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3yr ago Cholesterol was 5.98 mmol/L now Serum 5.39mmol/L ,Triglecerides 1.11 HDL 1.41 Cholesterol HDL 3.8 ratio LDL 3.48 mmol/L (.48over) Is it OK?

DONE MY lipid profile last week the report ttl cholestrol-215mg.Triclyceride-192mgHDL45MGVLDL38.4 LDL131.6TTL CHOLESTROL4.778,LDL/HDL 2.924 pls adv?

2 Triglyceride: 133 Cholesterol total: 132 Cholesterol HDL: 37 Cholesterol LDL: 72 Cholesterol total/cholesterol-HDL ratio: 3.6.1 good? Ok? Bad?

227 cholesterol 225 triglycerides 57 hdl not sure if cholesterol number is total or bad ldl. How much risk am I at for a heart attack?

23 year old male with cholesterol HDL 31 LDL 61 blood pressure 123/83 but my triglycerides 258 ?

30 years. 97 kg, 6 ft 1. Glucose fasting 163, hb A1c 9.8%, serum cholesterol 180 mg/dl, serum triglycerides 112 mg/dl, HDL 35, LDL 138, vldl 22.

31 year old male.Had my lipid profile done 4 times in the last 2 years. My HDL cholesterol was 3, 8, 8, 8 everything else was ok.Any idea?

36yo cholesterol 247, HDL 64, LDL 163 VLDL 20 chol/ratio 3.9 triglycerides 99. Is this really bad? This is fasting!!

Age 16, T cholesterol 370mgh/dl , HDL 1.16, LDL 7.36, T Chol/ HDL ratio 7.91, sugar level normal.. Is this very high ?

AGE 38.CHOLESTROL LEVEL. TC-251mg/dl.HDL-34.LDL-187.TRI G-376. TC/HDL RATIO-7.3.LDL/HDL RATIO-5.5 VLDL-75.24.NON HDL-216.84. Is it high risk?remedypls

Age45+ biochemistry report is "total cholesterol 235 mg/dl, HDL cholesterol 40mg/dl, LDL cholesterol 148mg/dl, triglycerides 230mg/dl " report ?

ALT was 99 U/L and AST 42U/L Cholesterol was high HDL was high and LDL was high. What could be the cause? My TSH was 6.2 uUI/ML could that cause this?

Are there any cholesterol ratios that are more important than total cholesterol. How triglycerides related to cholesterol ratios?

Atherosclerosis - can it reverse itself if you raise your hdl?

Biometric screening. I'm 31. Triglycerides =290,HDL=53,LDL=112,Total Cholesterol=223, Cholestrol/HDL Ratio=4.2,Glucose=99,BP 111/74. Tri high. Why?

Blood test for wellness program at work, total cholesterol is 208, ldl 111, hdl 50, triglycerides 234. Triglycerides in high range, what should I do?

Blood test: chol. 237, trigy. 47, HDL direct. >107, HDL as % of chol., chol/hdl, ldl/hdl all can't calc., LDL direct. 111, should I take satin?

Can i reduce my LDL without medicines my LDL is 216?

Can strenuous exercise before a cholesterol test increase ldl? My values are: HDL: 1.77 mmol/L LDL: 4.72 mmol/L Triglycerides: 1.12 mmol/L

Can the experts please talk about the normal levels accepted of hdl, LDL and triglycerides in blood?

Can triglyceride levels be too low? Mine is 27. (hdl is 94; LDL is 62)

Can triglycerides be too low? Mine are at 43. Total cholesterol 241, LDL 128, VLDL 9 HDL 104.

Can you explain the formula for determining total cholesterol, and how does this differ (if at all) from a cholesterol value?

Can you please define lipoprotein and how does it relate to cholesterol?

Can you please tell me how ldh and LDL cholesterol levels differ?

Can you please tell me how LDL and vldl differ?

Can you tell me how are ldl, hdl, and cholesterol related to heart disease?

Can you tell me what cholesterol that is known as LDL stand for?

Can you tell me what the total cholesterol number in a lipid panel represent. My total is not the sum of my HDL and ldl.?

Cardiologist- cholesterol total 157mg, tryglycerides 78mg, HDL 41mg, LDL 100mg, vldl 16mg. Is this normal? 28 years old female.

