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Can having bacteria in your urine cause a false positive herpes test?

I'm very confused. I was just diagnose with hsv 1 IGG 1.29 and hsv 2 IGG 2.86. Don't have and outbreaks and girlfriend is negative. Can this b false?

I tested negative for herpes IgM and negative for IgG 2 months after my last possible exposure. Is there a possibility that it could be too late to d?

Would 28 days after exposure syphilis blood test be accurate and when you have a lesion does that mean syphikis is detect. In blood?

1 blood test negative/1 low threshold positive/culture negative...but told hsv causing urethritis? Y, but no/never had outbreaks, diagnosing 6 yrs ago

2 negative hsv-2 culture tests and 1 recent negative hsv2 blood test all within 4 months. What else could it be and what kind of doctor should I see ?

37 weeks pregnant, tested positive for HSV 1 igg. Is there is any special consideration during pregnancy?

A hsv 1 test came out as value positive and standard range negative. Does this person have herpes?

Anti HSV 1&2 IgG test positive and anti HSV 1& 2 IgM test negative....What does that mean?

Any blood test for herpes simplex 2?

Are culture best to diagnose hsv2?

Are false positive herpes test likely?

Are IgG blood tests accurate for herpes? If they are and it's not herpes my bf and i had than what could it of been?

Are my HSV 1/2 test results positive or negative. HSV-1 >5.00 HSV-2 0.04?

Are my HSV 1/2 tests positive or negative. I took a HSV 1/2 IgG type specific AB test. My Results : HSV-1 >5.00 HSV-2 0.04?

Are my HSV 1/2 tests positive or negative. I took a HSV 1/2 IgG type specific AB test. Results : HSV-1 >5.00 HSV-2 0.04?

Can a blood test tell between herpes 1 and 2?

Can a herpes blood test be negative reading if indeed you do have the virus?

Can a positive herpes blood test be lupus?

Can a urine culture detect herpes virus?

Can a Urine sample test detect HSV2 for a 42 year old male? Or is it ONLY by blood test to check IGG and IGM

Can gardasil or cervarix give you a false positive HPV test ?

Can herpes affect the result of a HIV test?

Can herpes culture test be false positive? If so, now often?

Can herpes show up in a urine test?

Can hsv1 test results be wrong if i had a cold and a fever when did it?

Can i trasmit the dieseas if i tested for herpes IgG positive and IgM negative they told me i don't have herpes and i showed no symptoms in the past?

Can IgM test be inaccurate & give false results especially when i tested negative for IgG herpes? Whats the best test for hsv? Help please please

Can lgv be detected by chamydia cerival smear and by urine test? Is a serum lgv L2 IgG IgA IgM accurate at 8 weeks? All stds were neg still symptoms

Can people test negative of herpes by blood test if there isn't an outbreak at the moment?

Can simplex herpes show up on blood tests?

Can someone detect herpes from under a microscope?

Can syphilis be mistaken for herpes in a blood test?

Can the infection itp cause a positive reading for a herpes test?

Can u test positive for hsv1 and 2? What does the blood test prove if u never had a symptom?

Can urine be tested for herpes ?

Can Valtrex (valacyclovir) trigger a false positive herpes test?

Can valtrex alter hsv tests?

Can you advise for hsv1&2 test results?

Can you be a carrier of mono? And if so, if you are tested for mono will you always test positive?

Can you get a false positive herpes test?

Can you give me suggestions with hsv1&2 test results?

Can you tell me how accurate are herpes cultures?

Can you tell me what can it mean when your STD results for hsv-1 IgG says abnormal 3.667 (h)?

Can you tell me, are the blood tests for HSV 1 and HSV 2 accurate?

Can you test for herpes and not HIV ?

Can you test negative for herpes but still have it? I tested positive for herpes, but my boyfriend of two years did not.

Can your swab test results for herpes be altered by menstruation?

Chances of having a false positive herpes type 1 blood test?9.1 igg.While other STDs remain negative 0.0 igg.Had my test 2 weeks later after exposure.

Confused about herpes test results, what to do?

Could a UTI cause blisters, herpes test negative?

Could herpes test detect the virus if its type i or ii?

