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How conclusive is a 30 days fourth generation duo combo HIV test? It came back negative I've read on some sites doing that test is conclusive and on other sites it's inconclusive

(-)4th gen hiv 1.5, mnth, DNA PCR 10,12 wk, RNA PCR 18 wk, vdrl,hsv,hcv,chlmydia 11,16 wk. R these 100% conclusive after risky exposure?

1. Can hiv take more than 6 month to b detected in current tests available(4th gen, pcr) in market 2. How reliable are CAP approved HIV test in Mexico?

1.0-0.9 a positive of HIV ?

10 weeks HIV DUO CMIA test is conclusive? or do i need to take one more test for HIV? Also in the report they mentioned its for HIV 1 M&O type &HIV2.

11 wk HIV rapid test neg did a 4th gen duo at 6 plus wks neg. am i in clear or do i retest had 1 vaginal exp. no condom?

12 weeks after exposure with unknown status men I tested for HIV Elisa, hbsag, hcv, vdrl rpr. Came back negative all. Is it conclusive?

14weeks past exposure.Tested negative using duo combo & Alere rapid duo combo.Is it conclusive?Am why am i feeling hot when touch my body?Please reply

2 blood tests for hla b27:1 was pos and 1 was neg. The 2nd was done by pcr. Not sure what 1st was.Is PCR more sensitive? Was told i don't have hlab27?

2 weeks after positive eia and negative multispot I had a rapid test - and another eia with confirmatory. Eia + , supplemental IA and naat negative.. is this conclusive and why is eia positive? Scared.

2 years after protected sex with csw tested negative for p24 anigen/antibody HIV PCR viral load less than LDL when i can sure 100% don't have HIV pls?

2009- ELISA HIV test- positive, western blot- neg. 2010-oraquick negative. 2014- elisa-indeterminate wb- neg. Low risk for hiv. Could I have lupus?

22 week hiv 4th gen negative . 8 hiv 4th gen tests all negatives. My exposures was with a hiv + . been reading that it take up 1 year to show up.True?

23 weeks past HIV exposure.Negative rapid and duo combo tests.But have white tongue and sores under the tongue.What may be the cause and conclusive?

371.5 a HIV positive Result?

4 month neg HIV test brief unprotected encounter with female is this conclusive 3 2ndgenantibodies test neg three rapids neg and a PCR undetectable ?

4 month PCR RNA HIV negative and 4,5,6 month 4th Gen Abbott Architect AG/AB negative, should I retest? Am I HIV free? How PCR works? Is it reliable?

6 past inconclusive anti-hcv tests,2 recent negative ones,1 inconclusive last not do drugs but risky sex.Do I have hcv? Doc will not do rna

6 week HIV RNA negative. Anti-hcv negative <0.1 8 week HIV negative < HCV PCR negative. 10 week HIV negative HCV 0.2 negative. ? Remain negative?

A-z (fever, thrush, l nodes)hiv symptoms but 7 mon HIV negative.. What is reliable ? Why? I have five antibody tests all negative in 7 mon duration.

After 10months of an exposure, if ELISA test can't find HIV ab unless you are infected 10months ago, can p24 or ag test identify the infection 100%?

After 1protected sex, why some doctors tell me to retest at 12 months for HIV? I have (-)Abbott 4Gen combo on 1,3,4,5,6 months and (-) PCR on 4 months

After a 8 year exposure and a 12 month exposure I just got tested for std rpr and hiv duo @ 1 3 6 12 mos and fta abs at 12 mos is it conclusive?

After exposure 1, 5 yrs, tested neg HCV ab, but herpes and chlamidophila pneumoniae pos..Could these two infections delay my HCV antibodies to show up?

After how many days wil PCR give perfect result in hiv?

After how much time cmia test which is antibody & antigen combo test for HIV is conclusive mine came out negivite after 5 months 15 days.Advice please?

After vdrl weekly reactive and HIV negative a test shows malleria it means I have STD or something else please suggest.....

Am HIV negative though from Uganda.

Am HIV positive. On treatment. Can i marry someone that is negative?

Am I HIV free irrespective of a-z persisting symptoms , exposure; I have HIV PCR RNA 5,15 week not det,ab 2,8,15,28,32 neg; or do I need more tests ??

Any known cases of 16 weeks negative HIV combo (architect) and RNA (cobas taqman v2) turning positive afterwards? Thanks

At 47 days post potential exposure I unexpectedly tested HSV-2 positive with LabCorp ELISA index of 1.16. 15 days later, retest was negative.

Been 12-17 yrs since hiv exposure how many eia tests should i have to be concluvely neg.ive had one eia recently, rapid blood,4 oraquick all neg?

Best time for testing HIV PCR and western bolt test after pep.I had protected vaginal sex.What's the risk?Plz kindly reply.

BioSure Home HIV Rapid Self fingerprick tests after 12 months, all four negative. Am I HIV negative? I am in the UK. Only Biosure approved here.

