it mean and what care should i take?

I just found out that my speckled ANA pattern is positive. I'm having further blood test done. What can a positive speckled ANA test mean?

I received blood test results with positive RNP and Ana not detected. Is it possible to not have SLE or mctd, or it's definite due to positive RNP?

I recently had a positive ANA test. My dr tested folupus but it was negative. I have all the symptoms except rash. Can u have a false neg lupus test?

I tested positive for lupus and negative for rheumatoid arthritis. How accurate are these tests?

I tested positive for lupus and positive for rheumatoid arthritis. How likely is it that one of the results are false?

I was positive in leucocytes, what does it mean?

I was tested RPR and tppa test and elisa, with negative results but in rapid test with immunochromatographic assay i was reactive, what does it mean?

I wonder what my test results means, here they are HBsAG screening positive, hbeag negative, anti hbs negative pls. Help me?

I've been tested positive in anti-hbc. What does this mean?

I've read that most tests for Lyme are not accurate and give false negatives. Doc ordered Lyme Ab Igm/Igg. So will the results of it even be helpful?

If blood test by PCR was negative for hla b27, does this mean i definitely don't have it? (one other blood test was positive; not sure of the type).

If I am vdrl positive, what is the treatment?

If I have a negative D dimer, what does this mean?

If I test negative for anti cardiolipin antibodies once, does that mean I 100% don't have them or can it become positive?

If i tested positive for lupus a few yrs ago and now tested 2x positive HSV II but never had sigms of it, could it be false due to autoimmume?

If my blood tested positive for lupus what does that mean?