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5 weeks after inguinal hernia surgery now for last 3 days area suddenly feels stiff with occasional pain and heaviness like a brick. Is it normal?

I have a 2cm hitial hernia and was told that at that size it shouldn't hurt, However Im 96 ibs and eating kills me, is it fixable via surgery at 2cm?

I have been diagnosed with femoral hernia in right groin region. I had c-section in Aug'14. which surgery would be fine for me (laproscopy or open)?

"2 weeks post laparoscopic double inguinal hernia surgery and still swollen and sore"?

1 small BM 7 1/2 hours after Mg Citrate - mod. constipation - past 2 weeks. Eating normally. Umbilical hernia repair with mesh in late July. ?

1 year after hernia surgery I have pain in my veins of testicles and since 1 month when i breath pain radiates though chest also. ?

1 yr & 8 mths after inguinal hernia surg i startted to run & have similar discomfort near incision area as I did right after surg. Can this happen ?

1 yr after inguinal hernia mesh repair I have some pain & numbness at & under incision area. Can I massage these area ? Will that help?

10 weeks hernia repair. Postop. Edema, much biger now, like sack with liquid. How can you tell if is a edema or hydrocell, is going to cure or surgery?

15 days post op abdominal surgery. Same painfull buldge in exact same spot at the fixed hernia. Is there a problem? Still in a lot of pain.I

15 months ago i had inguinal hernia surgery 2 weeks ago i heart the area the hard lump that was their after my surgery is hurting?

16 month old baby is in pain when his umbelical hernia is touched. He can't sleep lying down.

18 march 2014 my doctor operate hernia below the abdomen near groin. After my surgery within 5 week i found stretch in balls and bladder.Give me tips.

20 days after inguinal hernia surgery. Right testicle very sore to even touch. Pain near where mesh is fixated. Normal or should I worry?

20 years old female I was told I have a fat contaning umblical hernia. I do get bowel problems and stomach pain but no one told me the hernia is cause?

25f i believe I have a umbellical hernia from my pregnancy! i think it has benn causes me pains?

25yo. Tension free inguinal hernia repair two weeks ago. Paranoid, want to ensure don't damage repair. What to avoid? +Can weight/sitting affect?

27 y/o with hiatal hernia; was only prescribed ranitidine. What other treatments are there & will i ever need surgery? Discomfort continues. Thanks!

3 days After a umbilical hernia operation I had convulsive puking with fever of 99.8. After I have developed infection and antibiotics haven't helped?

3 days ago i had scar tissue removed from an opened femoral hernia repair and i can't seem to push to start a bowel movement should I be concerned?

3 hernias n pinched nerve repaired with mesh. Still horrible pulling nerve pain. Us revealed only mesh buldging where pain is. Normal? Or wrong?

3 weeks after my hernia repair surgery I masturbated. Just before ejac.,I felt a big pain in my groin area. I stopped masturbating. Is that normal?

3 weeks ago,Felt "tear" near bellybutton.Physical exam, no hernia/bulge.Ultrasound clear. Have stomach pressure/ache when bending still .What is this?

3 yrs ago had paraesphageal surgery, i think i may I have reinsured it. Can it be repaired? Prior surgery could not be laparoscopically repair.

3-4 days after double lap hernia surgery a small bulge developed where largest hernia was have no pain no redness at all is that normal ?

39 yr fem. Diagnosed with inguinal hernia today. Very bothersome. Burning in vag area and pain going from hernia to thigh. Should i wait or repair?

4 abd surgeries (panniculectomy x 2, ulcer repair x 2) last panniculectomy/hernia repair in 2012. Pain & tugging sensation. Can the hernia grow back?

4 and a half yr old has umbilical hernia that never closed. Otherwise perfect health & no pain from this. MUST we have surgery? Wait? Do nothing?

4 hernias, 1 pinched a nerve, repaired w/mesh 1/27. Have bad pain near umbilical area. Pulling. Could it be back or not healed right or scar tissue?

4cm hiatal hernia, baretts espohegus why wont my doctor do surgery im getting very frustrated.

5 days after inguinal hernia surgery. Right testicle very sore to touch. Pain and swelling near where mesh is fixated. Stinging pain in area of wound?

5 mrhs after inguinl hernia surg tnight i have pain at incisin site that gets better with changing position but returns in new postn is it normal?

5 weeks pregnant, 1 year post hiatal hernia opperation. Should i be worried? Anything to look for? Thanks!

54yrs-cyctocele and rectocele repair 3 years ago and lost 80 lbs - cyctocele is back how do I know if recto else is back. Bladder gets dry & painful?

6 weeks ago had a hernia repair, healed fine no pain after 3 wks. Been flu like last week, now repair feels bruised. Could it b a infection?

6 years ago I had left inguinal hernia surgery. I had pains soon after the surgery. I now have consistent burning pain in the same area every 5 min.

7 months after open mesh inguinal hernia repair occasional stabbing pain in area below scar when having sex, exercising or feeling gassy. Normal or no?

7 weeks after inguinal hernia surgery if I dont wear tight underwear I feel strange pull in inner thigh and heaviness around surg area. Is it normal?

70 days after inguinal hernia surgery i still feel mild pain above my testicle as if someone is squeezing it. Is this normal?

70 days after inguinal hernia surgery i still feel mild pain above my testicle as if someone is squeezing it. Is this normal?

8 weeks pregnant had hernia repair with mesh 4 yrs ago is it going to rip my stomach. Will i be able to carry full term?

84 year old woman has a strangulated hernia she cannot have surgery what happens she is my mother in law?

