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Any connection between diabetes and triglyceride levels?

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Blood test shows serum cholesterol is 5.2 mmol/L.High risk patients:optimal cholesterol below 4.0.LDL cholesterol below this normal or high ?

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Can being on humira (adalimumab) for 5 months cause my triglycerides to be elevated? (335mg) cholesterol and blood glucose are normal.

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Can serum cretanine be lowered by reducing proteins,By controlling sugar levels & high BP.Thanks.

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Can taking Lipitor 10 mg 3 times a week for a month increase only the bilirubin level?

Can the birth control pill seasonale increase your triglycerites, creatine, & bad cholesterol levels? I have not gained weight but levels r high

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Can you do anything to lower IgE levels? Is there any medication out there for this?

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Can you tell me how I could lower my triglyceride levels with diet?

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Can you tell me, are my cholesterol levels good?

Can you tell me, what are good LDL levels?

Cholesterol 238mg/dL, HDL 62mg/dL, LDL 150mg/dL, ALT 99U/L, AST 42U/L and TSH high could this be high from my TSH levels?

Cholesterol is not terribly high and so is triglyceride. Vitamin d level is low like 15.8 ng/ml.What does that mean?

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Could having my gallbladder removed lead to higher triglyceride levels?

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Dear sir what are the ways to reduce creartine with a person having correct sugar and cholestrol levels?

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Does dietary cholestrol determin blood cholestrol level.If so, why eating 7 whole eggs eveyday not increasing my cholestrol level.?

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Does eating eggs increase LDL blood levels? Have any studies been done on this?

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Father had high cholesterol and BP now good levels but should he do any more tests?

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Hello doctor may i know why cholestrol synthesized when ditary intake at its lowest ?

Help please! is daily masturbation will make our HDL cholesteroll level low?

Help, what types of dietary fatty acids raise HDL levels?

Hi dr I am having ed.. But i went for my blood tests.. No diabetes, no bp, normal testosterone level..But very high cholesterol.. Ldl 227... Cause?

Hi, should I take Crestor (rosuvastatin) even if my cholesterol levels are normal to low and hs crp level .037 . Yet I have plaque buildup in one artery?

Hi, I have high levels of ast and asl both in the mid 200's and ammonia level is also high at 53. I don't drink alcohol?

High blood pressure 160 /100 my age 29 y.Test show hi level of triglycerides , hi level (ldl) low level( hdl) been a year on healthy diet lose 10 kg?

High cholesterol level and as a female, what exercise will help my lower this number to the normal range?

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Hoping you can tell me, is glucose level of 122 high?

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