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1. Can chiropractors really "pull a hiatal hernia back down" and 2. can hiatal hernia cause nausea ?

10 yrs ago I had paraesophageal hernia surgery, was told couldn't have it again due to the weak area. I now have a hiatal hernia. what are my options.

23yo diagnosed with small hiatal hernia. No GERD symptoms. Will my hernia grow and give me future probs? Thank you.

A doctor in mexico told me that I have a epigastric hernia but my doctor in usa told me that it was a hiatus hernia what is the diffferences and how to determine which one I have thanks?

After you fix a diaphragmatic hernia can it cause respiratory problems later on?

Am i able to do ab exercises if I have a hiatal hernia?

Are hiatal hernias dangerous?

Are there different types of hiatal hernias?

Are there genetic predispositions to a hiatal hernia?

Are you more prone to having esophagus polyps after having one with severe GERD and common hiatal hernia?

Can a ventral hernia feel worse after eating?

Can a acupuncture help with a hiatal hernia?

Can a endoscopy determine if some has a hiatal hernia??

Can a femoral hernia cause acid reflux, nausea, diarrhea and constipation?

Can a hernia of the diaphragm cause lung problems?

Can a hiatal hernia be caused by gastric bypass?

Can a hiatal hernia be fatal?

Can a hiatal hernia cause chest pain in a 20 yr old woman?

Can a hiatal hernia cause constipation?

Can a hiatal hernia cause nausea after eating?

Can a hiatal hernia cause nausea?

Can a hiatal hernia cause uou to throw up in your mouth?

Can a hiatal hernia or GERD cause heart symptoms and difficulty breathing?

Can a hiatal hernia worsen from gastroparisis ? Or the other way around ?

Can a hiatel hernia cause breathing or weight problems? I am a 47 yr old female.

Can a hiatus hernia be detected using just a scan?

Can a inguinal hernia cause the stomach not to empty?

Can a sliding hiatal hernia ever get well by itself?

Can a small hiatal hernia cause heart problem of any kind?

Can a small hiatal hernia cause stuck food / loose stools and gerd? I had to go to ER becuase chicken was stuck, said I had hernia and inflammation.

Can a small sliding hiatal hernia be repaired by just pulling the hernia down back to the abdominal cavity then tightening the diaphragm hiatus?

Can a small sliding hiatal hernia cause shortness of breath. I have no GERD or any sort of heartburn. Thanks. ?

Can a stomach biopsy tell the cause for your hiatal hernia?

Can an Endoscopy show if you have an ulcer and hiatal hernia and Diverticulitas?

Can an epigastric hernia be caused by an oesophageal reflux operation 5 years ago

Can an umbilical hernia cause bad breath?

Can an unchecked hernia cause borborygmi ?

Can cough cause hernia?

Can drinking alchol cause a ventral hernia to hurt more?

Can drinking alcohol cause irritation when you have a hiatus hernia?

Can having a hiatal hernia prevent one from getting a lap-band?

Can having a hital hernia and GERD cause panick type feelings?

Can having GERD and a small hital hernia cause panick symptoms?

Can hiatal hernia affect my breathing?

Can hiatal hernia affect my child?

Can hiatal hernia cause breathlessness on walking?

Can hiatal hernia cause heart flutter?

Can hiatal hernia cause problems with my lower extremities spine?

Can hiatal hernias get bigger? Can any docs explain?

Can hiatus hernias be associated with heavy loads?

Can i continue my passion of weightlifting despite having a GERD and hiatal hernia.

Can I drink alcohol with a small hiatus hernia. I have no GERD or heartburn. Thank you. ?

Can I eat something that might bother my GERD symptoms in moderation? Will it make my hiatal hernia larger?

Can I still get pregnant with a hiatus hernia and a ulcer?

Can I still have surgery for my GERD if I had a hiatal hernia repaired 2 years ago?

Can masterbation make a hiatal hernia worse?

Can my hiatal hernia increase my chance of an ulcer?

Can my small hiatal hernia cause my palpitations? And how come it is not dangerous when it presses against heart?

Can my weight be a factor in hiatal hernia?

Can pressing on a hiatus hernia provoke a mini anxiety attack?

Can severe abdominal bloating be caused by a hiatal hernia.. Much worse @ night. Haven't slept much in weeks! already been diagnosed with the hernia.

Can small ileus be mistaken for hiatal herna?

Can someone who has experienced hiatal hernia surgury please describe what it's like?

Can there be any way to diagnose a hiatal hernia without seeing a doctor?

Can you do abdominal exercises such as sit-ups, if you have a hiatal hernia?

Can you get a hernia from coughing?

Can you give yourself a hostel hernia from vomiting too much?

Can you have a hiatial hernia without abdominal swelling?

Can you have more then one ventral hernia at the same time ? Lump in your stomach

Can you have severe diarhia with hiatal hernia?

Can you let me know is infant GERD anything to do with my partner's hernia?

Can you resume normal eating of restricted reflux foods after having hiatal/paraesophageal hernia repaired?

Can you still join the military if you have a small stomach hernia?

Can you tell me about laparoscopic anti reflux surgery for heartburn and or hiatal hernia?

Can you tell me about laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery for heartburn/hiatal hernia?

Can you tell me if there are ab exercises i can do with my having a hiatal hernia?

Can. Hiatal hernia affect breathing?

Chest tightness not angina, could it be hiatal hernia?

Could a hiatal hernia really kill you?

Could a sliding hernia kill you?

Could and umbilical hernia cause gastritis? I developed an umbilical hernia while vomiting profusely during norovirus. Now I have gastritis 3/months.

Could having surgery for my hiatal hernia also help my gerd?

Could hiatal hernia get smaller?

Could it be hiatus hernia that is causing gerd?

Could large hiatal hernia be missed on x-ray?

Could someone tell me about a hatial hernia in the cardia? And what the seriousness of the condition is.

Diagnosed with hiatal hernia during endoscopy procedure. What exercises would be considered safe for me that would not further aggravate my condition?

Diagonzied with Hiatal Hernia ( 3cm) Grade A with reflux. Do not want to go for surgery.

Difference between hiatus hernia and ulsar pain?

Do hernias cause palpitations?

Do hiatal hernias cause headaches? If so, how do patients describe them?

Do small hiatus hernia (2cm) usually grow larger? No heartburn, no gerd at all.

Do you know are sliding hiatus hernias common in teenagers?

Does exercise help with a hiatal hernia?

Does hernia cause migrane ?

Does hiatal hernia cause chest pain?

Does hiatal hernia cause diarrhea and weight loss?

Does hiatal hernia cause shortness of breath?

Does hiatal hernia causes charlie horse?

Does hiatal hernial cause loss of appetite?