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Cirrhosis pt had 2 separate inguinal hernias repaired, now navel hernia can this also be repaired? Ascites present.

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Could I have two hernias at once?

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Could someone get two hernias at once?

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Doctor said hernia until ultrasound ruled out umbilical hernia. No explanation.What are other causes from a lump on stomach above bellybutton in women?

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Does ascites fluid leak into the groin area after a hernia repair if you have cirrhosis with ascites.

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Does inguinal hernia results in constipation?

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During a bout of diverticulitis I now have a umbilical hernia. Is one a result from the other ?

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Hernia in the abdomen symptons?

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Hernias what problems can inguinal hernias cause..I have two, one on each side?

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