Chol 275, tri 66, HDL 65, LDL 187, vldl 13, non HDL chol 210 high chol, but all ratio meet aha guidelines. Anything to worry about?

Cholesterol 156. Triglycerides 65. Ldl 96. Hdl 38. How bad is this? I'm on propranolol

Cholesterol 174, triglycerides 68, HDL ch 45.00, LDL direct 80.00, vldl 14, HDL risk factor 3.9, CRP 0.53, homocysteine 8.6 with no diabetes. Good?

Cholesterol 192 triglycerides 194 HDL 44 LDL 128 I am 46 years, is this healthy?

Cholesterol 228 HDL cholesterol 52 LDL cholesterol 161 trigylcerides 103 total cholestrol/HDL cholesterol ratio 4.4 Should I be worried. Help me.

Cholesterol is 184, triglycrides is 108, HDL 37 and LDL 125. Should i be worried? i know my HDL is low. im a 22 year old male

Cholesterol is 2.76 triglycerides 1.09 HDL 0.08 LDL 2.18 vldl 0.50 what this means?

Cholesterol numbers: LDL: 120. HDL 85. Triglycerides: 89. PCP is recommending Statins. Is there really a risk of CHD here?

Cholesterol Total 138 LdL 62 HdL 35 but triglyceride 258 ! Im 23 what can I do?

Cholesterol total 251, HDL 48, LDL 188.. Thoughts?

Cholesterol- 175, Triglycerides-50, LDL-100, but my HDL was low at 38... Is this a problem?

Cholesterol:232 mgs% triglycerides: 293 mgs% hdl-p: 27 mgs% ldl-p:139 mgs% vldl:59 mgs%. Bodyweight:75 kgs and height:5'4" please advice whether cad.

Could anyone explain to me how is total cholesterol numbers are calculated?

Could there be a cholesterol value independent of total cholesterol?

Could you explain what is autocardio lipid immunity?

Could you help me with questions about triglyceride vs cholesterol level?

Difference between LDL and triglyceride?

Do I need a statin? My LDL is 140 but my HDL is 110.

Do you add HDL and LDL to get total ratio?

Does coconut oil cause hyper LDL cholesterol levels ?

Does everyone have triglycerides?

Does milk contain LDL or HDL cholesterol?

Does my lipid panel below need to get better: total cholesterol: 178 hdl: 42 ldl: 115 trig:106 vldl:21?

Dr i am 23 and triglycerides 245mg/dl .. what should i do?

Elevated triglycerides(480), and high hldl. Please help?

Fasting biometric screening. HDL and LDL within normal limits. Triglycerides high at 290. Should I be worried? Will fish oil help? I'm 31.

Fasting blood cholestrol test after 10k am. Run. Levels (mmol/l): total-7.2, triglyc-1.21, hdl-1.82, ldl-4.4. Could a 10k run cause increase in ldl?

Female total cholesterol: 214 vldl: 31 = triglycerides:156 hdl: 80 ldl: 103 results; good, bad, indiferent, what to do?

For total cholesterol 275, ldl-177, hdl-40, triglycerides-190, what should be the ideal dose of statin ?

Good morning doc please i don't understand this result of total cholesterol 100, HDL 15, triglycerides 71, ratio 6.7, LDL 26.

Had a lipid panel done. Ttl cholesterol- 159. Triglycerides- 61. Hdl- 38. Ldl- 106. Vlda- 12. Ttl cholest/hdl- 4.1. Non-hdl- 118. Is this good?

Had a lipid panel done. Ttl cholesterol- 159. Triglycerides- 61. Hdl- 38. Ldl- 106. Vldl- 12. Ttl cholest/hdl- 4.1. Non-hdl- 118. Is this good?

Had a lipid panel! ttl cholesterol- 159. Triglycerides- 61. Hdl- 38. Ldl- 106. Vldl- 12. Ttl cholest/hdl- 4.1. Non-hdl- 118. Is this good?

Hdl 30, triglycerides 291, LDL 196. Do i need to do echo test? Once a doctor told me there's chance for atherosclerosis.

HDL 34, total cholestelrol 160, triglyceroides 75, lp(a) is 5, non HDL cholesterol 131 and LDL 115. How are these numbers?

