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My recent blood tests show positive for hsv type 1 IgG, negative for hsv 2 IgG and hsv1&2 IgM is positive. what does this mean and what should i do?

My test is positive for herpes 1 and negative for herpes 2 (all igg) but also positive IgM herpes too. Would you say I have type 1 or 2 ?

Neg. Igm for herpes 1and 2. Positive IgG for herpes 1 and neg.2. I have blisters but culture came back neg. Who do I believe? What is a good test

Negative for hsv test and sample but then positive for hsv 1 and tested again and positive for Hsv 2. Any slight chance I should be retested later on?

Negative herpes culture and blood tests; pretty accurate?

Negative STD herpes result but showing symptoms, what's wrong?

Only had 1 partner. Got Herpes 2. Hes never had signs, symptoms or outbreaks. Is in denial it came from him. Odds he will test positive on blood test?

Pcr blood test for hsv1 & hsv2 both negative 7 weeks post exposure. Is this a reliable test vs igg antibody testing?

Please tell me, could a UTI cause blisters, herpes test negative?

Positive blood test for HSV2 antibodies, does this mean I have genital herpes? I've never had an outbreak ...I'm confused -

Positive Culture; three years later no outbreaks. Tested negative for HSV 2 twice with Igg blood. And negative with PCR DNA blood. What do I believe?

Positive for HSV 1 & 2, what does this mean?

Positive HSV culture but negative blood test; should tests be repeated?

Recently I had anti chlamydia IgG positive and IgM negative. How is that so as I have never tested for STD before and hence never had any treatment?

Recently tested positive for Hsv 1 igg was 12.3. no symptoms ever. what should I know about this?

Recently tested positive for hsv-2 (blood test) no symptoms no outbreak. Was told positive result just means i've been exposed to it. Do I have it ?

Should a blood test for herpes be positive once i took the aciclovir, or it can be negative after aciclovir?

Should i be worried if i test positive for herpes type 1?

Tested + for HSV 2 IGM when I use to be positive for HSV 1 but now negative? Should I be concerned?

Tested HSV1 positive any treatments ?

Tested negative for hsv2 three times. Two cultures and one blood test. Could it be hsv1? Genitally ?

Tested positive for herpes 3 years ago when i had an outbreak i took a herpes blood test last week and it came out negative. What happened?

Two negative STD tests within a month. Textbook herpes visually:symptoms but negative test. Help! What could it be what do I do?

Was tested for mono. Test negative. Still thinks it was mono i had. Could the test been wrong?

What are odds of false negative for herpes blood test if sexually inactive for a year but have some common symptoms? Test was .63.

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What are some of the tests for Common cold?

What are the chances of testing false negative in an IgG test for HSV 1 & 2 after few days of having a herpes-like outbreak down there? I tested (-)

What are the tests for chickenpox?

What are the tests for folliculitis?

What can a hsv2 type specific IgG result value of 17.2 tell me other than obviously being 'positive'? I've never had outbreaks. This is my first test.

What does an hsv2 home swab test kit show? Does it show older than 6 months/latent infection and if not, can you still get hsv2 if swab test is neg?

What does it mean if I have HSV antibodies but tested negative?

What does it mean if I tested positive for HSV ii?

What does it mean if you test positive for a herpes antibiotic in the blood?

What does it mean if youre tested positive for hsv2?

What does reactive test results on HSV 1&2 stand for ?

What does testing negative for a viral HSV 2 test mean?

What does the herpes antibody test mean if someone is pos.

What if i received a positive blood test for herpes?

What is herpes western blot test? What does this show?

What is Hsv1ag test ?

What is the definition or description of: throat swabs PCR positive for virus?

What is the difference between the blood test for HPV and herpes?

What is the false positive rate of the tzanck smear test used for diagnosing genital herpes?

What kind of test to check for herpes? And how accurate it is? What are the consequences of a positive herpes?

What should a person do if his blood test shows HSV 1 as positive ?

What test should i need to get to confirm the virus?

What time frame can I have an IgM test done, and when does an IgG become effective for genital herpes?

What to do if i had a UTI test and the leukocytes was positive, is that because I have herpes or something else?

What to do if I have genital herpes test came back negative but I know I'm positive. and this upsets me?

What to do if positive culture but negative bloodwork for herpes?

What's a genital swab mc&s test?

When can you take a herpes test?

When do they test for herpes when pregnant?

When you get tested for syphilis and HIV do they test for herpes at the same time or no?

Which herpes test is more accurate, culture or blood?

While my STD herpes test was negative, I am showing symptoms. What should I do?

Who should test for Herpes 1 and 2?

Why did my hsv-2 (herpes 2) test say there was some HSV found, yet the test was negative?

Why do I test positive to herpes type 2 and my partner to test negative?

Why isn't herpes (hsv 2 more so) included in the sti panel testing?

Why would my Dr order HSV IgM test when I said I acquired it years ago? Her nurse says I dont have HSV 1or2, but in past I was told and know that I do

Will herpes virus show within a week in blood test if you have an outbreak at the time of that test?

Will hsv2 make a Lyme test positive?

Will i test positive for a saliva test if kissing someone who did marijuana 5 min. Ago and then french kisses me?

Will they test for gabapentim in a mouth swab test?

Would a herpes 2 test be difinitive by 4.5 months?

Would an IgG test be positive if I had herpes?