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Is a non reactive 3rd generation HIV antibody test and a qualitative RNA test conclusive.. 24 months post exposure regardless of symptoms?

1 exposure on Jan 4th,2014.Tested NEGATIVE on all 4th Gen. ELISA and HbsAg after 3 Months and 5 Months.Also,tested NEGATIVE after 6 months on ELISA and WESTERN BLOT.Do i need any more test?Please help

1 month after HIV exposure, I had a PCR DNA, it was negative. 8 months later I used Oraquick Home and it was negative. Are my results conclusive?

1 month after possible HIV exposure my PCR DNA came back negative. 8 months later I used Oraquick Home and it was negative. Are my results conclusive?


1.How reliable, accurate antibodytest at 6 week post possible exposure? 2.How reliable, accurate pcr plasma test at 8 weeks even if viral load low?

1.How reliable, accurate second generation antibodytest at 6 week post exposure? 2.How reliable, accurate pcr plasmatest at 8 weeks if viral load low

1.How reliable, accurate second generation antibodytest at 6 week post exposure? 2.How reliable, accurate pcr plasma test at 8 weeks even if viral low

11 years ago had a risk event took 4 oral swab oraquick tests recently all negative. Is it conclusive or do i need blood test to be conclusive ?

18 months post exposure. False positive ELISA HIV test. Negative confirmatories and naat. Do I have cancer? Or autoimmune disease? I rarely get sick.

18 yr old female, very low risk. Tested positive for HCV antibody, negative for quantitative RNA test. Further testing necessary? My physician said no

1st sperm test 70% motility 2nd test just over a month later 10%. No knowledge of any illnesses. Which result do we trust as accurate?

2 ELISA tests for HIV done at 3 months and 6 months of exposure, is it a conformation that I dont have HIV if both tests are negative?

2 false pos ELISA HIV tests, all 1 1/2 years post exposure. Neg western blot, ifa, naat and 2 neg oraquick home tests. What is my HIV status? Help!

2 months after possible exposure, i had an HIV viral load test. Result was negative ... How reliable are those tests?

20 Neg HIV 4th Gen tests(almost every 2 week) after risky 8 months old exposure. Should I be still concerned about HIV?

20week past exposure with negative duo combo and rapid tests.When is the HIV Tests conclusive past exposure?

23 weeks past HIV exposure and negative results from duo combo and rapid tests.Is my results conclusive?

4th gen HIV antibody test negative at 32 days and 72 days with no further exposure Can this be considered as conclysive test result?

4th gen hiv test negative. 9 hiv tests total up to 6 months.Do i need more tests or i am done? I am still worried

4th generation HIV test was neg, for antibodies and reactive for antigens. RNA test was negative. Am I now confirmed negative for HIV?

4th generation HIV tests considered conclusive at 15 weeks?

4th generation test 11 weeks and 3 days after exposure I know it falls short of the 12 weeks but are my test conclusive ? Do I need another test ?

6 hiv duo test from week 5 till week 16 negatives.I am a healthy young woman.Could i be pos and my body not creating antibodies?do i need 6 month test

6 negative HIV tests spanning 6 years including one HIV PCR non detectable, am i truly negative though i have many HIV related symptoms including pgl?

8 months post possible exposure, results of VDRL and TPHA tests are non-reactive. Can these results be considered conclusive for not having Syphilis?

8 week HIV blood test at drs then 13 week HIV rapid finger prick test at testing centre. Both negative. Can I believe I am HIV free?

9 months after exposure I tested negative for hiv. Am I ok or is there still a chance I caught it?

A friend had hiv test at 6 months last exposure negative,now he had a pos for hiv-2 at 7 months.He also did a pcr at 4 months.can it be false positive?

A friend helped someone who bleeding. She got his blood on her. He may have had hepatitis. Don't know. Should she be tested? Are the tests easy/reliab

A vdrl test one month after exposure is viable?

According to WHO, 6 weeks HIV test is conclusive (unless I miss understood it) then why CDC recommends 3 to 6 months for conclusive results?

Accuracy of HIV test 4 weeks after exposure?

Aches 1year. 3hiv rapid test oraquick, unigold, clearview all negative after 6 months. 1st md said no more test. 2nd md said PCR test. More HIV test?

Aches for a year. 3 rapid all negative after 6 months. 1st md suggest no more test. 2nd md suggest prc test. Took oraquick, clearview, unigold. Help?

After how many weeks of infection HIV test has to be taken?

After 21days from susbence of HIV trans from just French kissing I tested result is negative.I need another test or stop being worry as I'm vr. worry?

After 8 months and tested negative in hiv-1 test is there a possibility that i'm still risk of having hiv?

After a month of my last encounter, what HIV test is 100% effective after a month. Doctor help me know what test i need to get for 100% sure.

After exposure, 3months HIV quali RNA test negative, not detected.4.5months HIV quick test and ELISA test negative.Are those tests all exclusive?

After french kissing by 78 days tested duo test for HIV and came back negative but now i have enlarged lymph nodes is the test accurate? Sign of hiv?

After getting HCV RNA negative some years back, how often should I check it?

After had many symptoms, i had non reactive HIV ELISA test and undetectable HIV PCR RNA at 6 months of exposure. Are those test reliable?

After how many days HIV test will give accurate status after exposure by fourth generation ECLIA cobas6000(combo)hiv p24antigen & HIV antibody1& 2 ?

