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hepatitis b surface antigen reactive and hepatitis b surface antibody nonreactive and core antibody total reactive and HBV DNA detected sir plz reply?

8yoaLow T and B cells, borderline reactive Hep B, Negative Candida, low Pneumococcus antibodies.Referred to infectious disease Dr. What can this be?

A doctor told me I have low immunity to hep b. Said I should be at level ten but im at five. Does this mean I have hep b??

A hep a and hep b vaccination affect your ALT and AST readings?

After one month of a 6month treatment for hep c genotype3 my HCV is undetectable and no viral load detectable! Does that mean im cured?

Are there B lymphocytes that are just b lymphocytes and not effector b cells or memory b cells?

Can a person having hepatitis b surface antigen negative donate blood?

Can alcoholic hepatitis cause a false positive antigen for hepatitis b?

Can having a case of alcoholic hepatitis give a false positive for hepatitis b?

Can having chronic hepatitis b mean that i most likely have hiv?

Can hep a and b vaccinations cause liver enzyme tests to be elevated?

Can hepatitis b still be transferred if your viral count is 0

Can hepatitis b and HIV be contracted through occupational exposure?

Can hepatitis b vaccine taken when sgot and sgpt values are high and test for hep b non reactive ?

Can heppatits b convert into HIV ? Can any docs explain?

Can I donate blood if I have hepatitis b?

Can someone with no hepatitis b or c creates the virus..Hw is this virus created?

Can the hep b vaccine cause a reactive antibody result on a hep d test?

Can the hepatitis b vaccine cause an isolated elevated ggtp?

Can you explain results: CMV igm, hiv, hepatitis (a, b, and c), EBV igm- about?

Can you get infected with hepatitis b if you have Hbsab >25 iu/l?

Can you tell me about interpreting hepatitis b serology?

Can you tell me what can affect my level of antibodies for hep b?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you are hepatitis b surface antibodies positive does this mean you have HIV as well?

Core ab +be. Igm -ve. Surface antigen -ve. Surface ab +ve. E antigen -ve. E antibody +be. I was vaccinated for hepetitis b in 1996.Explain.

Did my baby have viral hepatitis b? Blood test results hepatitis b surface antigen 0.782?

Does a hEPATITIS B SURFACE ANTIGEN W/REFL CONFIRM mean you have the virus?

Had hep b , but don't carry antibodies. What does this mean. ?

Had twinrix vac 6yrs. Ago. Tested recently for hep a&b. Both were pos. (immune). Why did hep b say IgG and hep a didn't? I am immune to both correct?

HBsAg-, anti HBc IgM+,IgG- and anti HBs Ag-. Should you still get hepatitis B vaccine? No immunity, but new infection, not infectious.

Hbv DNA is 13160iu/ml. Hepatitis b surface antigen negative. Chronic hepatitis b take tenofo b for 3 month? hepatologist answer me. tell my condition?

Hbv DNA is 13160iu/ml. Hepatitis b surface antigen negative. Chronic hepatitis b take tenofo b for 3 month? Sir tell my stage and condition?

HBV test results: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen: Nonreactive; Hepatitis B Core Antibodies: Reactive; HBV PCR: Negative. Need any medication or vaccine?

He had a blood test for Heb B core Ab which was reactive, and the Heb B surface Ab was reactive too , and the Heb b surface Ag was nonreactive ,??

Hello good afternoon, im reading my results and it says hepatitis b surface ab ql reactive, what does that mean?

Help docs, is HBsAG the same as hepatitis b?

Help please? What is the hepatitis b surface antigen?

Hepatitis b antibody.Standard 5 item HBV test, only HBV surface antibody present. How immune is this to a partner of HBV carrier status through sex?

Hepatitis b antigen negative HBV load is 13160iu/ml. Taking tenofo b for three months now HBV load is >20. Please suggest me what can i do?

Hepatitis b core antibody, positive , . Am i safe from hepatitis?

Hepatitis b surface antigen non-reactive means what?

Hepatitis b vaccine antibodies: what is the probability your antibodies are too low after just 5 years?

Hepatitis C Antibody Nonreactive Hepatitis C Signal to cut off 0.02 What does this mean?

Hepc markers what are they?

How do u detect hepatitis a and/or hepatitis b infection(s) when u have been immunized with twinrix? Antibody level would b high due 2 vaccination.