Hdl 45, triglycerides 45, LDL 119. Isn't the hdl/triglycerides ratio (1:1) an indicator of large fluffy particles? If so, is a statin really necessary

HDL 56, LDL 93, Triglycerides 119. Is the triglyceride level a bit on the high side? seems relatively high given my HDL and LDL levels.

Hdl 67 LDL 144. Do i need statins?

Hdl and Ldl normal total cholesterol normal but triglycerides 258 I'm 23 what can I do to get them down?

Hdl below 40 ldl above 190 what to do?

Hdl choles 110 . Ldl is 159. Tgs are 40. Chol/hdlc ratio is 2.5. Total 277. Do i really need to be on meds? Glucose and insulin norm. Opinions?

Hdl cholesterol level is abnormal when?

Hdl cholesterol: 28l cholesterol/hdl ratio: 5.8h LDL chol, calculate:99 triglycerides: 173 h can someone interpret this for me?

HDL is 122...LDL is 93...VLDL is 13..I have a heart stent in my LAD from 4 yrs ago..Exercise everyday and eat the LDL too high?

Hdl level is at 42. Ldl and triglycerides are normal/low. How can I increase it hdl? 26/f.

HDL levels are 47mg/dL, LDL levels are 132 mg/dL and non-HDL cholesterol is 151 mg/dL. Ldl/HDL ratio is 2.81.Any concerns?I am trying to conceive.

HDL normal, triglycerid normal, HDL normal, non-HDL normal but why Total cholesterol is low 3.61 mol/l ? What are risks for health ?

Heart .Results cholesetrol 227 HDL chol direct 41 LDL 130 triglycerides 196 tc/hdl 5.53 ldl/hdl 3.17 vldl 39.14 please what i do?

Hello, I need help interpreting lab results. Chol 6.12 mmol/L Trig 3.35 mmol/L Hdl Chol 1.71 LDL Chol 2.89 Non Hdl Chol 4.41 ALT/SGPT 123 IU/L ?

Hello, my cholesterol is 213. LDL 139. HDL 49. Is this dangerous ?

Hi, my total cholesterol count is 186, Triglycerides is 202, HDL is 40, Vldl is 40 and LDL is 106. I like to know how critical is my condition?

Hi! my cholestrol243.Hdl48.Ldl165.Trygl129. No history of heart ailments in family. How can I improve this. Tc/hdl 5. Ldl/hdl 3.4. Vldl 25.83 please help?

Hi.My HDL is 0.804 mmol/l and LDL is 1.27 mmol/l and total c is 2.60 mmol/l and triglycerine is 1.16 mmol/l and my hemoglobin is 135 are these normal?

Hi.My HDL is 0.804 mmol/l and LDL is 1.27 mmol/l and triglyceride is 1.16 mmol/l and total chol is 2.60 mmol/l and hemoglobin 135g/l are these ?

Hi.My HDL is 0.804 mmol/l and LDL is 1.27 mmol/l and triglyceride is 1.16 mmol/l and total chol is 2.60 mmol/l and hemoglobin 135g/l are these ok?

Hi.My HDL is 0.804 mmol/l and LDL is 1.27 mmol/l and triglyceride is 1.16mmol/l and total c is 2.60 mmol/l and hemoglobin is 135 are all these normal?

How are cholesterol and total cholesterol values different?

How are high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) related to your heart health?

How are LDL and HDL different?

How are levels of HDL and LDL linked to heart disease?

How are total cholesterol, LDL direct and LDL calculated different?

How bad is my cholesterol I'm 31 yrs old weight 196 . Total cholesterol 248 .. HDL 63 . LDL 163 Triglycerides 109. .How can I lower it?? Plz help

How can a vegetarian raise their hemoglobin, hemotocrit and HDL cholesterol?

How can someone separate the HDL molecule from cholesterol?

How can you calculate hdl?

How do I raise my very low HDL while lowering my slightly high ldl? 38 yo m, 37 hdl, 112 ldl. Trigly, bp, blood sugar, BMI all good.

How do we lower LDL cholesterol and improve HDL and haemoglobin count?

How do you calculate the risks of the LDL and HDL cholesterol ratio?

How does diet affect a lipoprotein profile?

How high density lipoprotein(hdl) play a role in fats in body?