After how many weeks of Exposure would the 4th gen HIV test be more accurate than a NAAT or RNA test?

After i kissed a girl by 78 days i tested for HIV duo test and it was negative how accurate is test i keep having infalmed tonsils why is that?

After seroconversion, any chance of false negative HIV test?

After unprotected sex I had rashes, muscle pains after 2 weeks. Took 4TH GENERATION COMBO test at 28 days and result is negative. Is this conclusive??

After windows period of 6 month which test is better to definitely rule out HIV? HIV 4th Gen test or HIV RNA PCR?

Aftr 70 days i got HIV test & result is HIV negative.But still one ulcer on tongue appears..Is this symptom acute HIV ?

Again hiv 4th gen test negative at 22 weeks.A doc here said that hiv antibody can take up to 1 year to show up. Is it true ? Anxiety came back

All std tests negative post 1 year of a potential sexual encounter.Can I consider this test conclusive?

An HIV antibody test at 7 months is conclusive? Is there any need to test again at 1 year?

Are 3 negative HIV rapid tests done 1yr, 2yrs, and 3yrs after protected sex, conclusive of not having hiv?

Are 7 week oraquick results accurate?

Are anti-body HIV tests conclusive after 3 months?

Are false positive ELISA HIV tests a sign of cancer? It's been 2 years since my exposure? Is

Are false positive HIV ELISA tests a sign of HSV 2?

Are false positive HIV tests rare?

Are HIV antibody tests accurate? Are hepatitis C antibody tests accurate?

Are HIV duo test & HIV combo test same? If not, please tell which test is reliable among two?

Are HIV rapid test reliable? There is debate on the sensitivity of the test. I had a neg. Rapid HIV test 18wks after exposure, should I stop worrying?

Are HIV RNA and HIV PCR the same tests? How soon after potential exposure can you get a conclusive result?

Are hiv rna tests reliable? Is it known to give false positives? Ive been testing negative but afraid to take any test that gives lots a falsepositive

Are my hiv negative results conclusive? Tested 7 weeks post exposure with alere duo test and then 3 more alere duo tests at 11 months. 100% accurate?

Are Ora quick mouth swap HIV rapid tests efficient/correct when done at 13 weeks post exposure? Is it possible for antibodies to show up after 13weeks

Are rapid hiv test effective ?

Are rapid HIV tests are reliable?Can we trust the results?

Are RNA tests accurate for testing for HIV?

Are the oraquick HIV tests reliable?

Are the tests I took accurate eia hiv1/2, rapid blood test,4oraquick oral home tests. Took 12 yrs after event shoul I have any others done all neg.

At 27 day at negative HIV testing , does it need to retest the second time ?

At what age can you get a HIV test?

Been tested by the standard Elisa HIV test at the doctors at three months, with results coming back normal. Should I feel paranoid or relax now?

Been tested for HIV five times, four with Home Rapid tests, once at clinic, all negative. If test for Hep C and B come out pos, more HIV tests needed?

Been tested in June, July, & this month for HIV, with all three negative. With the second one being blood drawn from my arm. Should I still be worried?

BioSure Home HIV Rapid Self tests. Four negative after 12 months. What's the chance of my bloods coming back positive?

Biosure Home Self HIV rapid tests. Can I trust my four neg results after 12 mon. I am in the UK. Only Biosure approved for home self rapid testing.

Blood work done for STIs including HIV 7wks after exposure. All neg but I'm still very worried about HIV. Would the tests have picked it up by then?

Both hiv tests were on the same blood sample. First was positive, second was negative. They want to do a follow up third, and I'm pretty stressed. Is there a high probability it will be positive?

Can a blood test for herpes be done within the first few days after exposure? Are there enough antibodies to get a positive result?

Can a fragile x PCR blood test determine the sex of the fetus? My results say:female, 28 and 29 cgg repeats (negative).

Can a negative result in ELISA HSV 1/2 test ,11.5 weeks after possible exposure be considered conclusive?

Can a vdrl test detect hiv?

Can a western blot test be wrong?

Can a Western Blot test detect HIV antibodies when ELISA test is non-reactive after 8w of exposure(might be window period) ?

Can Alcohol lead to false Negative Hiv tests when tested using Rapid -3rd generation testing Method?

Can an HIV antibody screening test be positive but the western blot negative?

Can an HIV test detect the virus if an individual just recently experienced seroconversion?

Can an oraquick at home test detect aids, would your HIV results be positive?

Can any doc tell me what's the accuracy of oraquick HIV test after 45 days post exposure (6 weeks ) ?

CAn expire HIV dot kit give a false negative ?

Can having syphilis cause a negative hiv eia antibody blood test be inaccurate. What can cause false negatives. Its been about 12 years since event.

Can having TB make you read a positive on an hiv/aids test?

Can HCV co-infection affect the accuracy of HIV rapid test results? If HIV and HCV antibodies tests are negative at 5 months, are HIV results accurate

Can HIV antibodies test chemiluminescene gave false negative, after 5 months of exposure and after 2 months when you develop some symptoms ?

Can HIV exposure in January be detected in March?

Can HIV hide in blood test ? 4th generation HIV blood test to be especific

Can hiv pcr detect hiv associated with Hiv/FSGS?

Can hiv pcr plasma test at 8 weeks post possible exposure detect virus even if there coinfection with hepatitis?