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18 years ago, I had inguinal hernia mesh repair. I practice karate and do 180-splits (like the kind Van Damme does). Would this tear/dislodge mesh?

2 days post op could still feel hernia doc said it was because the mesh was laid over defect and tissue had to grow across defect. Is this true?

28 male, planning for indirect hernia surgery. Please advise which brand/product mesh would be best for me . My rt. Ing. Hetrnia is of apple size.?

2months post op incisional hernia repair with mesh . Still looks like a hernia to me why?

2nd hernia repair in 4 days ascites leak after first surgery should I expect more leakage?

2yrs postop open inguinal hernia repair. Repair fine says surgeon, but intermittent discomfort in the area. Ideas as to cause(s), ways to minimize?

58 year-old man had an umbilical hernia mesh repair 14 years ago, removed 6 years ago due to infection, and was repaired with a flap, but is now.....?

6 days post op umbilical hernia repair, 34 year old male. incision is bleeding. should I go to the ER or wait it out and let it scab over?

6 yrs ago abdominal lipoma. Vertical cut-3 hernia surgeries after last surg.Placed mesh and last wk much discomfort. Whats next? Following the removal of my abdominal tumor, i developed a hernia 3 months later- had laproscopic hernia repair. Few months la

9 months post open inguinal hernia mesh repair i now have discomfort. A few weeks before i began*mild* ab exercises. Is scar tissue the likely cause?

Abdominal pain 12 weeks after hernia surgery? Component separation and mesh used. Incision still minor drainage near sternum. Surgeon says okay. You?

After an umbilical hernia repair what type of exercise program is recommended?

After hernia surgery what are the chances of the mesh tearing?

After my non mesh bilat. Hernia repair, my scrotum became smaller. Is it possible that my hydrocele got fixed during the surgery?

After open ventral hernia repair will I have to stay in the hospital and if so for how long?

Almost EVERY spinal condition there is also have grapefruit size ventral hernia repair failed 6 times. Can't strengthen core. What therapy can i do?

Am i able to where a rap around my stomach after a repair hernia?

Any exercise on initial stage of inguinal hernia. Can it recover. ?

Anyone know the best method to date for inguinal hernia repair;the best I found is: lichtenstein tension-free?

Are acellular dermal matrixes more successful in hernia repair than artificial mesh?

Are adhesions that are leaking yellow puss normal after hernia repair with mesh?

Are there any rist to reopen a inguinal hearnia repair. And how long is the recovery time?

Are there any tests to check for inguinal hernia in a female? Short of surgery? Had hernia repaired with mesh and then mesh removed. Pain returned

Besides a larger incision site what is the difference between open hernia repair and laparscopic hernia repair?

Can a colonoscopy be safely carried out on me even though I have a ventral hernia or should the hernia be repaired prior to having the colonoscopy?

Can a general surgeon correct diastasis recti? Do you think he will also repair a small hernia I have even though it's not bothersome?

Can a high tal hernia repair come undone?

Can a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle be repaired with a mini tummy tuck? During my pregnancy, i developed a split in my abdominal muscle. My son is 13 months old now, and the separation hasn't healed. I know it can be fixed during an abdominopl

Can a subinguinal bilateral varicocelectomy weaken abdominal wall and cause a hernia in the future?

Can bloating from 8 beers ruin/damage an umbilical hernia repair(open, no mesh, small hernia) over one night 2 1/2 weeks post op? I did not throw up.

Can drinking 9 beers cause permanent damage two weeks after open umbilical hernia repair due to bloating?

Can drinking6-7 beers 2 1/2 weeks post op of an umbilical hernia surgery(open repair,no mesh) cause enough stretching to tear the internal sutures?

Can excess beer (8) cause damage/complications to open umbilical hernia surgery no mesh, one night after 2 1/2 weeks post op due to alcohol/bloating?

Can excess masturbation damage hernia repair? Or cause recurrence? Or any type of sexual problem?

Can having erection effect hernia healing after open mesh surgery negatively?

Can having vericocelectomy through a inguinal approach cause a inguinal hernia? How long sshould I wait before lifting heavy weights.

Can i become pregnant after hernia surgery with a mesh in place?

Can I continue abdominal workouts after a paraumbilical hernia repair is completely healed?

Can i start lifting weights again after doing a inguinal hernia surgery.. The doc used a mesh implant. I was having pain for almost 3months.Now better?

Can I train abs 7months after hernia repair (abodminal, no mesh).

Can mesh used to repair ventral hernia's be causing the pain i'm have when i finish urinating?

Can my inguinal hernia mesh be moved or ripped out of place by me due to movement.

Can pig abdomen wall or some other part be used in some way 2 repair hernias instead of artificial mesh which creates so many problems and recurrence?

Can plastic surgeon remove rejected hernia mesh n tighten muscles while removing fat/skin. Will it help fix my hernia rejection pain what about ins.

Can scar tissue from a femoral hernia repair cause block of blood flow?

Can scar tissue from umbilical hernia surgery cause pelvic/groin pain from having gas? can too much beer (8-9) 2wks post op tear internal sutures?

Can stretched earlobe be repaired?

Can surgical mesh come undone?

Can the linea alba be repaired?

Can the mash from: hernia repair surgery come loose.? If so how do you stop it or do you need another surgery?

Can too much beer damage/ruin an umbilical hernia surgery if it was 2 1/2 weeks post op? (Small hernia/no mesh/open repair) 22 y.o 180 lb male

Can you suggest where i can get free hernia repair?

