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17 yr old healthy female, family doctor claimed positive test, free clinic said negative. Only 3wks along. What are the chances of false positive?

3 months without use give me negative meconium result?

3.5 month negative oraquick hiv test. My GP says he has never seen a negative at 3 months turn positive at 6 months is this true?

Any advantage to being ab positive?

Any doctors here find a people who had negative result 6 months HIV antibody test turns postive after that?

Any relationship between omega 3 consumption and pvc's. ? Positive or negative?

Are blue dye pregnancy tests known for giving false positives ?

Are blue line pregnancy tests known to give false positives?

Are eeg's very accurate or not really i had one negative one then a day later a positive for a seizure activity but nothing more in 17 years?

Are negative calories real?

Are there any positives to having dyslexia, and how can you tell if you have it?

Are there other ways of getting trich ? can there be false positives ?

Asked question about wife false positive yesterday, her confirmatory test done by CIA rather than TPPA or that ok?

At which point would it be impossible to get a false result on HPT? Like after what week? If 17weeks preg, wouldn't it be impossible for false results

Blood culture: can the consumption of antibiotics cause false positives?

Can a person with schizophrenia have only the "positive" symptoms, without the "negative" ones?

Can Abilify (aripiprazole) cause false negative test results when being tested for carcinoid tumors?

Can anything provide a false positive on an echo when it comes to MVP?

Can ascus go from positive to negative?

Can birth control cause false positive ANA and dsdna using mia testing method? How reliable is this testing method?

Can chronic hyperventilation syndrome cause false positives in hydrogen breath tests?

Can citralopram cause a false positive in a medical blood test, or otherwise show up?

Can floristor have any affect on a c.diff stool test that might result in a false negative?

Can having polycystic kidney disease cause a false positive on a pregnancy test? Also, are there any medications that can do this?

Can healthy individuals get false positive ELISA HIV test? Final question. Does it always mean there's something wrong with someone if they get this.

Can healthy people get false positive ELISA HIV test? If so why?

Can healthy people get false positive HIV ELISA test? If so why? What does it mean?

Can HPV16-positive turn negative later? By what kind of treatment?Thank you.

Can MRCP result in false positives/negatives for common issues in the biliary system ?

Can Nexium (esomeprazole) create a false positive for cancer?

Can paraneoplastic panel (through mayo clinic) be false negative results?

Can testing positive for etg be caused by a health condition?

Can type 1 diabetes cause test results to be false positive constantly?

Can untreated gitelman syndrome (diagnosing now) cause a false positive on a VIP, 5hiaa & chromogranin test? 1 positive, 3 negatives for each.

Can urine that say out too long before being tested show a false positive result of nitrites?

Can you explain if it's possible to get a false positive of cancer from a needle aspiration?

Can you have a false positive tilt table test?

Can you please tell me about the after-effects, both positive and negative, after a prostate operation?

Can you suggest foods that trigger 'false positive' drug test results?

Can you tell me what if a hiv-positive person under meds, takes a western blot test?

Confused about whether is better for my gram stain to be positive or negative?

Cortisol, can someone list both the positive & negative effects it can have on the body.

Could a course of lymerix shots result in future false positive tests for the disease?

Could a person test positive or develop tuberculosis as a result of a traffic accident?

Could huntington's disease have a false positive?

Could you get a false positive of cancer from a needle aspiration?

Could you tell me about the positive and negative of chelation therapy for arteriosclerosis?

Cryptococcus: a few q's: how hard is it to be diagnoses with this fungus? Would all blood tests be positive, or could a false positive be LIKELY?

Difference between negative and positive receptor in cancer ?

Do all illnesses have positive and negative symptoms?

Do breast mri's ever have a false positive reading?

Do pregnant women produce more ketones? I heard high ketones can cause a false positive etg test

Docs, could a person test positive or develop tuberculosis as a result of a traffic accident?

Doctors, what is the difference between gram positive cocci & gram negative bacilli?

Does a false positive ELISA HIV test mean someone has a autoimmune disease? Or could it be anything? Do people find out why they get these results?

Does a false positive ELISA mean I have lupus or a the disease? Or could i be healthy and just get these results?

Does a person with a positive helicobacter pylori antibody test always remain seropositive even after successful treatment?

Does anyone recommend or have comments - negative or positive about colic calm?

Does everything you do have a negative or positive effect on your health? Or are there neutral things?

Does false positive ELISA mean the person has autoimmune disease? Do people ever find out why they get these results?

Does getting false positive HIV ELISA suggest there is something wrong with the patient? Or can the patient be healthy and get these results?

Does high level of stress cause a false positive pregnancy result?

Does hypnotherapy have any negative risks to it at all?

Does moving or talking produce false EKG results?

Does stress cause ANA weak positive blood test cause i got a weak positive does it mean i will get an autoamune illness later in life ?

Does trazadone test positive for benzos? I've seen on the Internet it can is this true

Fecal occult test came back positive, can it be a false alert?

For the experts - might testing for my blood group also test if i'm HIV positive/negative?

For what reasons might a teenagers drug test have positive results for creatine?

Friend was positive for genetic test for ALS. She is 50 now and no symptoms Is there a chance she won't come down with ALS?

H. Pylori IgG testing - if once positive, are you always positive?

Had my GRAM STAIN TEST : result is MANY GRAM POSITIVE BACILLI . What does it mean? I am infected?

Had positive results on a HSV 1/2 test and was told to get retested in 6 months. Is it possible for this to be a false positive due to chickenpox shot?

Had positive skin test for beef/pork, but have zero symptoms. Awaiting blood work on it but have read blood tests have a 40%-60% false positives. ?

Has anyone had a false positive from a skin allergy test? Should I repeat tests each year?

Has anyone studied the positives or negatives of spanking?

Has MS caused false positive ELISA for people? Is it common for MS to interfere with elisa?

Hello! In a sputum test, what do MODERATE GRAM POSITIVE COCCI, RARE GRAM POSITIVE RODS, FEW GRAM NEGATIVE RODS mean? My wife has CVID and is very ill.

Herpes' IGG result 17.40 at 5th week after exposure - can one get that high result? or could it be false positive? should i rest to confirm? when?

How accurate are hydrogen breath tests? And can there be false positives? What is considered a high score?

How accurate are stress tests? How many of them come out with false positives? What can cause a false positive if the heart is fine?

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How can I get myself to have more positive thoughts?

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How come glucose give a positive result for fehlings test?

How common (in percentages) are false positive readings on PSA tests (for 40 year old males, if that matters)?

How common are false positives with cystic fibrosis tests?

How common is it to get a false negative RPR test result I've take three since January all non reactive?

How common is it to get a false positive for lupus while pregnant. I also have hashimotos got a + double stranded DNA very high ?

How could i get lactose positive gram negative bacilli?

How do I get a positive self-concept?

How do positive or negative ions affect health?

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How does a false positive biopsy for psoriasis happen?

How does nicotine affect an exercise nuclear stress test? Would it cause a false negative or a false positive or neither?

How early can the rapid strep test detect the bacteria? Can it be done to soon and show a false neg result?

How frequent are false positives on cystic fibrosis tests?

How frequently are false negative results from a biopsy?