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normal cholesterol HDL was 48 and LDL was 89 good cmp normal TSH normal my triglycerides was a little high 167 dr was not concerned. do you agree?

Triglycerides 231 (330-1mnth back) Tcholestrol 176mg, HDL 25mg, LDL 105, VLDL 46mg. Hight 5'8, weight 73, age 36. Pls suggest medication.

-incom. Rt. Bundle branch block -cholesterol (total), serum by enzymatic method 208 -biochemistry lipid profile : LDL cholesterol, serum 133 ?

.My HDL is 0.84 mmol/l and LDL is 1.26 and total c is 2.60 and my hemoglobin is 135 and hemotocrit is 40 .Are all these normal ?

118, 179, 135, 133, 162, 113 LDL level tested, most current last one. Arteries clear, heart clear, should I be on cholesterol medication?

168 CM tall 86 kg weight high BP 145/90 age 29 y no smoking no drinking trig. 224, HDL 27, LDL 119, diet eat 10 kg loss through last year what treatment ?

1trimester pregnant,did CBC found this ( chol 8,3.LDL 5,3.AHDL 2,13) am less than perfect weight, amI in danger?could this cause diabete hypertension?

2 months back i had LDL 171, tc 240. After taking rosuvastatin 10mg daily its now down to LDL 96, tc 166. Can i reduce medicine? I do not exercise.

234 cholesterol level my triglycerides are 281 is this bad?

23yo female, non smoker, non drinker, no htn, not overweight, basically healthy except.. Ldl and total cholesterol are elevated. Tri-gly normal. Why!?

24 y/o female,130 pds. Exercise daily. HDL 65/LDL 150/CHL 226. Is that LDL number concerning for plaque build up right now&risk of MI/stroke or no?

24 y/o female. 130 pds. Bp always 100/60. No heart disease. Total CHL 226. HDL 65 LDL 150. Told to change diet, exercise more. Is that concerning?

24 YO Male. Trigs were 500+. Lipids: Total & Trigs~200/LDL 115/HDL 39. Dx E88.81 & E66.01 54mg/Tricor. Myalgia w/ statins & tricor (fenofibrate). Any suggestions?

28 Yo Male OA Cholesterol 246, LDL 172, HDL 45,Trig 150. Doctor prescribed Statins, looking for 2nd opinion before starting them. ?

28 YO Male OA246, LDL 172, HDL 45,Trig 150. Doctor prescribed Statins, looking for 2nd opinion before starting them. I have started strict diet. ?

28 YO Male OA246, LDL 172, HDL 45,Trig 150. Doctor prescribed Statins, looking for 2nd opinion. I have started strict diet and exercise.

28.BP110/72.LDL165,HDL43 Trig60X20%=12.Tot Chol220(Lost 20 pds since then).BMI 22.7 and gluc >100.Inactive 2 mnths.Low Stroke Risk?Gpa had one at 60.

29 yo male OA 246 LDL 172 HDL 45 Trig 150. There is so much conflicting info on statins, Should I start taking them? Are they worth the risk if diabetes/muscle problems at my age? Should I see cardiologist instead of Primary Doc?

29 yo women. what causes low HDL (0,85) ? My LDL (2,15) is normal and triglycerides little bit high (1,74 should be 1,70). What should I do ?

29y/o male with LDH 229 iu/l, HDL Cholesterol 34 mg/dl, LDL Cholesterol calc 110mg/dl. Are these levels to be concerned with? Smokeless tobacco user

2nd opinion please: have cad. My HDL 55 LDL 83 trg 139 tot 163 A1c 5.1, but my family doc wanted me on chol medicine because of the new aha guidelines?

30 y/o male 228 lbs. Need to lower alt- 48 triglycerides 485, cholesterol 227, HDL 39. All else is ok. Im on the rd climbing cell towers. Diet ideas?

30y/o F w/ HDL of 38, LDL 91, triglyceride 115 & total cholesterol of 152. Dr said it was normal but the lab report said my HDL is low. I'm confused! ?