Can a hiv combo test be wrong after 3weeks,p24 + antibody negative I went to my doctor and he said I had reactive lymphocytes. I have given symptoms?

Can a HIV test be wrong if it is in the late stages and their are no antibodies left?

Can a negative western blot test for hiv 1&2 @ 16 weeks PE considered 100% conclusive? @12 weeks CMIA was also negative. Thanks!

Can HIV be dormant for 8 weeks after unprotected exposure and not detectable in Roche cobas PCR RNA test at 8 wks, then becomes active at 9 weeks?

Can HIV be dormant for 8 wks aftr unpro expo and not detect Viral Load n Combo Antigen test at 8 wks then active at 9 wks? I knw it can for antibody

Can I have a negative HIV baby if I am HIV negative and my husband is HIV positive?

Can i stop taking pep during 28days if the source person is HIV rapid antibody test and HIV duo test negative?

Can I trust my neg HIV results?6 weeks - Duo 4th gen - Negative13 weeks - Duo Neg5 Months - Neg Duo6 months - Neg Duo.Cd4 continues to drop .

Can the pregnancy test indicate HIV like antibodies or antigens or the HIV virus itself?

Can you tell me if i sleep with someone HIV positive one time?

CDC 2014 guideline says if 4th gen assay is neg, no need to further test but they didn't mention after how many days of exposure. Please guide.

Chances of 12 weeks negative 4th Gen combo and PCR RNA turning positive for HIV after an unprotected encounter with a female of unknown status? Thanks

Chances of 8 weeks neg HIV RNA and combo turning positive at 12 weeks after unprot expo? Any known cases? Pls answer

Chances of getting exposed to hiv1 group N or P in Canada? And 4th Gen (abbot) and RNA (cobas) test not picking it up? please answer, Thanks

Could HIV positive organ be transplanted to HIV negative?

Dear doctor, i went for HIV elisa/eia ab/ag combo at 4 weeks post exposure which came back negative, is this conclusive?

Dear sir after the window period when we do HIV RNA PCR what the difference between result viral load less than LDL and not detectable both are neg-?

Determine ag/ab combo HIV test neg after 45 days. Would it turn positive at 12 weeks or can I relax? (risk: recept. Oral sex with a man, no ejac.)

Did a Hiv combo fourth-generation at eight weeks and at 11 weeks they say 90 days is confirmed am i safe or shall I retest had one exp vaginal?

Did my HIV test cmia method after 2 months 15 days came out non reactive and index 0.13 does i need furthur testing or this result is satisfactory ?

Did two seperate tests for hiv antibody @32 day & p24 antigen only @33 day aftr possible exposure.R these equivalent to 4th gen duo & 100% conclusive?

Do i need a nat hiv test if i just had eia ab test, rapid blood, 4 home oraquicks, all neg to be sure im neg. Its been over 10 years since exposure.

Do you think the LTT testing(melisa in usa) is reliable?i got positive for borrelia, chlamydia and got very high titers for cmv

Doctor my question from a high risk to HIV . My tests were HIV RNA TMA and 4th gen duo at 40 days and 60 days, and 4th gen at 4 months. Conclusive?

Doctor. I had a negative 4th generation HIV test(p24 +AB,AbbottArchitect)at 5.5 months. Also 5 negatives prior to this, with RNA at 13days.Conclusive?

Does a negative hiv-1 western blot at 6 months (no ELISA was completed only wb) indicate no hiv-2 as well? Or should I screen again?

Does havng 3 nonreactive HIV test 3 yrs aftr high rsk exposure will rule out HIV infection? Used HIV 1/2 ab kit, all 3 are nonreactive.

Exposure of fingering with precumAnd grinding but I had my underwear on Neagtive hiv 4th generation and rna teat at 7 weeks. Should I still be worry

Exposure to HIV 17 years ago. The past 2 years developed peripheral neuropathy.I took a lab corp HIV 1/0/2 ab test last year negative.Conclusive?

False pos ELISA HIV tests, neg naat viral load test, neg western blot, ifa and oraquicks neg too. All 15 months post risk event. What should I do?

Fingered someone with a superficial cut on finger. 8weeks CMIA duo P24 HIV 1&2 test negative. Further testing required? Conclusive ?thanks!

Fingered with 1day old superficial cut on finger.43daysimmunochromatograohy,49days CMIA antibody,53&57days DUO CMIA P24 all negative.Further test req?

First unprotected sex on 9th June. Antibody test on 14th June & 14 July. Aptima HIV-1 RNA, Qualitative, TMA on 20th may. All negative.Should I worry?

For immune disorder is it required HIV test at 6 months? if the test is 4th gen, it should detct antigens if not the antibodies b by 3 months atlest

Had 4 hiv tst in 2yrs, all NEG results Ive had neutopenia since brth having recurrent infections Could HIV tst giv false NEG results b/c im neutopenic?