Did vdrl test about 3 days after ulcer appeared and 2 weeks and a half after i might have been infected with syphilis. Test was -. How accurate?

Do doctors test for herpes and hepatic when pregnant?

Do i infect other if i tested for herpes blood test IgG positive 158 and IgM negative 0.08 ? And what negative IgG means ? Thank you

Do they test for herpes simplex 2 during pregnancy?

Doc. Told me test came back 20% out of 80% positive for herpes 1 . But I haven't ever had a cold sore , how am I positive ?

Doctor told me to do test - hsv2 , HIV , and vdrl for white boils on my penis. All test are negative. Then what are the boils. Please let me know.

Does a negative IgM test for herpes mean i dont have herpes. I performed the test after 2 months of exposure both negative for IgM and igg.

Does a regular pap test detect herpes?

Does an "inconclusive" swab test for herpes mean anything?

Does gardasil cause a positive HPV test result?

Does herpes test detect type one and two separately?

Does herpes throw a positive test for lupus?

Does HSV 1 IgM screen negative and HSV 2 IgM screen negative does that mean I have a std?

Does positive HPV means having hiv?

Does the STD herpes have to be present at the time to test positive ?

Does the western blot trump the elisa? Tested positive via ELISA IgG for hsv2,but later tested negative via western blot. No symptoms. Do I have hsv2?

Dose IVF test you for herpes i think I have it i haven't been tested yet but i'm very sure I have herpes?

During your first prenatal screening do they test for genital herpes?

False positive herpes culture; what is the chance of it?

First herpes OB. Has 2 swab tests, both positive for hsv1 negative for hsv2. I heard swab tests can be inaccurate. Is it possible I have hsv2 as well?

Got my results and had an index of 62.2 for hsv 1 lgG? Does that mean I tested positive for herpes? Anything I should be worried about?

Had general testing for stds. They didn't test for hsv2 even when i asked for the blood test, said they only test if theres sores. How come?

Had HSV2 IGG test at 5.00 My HSV2 IGM Negative. How can I have a positive and Negative? Is the 5 a high number? Never had an outbreak. confused!

Had unprotected sex a month ago - IgM test negative and HSV Type 1&2 IgG Antibody test positive (17.40), recent infection or had it for some time?

Hello i just received the result of my test and it says that i have chlamydia igg negative and igm positive. I have no other partner but my husb?

Helooo doctor can you please help me on this i made a blood test for herpes it cames out IgG postive 158 and IgM negative 0.08 do I have herpes?

Help me in cold ? Test Help me in cold ? Test Help me in cold ? Test Help me in cold ? Test Help me in cold ? Test Help me in cold ? Test Help m

HELP PLS. Should I be tested for hsv? Last sex 18 months ago. No symptoms except balanitis. Urologist ordered HSV igm test because of balanitis. Worried about false positive on test. About to marry.

Herpes blood test negative but still having itchy breakouts?

Herpes culture accuracy?

Herpes test done. Herpes IgG test results. Hsv1. 5.6. Hsv2 <.90. So do I need to be worried about hsv1? No symptoms ever. Help?

Hi doctor my doctor called me last week and said I had been positive for herpes not genital herpes.. is the test sometime false positive I read up on?

Hi,can a urine test detect herpes 1&2?

How accurant the culture test for the geniatl herpes? I got the result negative .. Dose that mean for sure i don't have herpes?

How accurate are herpes culture results?

How accurate are IGG blood test for herpes for person never having an outbreak? Partner tested positive for hsv2.

How accurate are the herpes tests?

How accurate are type specific herpes tests?

How accurate are type specific herpes tests? what are my chances of false negatives?

How accurate is an ELISA test for herpex simplex type 2?

How and where do I get/take the western blot HSV-2 test? All I can find is the ELISA HSV test.

How assuring is a negative herpes blood test for both HSV-1 and HSV-2, at 3 months after exposure? Do you suggest more testing to be conclusive?

How can I have herpes2 and a negative blood test?

How come my hsv-2 (herpes 2) test say there was some HSV found yet the test was negative?

How definitive is a HSV 2 IgG test at 3 months?

How do you get the chlamydia IgG and herpes type 1 and 2 IgG tests?

How do you know if you have hvS2?

How do you test positive for oral thrush? Is there a test?