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How likely is it for a herpes culture test to be a false negative if i went within the first few days of my outbreak?

How long after exposure would I test positive for genital herpes in a blood test?

How long do I have to wait to do a bloodtest for herpes ? I heard I should never test for igm

How reliable are genital herpes blood tests vs cultures?

HSV 1 and 2 IgG are negative but HSV IgM I/II combination came back positive at 2.28. Do I have herpes?

Hsv 1&2 specific IgG test at 27 and 39 days without symptoms how accurate these tests ?

Hsv 2 exposure 6 mos ago. Negative at month 2 post exposure, positive for hsv1/negative for HSV 2 at month 5. Do I need to retest for HSV 2?

I did the test for herpes 2, and it came:hsv 2 IgG herpeselect ab positive.What is the medication for this?

I found out over a yr ago I have HSV 1 and 2. My boyfriend still test neg for it... How can that be?

I got a 1.07 for a HSV 2 IgG test. I was positive for HSV 1. What should I do next? Do I have herpes?

I got a swab to test for herpes and it was negative. And a blood test showed that I have high HSV antibodies, do I have herpes?

I got an STD test and im unsure what the results mean. I tested positive for HSV 1.10. Is that HSV 1? Common cole sores?

I had "HSV CULTURE,W/REFL TO TYP," test done. It came back positive for HSV2. Is this definitive or should I reach out for a second opinion?

I had "HSV CULTURE,W/REFL TO TYP," test done. It came back positive for HSV2. Is this definitive? Should I reach out for a second opinion?

I had a blood test for HIV, syphillis and gonerrhea and the results were negative, would they report herpes if it was found in the blood stream?

I had a culture diagnosis of genital hsv-1 over six months ago. I had an IgG blood test 2 weeks ago that turned up negative?

I had a Hvs 1 lgg test number of 36.90. Do I have Hvs?

I had a UTI test and the leukocytes was positive, is that because I have herpes or something else?

I had an exposure a year before , i took HSV 1 & 2 IGG and IGM antibody test , Both came back with negative , am i free for Herpes? i never had an OB

I had an exposure a year before , i took HSV 1 & 2 IGG and IGM AB test last week, Both came back with negative , am i free for Herpes?

I had an IGG serology test that came back positive for HSV1 & negative for HSV2.How can I find out if its oral or genital?I've never had an outbreak.

I had herpes blood test 1&2 IgG positive 158 IgM negative 0.08 they told me i don't have herpes are they correct ? Im so confused please help me

I had PCR test done and regular blood work for hsv1 and I was negative. Never had a sore . I recently did regular blood work now hsv1 is positive. ?

I had protected sex with my partner he has herpes no signs nor symptom. I did an IgG test few weeks after tested positive for hsv1&2 how is that?

I had sex 5 years ago & after 5 years thish month i tested my std panel all negative. But hsv1/2 igg positive and igm negative Dr said u nt have hsv !

I have a 4.5 value hsv2 positive test for my ob/gyn in my primary doctor said both negative for hsv1/2 w /a culture how likely is it that I have hsv-2?

I have genetial herpes but in my test results it is only positive for type1and not type2 way is that?

I have had 3 negative IGG herpes tests. 1st at 8 weeks after contact, 2nd at 12 weeks, and 3rd at 10 months. How accurate are the results?

I have herpes symptoms, but neg. Results. What should I do?

I have HSV 2 my boyfriend tested positive HSV 1how is that possible?

I have no symptoms of any type. I tested my std panel with hiv test so all came negative hsv1/2 IgM neg. And hsv1/2 IgG positive. Am I hsv neg or not?

I have tested positive for HSV 1 at 5.00 what does this mean and tested neg for HSV 2 took the 10 panel test from i am very scared?

I have uveitis ,dr did tests ,all came negative except herpes which I already know .all hsv 1&2 and I/II positive and active .what this has to do ?

I just had a HSV 2 IgG test at 3.1 months and it was negative. Does that mean I am negative for HSV 2 and do not have it?

I only have positive IgM herpes results. When should I get retested to check for positive IgG levels?

I recently got a Herpes QN Real time PCR test through Quest Diagnostics in my town. (blood draw) the results came back <100 for both hsv1 & hsv2. Wh?

I tested for herpes postive for IgG and negative IgM this indicates i got a previous infection it is herpes or any other infection ?

I tested positive for Herpes 1 (HSV1) on my 23andMe dna test. I was Rs2272127 CG heterozygous. Does this mean I'm positive for Herpes and have Herpes?

I tested positive for herpes II IgG on june, i got tested again in august and it came back negative, am i positive or negative? No symptoms here.

I tested positive for hsv 2 with 3.1 igg but negative for hsv 1 The weird thing is when I was pregnant I was tested and didn't have hsv 2 but had hsv?

I Tested positive for hsv2, low positive 2.5 Igg with no symptoms on Elisa, But negative on western blot a year after possible exposure. am I hsv2 - ?

I tested positive on HSV 1 IgG type spec 31.90 and negative on HSV 2 IgG is this bad?

I took a blood test for hsv 1 and 2, 7 days after exposer, results came in postive for only hsv1 but not accute , no Outbreak, dd i already have hsv1?

I want to get this straight many answers confused me i tested for herpes IgG positive and IgM negative do I have herpes infection? Or other infection?

I was tested for herpes at 3 weeks , and the test came back 3.90. And it was the herpes select and western blot. Is it possible to be false positive?