30yrold female with BMI 25. 4 months postpartum. LDL level140, HDL 46 total cholesterol 206. Is this a concern? What should it be to be very healthy.

31 yrs m. Tc 240, LDL 178, tg 140, 178 to 196 lbs in 6 months due to steroid meds. Dr gave statins. Shld i strt or ctrl chol levels thru diet n exercise?

32 hypochondriac/anxiety worried about heart attack. adopted, no fam histry, latest lipid; HDL 30, LDL 74, total 164, ratio 5.4, tricly 277, stress test normal. about 20lbs overweight. Any real risk? Thanks!

34 male Chol 233, HDL 34. No fam history non smoker. 22 BMI. Can I bring cholesterol without medication? Have started 30 min brisk walk daily.

34 year old male Heart desease in family. lipid panel, total cholesterol 153, Tri. 67, Hdl 38, Ldl 102, Vldl 13, Hem. A1c 5.1 Should I be concerned?

35 M with no fam his, no smoke 22.4 BMI no BP. TC 209, LDL 140, HDL 36, trigly 165. Can I bring all to normal levels just using exercise and diet?

35 M with TC = 182, LDL 115, HDL 41 Tri 130 in August 2015. Eat 5 fruits a day. Is this too much natural sugar? If so how much daily nat sugar?

35 y/o female ttc, w/ ifg, LDL was 210+, w/ statin+exercise+diet, LDL <160, taper off statin, LDL 177. Is it ok to go w/o statin for a while?

35 yr old female. Total cholesterol 226, hdl 71, ldl 141, non fasting. Should I get retested while fasting?

38yr old female 5' 1" 136lbs total lipid panel 236 trig 82 HDL 76 vldl 16 LDL is 144↑ i avoid fried/greasy foods & most sugar water/coffee only. Why?

40 yo male pos family history of CAD smoker tot chol 268,LDL 194 particle size A(Large), HDL 50, TG 119.Had CK 1400 on crestor (rosuvastatin). Can I try diff statin?

41 female total chol is 170 HDL 48 LDL 89 triglyceride 167cardiologist said it is fine. he said he only puts u onmed if triglyceride is 200 or over.

41 year old healthy male. Total cholesterol of 235. LDL of 151, HDL of 66, Trigs of 91. Should I be concerned about LDL levels? I exercise/eat well

41 yr old male 6'3"' 250 lbs, total cholesterol 196' HDL very good, LDL very good. BP is 118/72. Huge anxiety. Can you rule out MI win certainty?

41 yrs old male his HDL 26, LDL 92 , trigs 124, tot chol 143 and glucose level 53 after fasting and BMI : 24.2.How to increase HDL level?

42 yr male was on 500mg niacin to boost HDL , sugar levels got high little at borderline, can I continue with niaci, is that reversible?

42, normal weight, very good diet, yet, very high triglycerides (245.) Cholesterol 172. On beta block's for fast HR. How can i bring trigs down?

42yr old male most blood test result came normal except the lipids ch 240, HDL 37, LDL 147, tg 250. Weight 210, 5'10" high, do I need any medication?

42yr old male, 5'10", 205 lbs. With tc 230, LDL 147, HDL 37. On diet and exercise for 2 months. Do i need medication if no other risk factor exists?

43y/o male 6' 175lb had cto LAD stented. LDL little high but lpa high, 120mg/dl. how to lower lpa? having rough time w/ statins side effects.

43yr old male with tg 300, 240 tc, 140 ldl, 40 HDL , 210 ibs, 5'10". Not on medication. What is the upto date cholesterol lowering diet?

44 year old man, LDL cholesterol 180. Other params healthy. Possible to reduce LDL without drugs?

45 YO male 5'8" 197lbs occasional cigar smoker, no inhalation Total cholesterol 255 LDL 177 HDL 36 Tri 209 BP 118/78 Cause for concern? Meds needed?

45 yr male. Had cholesterol screen. Total cholestrol was 236, LDL 135, Trig 58 and HDL 89. I exercise daily and eat a low fat diet. What should I do?