How to activate my antibodies if I have hepa b infection?

How to cure from hepatitis b permanently my HBV DNA 446?

I am 36 weeks pregnant. My hepatitis profile results indicate hepatitis e virus igm: non reactive (1.428). Do I have hep a, what's the risk?

I am concerned I have auto-immune hepatitis?

I am immuned to Hep A& Hep B because I had them before. Am I immuned to them for life? Am I at risk to have them again?Do I need Hep A & Btests again?

I am tested for ebv, hep a, b and c, and hiv?

I had blood tests done and my hepatitis b surface antibody QL reactive, hepatitis b surface antigen non-reactive, what does it mean?

I have chronic hep c with a b viral load. What does b viral load mean?

I have hbsag. Does that mean I have hepatitis?

I have hepres what to do?

I have inmuity to hepb ?

I have low titer for rubella and hep b. They said my hep b was 5 and should have been 10. Does this indicate some kind of immune disorder?

I think I may have hepatitis. What would that mean?

I want to know what is the difference between hepatitis vaccine and plasma containing hepatitis antibodies?

I was tested for Hep A&Hep B(twice for each Hep)& was told by doctor I am immuned for both Heps.Are these lifelong immunities?Do I need to test again?

I was told I have hep-c but I have no viral load do I have it?

I'm positive for hep b surface ab, should I be worried?

If you have HAV & HBV, does that mean you have Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Immune to hepatitis b mean?

IMy HBV test results (red cross): Hepatitis B Surface Antigen: Nonreactive; Hepatitis B Core Antibodies: Reactive; HBV PCR: Negative. Do I have HBV?

Interpret hepatitis B panel results: Hep B surface antigen (HBsAg) - Non-reactive, Hep B core Total antibody Anti-HBc Reactive, NAT Non-reactive?

Is Hepa B non active carrier is infectious?

Is it possible for the hepatitis b surface antibody to decrease over time from reactive to non-reactive?

Is it possible for the hepatitis b surface antibody to go from reactive to nonreactive?

Is it required to get both a hep b surface antigen and hep b surface antibody test for a hep b titer?

Is my Hepatitis results okay I am confused ? All Hep panel test a,b,c Igg,igm,core,surface nonreactive,HepBsurface antibody(i) 3.05 nonrea ?

Is there a need for treatment when your HBV viral load is normal, negative hbseg but positive for hepatitis b?

Is there another name for b lymphocytes?

My boyfriend has hepatitis b antibodies, what does that mean?

My hbsab or anti-hbs result is "reactive" what does it mean? Do I have an hepatitis b?

My hbv viral load is 40 iu/ml, hbv dna load is 233cp/ml, what does it mean. Thank you Dr.

My hep b surface antigen is reactive it means im positive of virus ?

My hep b titer antibody came back 66UI/ML am i immune do i need boosters?

My hep c count is in the millions. Can interferon help me?

My hepatitis b result is as follows: hepatitis b suface angin - positive,hepatitis be antibody - positive , What does this mean?

My hepatitis b surface ab result was immune. What does that mean for the future?

My hepatitis b surface AB, QN value IS 326,WHAT IT MEANS?

Non Reactive: Inconsistent with immunity, less than 10 mIU/mL. Hepatitis B Surface Antibody. Does this mean I don't have Hepatitis B as well?

Please explain what does hepatitis b antibody surface ql reactive mean?

Positive HBsAG for 1 year. What does that means? Chronic hepa b?

Three months following a potential exposure, hepatitis C antibodies are negative but viral load is less than 15. Does that mean I have hepatitis C?

What % of hepatitis b reactive converts into lever cancer?

What are antigens and antibodies, in relation to hepatitis?

What are the markers for inactive carrier state of hepatitis b?

What cells does hepatitis C virus attack?

What cells or tissues does the hep b virus infect?

What do you suggest if my hepatitis b result is as follows: hepatitis b suface angin - positive,hepatitis be antibody - positive ,?

What does "chronic hepatitis b carrier" mean?

What does "hepatitis b negative" mean?

What does a reactive hep b surface antibody mean?

What does having CMV hepatitis mean?

What does having hepatitis C virus antibody (anti hcv) mean to you?

What does hepatitis b surface ab ql "reactive" mean?

What does immuned to hep b mean?

What does immunity to hep b mean?