I was tested via blood test for STDs and was told I tested positive for herpes exposure and that I have the antibodies in my blood but that I don t have herpes I am so confused do I have herpes ?

I'm curious to know what are the chances of receiving a false positive on a blood test for herpes or any std?

I've been tested (blood test) for STD and i had negative result for herpes. Does that mean i don't have either hsv1 or 2?

If 2 partners test negative for herpes by a blood test is it 100% true they do not have it ?

If a herpes culture/test is negative, how accurate is that result?

If doctors swab for a herpes culture, does that mean its a serum test: the more reliable/updated test?What exactly does that mean ?

If herpes is dormant in your body will you test negative?

If I am tested for herpes, and the culture is positive and the blood test is negative..And my STD test is reactive for syphilis what should I believe?

If I had a negative herpes blood test at three weeks and seven weeks is it possible I still could have hsv-1?

If I have a seroconversion rash will i test positive?

If i tested positive for genital herpes blood test when I am asymptomatic is it conclusive?

If i was tested 4 1/2 weeks for genital herpes after exposure. Can i trust the negative diagnosis of the igg?

If i'm positive with HSV does it affect my HIV test result?

If my HSV is positive does it mean i'm automatically HIV positive?

If no symptoms or lesion or anything on the skin is showing & i need to make an accurate test for hsv? What's the best one to do? Pcr? Antibodies?Help

If only IgG was tested for HSV 1/2, does that mean that a new infection wasn't picked up on the test? Igg was negative.

If u have HSV 1(culture of sore) and not hsv2(blood test done neg) test repeated 4 months later, now positive for hsv2 and neg for hsv1, no sores seen?

If your herpes test is negative does that mean you are negative for hs1 and hs2?

Igm test herpes negative after a year so do I have it or not?

Im 7 weeks pregnant and my HSV IgG 1 and 2 test was positive but IgM test for both was negative, should I be concerned or just immune?Never had outbreaks

Is a blood test after 14 weeks of sexual encounter enough to give conclusive results on stds especially herpes 1 and 2? Had the igg tests done for herpes. Was negative for HIV, hep a, b, c, chlamydia, gonnorhea , herpes 1 & 2 and syphilis. Thanks

Is a culture test more accurate then a igg herpes test or should I do both?

Is a high swab vaginal herpes DNA test result reliable? (Without leison) Do I need another blood test to reconfirm?

Is a viral culture as accurate as a blood test for hsv2?

Is an IgG herpes test conclusive after 13 weeks?

Is blood PCR test accurate for hsv? I don't have any symptoms nor lesions or blisters on my genitals. I tested <0.9 IgG & 1.5+ IgM a week ago. Help?

Is blood test for syphilis and herpes are accurate.

Is genital herpes a reason to produce a false positive ELISA HIV test?

Is HSV 2 an infection? Is HPV an infection? Are either of these a cause to false positive ELISA HIV test?

Is it possible for herpes culture and blood test to be wrong? I received negative for both...

Is it possible that a positive for a herpes culture be wrong?

Is it possible to be IgG positive for herpes 8 weeks after exposure?

Is it possible to have a false positive herpes test?

Is it possible to have a false positive HSV-1 Swab from the genital area? Partner tested negative for blood and so did I.

Is it possible to have a false positive on a herpes ab test?

Is it possible to test negative for genital herpes and positive for oral?

Is it possible to test positive for hsv-2 antibodies but not actually have it or spread it? I have never had an outbreak but I do have hydronitis

Is it possible to test positive on IgG herpes hsv 2 test and not have it?(Is it possible chicken pox virus/shingles could also cause positive result?)

Is lab results always right? Had hsv1 many times results say hsv1 IgG >5.00 but hsv2 IgG says 1.25 can there be false positive for hsv2?

Is there a blood test which tests for genital herpes? Im pregnant and need to know.

Is there a test for genital herpes? or only visual? i did blood test and got igg+ and igm-for herpes 1and all negative for 2

Is there a test for herpes?

Is there a test for shingles?

Is there a test to confirm shingles or herpes?

Is there a way where genital HPV can be detected by blood test??

June last year I was tested negative for chlamydia (PCR). 2 weeks ago I got IgG positive, IgM negative. Does that mean I was infected in the meantime?

Just saw my pcp about STD test results. My HSV 1&2 IgG results were pos, but the HSV 1&2 IgM results were neg. No symptoms at all. Am i contagious?

My doc said he was testing me for "both types" of herpes. They called and said both were negative. Was this a type specific test?

My friend test std, results . chlamydia trachomatis positive, abnormal andnon reactive negative. Hsv 2 igG. 2.69. HSV 1 igG. 37.90. the me?

My gf had a cold sore on her lips and all the time i was kissing her when i made a herpes blood test it came out IgG postive IgM negative ?

My HSV 1 and 2 were positive .Igg was positive rest all neg.What should I do am i at risk of hiv?

My HSV 1 IgM ab screen came back negative and so did my HSV 2.... What exactly does that mean?

My husband did a STD blood test and got results of hsv-1 detected, hsv-2 not detected. Is hsv-1 an std? Can hsv-1 change to hsv-2?

My ob said im negative but i doubt, my herpes simplex serum test, type1nd2 igm: 9.9u/ml nd type1nd2 igg: 5.2u/ml. Is it really negative, I have sores..

My partner tested positive for Herpes Simplex Virus 2. Is it possible he can have it and my test is negative?