46 year old male, with 220tc, 170tg, 140ldl, 39hdl.Tried diet and exercise but results similar above for 2 years,is it time to start niacin or statin?

46 year old male, with 220tc, 170tg, 140ldl, 39hdl.Tried diet and exercise without other risk factors for2 years,is it time to start niacin or statin?

47 yr. old female. Total Cholesterol 208, HDL 77, Tri. 86, LDL 114. Is this okay or do I need to alter my diet for better results?

49 Year old non Smoker Cholestral 251 HDL 40 LDL 165 Triglyceride 228 Is this Bad ??

50 year old female, HDL 18.0, LDL <30, triglycerides 1729, chol/hdl ratio 12.50. I also have an underactive thyroid right now TSH 2.82 . Advvice?

50 yo male: 223 total, 46 hdl, 135 triglycerides, and 160 ldl...should I be worried?

50y 85k. Ht.5'6" s chol 197 hdl. 42 LDL 109 vldl 19 tryglyceride 96. Is I am heart patient? My BP 150/90.

58(m), no heart & BP problem.Have total chols. 206 with ldl129, hdl63, vldl14, triglyceride 96. Should i go for medicine for chols? Soya oil ok for me?

59 yrs old Total Cholesterol=239, LDL=150, HDL=46, Triglycerides=214. My doctor wants me on Statins but I've read a lot about negative side effects?

6 months ago my HDL was only 42 mg/dl and LDL 112, do I need to be concerned while on trt and dhea? I've had some cardio symptoms since starting hrt.

61 yrs. M, not overweight, eat fairly well & exercise. My LDL is 116, my HDL 39, TG 118. for a total of 179. My LDL-P is 1444, do I need a statin?

65 yr old active male. No diabetes strong family history cad. Total chol 203 trigl 70 HDL 67 LDL 122. Bp 125-135/80 6'0 165 lbs.Take 500mg niacin 2/day what is my target ldl? Replace niacin w/statins?

67 yr friend HDL is 70- LDL 90- total cholesterol 187 is this ok are should she continue to take meds every other day not diabetic good heart ?

71 year old Women , my try glycerine are 178 I had R N Y 8 years ago good LDL and HDL My weight has been the same for 7 years ?

7months pregnant: Total cholesterol: 255/ HDL: 69/ LDL :131- Triglycerides:251 .Endocrinology: TSH: 2.05 micIU/ml. What do you think of the result?

After a diet period for 43 yr old male my lipid lab tests came as tc 220, tg 233, HDL 33, LDL 140, am taking omega 3 and turmeric, do I need a drug?

After discussion with my Md i have started cholestoff complete with pantesin to treat my cholesterol oif 264 and LDL of 140. I have no risk factors ?

After having control at my LDL cholestrol that is212.8 can I avoid having medition?

After starting a statin, LDL dropped to 60, HDL is only 28. 25 years old, good physical shape. Am i at an increased risk for cardiovascular event?

Age 50.B/p 130/85.Serum chalostrol. 242.Vldl 52. Triclosteride. 261.But no health problem.Kindly suggest.

All of my life my cholesterol has been in the low numbers i eat healthy. Now cholesterol 123 HDL 64 trigylc 64 & LDL 46 not taking meds too low?

All things equal, otherwise healthy 50 y/o male: which is a better cholesterol profile, HDL 60 & LDL 120 ~or~ HDL 35 & LDL 40?

Am 42yr old male, not on any medication.Blood results came as total cholesterol 260, tg 355, HDL 40, LDL 149. Gained 20ilb recently, do I needmedication?

Am not getting niacin tablets for reducing trigly (305) and increase hdl (25).My ldl is at 105, weight 72,age35, Food supp that increases hdl?

Are fish oil supplements a good idea to lower my cholesterol levels. My numbers are total 236. Ldl 150 HDL 71 tric 77 ?