Can you tell me how long to resume soccer/football after inguinal hernia repair?

Can you tell me what earlobe repair sugery is like?

Can you use arnica to help heal a infant with an umbilical hernia?

Can you wear a support belt when you have a umbilical hernia?

Could a moderate 5 day cough cause a recurrent hernia 130 days after open inguinal mesh repair? Have stinging/stretching pain at hernia site. No bulge

Could a young woman bare children after having three (different) hernias repaired without mesh?

Could an incisional hernia cause vaginal bleeding?

Could cystocele be repaired using your own tissue?

Could I have a step by step explanation of inguinal hernia repair. ?

Could my abdominal mesh from hernia repair pose issues when I have my upcoming thoracic aortic aneurysm surgery (can this area be avoided?)

Could small recurrence of inguinal hernia be detected by ultrasound. (note surgery was done with mesh in open style)?

Could small recurrence of inguinal hernia be detected with ultrasound. (note repair done with mesh in open style)?

Could sneezing cause a hernia to recur even after a mesh was used?

Could the staples from a previous bilateral femoral/ingnal hernia repair with mesh put a baby or placenta at risk during pregnancy?

Could the staples I have from my bilateral inguinal and femoral repairs hurt the baby or placenta during a pregnancy?

Could use your help docs! my daughter had umbilical hernia repair with mesh. Now she is having unexplained swelling on her face?

CTscan=Possible umbilical hernia.What's differential diagnosis?Have had 2 cesarean,1 EXTREME dehisence,wound vac,revision surgery b/c not healing,PAIN

Dear doctor, i am 43 yrs old woman who got operated for femoral hernia with a mesh. Will there be any side effects on the hernia repair due to cough?

Diastis recti can be dangerous?

Do i need to know for future reference what kind of mesh used in ing. Hernia repair? They told me it is called ethicon prolene mesh. Is this enough.

Do they use insoluble sutures for stitching remaining testicle during orchiopexy(lost one due to torsion) or will they just create a pouch?

Do you recommend even with a hernia as small as 0.56cm paraumbilical protruding through fat only should be repaired?

Docs, could a three months old baby with hernia be operated on safely?

Does a silo treat gastroschisis?

Does excision of ilioinguinal nerve during hernia repair surgery cause any complication afterwards, like atrophy of testis or some other complications?

Does having a mesh that repaired a unbilical hernia afftect a pregnancy? Can there be cimplication if birth is via csection?

Does hernia repair irritate round ligament a year after surgery?

Does the presence of congenital hernias in children predispose to hernias in adulthood especially since the repair is only a herniotomy but no repair of the posterior wall of the inguinal canal?

Extremely painful fluid build up under skin after open mesh inguinal hernia repair. How common is this, and how long does it usually last?

Going to Shouldice hospital for inguinal hernia repair. I have read they remove genitofemoral nerve in Shouldice technique. Will i miss this nerve?

Gymnastic and hernia. Am I restricted from gymnastic after hernia repair? Does tumbling predispose to recurrence?

Had 2 large ventral hernias repaired laproscopically. Double mesh 8x10 used in repair..2 large seromas formed. Having considerable pain 5 wks. Post op?

Had a laparoscopic hernia repair using mesh. If someone is having pain, but not sure of cause how do you know if MESH has moved, etc. Whataresymptoms?

Had hernia surgery in groin as child. Need a MRI will there be any metal clips along with the mesh or anything to cause trouble?

Had inguinal hernia repair surgery 5 weeks ago laparoscopically. I feel a slight bulge where the hernia used to be when I lean back/cough. Recurrence?

Had laparascopic hernia repair (mesh) two days ago. Late this afternoon my scrotum swelling increased greatly as did the discoloration. Emergency?

Had Laparoscopic varicocelectomy 2wks ago. Someone here mentioned risk of hernia for upto 8 wks. Umbilical hernia? How to avoid it? Please advise.

Had lypo mesh for big umbilical hernia 8 weeks ago. I now have a seroma almost as big. Dr. Says 18 months to resolve, will not drain. Is this ok?

Had nissen done over 10 yrs ago. It has loosened and slipped into chest cavity. Can it be taken down and reversed and can hernia just be fixed. ?

Had rt inguinal open with prolene mesh surgery of large hernia 11hrs back, now have fever of 100.2 f. Is this normal? How much temperature is normal?

Had rt inguinal surgery with mesh, they threw mesh box/wrapper into trash , on my insistence they told me its ethicon prolene mesh. Is this enough ?

Had scar tissue removed from a femoral hernia repair 2 weeks ago when is it safe to have sex?

Had scar tissue removed from a femoral hernia repair i started my period 2 days after my surgery and i'm still on it i've been bleeding for 9 days ?

Had surgery for a right inguinal hernia. Had an open repair with mesh. 3 months out and have been having infrequent pain as well as small swelling. ?

Has anyone ever had an abdominal hernia repaired using mesh?

Have have had 5 hernia surgery and one mesh rejection surgey. I am having pain again after my last surgery 4 mths ago and the hospital found another umbicial. I'm having the same pain as I did when the mesh rejected. Is this fixable or will I have to deal

Have reducable lump 5 weeks post laparo inguinal mesh repair. Identical to original hernia. Thoughts?

Have small unilateral inguinal hernia. Which is better method of surgery, open method or laparoscopic? Which has faster recovery?