Had 7 HIV tests all have been negative. Risk anal penetration with condom. 2weeks RNA, 6,7,15,22 weeks 4th gen, 12,13 week ORAquick, Conclusive?

Had a risky sex with CSW 31 wks back. Had neg hiv 4th [email protected],3,4,5,6,7 mnths, dna p[email protected],12 wks & rna [email protected] wks. Am I 100% hiv free or need more test?

Had a risky sex. HIV 4th gen was neg but my lympocytes were 42% @10 weeks. Now neg upto 10 mnth by 4th gen and lymphoctes are normal. Am I infected?

Had anxiety for 2 months about HIV. Took 4 RNA tests and all negative. Dr. tested me and I have low free testosterone. What could cause this?

Had multiple HIV and STDs tests up to 5 months and HIV antibody up to 7 months- all negative. Now toe nail fungi- what is it?

Had protected vaginal sex with CSW. How reliable is negative HIV p24 antigen combo test at 20 days mark? Also, getting results tomorrow for HIV RNA PCR at 19 days. Will that be conclusive if negative?

Had unprotected sex on 15 june2016 with unknown. Had 12 hiv tests. Pcr Rna Pcr Dna 4th gen ag/ab All negative. Still have symptoms. Very depressed.

Had unprotected xposure 7 mnth bak with a csw. All neg hiv & std tests so far. Am I 100% hiv/std free? Hav confirmed neuropathy since 6 wk of xposure.

Had unprtected vaginal sex (insertive).Had some symptoms after10 days Tested after 10 and 18 days rna pcr, 26 days hiv duo negative. Is it conclusive?

Handjob at massage parlor. tested for HIV with 4th gen test at 4 and 6 weeks both neg. Also had a negative HIV RNA at 20 days. Are these conclusive?

Have unprotected vaginal sex 2 months ago. done HIV Pcr after 37 days and combi test after 51 days and antibody test after 70 days, all came negative.

Hd prtcted sex with a prostitute 3yrs ago, my 1st n lst cntct. nonreactive for HIV this yr using HIV rapid kit test. Am i really free? Help, please

He lives in india. Had rna & dna at 6months negative hiv1/2.Now both dna & rna pos for [email protected] 7 months.Can rna dna be false pos? Is hiv-2. Im worried.

He lives in india.had one time sex less than 10 sec.plenty 4th gen,rna,dna neg until6 7 month dna,rna pos for hiv2 wb neg.what is going on ?

Hello Dr. is an RPR test and HIV 4th Gen ab ab 1/2 test conclusive at 14 weeks. thanks?

Hello everyone. Can diabetes type1 cause a false negative hiv t1 t2 test and 6 months and ag/ag combo test at 3 months after unprotected vaginal sex?

Hello I did 4th generation HIV test and also a PCR REAL TIME HIV quantitative test on day 131. Is it conclusive ? Can I move on with life ?

Hello i had hiv 1and2 test at 6 months after exposure and hiv ab/ag at 3 months both negative and i have type 1 diabetes can diabetes change hivresult?

Hello, Will take 4th gen rapid HIV (in USA) after 28 days. Will it be conclusive after that? or 4th gen blood work & not rapid is conclusive after 28?

Hello, i have tested 5 times for hiv but 4 are posive 5 are negative what could be the reason and my current status plase help?

Hello, is syphilis test VDRl conclusive at 4 weeks? I had only oral exposure without condom for 1 min max. No syphilis symptomes. Thx

Hello! Is 76 days (11 weeks) HIV 1&2 CMIA combo p24 nonreactive(0.07) test conclusive? Retest after a week required?Thanks!

Hello. Can type 1 diabetes cause a false negative hiv test i tested for hiv ab/ag at 3 months negative and hiv1,2 at 6mnths negative Is it conclusive?

Help me.How long window period for HIV test of fourth generation ECLIA cobas 6000(combo) for HIV p24antigen & HIV antibody1 & 2 after exposure?

Hi can HIV stay Dormant for 30 months and not be detected on HIV ag/ab combo testing?

Hi Doc, combo test (hiv1/2&p24 )& PCR RNA (quest) 10 & 24 days negative. How conclusive are they? I have a rash on 38 day? I'm worried, please help

Hi doctor. Is eli a more developed ELISA test for HIV ? And is ecl a western blot test? (if yes for ecl) i had a negative p24 at 3 month am i negative

Hi Dr. Is the hiv combo test considered conclusive after 28 days? Thank you

Hi I had HIV-1 rna pcr @ 5 wks & 5 mths & HIV ag/ab DUO at 1, 2, 4 & 6 mths. Do I need further testing for HIV-2 or am I safe? I'm in metro Detroit.

Hi I had unproducted oral sex with csw. insertive .I hv some skin changes. no fever till now. @6 weeks I had pcr rna not detected. Is it conclusive?