Are these good cholesterol blood test results (units: mmol/L)? Total is 3.55 - Triglyceride is 0.70 - HDL is 1.37 - LDL is 1.86 - Non HDL is 2.18.

AST -57 ALT -84 ALP -36. Triglycerides - 272, LDLcholesterol -177, nonHDL cholesterol is 231. Is cholesterol causing hiked liver enzymes? Alcohol?

At age 29 LDL is 133. Is it ok or problematic?

Being overweight,apple shaped,with high TG and low HDL,think I have metabolic syndrome,does taking alpha lipoic acid help,other benefits if I take it?

Best time of the day to have a preventive baby aspirin for 42 yr old male with borderline cholesterol?

Blood tests back. A1c, 5.7. Glucose, 81. Creatinine, 1. Hdl, 47. Ldl, 118. Tri, 88. Chol/hdl, 3.9. Cholesterol 183. C02, 21. Abnormal?

Blood work results: Triglycerides 56, HDL 68, LDL 121. Normal?

Blood work shows lipid/cholesterol 223 (tri.107/hdl59/nonhdl164/ldl143.Sed23. Crp high sensitivity 24. Atorvastatin 40mg as treatment.Ok or concerns?

Bloodwork shows TC= 331 HDL=134 LDL=180 TRI=83 what do you think?

Bloodwork: AST43. Other liver values high normal but double a year ago. Cholesterol very high:total 255, LDL 178. Always low before. Liver disease?

Bp 130/90 age 29 y not smoking not drinking cholesterol 191 HDL 27 LDL 119 trig. 224 10 kg lose heart bites quick suddenly one time day what to do ?

BUN 27 high. Creatinine 1.21 GFR 77. Triglycerides 160h. HDL 39L. LDL 99 . Please what's your interpretation what do you summarize from this ?

Can a 5.49 mmol/l cholesterol affect erection of penis?

Can a daily glass of red wine be good for nafl for 43 yr old male with borderline high cholesterol?

Can exercise and diet treat borderline cholesterol levels for a 42 yr male without medication?

Can I have a stroke or should I be worried of having chd at age 27 with atryglceride level of 209 and total cholesterol level of 267? I just found out

Can low cholesterol make the transition to menopause more difficult? Total 124 / HDL 41/ LDL 72 i'm 53 and in good shape. Symptoms-chills, rapid pulse

Can you explain my number Cholesteron is the same from last year till now no changeThere s no diet and medication Total 240 LDL 102 Hdl 90 Trig. 245 Thanks?

Can you explain my number Cholesteron is the same from last year till now There s no diet and medication Total 240 LDL 102 Hdl 90 Trig. 245 Thanks?

Can you tell me, are grapefruit segments good for someone with diabetes?

Can your cholesterol be too low? I went to doc 2day and he was shocked that my LDL was 16mg/dL! Is that concerning? My total cholesterol was a 93

Can your cholesterol be too low? What are the risk of low cholesterol. Age 32. Cholesterol 116, Triglycerides 33, HDL 56, LDL 53. I dont eat red meat.

Canadian bloodwork. Are these ranges normal? Cholestrol- 4.80 mmol/l ldl- 3.14 mmol/l hdl- 1.33 mmol/l. Im worried

Cardiac cath. Showed CAD w/30% blockage. What are treatments and should this be monitored? Ldl 120, HDL 30, tri 300. How can I lower tri?

Cardiac profile test ck-mb 17; ck 182; trop-t negative, lipid profile test total cholesterol 249mg/dl; triglyceride 169 ;hdlc 30; LDL 185 ;vldl 34?

Chol 205 hdl 57 ldl 81 trig 337. Chol was <180 before. Exercise & eat well, but gaining weight. Take Zoloft last 2yr. Are high trigs a concern? Chol?

Chol 336, ldl 269, chol/hdl calc 6.7. after repatha for FH chol 119, ldl 43, calc 2.3. Can cholesterol get too low n person w/ adrenal insufficiency​?

Chol is 5.59, HDLD is 1.83 LDL-C is 3.4 Should I be concerned.