8weeks after inguinal hernia repair i did a light ab workout, pain returned, doctors say it's prob pulled muscle, it seems swollen and bigger when pee?

A 28 year old female caucasion. I have to have abdominal hernia surgery. How can I get over this fear?

A bulging hernia for 15 months my surgeon said it's repairable but I have 2 lose 50 lbs I only lost 5 lbs and it's now starting 2 bother me HELP?

A week after a double laprascopiate hernia surgery, is it normal to have a small bulge on the side that was the bigger one , I have no pain in the are?

A week long cough 130 days after open mesh inguinal hernia repair now have a stinging pain when i cough, step/lay or stretch a certain way. Concerned?

A year ago i had femoral hernia repair recently i felt something bust or pop open now there is constant pain. What could the popping sensation be?

Abdominal exercise after umbilical surgery please?

Abdominal hernia due to premature birth. Now I'm a teenager. Recieving surgery in a couple months. For now, what can I do to ease discomfort -diet etc?

Abdominal hernia: how can you tell if it is getting worse?

Abdominal pain at waist lind after open inguinal hernia surgery on left.

About 5 months after inguinal hernia surgery the area under incision is stll numb and at times dimfficult to walk my famy MD says it is normal.Is it?

Above my bellybutton the pain after incarcerated abd wall surgery when ever I eat or drink. Very painful?

Adult hydrocelle (after postop hernia edema) can go away on its one? After how much time or what can tell you that it will not go and needs surgery?

After 'angunial harnia' surjuery in how days will recover tastes and can I make sex please give me full answer ?

After 21 mths of Inguinal hernia surgery I still have discomfort sometimes severe discomfort at the op site. Can it become stg serious like cancer?

After a double lap hernia how long before a seroma will develope think I have 1 bulg was there about 5 days after surgery but not day or so after. ?

After a hernia operation is there normally a lump?

After a Laparoscopic Inguinal hernia surgery with mesh, how long should I wait before getting pregnant? Read some articles saying at least 6-12 months

After a laprocopic double hernia how much sweeling is normal and what is the best thing to do to keep sweeling down ?

After about 3 months of hernia repair with mesh, my left testicle still hurts... is it normal? I'm worried. Some days I don't feel so much pain though

After adouble laparoscopy hernia on 3/25 2013 why would i still have a small bulg on side that biggest hernia was on have no pain at all their ?

After appendix surgery, doing intance activities could you develope having hernia? How can you tell if you have hernia or not?

After dble lap hernia surg. 3/25/13 is it normal to have a seroma on both sides no pain no redness on either side. Had lrg hernia on one side ?

After double hernia surgery is it normal to still have a bulge on one side onee side?

After hernia laproscopy opetation I have sever pain and swollen testicles. What should I do?

After hernia op with mesh insert, my penis is about an inch shorter, and after three months now, I am having progressively more trouble in peeing. ?

After hernia surgery, how long will my bowels not work?

After hernia surgery, is hardness normal?

After inguinal hernia surgery is the pain worse the next day?

After Laparo. for endo. my Dr said I have small inugu. hernia.I want to get pregnant so i wonder if I should do surgery even though I don't feel pain?

After multiple hernia and abdominal surgeries (5+ surgeries) is there a chance that i couldn't have children?

After my femoral hernia is surgically repaired what can I do in the hospital to speed up my recovery?

After my hernia surgery i'm having sharp pains. Should I be worried?

After umbilical hernia surgery, how long should I expect the pain to last?

Am i likely to develop a hernia because i’m pregnant? I've experienced some constipation during my pregnancy, and i think i remember my doctor saying something about a hernia and being careful not to do too much.

Any issue with delaying surgery for hernia that is mild?

Anybody know if inguinal lymphangitis is bad?

Anyone done laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery for hiatal hernia?

Anyone know what is a peterson's hernia and what are the symptoms?

Apart from hernia what can cause major pain in the groun and sometimes down the thigh?

App one year after inguinal hernia surg (Mesh) i still have minor pain and discomfort. Is it normal?

Appendectomy 1 month ago and i had constipation 3 days ago which made the pain re appear again in the incision area could it be a hernia ?

Are bicep pains a symptoms of hernia?

Are hernias common after open-heart surgery?

Are there any 100% or close to 100% accuracy methods of diagnosing whether or not someone has an inguinal hernia for sure? Other then " guessing"..?

Are there any non-surgical treatments for a bochdalek hernia?

Are there signs that you need to have an umbilical hernia fixed? I have heard they rarely become incarcerated. No pain leave it alone?

Are there surgeries that could prevent me from having another hiatal hernia?

At what age do doctors perform surgery for hernias in children? How soon can doctors perform the surgery to correct a hernia?

At what point does a hiatal hernia need repair? Is it worth getting done because I've met my insur deductible? Also have GERD controlled by meds.

Been a day since my open ingunial hernia repair surgery is it a good or bad idea to participate in sex if she is on top?

Bilateral hernia repair with mesh 2 weeks ago. feeling burning sensation and pain in lower abdomen, and horrible sweat attacks?

Blood in semen after umbilical hernia surgery, should I be concerned?

Bochdalek hernia 3cm in50yr old female any treatment?

Bulge around 1-week old PCNL incision after bowel movement. Uncomfortable to lie down now. Obvious swelling. Can a kidney be herniated?

Bulge that I can push back into my abdomen doctor says she can't feel a hernia hole? What could it be.

Burning sensation in the incision area where right inguinal hernia surgery was done 9 months ago . I checked with the doc. He said nothing wrong. Help?

Can a already fixed diaphragmatic hernia cause later on respiratory problems?